Chapter 677 Fight of the Ghost Gate

    Where does Mu Yu think that he will have the time to save the ghosts, but if you don’t save those ghosts at the moment, these ghosts will become the power of the ghosts to maintain the power of the Senro ghost net, so the mysterious stolen It is even harder to leave the ghost door.

    The fierce and high-handed thunder and lightning toward the ghost cherish one of the twins to blow away, Thunderbolt blew open, Ghost old seven found the wood plume, but because he killed ghost people's things provoked anger ghost gate, at the moment is tired to cope with the invasion of Ghost Gate, did not expect the appearance of Mu Yu, directly by the Mu Yu of the Thunder and lightning split a right!

    "Asshole! you dare–"

    The anger of the ghost seven is still not fully spoken. The power of the violent thunderbolt has already fallen on him. His whole body is like a piece of paper, and it is turned into a smoke.

    Another twin was killed by Mu Yu!

    The power of thunder and lightning is too overcast, and the restraint of the ghost gate is too deep.

    "Wood feather! you wanna die! ”

    Ghostly screaming and screaming, he has been paying attention to the appearance of Mu Yu in the past few days. He thought that in the ghost gate, Mu Yu did not dare to show his face casually, but never expected that Mu Yu would rush out of this critical moment.

    After killing Muyu in the ghost of a twin son, he must use the souls of other ghosts to maintain the power of Senro. But other ghosts will allow themselves to be killed by a stranger. ?

    At the moment, the ghost doorman and Mu Yu came to besiege him and let him feel the threat!

    "This is a traitor to the ghost gate, everyone kills him!"

    Mu Yu shouted, inciting the ghosts of this time and space to deal with the ghosts, he was too lazy to manage the dilemma of the ghosts, and the other four thunderballs in his hands have continued to rush toward the other twins who are dying.

    Ghostly anger and drink, he can only quickly recover the remaining twins, otherwise these twins will inevitably be buried under the woody thunder!


    There is a white soul force in the hands of the ghosts, and all the thunder of the wood feathers are blocked. The thunder exploded, and the ghost gates who were surrounded by it did not catch up. All of them were turned into powder in the thunder of Mu Yu, and even the twins did not escape!

    The Sen Luo ghost network lost the maintenance of the ghosts, the souls that are connected together began to become unstable, and the attack of the mysterious man has already blasted a shocking crack in the Sen Luo ghost online!

    The ghost master has also discovered the sudden uninvited guest of Mu Yu.

The three people who came tonight are what he didn't expect. One of them is to help yourself, and the other two are messy!

    "I really thought that my ghost door is the place where you can let go!"

    During the catastrophe, the ghost owner squinted and saw the repair of Mu Yu, and it was so mad! Mu Yu actually only repairs the distraction period, relying on certain forces to reach the fit period, even dare to come to the wilderness, how can this endure!

    His fingers flicked, and a ghost hit the wood feathers. The ghosts instantly turned into silver needles in the air, and they came to the front of Muyu in the blink of an eye.

    Mu Yu did not dare to care about it. The ghost of the ghost master who used this man to wave it out was not a joke for him!

    Xiaoshuai's lightning giant sword greeted him in the blink of an eye, but those silver needles were too strong, and they immediately annihilated the lightning that Xiaoshuai summoned. At the foot of the Scorpio, the star-studded array was launched, and the wooden feathers flashed out.

    However, when he was visible, the silver needle had already followed, and the speed was far faster than the distance he teleported. It was a last resort, he could only force hard to pick up, and the water rippled in his hand, as if the water curtain was in his body, and his whole person became somewhat close.

    Array surgery, a long way to go!

    The silver needle has rushed into the world. The distance of a small piece was originally extended by the wood feather, but the power of the silver needle is too big. The foot of the wood feather only resisted for a moment, and the water wave around him was crushed. The needle slammed into his chest!


    At a critical juncture, Mu Ling stopped in front of the wooden feathers, and all the silver needles were taken down, but the powerful impact also applied to the wood feathers, and flew him out!

    Mu Yu feels like being bombarded by a mountain in the chest, the whole body is shuddering, the body's blood can not stop rolling, the body's meridians also have tearing symptoms!

    "The repairer of the robbery period is just such a powerful power, it is terrible!"

    Mu Yu clenched his teeth, black and white spirits constantly moving around the body, repairing the injured meridians. However, the silver needle was not eliminated, it could not penetrate the wood spirit, but the wood spirit was topped out and continued to come toward the wood feather!

    Mu Yu's hands quickly swept a circle of mysterious lines on his chest, and the formations melted automatically, forming a black vortex that swallowed all the silver needles.

    But his face changed suddenly, because he wanted to use the wind and the flowers to transfer the silver needles, but found that he couldn't transfer such a horrible ghost with his own cultivation!

    "Little handsome!"Mu Yu shouted.

    Xiaoshuai knew what to do for a moment, and his body turned into a white shadow and also got into the black whirlpool, eating all the silver needles in one bite!

    The wood feathers solved the pressure of the silver needle, and the white whirlpool of the rushed rushed out on the left side. The handsome boy was smashed out. It was all black and gray, and it was not there. Spit your tongue.

    "Is it okay? Xiaoshuai? ”Mu Yu quickly asked.

    "It's too bad!"The swallowing of the silver needle during the robbery period, the young handsome breath is weakened in an instant, obviously it can not be completely eliminated in a short time.

    Mu Yu was very embarrassed, and he quickly put Xiaoshuai in his clothes. But the ghosts cherished their lives and once again succumbed to death, the bloody long axe fluttered in the wind and smashed down to Mu Yu!

    The shadow sword came out, and the pattern appeared in the air, and the swordsmanship rose up and was smashed with the bloody axe!

    The swords are overflowing, and the ghosts who have been repaired as bad guys are all flying out. The ghosts are angry and angry, and at this moment they are completely dead on Mu Yu. He is a real-life fit-up comprehension, and every stroke is a huge threat to Mu Yu!

    Mu Yu has just escaped the ghost master and immediately attacked it. Now he has to face the ghosts of the fit period, and the pressure he faces can be imagined.

    However, fortunately, because the ghosts have just squandered the ghosts, and the wooden feathers screamed and screamed as traitors, the ghosts did not trust the ghosts to cherish life, but regarded him as an enemy.

    The ghost gates can't judge whether Mu Yu is an enemy or a friend. After all, Mu Yu's Tian Lei has just died a lot of electricity, and it is similar to the sky's powerful field, but he seems to be helping the ghosts to deal with. The traitor", for a time, did not know how to start, so Mu Yu was not besieged by all ghosts.

    “The wind is falling and the dragon is whistling!”

    Since the cultivation of the dragon to the distraction period, the swordsmanship used far exceeds the past. Its body is like a sharp sword, standing with the injured Mu Yu, and dispelling the aggressive offensive.

    "Dragon, cover me!"

    "it is good!"

    The wind and the heart of the heart make Long Teng and Mu Yu can do their best. At this moment, Xiao Shuai is busy digesting the silver needle, and only Longtan can assist Mu Yu.

    The dragon's body rose from the ground and became very huge. The body had a bow and a gorgeous dragon pattern appeared on the scales. The dragon's pattern was filled with magnificent glaucoma, gathered on the dragon spirit, followed by a majestic breath spit out from its mouth, and went away to the ghost.

    The breath is turned into a sword in the air. Each sword shape carries the sword meaning of Mu Yu, and it actually blocks the bloody axe! While the wood feathers crossed the air, the shadow sword appeared in the right hand, and the powerful sword was violent. His left hand raised the golden pattern and wiped it on the shadow sword!

    The shadow sword was stained with gold streaks, and the sword of the whole sword was shaken, as if a Fulong could not wait to be dispatched. The shadow sword seems to have been far away from Mu Yu for a moment, but it really exists in the hands of Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu’s shadow sword has been stabbed, but this time he is not stabbing the ghost, but stinging away from the remote Luo Luo ghost net!

    "Humph! Want to destroy my plan, dream! ”

    Ghostly sneer, his bloody axe is intertwined with the sword shape of the sky, but the four twins left on him are turned into a shadow of the wood feathers, wanting to put the wood feather The shadow sword is stopped!

    But he is miscalculated!

    The shadow of the sword is only just stabbed out, and even the twins who have been squandered are already in front of the shadow sword. The powerful ghost technique has wrapped up the shadow sword, but the sword of the shadow sword does not know when it has reached the Senro ghost net before, and slams it down!


    Ghosts squandered the hole and he did not know how Mu Yu made the sword. According to the speed of the sword, the shadow sword was only flying halfway!

    Array, the end of the world!

    Thousands of days are not separated by an inch!

    The Sen Luo ghost net was unbreakable, but after the ghost was ordered by Mu Yu, its power could no longer be maintained, and it was scarred by the mysterious people.

    Originally in accordance with this trend, Sen Luo ghost net can still trap the mysterious person for a while, but Mu Yu's sword gas stabbed from the periphery, like a guide.Fire rope, suddenly will cast a hole in the forest!

    "Hurry up!"Mu Yu shouted at the mysterious man.

    The mysterious man is awkward, UU reads www.uukanshu. Com He didn't expect to meet someone who helped him here. Without any hesitation, he turned and appeared outside the Senro Ghost. The ghost master was furious and madly slammed the overwhelming ghost flag toward the mysterious man.

    The mysterious man sealed his heart with the black light shrouded in the soul that could not see the specific look, and the other hand had to deal with the ghost attack. Because of the return of the soul to the heart, even if he broke out of the Sen Luo ghost net, he was defeated by the ghost master!

    The five elders of the ghost gates have been killed by the mysterious people, but the mysterious people finally can't stand the siege of these people, and they are slammed on the ground!

    "Give me the kid!"The ghost master looked at the master in his door and died one another. He turned to look at Mu Yu, and angered a finger to Mu Yu!

    Although these ghost gates were originally not against me, but since the ghost master has ordered, then Mu Yu naturally became the target of all ghosts!

    More than a dozen of the ghost gates of the fit period rushed toward Muyu, the twins danced in the sky, the ghosts were surging, and the whistling sounds of ghosts and wolverines screamed at Muyu!

    With so many mixed-age ghosts, Mu Yu has three heads and six arms and can't resist at all!

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