No. 678 chapter of the Rescue

    The shadow of Jianguang was swayed through the air, and countless swords greeted the offensive during the fit period. At the same time, the branches and vines of the sky quietly extended out, and the pure dead air spread out, blocking part of the offensive of the ghost gate.

    The powerful formations spread out from the foot of the wooden feathers, like a spider web, spread out in the air with the cover of dense leaves, wrap the feet of each ghost door, and connect the two nearest ghosts with themselves!

    Array, windy days!

    Two ghosts crushed the leaves, found the wood feathers, and waved the sickle in their hands, but they were surprised to find that their bodies had moved uncontrollably. The ghosts of the sky are all pulled into a straight line at the moment they come out.

    However, they were only a little surprised, and they came back to God. The ghosts in their hands did not stop at all, and they attacked Mu Yu in a straight line. At the foot of Mu Yu, the Scorpio Stars launched and circled behind one of the ghost gates, letting the ghosts of the two ghosts directly blast to each other in a straight line.

    The two ghost gates were shocked. They were clearly attacking Mu Yu, but why did they suddenly become fratricidal?

    At this moment, because the formations bind them, they can't dodge, they can only pick up the other side's ghosts. Both of them are killing and killing. This is a different kind of attack. One of them can't stop another ghost. Being smashed!

    At the right time, Muling swallowed up the souls of the dead ghostmen.

    Although this kind of engulfing is actually useless.

    Mu Yu did not dare to fight, he saw that the ghost master had already killed the mysterious man, and the shot was very hot, obviously not intending to stay alive. The leaves of Mu Yu turned into flying feathers, forming a wave of waves in front of the ghosts, temporarily obscuring the sight of the ghost master.

    The ghost master just waved his hand and all the leaves were destroyed. However, because of the short visual field difference, and the mysterious person is on the side of Mu Yu, Mu Yu quickly fell down, helped the mysterious person, and fled out.

    Ghost Lord screamed, stepping out in one step, and stopped in front of Mu Yu. His speed is far above the wood feathers, and catching up with the wood feathers is only a matter of moments.

    "Dare to come to my ghost doorman! Leave me alive! ”The ghost master killed the sky and took it again without mercy!

    Mu Yu didn't dare to care about it. He helped the mysterious person who was hurting the wound in one hand. He had already touched the pattern in one hand and shouted loudly: "Explosion!"


    The ground beneath the foot of Mu Yu is like a volcanic eruption.

The explosion of the combined period was endless, and the whole piece of land was blown up with countless deep cracks. The powerful spiritual power instantly blasted from the ground, and countless glare of light smashed the darkness, shining the whole ghost door as bright as white!

    With the blast of poison poisoning by the blast, the wood feather perfectly exerts the powerful blindness of the streamer.

    In the past few days, Mu Yu’s hidden ghost door is not to watch the lively, but to sneak up the lines in many places, just to prevent unexpected situations, but I did not expect it to come in handy.

    The strong white light is that the ghost master is also a bit stunned. Where does he think that there will be such sudden light, and even his eyes are shaking.

    At the moment when the ghost master hesitated, Mu Yu had come to the grave with the mysterious man, and was about to get into it.

    "go to hell!"The ghost master roared. After all, he was the comprehension of the robbery period. Even if he accidentally caught the streamer, he almost recovered his eyesight during a breath and continued to kill him.

    Just when he wanted to lift Mu Yu's bones, a dry hand was drilled out of the air to block the ghost master!

    It is actually Meng Po who is weak and can't help but wind!

    "Meng Po? How dare you collude with outsiders! ”The ghost owner yelled.

    But he soon found out that something was wrong, because Meng Po’s eyes were sluggish, and there was no anger in the whole body, but a corpse from head to toe!

    This is not the atmosphere of the ghost gate!

    Meng Gong slowly emerged from the void, and glanced at Mu Yu: "It seems that the ghost door is very live tonight!"

    Mu Yu was shocked. He didn't expect Meng Gong to stand up and help him at this time. Looking at Meng Po’s appearance at the moment, it should be made by Meng Gonglian in these seven or eight days to make his own twin sons. Both Meng Gong and Meng Po have a period of robbery, which is a very powerful combination!

    "You–" Mu Yu did not understand that he had nothing to do with Meng Gong, but why did Meng Gong stand up and help him?

    "Don't think about anything, I don't like owing to humanity, you help me out of the twin bodies, I will help you escape the ghost door!"Meng Gong took the lead and understood the doubts of Mu Yu.

    "Thank you!"

    Mu Yu is also unpretentious, and directly with the mysterious person rushed outside.

    The Meng Gong behind him seems to have a deep resentment against the ghost gate. He snorted and Meng Bo suddenly swelled like a ball. The horror of the waves was swaying, and all the ghosts changed their faces!

    "you dare!"The ghost master is extremely angry.

    Meng Gong sneered aloud: "This woman has been sleeping for me for so many years, I don't want to keep her as a hidden danger!"

    Meng Gong actually wants to control Meng Po’s self-destruction. It is necessary to know that Meng Po is a repair of the robbery period. If she blew herself up, then the entire ghost gate will be completely blown up, and even those ghosts who follow it will not be able to Escape!

    "Ghosts are closing the sky!"

    The ghost flag in the hands of the ghost master swayed, and the power of the field swept out again. His array immediately blocked the entire area around him. He couldn't let Meng Po blew himself up, otherwise the whole ghost door would be hit harder than ever!

    Meng Gong has already retired. He laughed in the distance: "Why are you so stupid, how can I let my twins blew themselves?"

    Meng Po, who became a ball, returned to normal in a blink of an eye. The ability to control the dead is very terrible. Even if Meng Po’s body deformed so badly, it has now become awkward.

    The shadow of Meng Po’s transformation disappeared into Meng Gong’s body. At this time, the ghost master realized that he was fooled. He was angry and immediately chased the past.

    Mu Yu found the entrance to the grave and quickly passed through the bridge, and rushed out of the ghost gate. After leaving the ghost gate, he fled outside without stopping.

    The mysterious man on the back seems to have fallen into a coma, and the soul of the soul is disappearing. It should be temporarily controlled by the mysterious person and collected.

    Mu Yu wants to take a look at what the mysterious person looks like, but the mysterious person still covers the lines, which is very powerful, and it is not that Mu Yu can remove it.

    After the ghost door chased the ghost door, they found that Meng Gong and Mu Yu actually ran in two different directions. Although they hated Meng Gong in the bone marrow, but the soul of the soul is much more important than Meng Gong, so they went straight to Mu Yu.

    Meng Gong stood in the distance and looked at the ghost doorman who left. He did not want to continue to assist Mu Yu. The master of the ghost is still above him, and Meng Gong has not fully recovered now. It is impossible to fight the entire ghost door alone.

    "We ask for more happiness, we don't owe each other."Meng Gong snorted and disappeared into the dark night.


    The ghost master is too fast, but just a few breaths will soon catch up. The atmosphere of Mu Yu was firmly locked, and with a mysterious person could not integrate into the wood spirit, he could only escape without stopping.


    Fortunately, at this time, the mysterious man woke up and he weakly pointed a way to Mu Yu. Mu Yu did not have any plans at the moment. He could only turn left. After flying for a while, he trembled all over his body and had already broken into a formation.

    "Is this a mirror array?"

    Mu Yu was amazed. He was too familiar with this formation. Looking at the structure of this mirror array, it was still laid out with the help of nature! In his heart, he quickly deduced the overall situation of the law, and had a general understanding of this small mirror array.

    "This is my early arrangement, follow my instructions, or you will get lost…"The voice of the mysterious man is very weak.

    But Mu Yu interrupted his words: "I know how to go!"

    The mysterious man stunned and wondered a bit: "Do you know?"

    However, Mu Yu had already told him by action that he was moving forward quickly, and the route he took was very stable. The mysterious people had deeper doubts and they were silent.

    "I not only know, I also know how to deal with this group of devils!"

    In the process of running, Mu Yu has been condensing strong lines in his hands, and the formations have drifted from his hands from time to time into the mirror array.

    At this moment, the ghost master and others also rushed into the mirror array, saw the wood feathers 50 meters away, and the wood feathers just stopped, turned and looked at the ghosts and others.

    "Kid, I see where you are going this time!"

    The ghost owner saw that Mu Yu did not continue to escape, but he was not in a hurry. Just staring at Mu Yu with a sullen look, his eyes fell on the mysterious man with a weak breath on the back of Mu Yu.

    "Leave that person, I will let you live a life!"

    The ghost master did not sense the breath of the soul, and he did not dare to act arbitrarily, because the soul of the soul was the treasure of their martial art. Although it was very evil, even the door of the ghost door could not be safely controlled, but he understood Where the weakness of the soul is, he must ensure the safety of the soul.

    "Let me live a life? God! So touched! I killed you several ghosts, can you let me go? ”

    Mu Yu moved in the same place, his pace of movement is not too big, outsiders seem to be just a step. He smiled a little, and suddenly he stepped on his feet and ran to the ghost doorman!

    The ghost owner snorted: "Looking for death!"

    The ghost master also rushed over and wanted to catch the wood feather. In everyone's opinion, Mu Yu may be desperate, has been chaotic, and actually did not know how to run towards them!

    But no one thought, just in the moment when the ghost owner's hand was about to hold the wooden feather throat, the figure of Mu Yu was directly intertwined with the ghost owner and came to the middle of the ghost door!

    "How can it be!"

    The ghost gates were dumbfounded. They didn't know how Mu Yu escaped from the ghost master and went straight through the ghost master. That is obviously something that a soul can do, but why can Mu Yu do it?

    After the ghost door people were shocked for a while, everyone rushed toward Mu Yu. However, Mu Yu passed through all the ghost gates as if no one was in the environment. All the ghost gates collided together, and even the hair of Mu Yu did not catch it!

    "Small sample, there is such a powerful mirror array, UU reading How can you catch me!"

    Mu Yu laughed and laughed. The array of techniques using the power of nature is very powerful. This array is naturally laid by the mysterious person in advance. Although Mu Yu has not been able to control the power of nature, he can build on the original basis of this array. Improve it.

    The lines in his hands were intertwined, blended into the mirror array, then turned to the right and flew out. Ghost people want to catch up, but they found that no matter how to chase, Mu Yu is still five meters in front of their eyes, it is impossible to catch up!

    "Array! Want to trap me? Still tender! ”

    Ghosts in the hands of the uplift, the gloomy ghost suddenly invaded and blasted on the mirror array! The mirror array was violently vibrating, but it was not damaged immediately. However, the ghost master slammed into the mirror array for the second time, and finally smashed the entire mirror array, but the wood feathers running in front of him disappeared!

    "Glyphs! I see where you fled today! ”

    The ghost master turned his eyes to the east, and the atmosphere of Mu Yu was already hundreds of miles away! He stepped out in one step, and Baili was only two breathing things for him. He had already landed in front of Muyu, and slaped it down towards Muyu!

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