Chapter 682 I know him

    If a person ran to you, what is the time when you say your death, what is your reaction?

    Dead wood cold channel: "Give me a roll."

    No one will take this matter seriously, who can say clearly about life?

    But the people of the future will not lie.

    Mu Yu silently took out the jade that symbolizes the congenital disciple's identity given by the original Tiandao. At that time, the blood jade ink crystal aura will be exhausted, and the soul array will soon be broken. It is the blood jade ink crystal. All the formations in the transfer were transferred to Yupei.

    It is a pity that the images left by the dead wood have been shattered last time. Otherwise, it is quite convincing evidence, but in fact the broken soul inside is enough to explain everything.

    "This jade has a formation, called the soul array, which you invented, which is sleeping in a soul."

    Mu Yu tightened his lips. He entered the spiritual force into the fixed soul array, saw the old soul who still had a crack in his chest, and looked at the stubborn old man in front of him. He was very complicated.

    The old man is a regret in his heart.

    Mu Yu took a deep look at the dead wood and continued, "Sleeping my old soul."

    The dead wood looked at Mu Yu coldly and was unmoved.

    "After you read it, you will understand if I am lying. I will give it to you. If you dislike I can arbitrarily scatter my anger on me, but please don't break it, because it is really important to me. ”

    Mu Yu was very afraid that the dead wood at this time would destroy it directly after receiving the jade, so he hesitated and did not dare to take the risk. However, the fixed soul array has become the only evidence that can prove itself from the future. He wants to get help from the dead woods. He can only do this.

    The dead wood's gaze fell on the jade, as a powerful strategist, he saw at first glance that this jade is very extraordinary, the ripples contained in it are quite strong, and even have a familiar feeling.

    That feeling really made him feel a little shocked.

    He hesitated a moment and eventually took over Yu Pei. However, Mu Yu has seized the hand of dead wood and seriously stressed: "This thing is really important to me, you can dispose of me at will, but don't destroy it."

    The dead wood frowned, staring at the hand of Mu Yu, then looking at the wood feather, and suddenly there was a slight flash in his eyes.

    "Don't let me see,

Take it back. ”The dead wood said faintly.

    Mu Yu slowly loosened the hand of the dead wood, he still does not trust, jade will destroy everything if it is destroyed.

    The blue light appeared on the dead wood hand, and the spiritual power was input into the jade, and then he saw another self in the soul.

    This is a very strange feeling. One sees that his soul is forbidden by a formation, just like seeing another dead self.

    The crack in the chest of the soul was shocking, and he felt a guilty heart.

    No one wants to see his death, because when a person knows the outcome ahead of time, he no longer has any expectations for the next life.

    Originally, a person is full of hope for life, but suddenly death tells you that you will die in two years, then will the next thing become self-defeating?

    Mu Yu knows that everything will return to its original state after leaving this time and space, but the dead wood does not know that these things are normal for the dead wood now.

    The dead wood chest undulating, and the look began to waver. He is one of the most powerful strategists in the realm of comprehension. No one knows more about what this formation means, and whether the soul in the formation is true.

    A long silence.

    "How did he die?"The sound of dead wood suddenly became calm, just like asking a simple thing.

    "Do you believe me now?" Mu Yu asked.

    Deadwood did not answer Muyu positively, just repeated: "How did he die?"

    Mu Yu bites his lips, and his heart is extremely embarrassing.

    Yes! How did the dead wood old die? Because the sleepy fairy is being stared at by the white world, is it not to be framed by the sky?

    However, when separating the grass, the dead wood has already applied blood protection to cover the sky, and placed the life on the wooden feathers, and resolutely went to death. The white world kills the dead wood with the help of the sky, just let the dead wood die early.

    Mu Yu squirmed his lips: "He wants to protect me."

    The dead wood clenched his fist and returned the jade to the wood feather. Then he stopped talking and closed his eyes to start adjusting.

    Mu Yu did not open again, put the jade to close, quietly watching the dead wood in cultivation.

    The sun had fallen, the moon had climbed back to the treetops, and the sound of screaming sounded in the darkness. The breeze blew the two people on the shore, and none of them spoke.

    Time passed slowly, but this silent night has become a bit long.

    "You are so important to him?"The dead wood suddenly broke the silence of the night and slowly opened the way.

    Mu Yu looked at the stars in the sky and whispered: "He is my father, I am his son."

    Their relationship is simple.

    But a lot of things are simple words that can be expressed?

    Once the dead wood was in the face, it would never be easy to admit it, but when Mu Yu shouted out the old man, it was when the dead wood burned out.

    Mu Yu has only endless regrets. He has been looking for ways to repair the soul for more than two years. Even if the resurrection of the old man would be contrary to the wishes of the brothers and brothers, he also chose to turn his back.

    Because he wants to live the dead wood once again, live once as the old man of Mu Yu.

    The two once again fell into a long silence, and they did not speak for two whole hours.

    "You came here to save him?"Dead wood broke the silence again.

    "The soul can be restored to his soul, I want to find the whereabouts of the soul."Mu Yu said.

    "The soul is here, you have always had the opportunity to take it."The dead wood looked at the red-blooded soul around him and said a faint heart.

    Mu Yu sighed and said: "This time and space of the soul can not work, I want to know where you finally put the soul of the soul, and I do not know how to use it."

    "I won't forgive you, and it's even more impossible to treat you as a son, so I don't have to help you."Said the dead wood.

    "But I am for you in the future!"

    "I am not him. You are not my apprentice, nor my son. ”The dead wood said simply.

    The dead wood now does not recognize the identity of Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu sighed: "I know, but I still hope that you can help me, tell me where you finally put the soul of the soul."

    "How can you resurrect him after repairing his soul?"The dead wood did not answer the wood feathers positively, but looked at the body of the wood feather. "Is the ability to use the wood in your body?" Let me think about it, is it true that the life and death of the sentence are in the blink of an eye? ”

    Mu Yu was slightly shocked: "You already know?"

    "I don't know. When you grabbed my hand just now, I felt that there is a nine-day magical array in your body. This array is too powerful, and I have heard about the Lord of the Lord, you also Can control trees."The dead wood looked at the wooden bed next to the ground.

    "I will unblock the nine-day magic array."Mu Yu said calmly.

    He didn't want to argue with the dead woods on this issue. Everyone would persuade him to do so. It was dangerous.

    "You still have blood-protecting arrays on your body. Do you know what it means to cover the sky?"

    Just a simple touch, the dead wood sees the extraordinary place on the wooden feather.

    "My old man's life is flowing in my body, protecting me from being chased by the white world."The sound of Mu Yu is a bit bleak.

    "You simply don't understand the ability of blood to protect the sky. Once you know what kind of surgery is the blood, you won't think about resurrecting him."The sound of dead wood suddenly became a bit strange.

    Mu Yu looked at the dead wood under the moonlight, and there was a firm expression in his eyes: "No matter how hard, I will definitely resurrect the old man!"

    The dead wood said calmly: "Even if it is your life?"

    A look at the wood feathers.

    "Blood protection, it is a kind of surgery that changes the life of a person, and transfers one's life to another person who is about to die." You are a damn person, and now it is equal to using his life to live. If you resurrect him in the blink of an eye, it means breaking the blood to cover the sky, returning life to him, and you. ”

    The dead wood stared at Mu Yu, and paused and said: "I will die."

    Wood feathers undulating in the chest, he never knew this!

    Is life changing?

    It turns out that this battle will be like this!

    "Now are you still thinking about resurrecting him?"Dead wood looks at the wood feathers.

    Still want to raise him?

    Why not?

    Mu Yu smiled calmly, without any hesitation: "My life is not my own, and he is the one who should live the most. I just returned the things that belonged to him."

    Dead wood stared at Mu Yu's eyes, trying to see a strange wave from the wood feather eyes.

    But Mu Yu does not have any contrived, who is the thing, who is, and the same is true.

    Dead wood is silent.

    The night, deeper, with a hint of coolness in the evening breeze, the ripples in the grass near the river are still ringing.

    The dead wood only said for a long time: "I will not help you."

    "why! You already know where I came from, aren't they? ”

    "Because he won't allow you to do this."

    "You said, you are not him! How do you know if he will allow it! ”Mu Yu stood up with a hint of question and anger in his tone.

    The dead wood simply said: "I am not him, but I know him."

    "You know him…"

    Mu Yu looked at the dead wood in front of her eyes. This sentence made Mu Yu's heart unable to calm down.

    Although the dead wood thirty-four years ago did not know what would happen after thirty-four years, he knew himself, even though the dead wood is very disgusting to Mu Yu, but some things are dead and understand that it should not be done.

    What does the nine-day magic array mean? He knows it. Although he does not know why he will be willing to protect a person who is disgusted with him in the future, UU reads but the stronger a person is, the higher he stands, the farther he will look.

    He will not be untargeted, the future will not, and now it will not.

    This incident has nothing to do with the dead wood of this time and space, but the dead wood knows what another time and space will do.

    I am the one who knows the most about myself.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "You don't know him, at least you don't know me!"

    There was an inexplicable anger in his heart. He only wanted to do what he thought was right, but everyone was trying to stop him, including the dead woods he always wanted to resurrect.

    Mu Yu turned and disappeared into the trees, lying on the treetops, staring at the moon in the sky.

    The moon is round and harmoniously shines across the land.

    Mu Yu also wants the old man in the soul to see the moon again and see the world.

    He has been working hard for this.

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