Chapter 679 Transfer Array

    The oncoming ghost master really felt great pressure on Mu Yu, and Mu Yu was locked in the body by the ghost master, and could not escape. He felt that he really shouldn't just come out and take advantage of this drowning, but he still condensed his way into the world.

    "Hurry up on the stone!"

    The mysterious man made the last breath, a burst of appearance emerged, blocking the palm of the ghost master, and then spit out a blood, sprayed on the wood feather. A powerful impact drove both of them out.

    At this time, Mu Yu reached out his hand in time and grabbed a stone in front. The top of the stone flashed a mysterious pattern. A powerful tearing force was uploaded from the stone, and the dazzling light once again crossed the sky, followed by wood. The shape of the feather has disappeared into the stone's pattern!

    Transfer array!

    The ghost master screamed and stepped on the stone, but the stone just flashed, but there was no movement, and he was not sent away! At this moment, all the ghost gates have already arrived, and witnessed the disappearance of Mu Yu suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes, his breath is also cut off here, like the human world evaporated!

    "Give me a search within a thousand miles! I found any abnormality to report to me immediately! ”The ghost owner yelled.


    All the ghost gates were scattered and quickly launched a carpet search centered on the transmission array.


    In the woods thousands of miles away from the Ghost Gate, a shattering sound of the formations shook the birds that were sleeping in the forest, and also blasted the ground into a large pit.

    The wooden bun sat on the ground, panting, and when he faced the ghost owner of the robbery period, his nerves were tight, and even the consequences of slow shooting were unimaginable.

    He looked at the transmission array that he had personally destroyed in his eyes, and he also squeezed a sweat. If it wasn't for the moment that I was sent to here, I would ruin the transmission array, and the ghost master would use this transmission array to run over!

    This transmission array was set by the mysterious man. He pointed to Mu Yu and came here after Mu Yu left the mirror array. In order to break into the ghost door this time, the mysterious man laid a lot of back roads in the inconspicuous places nearby. Obviously he knew that this must not be so simple.

    The facts also prove that his approach is correct. In fact, if there is no ghost to intervene, the mysterious person will not miss this evening.

    "You are so prepared that even the complicated things of the transmission array are put out!"Mu Yu could not help but admire.

    Generally speaking, the distance transmitted by the transmission array is severely restricted, similar to that of the three-day transmission from the Tri-Sky to the two-day transport array, which spans two worlds. At present, the only transport array in the real world is the short distance transmission array of the South 50 Mile park, the transmission distance is not far, and one end is destroyed, the transmission array will fail.

    The layout of the transmission array is very complicated. Even if Mu Yu wants to portray it, it takes at least one day, and the distance is not too far. Sometimes it is not as fast as flying directly.

    However, there is a benefit to the transmission array, which is that you can cut off your breath directly and make it impossible to track.

    Although the ghost master is a ghost, he loses the atmosphere of Mu Yu and mysterious people and he has no way of knowing where to go to find them.

    The mysterious man pushed the wooden feathers away and jumped out to the back, pulling away from the wooden feathers. However, he seemed to be very hurt. He just took two steps and made a shackle. He could only hold a tree and bend down and gasp.

    "Hey, please! What are you doing, and shouldn't we rush to escape? ”Mu Yu said helplessly.

    "I do not believe you."The mysterious man said.

    "I risked my life to bring you out of the ghost door, and I exchanged a sentence, you don't believe me?"Mu Yu feels like a good heart is being treated as a liver and lung.

    "Your purpose is not simple. It is not inevitable that it will appear in the ghost door tonight. You must also come to the heart of the soul!" The most important thing is that you…"

    The mysterious man had not finished talking, and suddenly looked around with a vigilant look, and his eyes fell behind a tree on the right hand side.

    "Not coming out?"The mysterious man said calmly.

    "Good keen insight!"Ghostly and slowly walked out from behind the tree shadow, staring at Mu Yu and mysterious people.

    In the hands of Mu Yu, the sword was raised. He didn’t even discover the existence of the ghosts!

    Think about it carefully. When I was in the mirror array, there were no traces of ghosts in the ghosts. Did this guy have been waiting for the rabbit here?

    “How did you find this place?”Mu Yu asked quietly.

    Ghosts screamed and smiled: "Thirty-four years ago, although we did not catch up with him, but the ghost door but carried out a carpet search, know the traces of the transmission here! Do you think I don't know where to wait for you? ”

    "Thirty-four years ago?"The mysterious man did not understand what the ghost said, but Mu Yu understood it.

    It’s no wonder that the ghosts have not gone to the mirror array with other ghosts, because he expected the mysterious people to come here through the transmission array.

    Mu Yu looked around with a vigilant look. If the ghosts appeared here, then the ghosts are also very likely to catch up.

    But the surrounding is quiet, only the wind blows through the sound of the leaves, and the wood feathers do not find any traces of ghosts in the perception of the trees.

    "Don't look, I am alone!"Ghosts said a little faint.

    Mu Yu snorted: "Do you want to deal with me and this predecessor alone?"

    The mysterious man supported the trunk and stepped back, not trusting the two.

    "Now the man with the exposed head of the Tibetan head has been seriously injured. I am enough to save myself and I can’t explain it to myself."Ghosts said their lives.

    In order to trap the mysterious person, the ghosts are killed in their own lives. If you come here with a ghost owner at this time, he still needs to explain a lot of things, and he needs to waste a lot of time, so in order to save trouble, he chooses someone to come here.

    "There are not many people who are so powerful in the practice of comprehension, and there are very few people who have completed the Mahayana period." At first we thought it was a heavenly road, a dead wood was evergreen or evil, or it was a sword dust and a very old man of Azure Mountain, but evil spirits and sword shadow dust would not do this kind of thing. We are all aware of the field of the dead wood and the array of heavens, and the elderly have been sitting. I have been very curious about the ghost gates who have searched for so many years but have never been able to find the master who has the ability to 'break the thunder and dust'. ”

    The ghost cherished the mysterious man and tried to see something from the mysterious person. Unfortunately, the mysterious man hid his breath very well and did not show a little bit of it.

    Ghosts said to Mu Yu: "You are here to know the identity of this person. Why do we fight for you to die?" Now he is not the opponent of any of us at all? ”

    "You are right to say this."

    Mu Yu admits that it is very tiring to kill and kill. Although he has a pure dead air and a hegemonic thunder, he can be sent to perform this task. His own cultivation is not bad at all.

    The mysterious man gasped and looked at Mu Yu: "You really have a collusion with the ghost door!"

    He took a step back and his body was getting more and more wilted.

    Mu Yu shook his head helplessly, slowly holding the mysterious person behind his back and said calmly: "But I must protect his identity."

    The mysterious man gave a slight glimpse, and he did not expect Mu Yu to say this.

    Ghostly stunned his eyes and sank: "Wu Yu, if you don't agree, big deal, I will call the ghost master here. Although the explanation will be very troublesome, I am sure to leave. As for you, it is not necessary. This time and space person is killed by us, not really dead, but you can't live without being killed by this time and space! ”

    Wood Yu snorted: "You don't have to scare me, let me think about it. You said that it is too much trouble to explain with the ghost owner. I am afraid you are not sure to explain it clearly? You know that the ghost master thirty-four years ago will not believe this explanation, and your end will not be better than me! ”

    The truth was broken by Mu Yu, and the ghost was not angry. Mu Yu is right, it is very important to return to the soul. Even few people in the ghost door know what it looks like. In order to protect the soul from the soul, the ghost master will surely kill the ghosts who are unclear, and never let the news of the soul return to the heart.

    "What a pity, I thought we could solve the problem peacefully like before!" It seems that it is still not a fight. ”There was a bloody axe in the hands of the ghost.

    "It’s really shameless. Every time I work together, I turn my face. It’s always good to work with a little devil."Dragon vines come out.

    "We are here to fight, we will definitely bring the ghosts, do you want to die?"Mu Yu said.

    "I feel that my hope of living in the ghost master is bigger than you."Ghosts cherished and sneered.

    The blood-colored axe and the shadow sword crossed the cold in the air, and the whole forest became chilled.

    The lines of the ridges were densely covered with branches, and they flocked to the ghosts, and the winds swept through the sky. Ghosts have long been prepared, bloody axe squatting down, the gloomy ghost will draw a deep gully on the ground, the wood feathers can not pass through this gully.

    Both of them try to control their spiritual power and avoid guiding the ghosts in the distance.

    But at this moment, a sinister force suddenly came from behind Mu Yu, and Mu Yu turned his head and saw that the mysterious man once again appeared in the hands of the black mang, and at this time, the soul was cherished. The power is extremely unstable and seems to want to break through the seal that the mysterious man set on it.

    This evil power forced the wood feathers and the ghosts to quit, and even the mysterious people were shot and flew out!

    "not good! Stop this power from leaking! fast! ”Ghosts screamed and sighed. UU reading www.

    His bloody long axe has been pouring out of the sacred ghost, and instantly filled the entire forest, the wood feathers did not hesitate, the formations rushed out, covered in ghosts.

    This evil power seems to be able to shake the mind of the human being, and there is a bloodthirsty desire in front of Mu Yu.



    not now!

    Mu Yu forced himself to wake up, and he was very scared. He almost lost in this evil force.

    The mysterious man held a sigh of relief, and the lines in his hands kept pouring into the soul of the soul, trying to seal the soul of the soul, and soon the soul was stabilized again.

    But the mysterious man seems to be unable to hold on again, and his injuries gradually worsened and fell heavily on the ground.

    As the mysterious figure fell, the hidden lines on his body gradually dissipated, revealing his true face.

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