Chapter 68 Swing

Mu Yu Line of people have been in this deep forest trek for five days, five days no one dares to relax their vigilance.

They are accustomed to the dead silence in the daytime, and the noisy environment at night, and they dare not deal with private affairs alone. The Yumeng Mozu still has no traces, and the Yaozu have never seen one more. They have been getting deeper and deeper into the barren hills.

This woods don't know how big it is, people are so greedy, and they don't say that mortals will not come here, even the self-cultivators will not set foot, so they are very guilty all the way. Sometimes they have to fly to search for the Yumeng Mozu. trace. But because of the criss-crossing of trees, flying in the forest is also very troublesome.

"We have so many people coming here with great fanfare, and the ghosts know that they have to hide, let alone the Yumeng Mozu, I am afraid that this is the Yumeng Mozu."Hao handsome touched his thigh and complained, "I feel that I have lost a few pounds."

"Is that better? Save the round and go nowhere. โ€Red geese dig the road.

"My younger sister of Red Goose said that I will exercise and become thinner when I start tomorrow."Hao handsome smiled back and forth.

"Fat, you said the same thing yesterday, and you don't blink with your eyes."Mu Yu opened a thorn and jumped over.

"Mu Yu Xiao Ge can't say that, in fact, fat is also a fat advantage, the fat advantage is – oh, and stuck, pull me."

Hao handsome also wants to learn Mu Yu to jump over, but the two trees are too narrow to accommodate his body. He failed to pass and was caught by the branches.

โ€œThe advantage is that there is a card to go everywhere?โ€Mu Yu pulled a handsome Hao, did not pull, but the red geese directly in the back directed at Hao handsome's ass to come, took him over.

"Oh, yes, love, love, let us love each other."Hao handsome touched his ass, full of tears, but still did not forget a few words.


There was a soft bang at the foot of the fat man, and he snorted with a sullen look: "Mom, step on the shit again-"

However, the fat manโ€™s squatting suddenly stopped. He raised his feet with a little suspicion and then looked around and said: โ€œThe pile of shit seems to be the one I stepped on when we first arrived.โ€

"how? Didn't you get into the dog? โ€

Mu Yu held back and laughed and walked over, looked at the pile of things inadvertently, and then stunned. The fat man is right, the pile of demon wolves has a fat footprint on the fat man, and at this moment the fat man is stepping on and down. That footprint is so big, except for the fat guy, it is estimated that few people will have it.

"This is impossible! We walked for five days, did you tell me to go back to the place? โ€Cher wanted to see the pile of things, but remembering that it was too disgusting, she dismissed the idea.

"Maybe it is."

Mu Yu groped around and found the spider web, but the spider web was broken, but the half-flying corpse still hangs on the spider web. Mu Yu couldnโ€™t help but sink, they didnโ€™t go deep into the woods?

"Can't you? Itโ€™s been five days, how is the pile of manure still not dry? โ€The red geese took a look at the nose and looked at it.

"What's the matter, there are no insects here, it's still so wet, I want to be fat when I am thin…"

"To shut up!"The red geese licked the fat one.

"Mu Yu, have you not noticed anything along the way?"Asked the words.

Mu Yu shook his head and he knew what the words meant. Wood feathers are very sensitive to tree perception. If there are any abnormalities in the surrounding trees, he should be aware of it for the first time.

However, Mu Yu did not realize the change of the surrounding trees at all. After five days, he did not find anything wrong. This is not in line with common sense.

"go! Go up and see! โ€

The slogan set foot on the flying sword and went to the top of the tree. The forest that soon smashed appeared at his feet. Others also followed, overlooking this deep forest and old forest, looking forward, looking at the boundless, looking back, can faintly see the mountain view of Fulong Mountain.

"We really are spinning around.

"The prophecy took everyone to fly forward. After a while, I saw a small stream. They fell to the river and found the ashes that burned the fire that night."

"what? Have we gone for five days? โ€Hao handsome jumped up dissatisfied. He hadnโ€™t been sinned for five days. The branches always like to call him, and itโ€™s hurt to get him.

After squatting in the woods for five days, I was told that the five days had been spinning in place, and no one wanted to believe this fact. The fat man always thought that their pedestrians should have gone deep into the old forest. Maybe they will soon see the nest of the Yumeng Mozu, but in fact the skin of this deep mountain forest has not been opened.

"This is a huge array, and we have made a decision."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

"Who is the person who is here?"Asked Cher.

"I am afraid that there is no one except the Muyoumeng Mozu who can control such a large forest."Mu Yu touched the trees next to it, but the trees did not show any anomalies.

The Muyou Mozu can control the trees, which means that when they enter the forest, they are under the supervision of each other, and only they can have the ability to deploy this in the woods.

Regarding the issue of the formation, Mu Yu did not know much, and Master only mentioned it with him. It is said that the Yumeng Mozu is proficient in the five elements of the Qimen armor. Some of the formations created by the comprehens are from the Yumeng Mozu, such as the guardian of the various schools, the array of schools and so on.

The most classic is the sleeves of the self-cultivator in his sleeves. It is the simplest method. Every comprehension is basically a city. This array is also from the Yumeng Mozu.

Lonely Sky suddenly turned to look at the woods behind him, his eyes flashing with vigilance and doubt.

"what happened?"Mu Yu asked.

Lonely Sky shook his head: "I always feel that we are being stalked by me. My gaze to others is more sensitive than you, but I have never seen that person. It may be an illusion."

Being stalked?

Everyone suddenly became nervous. Some people have been following them for a few days, but they have not noticed? This matter is extremely scared!

Everyone looked at each other and quietly looked around the dense woods. I hoped that the leaves would suddenly move, and there would be a little rubbing noise. Unfortunately, nothing was seen, and no ghosts were seen.

Lonely days are individual repairs, most paying attention to the cultivation of the various senses of the body, and therefore his feelings are very keen. He always thought that someone was watching them not far away, just because he couldn't capture the trace of that person, he thought he was suspicious.

Mu Yu doesn't think so. The feeling of being alone is not wrong. He also has some strange feelings, but he is not as strong as Lonely Day.

In fact, when Mu Yu stepped into the forest, he felt that something was wrong, but he couldnโ€™t say what was wrong. He didn't realize that he was being stalked, but there was a kind of familiarity that pervaded him, as if he was calling him, but he could not find the source.

"That is, the most likely thing is that there is a Umo Mozu at the moment tracking us?"Said the words.

"And it is undoubtedly the Muyou Mozu, it may be that a certain wood Yumeng Mozu secretly turned us back."

Mu Yu leaned back against the big tree. He still didn't feel the anomaly within 20 meters. The Muyou Mozu might stare at them outside the perception of Mu Yu, and played with them for five days of hide and seek. Are the Yumeng Mozu just to stop them from going deeper?

"So, is there really a Umon Mozu here?"

Cher smothered his mouth, and they have not dared to decide whether there is a Yumeng Mozu here, because without seeing it, everything is speculation.

"Let's go along this stream!" This is not going to get lost. โ€

Cheng Yan flew over the creek and flew upstream along the stream. Others quickly followed. They came here to find the Yumeng Mozu. If they fly over the woods, they may not be able to detour, but it also means that they are likely to miss the Yumeng Mozu in the woods.

None of the six people found out, just as they flew over the creek, there was a red spark in the distance behind the sky. The sound of this signal spark is so huge that it has not been scattered in the air for a long time, but it has not been transmitted to the ears of Mu Yu and others.

Because the trees here are too dense and tall, so no one is aware of the signal spark.

The signal sparked for a quarter of an hour and eventually disappeared. I don't know if people in other groups have seen the signal in the past, and in general, Mu Yu and others did not see it.

Six people fly very fast, because there is no obstruction over the creek, so they can't affect their speed.

The source of this creek didn't know where it was. They turned into the woods along the creek and bent and bent. After about an hour of flight, the slogan suddenly stopped suddenly.

"what happened?"The fat man behind asked strangely.

Looking down the gaze of the words, they just saw the pile of ashes next to the stream!

The pile of ashes is the trace of their burning fire a few days ago.

"How is this creek so weird?"The red geese exclaimed.

"I have been paying attention to the flow of the stream. The flow of the stream has been flowing from the front. We are going upstream, but we are finally coming back."It is said that the face is dignified and the direction of the stream has not changed, but they are flying back. This is very strange.

"Water Yumeng Mozu."Mu Yu whispered, and they were not only the Muyou Mozu, but also the water Yumeng Mozu. I am afraid that even the Tuyu Mozu also participated in it, and everyone has never found it.

"How to do? Should we fly into the air, fly to the deep woods, and then fall? โ€Cher suggested.

"It's useless. When we are groping in the woods, it is very likely that we will be circumvented."Mu Yu shook his head. If you don't find the Yumeng Mozu who followed them, then how to get into the woods is futile and will eventually be circumvented.

"Hao handsome, give me Sinan."It is said that this fat man carries a thing for the guide, UU reading This thing can always point to the south, is a great invention of human beings.

"Sinan met the Jinyoumeng Mozu and it didn't work."Hao handsome handed Sinan to the promise.

"No, when a group of Jinyoumeng people gather, it will affect this Sinan. One or two will not be affected. I am the highest and protect it with spiritual power. The Yumeng Mozu cannot interfere."Said the words.

Everyone has a bright eye, this is a good way. As long as you point to the south and determine the correct direction, you don't have to worry if the Muyou Mozu controls the road ahead.

The words fly into the air, determine the general orientation, and then fall down: "When we come, we belong to the southeast. If we go inside, we must go northwest, here is the south, that is–"

The words were turned around, and it was the direction they had just walked over.

"Do we have to go back?"The fat man asked in amazement.

The words nodded: "We have been misled by the surrounding trees. I just went up and saw that if I crossed this creek, I would walk back to Fulong Mountain. In fact, we have unwittingly stood on the other side of this creek, and we still think that there is no creek, so the right path is what everyone thinks is coming. โ€

"How can this pile of ashes appear on the other side?"Hao handsome still does not understand.

"The ashes are caused by burning wood, and the Muyou Mozu has the means to disguise this pile of wood."The argument explained.

"You confused me -" is a bit confused for Cher, who has a bad direction.

"Follow me!"

It is no longer a waste of time to explain, to explain to a road idiot what is north and south, but also to explain under the influence of a mystery, it is difficult to make sense. Everyone will be suspicious, but here the testimony is the highest, and everyone has unwittingly regarded him as the leader, so he can only choose to believe him.

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