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No. 675 Chapter Sacrifices

    Ghost gas in the surrounding spread, countless resentment of the soul in all around the song, all the Ghosts in the sink in the sink in the sink respectfully kneeling on the ground, look devout, like in the face of something coming.

    A black skull altar slowly floats from a sinkhole, layer after layer, and layers up. A glimpse of ghost lights hangs from the four corners of the altar. The lights are full of faint red light, and they look like four huge and evil eyes from afar, watching everyone coldly.

    The intricate inscriptions are all over the place, and these inscriptions are flashing with gray light, and from time to time, a light shines and falls on the altar. Whenever an inscription is lit, the altar will shine with the green light, spread out with the altar and then into the darkness.

    At midnight, the ghost fog became more and more gloomy, covering the entire sky. Through the misty fog, you can see that the bright moon in the sky has turned red, as if it is contaminated with the blood of the devil, it will drip into the world.

    The squeaky sings came from the sacred sacred space. The voice was like a grudge, and it was very fierce, but it turned very low, like a ghost that has not spoken for thousands of years. The strange screams, the syllables are definitely not humans.

    Sharp whispers, nails across the tile, breaking the bones, chewing the flesh and blood, ghosts crying, complaining…It seems that the most sinister voices in the world are gathered here.

    The ghost fog in the sky began to change, transforming into ghosts of claws and claws. The ghost's face was painful and angry, and unwillingly wanted to break free.

    But whenever they are to be formed, there will always be a gust of wind coming from the crater, dispelling the ghosts and turning them into smog. Then there were other ghosts that came out and were broken again, and they began to whistle.

    On the altar, the ghost lights of the devil's eyes suddenly emitted four red lights, and they collided in the middle of the altar. It was like a fireworks bloom. From time to time, there were Mars splashing and falling, and then a long black light was violently raised in the middle of the altar. .

    This black light is like absorbing all the illuminating light, black as ink, even in the dark can feel its existence, no one can see what is inside the package. At this moment, a majestic pressure poured down, like a mountain top like a squatting on the chest of everyone, so that everyone can breathe.

    The ghost fog in the air gradually became illusory, and a figure emerged step by step from the ghost fog.

    It was a gloomy and straight figure, standing there, as if it had become a king in the darkness, and all the ghosts and fogs had chosen to surrender in front of him. He wore a hood and his entire face was hidden in the darkness. No one could see his appearance, but it was such a person that all the ghost disciples shouted in unison.

    "The world is indulged,

Ghost Lord will live forever! ”

    All the ghosts shouted this sentence in unison, the voice was high, and the uniformity also showed the identity of the man in front of him.

    The door of the ghost gate!

    "Great, discouraged, the little devil is disgusting, and eternal life!"Xiaoshuai grinned.

    Mu Yu has already retired, and the cultivation of the ghost master is very horrible. He is better than Helian, and he has to pay attention to it. He sneaked into the plain of the Ghost Gate. There were no obstacles except for some black stones. The plants were few and far between. If they were discovered by the ghosts, he would have difficulty getting out.

    The ghost master stood quietly in the air, looking at the bloody moon in the sky. The bloody moon is slowly rounding, almost at a certain moment, the bloody moon in the sky becomes full.Full, Mori Ghost Fog also instantly turned red!

    I didn’t know when I had stood four ghost gate guards around the altar. They wore red robes, and they had words in their mouths and began to sing. Every syllable is sent out from their mouth, and it will shake out a slap, and at this time the dying green light on the altar will be strong.

    The humming sound was very familiar to Mu Yu. After singing for a while, Mu Yu suddenly reacted!

    "It is the scripture of the Temple of the Moon!"Mu Yu was very surprised.

    Longteng nodded. They almost accidentally awakened something when they were at the Temple of the Moon. At that time, Mu Yu realized that the scriptures of the temple must not be read at will, otherwise it would cause unpredictable consequences. !

    "But these verses don't seem to be summoning anything, but they seem to be looking for something! I know that they are looking for the Temple of the Moon and are ready to resonate with the Temple of the Moon! ”Long Teng exclaimed.

    "Resonance with the Temple of the Moon? But isn't the Moon Temple sealed in the town demon tower? It is said that we are still in the Tianyan round of the town demon tower! ”Xiaoshuai said.

    "But the ghost gates thirty-four years ago should not know!"

    Mu Yu remembered the situation caused by Long Teng’s verses at the time. He vaguely felt that this time the sacrifice was probably to find the location of the Temple of the Moon!

    At this moment, the ghost master suddenly spoke loudly and solemnly:

    "With the blood of the servant, sacrifice the gods of the gods, cover the world's peace, believe in obstinacy, only forever." Moon gods pass the world, Fuman people in the world, the soul is destined to death, can get reincarnation, violation of the moon counter, the soul is scattered, there is no shelter, the world is spiritual, the soul is all there, the law is in charge, the moon is not light. ”

    This paragraph of text is like a cult. In the way of brainwashing, it tells the believer that "Xinchun brother has eternal life." Longtan translated it. I didn't expect it to be heard here.

    "Oh my God! The boss of this little devil is the cult leader of the cult! Specializing in doing bad things with little devils? ”Xiaoshuai is full of disgust.

    The voice of Xiaoshuai just fell, the ghost fog in the sky suddenly appeared in the texture of the road, and soon outlined the appearance of a demon island, this demon island is like a dust in the sea, then the demon island gradually enlarges, the above is magnificent, The town demon tower in the center of the island shines brightly, and the whole demon island shines!

    "The soul is in place!"

    The ghost screamed and screamed, and then the soulless sorrowful soul suddenly floated from all sides and floated around the altar. These souls are the innocent people who have been hunted around this time, and they are not enough to look like tens of thousands. This sacrifice is killing countless people!

    "When you are born, you will die when you die, and you will return to the East!"

    "When you were born at the time of the sea, you will die when you die.

    "When you are born, you will die when you are not, and you will return to the West!"

    "Chen Shisheng, dead at noon, returning to the north!"


    Every time the ghost master reads a paragraph, the soul around the altar will automatically float into the ghost lights in his position, and the ghost lights will be strong, and the surrounding atmosphere will be solid. Soon all the souls have been returned, and they found their own ghost lights, and then the whole altar trembled!

    The demon island above the sea is pulled closer by the mysterious power, and the demon island is gradually enlarged. Then you can see that the soul above the demon island is floating, controlling the battle of the bone soldiers, and constantly cheering and cheering. At this time, Mu Yu discovered that the ghost domain in the soul was aware of something, and suddenly raised his head and looked in this direction!

    "It’s a ghost domain predecessor, he is still on the island of the Siren King!"

    When the ghost master saw the ghost domain, the voice was a little pleasant. Obviously, he did not expect the ghost domain to be on the demon island.

    The other four methods of protection were also very shocked to raise their heads. After a while, one of the guardians sweared: "The ghost master, the ghost domain predecessor, since the soul is still alive, then do we need to contact him? Maybe he knows something. ”

    The ghost owner indulged for a moment and said: "Ghost domain said that he was going to find the Temple of the Moon, and he still found him. It’s a pity that in the 5,000-year battle with the Siren King, the Ghost Domain was not spared. Now that we have the complete verses of the Moon Temple, we will naturally resurrect him! ”

    The ghost's gaze fell on the altar in the center of the darkness, and he had a complicated imprint on his hand, and sighed softly: "Turn the soul to the heart!"

    "Are they finally going to use the soul to return to the heart?"

    Mu Yu’s heart was excited. He came here to find the whereabouts of the soul, but now he doesn’t know what it’s like to go to the soul. Now he can’t wait to see its true colors.


    A tremor, all the souls suddenly drifted toward the black light in the center of the altar. The black light slammed out and merged into the mist of the sacred ghost. The illusion of the demon island instantly became very realistic.

    The gaze of the demon island on the demon island became dark and inky, as if he was aware of what kind of sacrifice he was using to summon him. He glanced around and quietly left the other souls on the demon island and came to nothing. By the sea.

    "Are you the ghost gate heirs of this era?"

    Ghost domain looks at the vast sea, eyes seem to have crossed the time and space, and can actually talk to the ghosts here!

    Mu Yu was shocked. The soul of the emperor who was covered by black light in the altar was even more capable of this strangeness.

    It’s a pity that Mu Yu still didn’t see what it’s like to “go to the soul”.

    "Ghost domain predecessors, we need the specific location of the demon island!"Ghost Lord Shen Sheng.

    Ghost domain shook his head: "I can't make clear the route to the demon island, but the demon island where I am located is now located in the East China Sea of ​​the Mohe Mountain Range. You need to find the route of the demon island first. In addition, the soul of the soul is the key to opening the temple of the moon, and it is the way to let the moon god come to the triple heaven. In the town demon tower on the island, Xuanjizi has suppressed countless moon gods. You quickly come to the island and put They saved it! ”

    The ghost master frowned: "We can't enter the desert mountain!"

    Mu Yu knows why, this time, the Mouyun Mountain Range has been trapped in Xianqiang. Although I don't know who will limit what is being repaired now, if it is too low, it is impossible to go to the demon island.

    "Then think of ways to come in! Also, when you come, you must bring your soul to the heart! The soul of the soul can make me rise again. Thousands of souls on the demon island can be completely controlled by the soul of the soul, which will become a great help for us! In addition, the bloody konjac is also essential, and the demon island has a very strong sorcerer! ”Ghost domain said impatiently.

    The ghost master was reprimanded by the ghost domain. He did not refute it, but at this moment, the soul of the soul was trembled again, and then the scene of the demon island was blurred again. They could not hear it again if the ghost domain said it. The connection seems to be It was cut off.

    "what happened?"

    The ghost master turned his gaze to the center of the altar, UU read Then his pupil slammed and the altar center did not know when a transparent soul appeared!

    This soul is not locked up by ghost lights at all!

    "If you want to use the soul of the soul to put the moon people into the triple heaven, you are unforgivable!"

    This transparent soul is a strange man. It looks like only thirty years old. His face is full of vicissitudes. His eyes are filled with a mysterious pattern, followed by a pattern of ripples that blends into the black light of the center of the altar. Among them!


    A horrible thunderbolt is centered on the altar, and it blasts. The power of tyrannical lightning is like the light of justice in the world. It instantly wipes out the four guards, and even the soul can't escape!

    The power of this mysterious soul explosion is far above the robbery period!

    "who are you!"

    The ghost master was furious and he did not know how the soul came. When he reacted, the whole altar was broken!

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