No. 683 Chapter The Dead wood

    The sun rose again from the east, and two of people did not speak all night.

    Ghosts must have left this time and space long ago, waiting for Mu Yu in the Tianyan round. However, Mu Yu did not want to leave here, he did not intend to give up.

    The dead wood suffered a lot of injuries, but it still hasn't fully recovered. The current strength even a comprehension of the Yuan Ying period can have his life, but he is still so stubborn and insists on his own opinions.

    The dead wood struggled to stand up, did not say anything, but walked away from the place. Mu Yu did not say anything, just silently followed behind the dead wood.

    "You are useless to follow me."Said the dead wood.

    "I want to save him."

    "Do you think he will die when he sees you dead? What will he do? Will you use a bloody cover to save you? ”The dead wood said coldly.

    "Even so, at least let his soul wake up."Mu Yu said with a bite.

    "The soul is so dangerous that it is more dangerous than the Eugene spirit in your body. Even the repair of my Mahayana can't even suppress it in a flash, it is hurt by it, I don't trust you." ”

    "But he trusts me!"

    "So why didn't he tell you the whereabouts of the soul?"

    Mu Yu is speechless.

    The dialogue between the two ended in silence.

    For a long time, Mu Yu decided to temporarily abandon this problem and turned to other things that made him confused: "Your field of art is called 'Desperate,' but why did your field be 'destroyed dust' the day before yesterday?"

    This thing has been unreasonable. Mui has only one field ability, but there are two dead woods. This is obviously not true.

    "A ghost master who is not qualified can use domain skills. Why can't I?"The dead wood replied without returning.

    The ghost master is a domain skill that is displayed by the ghost flag that is brought from the future by the ghost.

    Mu Yu suddenly realized: "You mean, your 'breaking thunder dust' is also achieved by other magic weapons?"

    Deadwood does not use its own "dead life", because it will expose its identity, and the time will face the endless harassment of the ghosts.

He even succumbed to the Dante, so he borrowed skills from other fields.

    "You should go back."Said the dead wood.

    "I have to go back to the help of the fairy, and I have to go to the St.Mu Yu does not hide, where to go from where to go, which means that he must return to the Virgin Pool, the only entrance to the Virgin Pool can only go in.

    The dead wood stopped and turned around with a sullen look, staring at Mu Yu: "You are looking for death!"

    Mu Yu feels very embarrassed, and quickly said: "I don't think about the fairy tales, just when I came to this time and space, it happened to be in the area where the red dust door is, because the slang fairy and me are There is a breath-connected person, so it will appear next to her."

    "This is not the reason you peek at her bath!"

    "I am not a voyeur, I accidentally fell in!" I like her daughter, not her, you can rest assured. ”Mu Yu argued.

    "Do she have a daughter?"The dead wood looked at the wood feathers with a strange look, and there was a hint of hope and a hint of hesitation.

    "Who is that man?"The sound of dead wood is very quiet, he wants to see something from the face of Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu knew that he had leaked his mouth. He knew the idea of ​​the dead wood.

    At this time, the old man should be pregnant with the idea of ​​being a husband. After all, the old man likes Miao language and wants to do anything for Miaoyu. He is willing to spend all his life to protect her and become the man who guards her. .

    But dead wood is not sure, and the only thing that knows this is Mu Yu.

    "Who do you want that man?"Mu Yu grinned and concealed his sympathy for the old man.

    There was a faint fluster in the dead wood eyes, and he said: "Take your ass!"

    "Well, it doesn't matter to me. It doesn't matter who the husband of the fairy is."Mu Yu deliberately squeezed the road.

    Dead wood has an impulse to think of wood feathers. He snorted and turned and continued to move slowly.

    But after a while, the dead wood stopped.

    "That man, is it good?"The dead wood asked hesitantly.

    "Of course, I am willing to go to the fire for the singer, even if I give up my life, it is a very important person to me."Mu Yu pondered for a moment.

    "It's very important to you…"

    The dead wood thinks of the purpose of Mu Yu’s coming here, in order to save him in the soul of the soul. So, doesn’t Mu Yu mean that the husband of the language is himself?

    The heart of the dead wood suddenly bulged, and Mu Yu could even feel the feeling of joy in the dead wood.

    Strictly speaking, Mu Yu did not lie, Miao language was later with Feng Hao dust, and Feng Hao dust is also very important for Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu knows that he is misleading the old man, but he does not want to correct it.

    If some lies can ease the relationship between Mu Yu and Dad, Mu Yu is willing to maintain this lie.

    "Yes, that person you know."Mu Yu smiled slightly, this is the best answer that Mu Yu thinks, not clear, but the answer seems so clear.

    "I know? Is that the case? ”

    The corner of the dead wood suddenly faintly smiles. He thinks that the person who knows Mu Yu refers to himself, because at this time, Miao language has not encountered the wind and dust, and according to the dead wood, Miao language The only man who came into contact with him was him.

    Mu Yu didn't want to tell the truth about the old man, because the facts were cruel to the old man, and the old man loved the Miao language deeply, and finally the Miao language chose the wind and dust.

    This incident has been a big blow to the dead wood, and it is precisely because of this, Mu Yu has always wanted to make up for the dead wood, let the old man live for himself.

    "I hope that the person in the squad can live, and only then can that person protect the person he wants to protect."

    Mu Yu tried to make the words as ambiguous, so that the old man would understand himself, even if the old man had misunderstood his work. Otherwise he will feel that he is using the old man, which will make him guilty.

    "What about protection?"The dead wood looked at the wood feathers and screamed.

    The heart of the dead wood shakes, and the protection of the language is his greatest wish. He does not allow any harm to the language. If he is dead, what should he do?

    He went on and walked through the woods, in front of a mountain path. He had to go around the trail along the trail, and the soul had been collected by him.

    "Is your daughter like you too?"Asked the dead wood.

    "Well, her name is…"

    "I don't want to know her name, the future is left to the future."The dead wood interrupted the words of Mu Yu.

    "But after I left this time and space, all the things that interfered with me in this time and space will return to normal, and you will not remember anything I said, so you know that her name doesn't matter much."Mu Yu said hesitantly.

    The dead wood shook his head: "You don't know one thing. In your opinion, what we are doing now will be erased. I seem to be fake for you, but for me, I am a real person. I don't exist for you. I have my own future and my own emotions."

    Mu Yu admits that Laojiao’s words are correct. They are all real people, but there are different time and space, and they are intertwined by Tian Yan. After Mu Yu left, both time and space will return to the original trajectory. In contrast, Tian Yan's reincarnation gives Mu Yu the initiative, because Mu Yu will not lose his memory.

    "So I hope that the people I like will not lose her."

    Mu Yu bit his teeth, he did not want to use deception to gain the trust of the dead wood in front of him, because he felt so despicable, but once he once thought that the dead wood is dry, Mu Yu has been trying to convince himself to say so.

    "But he is alive, you will die. What about the daughter of that language? ”The dead wood sat down on a stone and rested. He looked at the wood feather and said with a bad tone: "It will be very difficult to lose the taste of a lover."

    Wood Yu, he did not consider this matter.

    "Let's stay with the people you like!" If that happens in the future, then you can protect his mother and daughter. ”The dead wood said faintly.

    Mu Yu’s heart was so sad: “Can’t you protect yourself?”

    "You have come back from more than 30 years, which means I can protect her for more than 30 years. This is enough. At least I died before her and protected her from death."The sound of dead wood is very calm.

    The feelings of dead wood are always so simple, simple and profound.

    It is his greatest wish that the word of protection is dead.

    Mu Yu couldn't calm down: "So, have you thought about my feelings? I hate that I have not protected you, so I just want to resurrect you! ”

    "I understand him. If he is willing to protect a person with his own life, then this person must be important to him. Everyone can't avoid death. You don't have to worry too much about this and have a good life. Heaven will arrange everyone's destiny, everything is already destined for the end, just as you will not remember you after you leave here. ”The dead wood shook his head.

    "If this is the fate of the heavenly arrangement, then I refuse to obey."Mu Yu’s look is very firm, and there seems to be an unspeakable atmosphere on his body.

    "Because I don't recognize the sky!"

    Mu Yu looked at the sky, and there was a hunger in his heart. He wanted to step the sky under his feet!

    I don't recognize the sky!

    From the moment he survived, he had to bear all kinds of causes and effects. With his physique of five elements, he did not have the qualification to survive. Sentences let him survive, but he has to fight against the sentence, to fight with the Miegong, to protect the realm with the brothers and sisters, his path has been arranged.

    But what is the meaning of the arranged life?

    Why can't people live a little free? Do what you want to do, live the life you have thought of, even if the road is hard, even if the thorns are all over, you must work hard for the belief in your heart.

    A person loses his conviction and only knows how to take the path that others want you to go. What is the difference between walking dead and walking?

    Mu Yu does not want to live like this. He wants to decide his own life in his own way, resurrect the old man, and UU reads to save Master and protect the person he wants to protect.

    Whoever lives and who dies, he wants to decide for himself.

    The righteousness of the world is not so important to him, selfishness, narrowness, and even if you have no courage to choose your own life, where is the courage to fight the injustice of fate?

    The dead wood looked at Mu Yu silently, and for a long time he slowly said: "I understand why he will recognize you."

    The dead wood threw a piece of jade, exactly the same as Jade, who had left the red door at the beginning.

    "But I still stick to my own principles. If you are so important to him, but risking to resurrect him, then he will not want to live." Let's go back! This is the jade that goes in and out of the Red Dust Gate. I have left a piece. ”

    Mu Yu did not pick up Yu Pei, Yu Pei fell under his feet, making a clear sound.

    He looked at the old man in front of him and clenched his fist.

    Sure enough, the stubborn old man, even if he knows he will die in the future, he is not willing to change anything.

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