No. 676 Chapter Mystery man

    "Don't try to escape!" ”

    Ghost Master A clap, suddenly the situation changes, Ghost fog Senran, gushing, as if the afterlife, the breath of the violent suddenly swept out, bang in the altar above.

    However, there was a green light in the center of the altar, which was surrounded by the black souls, and a figure of the whole body appeared in the sky above the ghost gate.

    The soul just now is not a real soul at all, but a disguise of the front. After the self-explosion, the altar is destroyed, and this is the Lord!

    This person is very strong, it is faintly on the ghost!

    The wood feathers in the distance frowned. Not only did he still not see what the soul was like, but he didn't even know the appearance of this mysterious man!

    "What are we going to do now?"Xiaoshuai asked softly.

    "Look at the situation first, I didn't expect you to be guessed by Xiaoshuai. This person is really a squad, and his array is good!"

    Mu Yu looked at the powerful figure in the air, and the lines on the other side were already strong enough to make Mu Yu unable to reach. Who is such a powerful squad?

    It is not the breath of Master, not the breath of the dead wood, the atmosphere of the heavens, the breath of evil, not the phantom rain?

    However, Mu Yu once saw the phantom rain in the image of Xuanjizi's real people, and the scent of the phantom rain is not like this.

    He is very much looking forward to seeing the true face of this person.

    The ghost master has already fought with the mysterious people. The aura of the sky is overflowing everywhere, and the ghosts cover the sky. With the brilliance of the bloody moon, the power is so powerful that it is on the mysterious person.

    The mysterious person's body pattern is only a slight flash, the ghost master repels, the power of the field instantly envelopes all the ghosts.

    "Broken dust!"

    The tiny thunder fluttered out of the air and quietly sneaked into every ghost doorman present. Every ghost doorman trembled fiercely. They straightened up and suddenly turned into a blue, countless thunder and lightning. Around the galloping walk, every ghost doorman made a scream of scream!

    The ghosts of the ghost gates were quickly dissipated by lightning, and the whole body became a thunder and sparks. Then there was a road crack in the body, and each crack would reveal a faint blue light.

    boom! boom! boom!

    All the ghosts who were present were actually directly blown into powder dust by the field.

The soul flies, nothing left!

    The field also shrouded the wooden feathers. If it wasn’t for Mu Yu’s rapid penetration into Muling, I’m afraid he couldn’t escape this powerful field!

    Thunder and thunder, use lightning to wipe out everyone in the field!

    The ghost doorman who survived on the scene only had a ghost owner, but the ghost owner seemed to be injured too. He was not the opponent of this mysterious person at all.

    "Broken dust, this is the power of the Mahayana period. Who is the domain?"

    Mu Yu’s heart was shocked by the powerful power of this field. The power of the Mahayana period to display a field skill, it killed so many people in a flash, it was terrible!

    The fields he currently knows are just a few, including the "dead life" of the dead wood, the "family returning to the original" of the mysterious son, the "forbidden field" of the stone, the "floating me" of the king of the sea monster "The Lord", as well as the "human life and death in the blink of an eye" of his own body.

    Every field is very powerful, and the dust and dust in front of him are also shocked to him.

    Mu Yu is not aware of how many Mahayana abilities exist in the realm of cultivation. However, it is certain that there is no great power in the Mahayana. Otherwise, it will be rushed out and the mysterious person is desperate.

    At this moment, the black mans in the hands of the mysterious man suddenly bloomed, and slammed into the mysterious person, the mysterious man could not dodge, and exploded!

    The mysterious person's breath instantly became disordered, and he was actually hurt by the soul of the soul!

    "There is a great soul to return to the heart, careless!"The mysterious man no longer loves to fight, turns and tears the void, wants to leave.

    But at this time, a ghost drifted from a distance, standing in front of the mysterious person, his body emerged a ghost of the sky, blocking the whole piece of void.

    It turned out to be a ghost!

    "How do you dare to show up?" Doesn't that disrupt the plan? ”Long Teng exclaimed.

    According to the truth, people from the future can't interfere with this time and space. Otherwise, some unforeseen things will happen, so the truth of the things they want to know may be changed.

    Mu Yu’s mind flashed a few thoughts quickly, his brows were slightly wrinkled, and finally he realized: “We are all miscalculated, and it’s the most correct thing to take a shot at this time.”

    "why?"Longteng asked inexplicably.

    "You think about it, after the mysterious man won the soul of the soul thirty-four years ago, so many ghosts did not block him. Then, by virtue of the cultivation of the ghosts, why did he know the identity of this person? It seems that he must join forces with the ghost gates thirty-four years ago. ”

    Mu Yu didn't think of this at first. He thought that the ghosts would follow the mysterious person in the dark, just like him.

    But the ghosts are in fact only need to help the mysterious person when the mysterious person appears, know who the mysterious person is, and how the next history of interference does not matter, because the task of ghosts is completed, he only needs to return to the original time and space. That's it.

    Mu Yu is discussing the plan of ghosts and sorrows, and the ghosts are on the side of the mysterious man!

    "Ghosts are closing the sky!"

    A ghost flag flutters from the hands of ghosts and sorrows, and grows up in the air, turning into ghosts and shadows, covering the realm of mysterious people!

    It is also a force in the field. The difference is that the power in this field does not seem to be pure. It is like using the ghost flag to display it. It is like a big power to seal the power of the field. in.

    Ghostly, the virtual hollow of the mysterious man is sealed for a moment, and the whole sky seems to be the wall of gold and iron that is invincible, so that people can't tear the void away.

    The mysterious man's breath is rapidly declining at this moment. His hands are strong and strong, and his hand is sealed by the black mans.

    The black mang is still eroding the lines, and the seal of the mysterious man seems to be ineffective against it. He can't concentrate on sealing the soul, but the road to leave is cut off!

    "and who are you?"

    Asking this sentence is actually the door of the ghost door, the ghost master does not know the ghosts.

    I must have squandered my life in order not to disturb the plan of the ghost gate. I did not warn the ghost owner that there will be a mysterious person to steal the soul from the soul tonight. Otherwise, once the ghost owner knows that someone is coming tonight, the guardian is strict, the mysterious person There is no chance to do it.

    "At the moment, I still hold this person first, and it is important to see the identity of this person!"Ghosts squandered their hands, and the face of the ghost flag fell into the hands of the ghost!

    The ghost master held the ghost flag and shocked and said: "How come you will…"

    "Ghost Lord, first grab this person and I will explain it later."Ghosts have already retired far away.

    This ghost flag is brought from the future by ghosts and sorrows. The 34-year-old ghost owner lost his soul to the heart because of his intention. Therefore, he used the evil spirits to deplete his heart and sacrificed this ghost flag.

    In thirty-four years, the ghost masters cultivated for nature and understood the shortcomings of their 34 years ago. Therefore, with this ghost flag, the power of the field can be made. At this moment, the mysterious man is hurt by the soul of the soul, and the ghost master has the opportunity to seize the mysterious person!

    The ghost master looked at the ghost with some suspicion, then hesitated and turned to the mysterious man.

    Before he bullied him, he angered and said: "Do you really think that the soul of my ghost door is so easy to be taken away by you? Leave me alive! Sen Luo ghost net! ”

    The ghost master bite the blood in his hand, and the blood is used as a guide. It turns into a ghost of the sky. Thousands of resentments are thrown out of the ghost flag, and they are intertwined in the air. The white souls are connected to each other. Formed a network of heavens and earth, trapping the mysterious people firmly in it.

    The mysterious man raised a sharp blade in his hand and wanted to rush out. However, in the heart of the soul, the violent tremors trembled and slammed into the chest of the mysterious man. The mysterious man could not dodge, and “smacked” a spit of blood.

    And the sharp blade that he had incomparably strong in his hand quickly wilted, and he was softly chopped on the cage formed by the soul. Only a shackle was swayed, and the prisoner of the soul did not move.

    The body of the mysterious man is still covered by the pattern. He has to suffer from the invasion of the soul, and he has to deal with the attack of the ghost master.

    Originally, the mysterious man alone was more than enough to fight the entire ghost gate, but the soul of the soul was hurt twice!

    "Give me your life!"

    The ghost flag in the hands of the ghost master once again shocked. The soul of the Sen Luo ghost net made countless gray hands, and caught the mysterious man, the mysterious man has been dodging. But whenever he wants to rush out, the soul will always hang on him, so that he can't make all the effort.

    "Wu Yu, what do we do?"Xiaoshuai whispered.

    "We can't let this thief's identity be known to the ghosts, we must help him escape!"Mu Yu took the initiative.

    It doesn't matter if the mysterious person is dead even tonight, because after Mu Yu left, the things that interfered tonight will not happen.

    But the only difference is that once the mysterious person is caught by the ghost door, then the ghost will know the identity of the mysterious person, and when it comes back to the future, the ghost will know where to go to find the soul.

    "But we are far from the opponent of the little devil! Especially the disgusting ghost flag, once we are trapped, we will be finished! ”Said Long Teng.

    "No, the ghost has a powerful magic weapon. He should have taken it out to deal with me, but he has not used it yet, but now it is used. This shows that this magic weapon must have restrictions on use. If there is no soul to return to the mysterious person, the ghost master is not the opponent of the mysterious man! ”

    Mu Yu is waiting for an opportunity. As long as the mysterious person can persist in the power of the ghost flag, he can find a way to help the mysterious person to leave.

    The ghost master is outside the celestial net, and his attack can enter the celestial net without any hindrance. The grievances of countless tyrants condense the sturdy ghosts in the sacred sacred flags and catch the mysterious people.

    Although the mysterious man is trying to resist the erosion of the soul, but he still has not lost, the two men's hands are earth-shattering and powerless. The whole ghost gate seems to be like a major earthquake. From time to time, countless ghosts have drilled out of the tiankeng and looked at the mysterious people in the sky in amazement.

    But these ghosts can only blink at the side, and that level of fighting is far from being able to intervene. Only four elders of the robbery period rushed to kill the mysterious people together with the ghosts.

    Ghosts are on the side and are not idle. There are five twins in his body, standing on the center of ghosts.

    Each twin gives off a gray ghost, and the complex ghosts are printed in the hands. At the same time, the strange soul shadows float out of their hands and enter the ghosts.

    Ghosts cherish every soul shadow, his whole body's ghosts are strong, and from time to time, the ghosts of the roads are poured into the nets of the souls, but the mysterious people who have gradually stabilized are trembled.

    "Without a twin, power can't be maintained, ghost third, go!"Ghosts screamed and sighed.

    The ghost third child has already floated out, and the ghost gates outside the tiankeng rushed. There was a sorrowful sword in his hand, which was like a lightning-like ritual. He had not entered the chest of the ghosts of the seven distracted men. It was a hard place. The souls of the seven ghosts are hooked out!

    This also includes the fact that their twins are not spared, and they are swallowed up directly by the ghosts! The soul of the ghost third child once again flourished, turned back, and began to assist the ghosts to maintain the ghost net. And he just returned, the ghost of the fourth is also left, go to the ghost door below, began to devour the soul of the ghost door!

    In order to be able to trap the mysterious person, this ghost doorman even killed himself!

    Although it is indifferent to kill the ghosts in this time and space, but those ghosts do not know this, they roared, immediately reacted, and began to fight against the ghosts of the twins to start with their own people. UU reading

    However, the ghosts have been prepared for a long time. The twins on his body are like special restraints. The ghosts can't resist at all. Without exception, they become the grievances of the twins. The power is also growing stronger.

    "It's now!"

    Mu Yu has already rushed out, and the wind and the heart burst into a whistle. Xiao Shuai sipped a thunder and lightning sword and the blue electric spark was condensed from the mist of the sacred ghost, hovering around it.

    The dragon vines entwined on it, and the dragon body is like a sharp sword. It instantly cuts off the handsome sword of Xiao Shuai. The wood feather pattern has already wrapped up the violent lightning pattern, which is compressed rapidly. Five lightning balls are in his hands. It is violently ready to go.

    "Little devil, I am here to save you!"

    Mu Yu suddenly screamed, the lightning in his hand has turned into a sword-shaped twins who are dying of ghosts!

    He must interrupt the ghosts!

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