No. 681 Chapter Stubborn Daddy

    The trees are full of sunshine and sunshine.

    Wood feathers leaned on the branches and looked at the old man sitting in a chair and silently adjusting his mood. His heart was filled with joy, but there was endless embarrassment.

    This stubborn old man is obviously the most willing person to sacrifice in the world, but he always does not like to say good things.

    The dead wood also realized that he could not leave here at the moment, so he chose to heal first. The situation in his body was very bad, and this battle caused him to be seriously damaged. However, because Mu Yu had healed him last night, it is only a matter of time before the recovery.

    "Strange, I just found out that there is a formation on your throat. By this method, you can make your speech very smooth, but why did you stutter in front of the singer?"Mu Yu asked bored.

    Dead wood did not answer Mu Yu.

    "Let me think about it, do you want to show your most complete side to the language?" You don't want to marry the woman you like? ”Mu Yu guessed.

    "Is not it? Then why did he still stutter when we met us in our time and space? ”Xiaoshuai stares at the apple, it is hungry.

    “Will it be that falling out of love makes him disheartened?”Longtan said curiously.

    The dead wood opened his eyes and stared at the three gossip guys not far away: "Are you looking for death?"

    Mu Yu smiled: "Predecessors, you wake up! Better? ”

    "Don't be ignorant of me, you better kill me before I can't kill you, or I will kill you!"Said the dead wood.

    "What do you do to kill and kill? My life is still saved, you have to take it. ”Mu Yu shouted helplessly.

    "I have not saved you, I will kill you!"

    The dead wood is extremely annoyed, and the Miao language is awkward. He is still worried about Mu Yu! Last time because Miao language 说 for the wooden feathers, the dead wood let go of the wood feathers, but threatened Mu Yu will definitely kill Mu Yu next time.

    But where the dead wood would think, he would be seriously injured because of the soul of the soul, and was also saved by Mu Yu, which is a shameful shame for him!

    Mu Yu touched his forehead and felt too hard to talk to the old man. He planned to make the situation clear with the old man now, otherwise the dead wood would not give him a good look.

    "That one,

In fact, the old man in my mouth is referring to you. Don't you always want to know who I am? Let me say this, I am from the future of your age, and I am also your apprentice. ”Mu Yu said sincerely.

    The dead wood sneered: "What nonsense!" I will accept you as a person as an apprentice? ”

    "Have you heard of Tian Yan's return? I just ran back from the 34th year ago by relying on Tian Yan. ”Mu Yu explained.

    Dead wood stares at Mu Yu: "Tian Yan's return to this kind of thing is not something that you such a shameless person can get!"

    The dead wood really knows the existence of the Tianyan round.

    "Don't, don't say shameless! I am your apprentice! ”Mu Yu turned his eyes, how sometimes it is always strange to talk.

    "Are you looking for death?"The dead wood stood up violently, and the blood was tumbling again, and then sat down again.

    "Oh yes, if you don't believe it, I can talk about some specific situations. For example, the various poisons I used in front of you that day, you are no stranger to each other, because that is what I learned from you! There are also arrays, your mirror array is a very powerful array, but I know it very well, just now I used the mirror to play the ghost door! ”

    Mu Yu thought about it and took out the thick "Xuan Zhen" and "The Sutra": "You must know these two books?" This is what you wrote! ”

    "Xuanzhen" and "Poisonous" are the lifeblood of dead wood, quite precious things, and Mu Yu always treats them as treasures.

    But the dead wood snorted: "I have not written such a book!"

    "Hey? Have you started writing books at this time? ”Mu Yu laughed and said, "I have said it anyway, I am from the future, so these two books will definitely be written later. You can look at the contents inside. Every poison and battle you absolutely No strangers."

    Mu Yu carefully opened the book and walked over to the dead wood: "That, look back, you can't ruin it!" It is my baby! ”

    However, the dead wood did not blink at all: "This kind of book that doesn't flow, I don't know which second-rate faculty wrote it, I don't bother to see it!"

    Second-rate array? Second-rate array!

    Mu Yu is going to be crazy, when can the old man’s temperament be changed?

    "Don't look, then I read it to you, the first page of "Xuanzhen", which reads the common sense of gossip. Oh, the disciples of these arrays should also know, forget to skip, your book is in addition to the front. The page is very simple, and the remaining thousands of pages are boring…"

    "To shut up! Broad! ”The dead wood said with anger.

    Mu Yu can only accept the book: "I have said, I am your apprentice! I am here to travel to time and space to find something for you. ”

    "what's up?"

    "in order to……in order to……"

    Mu Yu bit his teeth, he returned here to find the soul to return to the heart, thus to save the old man. But at this time, if he told Tsangmu to be thirty years old, he would die, and the old man would not believe it. And if it is said to be the soul to the soul, to fight for the old man to take away the soul from the ghost door to the heart, certainly will be more distrust of Mu Yu.

    "Humph! Why don’t you dare to say it? I see that you are deliberate! Dare to peek, I will ask you to pay the price! ”The dead wood said with resentment.

    It is because of this damn traversal, where it is not good to wear, it is necessary to wear to the holy sacred pool, the eye blessing is there, and the old man can not pass.

    "Then I will talk about your past, you are from the Dan Ding faction, the pulse of Qingzhufeng, and the development of Qingzhufeng has only left you alone, and no disciples have survived. There is a person named Dan Ding in the cold and snow, and you are a childhood friend, but because of the interference of the old man, what is the name of the old man? ”

    Mu Yu pondered for a while, usually always called the old man named Shoukou, and suddenly forgot the people shouted.

    "It’s a Yuande Dao, right, Yuande Dao said, when the dead wood is fifteen years old, still wet the bed! Can this prove it? ”Xiaoshuai said with a small paw.


    Mu Yu's face is green, I can't wait to slap a little slap in the face of a small handsome man. Now tell the anecdote of the dead wood, this is not a fire on the fire! He sneaked a glimpse of the dead wood, and he found that the dead wood was blue and his eyes sparked! It’s very sensational.

    "You are the old non-death!" I will kill you! ”The dead wood is so violent on the face.

    Mu Yu took an apple and blocked Xiao Shuai’s mouth. He quickly lost his smile and said: "No, it’s okay, we have nothing to do with the old one, but because you took me back to Dan Ding, I met the old one, he told me of. Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened in the future, but I heard that you left the Danding faction because of the old and undead opposition to you and Qiao Xue. ”

    "You really are old and undead!"The dead wood is glaring.

    "No, it's not!"

    Mu Yu feels that the more he interprets the more chaotic, he quickly puts out the token symbolizing the identity of the pulse, "Look! You will pass the position of the owner of the Qingzhu peak to me many years later. Is this token not a fake? ”

    "You actually stole the token of the Ding Ding sect, and the sin is unforgivable!"

    Mu Yu is about to vomit blood, how to talk about it is so difficult!

    "This is really what you passed to me after more than 30 years."Mu Yu wants to cry without tears.

    "Unless I blink, how can I pass the token to you this shameless person!"

    It is also a "disgraceful" "apprentice"! Mu Yu vomited three kilograms of blood again.

    "Can we talk about the elders and talk about politeness? Otherwise it is really bad for you. ”Mu Yu laughs and laughs.

    "You shamelessly give me less innocence! You'd better kill me now, or I will take your dog's life after I get hurt! ”The dead wood is raging, and he is disgusted with Mu Yu.

    Hey! It’s really hated, and it’s not a good thing to watch the holy woman’s bathing.

    Mu Yu has no idea how to explain it. The dead wood old man is worried about Mu Yu because of the Miao language, and he has come up with all the evidence to explain that he is not convincing in front of the dead wood.

    "How can you believe me?"

    "I can't believe you!"

    Mu Yu is completely devoid of it, and it is too difficult to reason with a stubborn and dedicated person. The dead wood old man is a person who can go to the fire for the Miao language. Miao language is his beloved woman, but the shower was sneaked by Mu Yu.

    "Ugh! Why is it happening like that! I think about it, there is one more thing I don't know if I can prove it. I don't know when the sleepy Xianji is actually laid down, but I remember that the Jianfeng dust wind should find you to help arrange the trapped Xianji. It is a very powerful world array, he also found Sky, evil is not old, phantom rain, and –"

    Mu Yu paused and his voice filled with resentment: "And the white world."

    With a slap in the dead wood, he stared at Mu Yu: "How do you know this?"

    Mu Yu looked bright: "Because I am your apprentice! I said, you will accept me as a disciple in the future, then I will come here to find you. ”

    "ridiculous! Do not speak up! I am not likely to accept you as a disciple! ”

    "The apprentice's things are not mentioned first, but there are not many people who should know about this matter." In order to lay down the imprisonment, you also used your original spiritual power. This is not only six of you, but no one knows? ”

    Mu Yu said to his chin, in fact, he is also unfamiliar with the sleepy Xianji, it is a very high-level array, the ability of the wood feathers can not be arranged. At least his current ability to perform is much worse than the six masters.

    "You actually know the source of spiritual power!"

    The dead wood was shocked, and the use of the source of spiritual power into the sleepy prison, this thing is absolutely confidential, no one knows except the people who are in the array. But Mu Yu actually knows?

    "How do you know it! Say! ”The expression of dead wood has become quite serious. UU reading This kind of thing can not be arbitrarily leaked, otherwise it will be used.

    "I said what you told me, why don't you believe me?"Mu Yu is quite helpless.

    "I can't tell anyone about this kind of thing!"The dead wood said coldly.

    Mu Yu touched his forehead and it was too difficult to convince the dead wood.

    "Because you will die in the future! We are here to find a way to resurrect you! ”Longtan suddenly interrupted.

    "Dragon, shut up!"Mu Yu yelled.

    "He won't believe us at all. He only believes when he tells the truth. You show him the soul of the soul, he will understand! ”Said Long Teng.

    Mu Yu is silent, this is his least willing to prove that he is coming from the future. Because for the present dead wood, knowing when you will die is a very cruel thing.

    "You said I will die?"The dead wood looked cold.

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