Chapter 680, the soul of the soul

    Mu Yu and Ghosts have seen the mysterious person, and they are all very surprised!

    "Great! Great! Actually, everyone in our ghost door was passed over. ”

    Ghostly sorrowful face is very gloomy, he stared at the mysterious man's appearance, and looked at the mysterious people in front of the soul of the soul, coldly snorted.

    The Soul Center the dark as the ink of the light has already dispersed, revealing its true colors. That is a blood red demon different pillars, in the black light dispersed for a moment, it has become a person two meters long, have the wrist thick, carved on the strange lines, inside as if flowing blood, gurgling wandering.

    Mu Yu's mind is like a flash of light, he has seen this pillar!

    As for the person lying on the ground, it is even more shocking to Mu Yu.

    "How could it be dead wood?"Mu Yu exclaimed.

    This mysterious man turned out to be the dead wood of youth when he was young. His body was very disordered at this moment, and lying on the ground was already unknown.

    Mu Yu’s heart is filled with countless doubts, because he remembers that the dead wood old man was still stuttering at this time, and the way he spoke just now was so smooth, and the ability of the field that the dead wood old man realized was clearly “dead life”. Not "broken dust"!

    What the hell is this all about?

    Ghosts turned their eyes to Mu Yu, and said coldly: "It seems that I already know the whereabouts of the soul, isn't it!"

    In the eyes of the ghosts, thirty-four years later, the dead wood Changqing died in the hands of the three palaces law enforcement, all his relics are in the hands of Mu Yu, the soul is naturally also!

    In the heart of Mu Yu, there was a huge wave in the sky. Where did he know that he had been so hard to find such a long time to go to the soul? It turned out to be the pillar that he saw when he first entered the Deadwood Valley!

    At that time, Mu Yu had wanted to leave the valley after passing through the mirror array, but it was hard to be thrown into the depths of the valley by dead wood. Then at that time he saw the pillar of this evil door. At that time, this pillar was enough to provoke his killing. It was Xiaoshuai who woken the wooden feather.

    This pillar of evil will make all the close people have a desire for blood, and induce people to sacrifice it with their own blood.

    Mu Yu also saw two dried corpses of blood on the ground, and they all held the pillar without exception.

    But when did he know that this pillar was the soul of the soul!

    the most important is,

The dead wood is in the relics handed over to Mu Yu, and there is no such pillar. It seems to be hidden by the dead wood, and it does not tell Mu Yu where the pillar is now hidden!

    "How could this be!"

    Mu Yu feels very tricky. The ghost gate is very valued for the soul of the soul. Many ghost gates only hear about the transitional soul, but they don’t know how long the soul is. The real world is no one knows. If Mu Yu knew at the outset what the soul is, he would not have to worry about it.

    Ghostly plucked the bloody axe and sneered: "My mission has been completed. I am waiting for you in the Tianyan round. If you know each other, you should know that the soul is not what you can have!"

    Ghosts turned away and left here, he naturally would not choose to start with Mu Yu here. Because they are now thirty-four years ago, if they are discovered by the ghosts at the moment, it is hard to escape from the wood feathers and ghosts.

    And Mu Yu definitely needs to leave this time and space, as long as Mu Yu leaves this time and space and returns to Tian Yan's turn back there, then it is a good time to squander his life.

    Besides, after Mu Yu left this time and space, he is still on the demon island. The ghost gate has already planned to start on the soul of the demon island. There are not only ghost fields on the island, but also ghost nights during the robbery period. At that time, Mu Yu also In the midst of the shackles, there is no need to fight here with Mu Yu.

    Longteng jumped to Mu Yu’s shoulder and asked: “Wu Yu, what do we do now? Leave this time and space directly? ”

    The way to leave this time and space is very simple, where to go from where to go.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "I still can't do it now. I don't know where the soul is hidden by the old man."

    He didn't need to manage the dead wood lying on the ground, because after leaving this time and space, everything here would be restored, and the dead wood will get the soul to leave the ghost door instead of falling to the present.

    However, there are too many doubts about Mu Yu that have not been solved yet. For example, why is the dead wood old man who will be a master of the Mahayana period, and how does his field become a "breaking thunder dust"?

    In particular, Mu Yu must know where the dead wood old man will hide his soul in the future!

    "Do you say that if we bring this soul to our time, can we?"Longtan asked curiously.

    "Oh, how are you so stupid? Of course not. Except for the memories in our minds, nothing in the past time and space can bring back our time and space. It will disappear automatically on the way back, otherwise it will take it away. ”Xiaoshuai said his head.

    "Little handsome, have you digested the ghost of the little devil?"Mu Yu touched Xiao Shuai’s head.

    "Fortunately, I have two stomachs and I will not eat this kind of thing in the future."

    Xiaoshuai was alive and kicking his tail, and he swallowed a silver-pink needle that had been robbed for a while. However, this guy had a good stomach and a good stomach, and he was not aggression. Digestion and digestion were a hero.

    "What if we use this power of the soul to resurrect the old man in the soul?"Mu Yu asked.

    "Resurrection will still die. Only those memories that we can take away from the past can only be taken away. Anything that has passed in the past will disappear. The aura that you absorb here will also disappear. It’s useless.”

    Mu Yu was a bit disappointed, but it was also expected. He picked up the dead wood and carefully rolled up the soul on the ground. The soul was very light, like a feather. The evil power was now suppressed by the formation, so there was no accident.

    The moon in the sky is so clean that it is not like the bloody moon seen in the gate of the ghost. The evening wind blew the leaves and the two figures had disappeared into the woods.


    The first rays of the morning sun shone on the dead wood, awakening him from a coma. He opened his eyes, faintly remembered something, wanted to stand up, but a painful feeling came from him, so that he could not stand up.

    He glanced around and found himself lying on a wooden bed at the moment. He moved his body a little and was surprised to find that there was a small flowing river next to him. There was a poplar tree above his head, and the faint sunshine could be seen falling from the trees.

    This kind of scene makes the dead wood somewhat incomprehensible. He thinks about the things before the coma last night, and wants to find the soul to return to the heart. If you don’t transition to the soul, you will be on the side, and there will be a vague snoring on the side.

    Lying on the ground, Xiaoshuai, Xiaoshuai spread his limbs, whispering from time to time, and scratching his stomach, smirking two times, like dreaming of something delicious.

    "Great, you wake up!"

    Mu Yu jumped from the branch above Xiaoshuai and almost stepped on Xiaoshuai. This guy can sleep from the tree to the ground at night, and he has not been awakened, and people have to be convinced.

    "I said, I don't trust you."The dead wood said coldly.

    Mu Yu touched his nose and bent over to hold the little handsome in his arms. It’s no wonder that the dead wood that hidden his identity last night saw a distrustful look. I thought it was because I accidentally stole the Miao language and took a shower. reason.

    "I am really innocent about the things about the fairy."

    Mu Yu reluctantly spread his hands. In fact, if he was closer to the dead wood after passing through time and space, he would definitely see the dead wood at first sight.

    "I am guilty of misconduct, do not be willing to claim innocence?"Dead wood looks very annoyed.

    "I saved you last night. Can't you prove it?"

    "I don't need you to save!"

    Mu Yu opened his mouth and didn't know what to say. Although he was stunned by the old man, he felt very cordial because the old man's temper was like this. This stubborn guy, it is too difficult to ask him to say something good.

    "How can you believe me?"Mu Yu sat down on the stone next to him, and said helplessly.

    "Nothing is possible."The dead wood said simply and neatly.

    I thought I would cross it back. If I could see you, I can still have you. I have a good time to squash my mouth twice. This is better, but I am being used by the old man as a sinister prodigal son.

    Mu Yu blinked: "My dad also likes to marry me."

    "The upper beam is not right, you are not a good buyer!"The dead wood said coldly.

    Longteng jumped on the shoulder of Mu Yu, and laughed happily: "Oh, no, no, no, can we tell him the truth?" Otherwise, he always blames himself and I can't stand it. ”

    Mu Yu also couldn't help but feel a sense of guilt in his heart. He coughed and said two times: "The dead wood predecessors, you still don't want me to be jealous, in a sense, it is not good for you."

    "Are you threatening me?"The dead wood snorted.

    "Not a threat, not a threat. How do you say this…"Mu Yu laughed twice.

    The dead wood stood up and stood up. He touched his chest and found that the wound he had been hurt by the ghost last night was actually healed. He frowned and looked at the wood feather.

    "No thanks, no thanks, I cured your trauma last night, but you still need to lie down for a while to fully recover."Mu Yu said quickly.

    The dead wood was very badly hurt last night, and the ghost has been swimming in the veins of his body, disturbing his breath. Mu Yu also learned last night that his own understanding of the cultivation of the dead wood old man has always been wrong. The old man is not a comprehension of the fit period, nor does he realize that "there is no life" in the period of the fit. His cultivation has already reached the Mahayana period!

    The dead wood was originally a refining poison. When he saw him a few days before Mu Yu, the toxin could not affect him in the dead wood. At that time, Mu Yu also mistakenly thought that the repair of the dead wood was just a fit period, but in fact it was No.

    It was only because of the injury that was ruined by the soul last night that these toxins were out of control and poured into his meridians, mixed with his spiritual power, slowly eroding his body and making his body more and more Oops, the repairs are falling.

    When I first encountered Mu Yu in thirty-four years, at that time, the repair of dead wood was only left in the fit period.

    The dead wood looked at Mu Yu coldly: "I won't thank you."

    Mu Yu asked for his nose without any interest: "Well, UU reading is my own passionate."

    The dead wood slowed down and stood up on the bed. He took the soul of the soul and took it for two steps. He couldn’t breathe, and he went down and went down.

    "It’s really a guy who wants to face!"Mu Yu quickly passed through to help him.

    "I, I don't need you to help."The dead wood wants to push the wood feathers.

    "I have done it, can you say that you are not waiting to see me?" You don't want to ask me about the secrets, for example, why do I have both poison and surgery? ”

    "Do not want to."



    Author's words:

    I dug a lot of seemingly inconspicuous but important pits in the front. I am filling it now. I don’t know if you remember the pillar, the one in the dead wood valley (Chapter 161). It is estimated that no one thought that it was the soul. Got it? There are some other pits, I will fill it slowly…

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