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No. 684 Chapter Meng Pa (Next)

  "Are you the door to death?" he said. ”

  Mu Yu did not actually deal with the life and death gate. At most, he only saw it when he saw it in the second day and also hit his mind to the white demon king.

  Life and death gates and ghost gates are similar in some way. They all have twins, but the twins of the ghost gate are the souls, and the twins of the life and death gates control the bodies.

  The mechanism of cultivating disciples is the same as that of ghosts. They cultivate two people from an early age. When the time is ripe, they let them kill each other and sacrifice the bodies of the losers into their own shackles.

  "How can you be a twin of Meng Po?"Mu Yu still did not dare to take it lightly.

  "It's hard to say this kind of thing."Meng Gong shook his head and didn't seem to want to recall how many pasts.

  Mu Yu suddenly realized that the ghost door is also a human, there are also seven emotions and six desires, is it not because these two people love and hate?

  "A ghost gate and a person who lives and dies are in love, this is nothing new! I thought you were all human. ”

  Mu Yu thought that these two sects were murderous, and there was no "love" at all. Think of the original ghost Xuanyue, who actually killed his father Jiuhua as his twin, this kind of annihilation Things made Wood Yu disgusted.

  Meng Gong repeatedly slammed his voice and calmed down the emotions. Meng Gong continued: "In short, Meng Po and I are together because of my soul. But what I learned is the method of controlling the body of the dead and the dead, so even if there is no soul, I can still rely on the body to survive in a special way, but it is also greatly limited. ”

  There is no such thing as a big world. Ghost gates and life-and-death gates are really two different sects. Just like the immortal Xiaoqiang, there are always strange means to survive.

  "So what is it here?"

  "This place is called the twin corpse sea. After the ghost gate people kill the twins, they must put the twin bodies in the twin bodies. Only in this way can the twins' souls be able to maintain their life. But no ghost person dared to get involved in this place, because once they entered the twin corpse, the souls that were suppressed by consciousness would wake up and start competing with them for control of the body. ”

  Meng Gong snorted with disdain and continued: "The woman did not dare to come here. If she came here, she would definitely seize the opportunity to kill!"

  "Can you kill her?"Mu Yu asked curiously.

  "of course! The practice of the death gate and the ghost gate is different. As long as I take my hands back and keep my body intact, I will be able to leave here and go to the thief to retrieve the soul and return to a person! ”Meng Gong’s voice revealed a resentment.

  The passage of things is probably obvious. A ghost door person and a life-and-death person love each other, but Meng Po loves more of Meng Gong’s soul. Obviously, Meng Gong’s soul is much stronger than Meng Po’s original twin, so Meng Po imprisoned Meng Gong and was imprisoned in this place.

  As for the chopping of Meng Gong’s hands, it is probably to prevent Meng Gong from relying on the method of life and death to find her revenge. Because of the limitations of the twins, Meng Po can not destroy Meng Gong’s body, so she can only Hands are carried as crutches.

  What makes people feel a bit ridiculous is that every time Mengcha meets a new disciple who is just getting started, he will tell the origin of his crutches, and then render his story into a commemoration because he is deeply loved.

  "You want me to take back your hands, how is this possible! If I beat her, would I still have to run here? ”Mu Yu frowned, and it was impossible for him to win a cane from Meng Po, who was in the robbery period.

  Meng Gong said faintly: "You have a strong death in your body. This is the nemesis of the ghosts. Only if you agree to assist me, I can help you enter the ghost door."

  "How to help?"

  "You just take me out of here, return to the bridge, and use your dead air to help me kill Meng Po, then what to do next is your business."Meng Gong said calmly.

  "How can I take you out of here?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

  "It's very simple. Use your powerful dead air to cover up the corpse on me. Then I can walk on the stone platform and I can go out."

  Mu Yu shook his head: "I don't trust you. If you turn your face and don't recognize people, then I am not finished?"

  Mu Yu has no good feelings for the two sects of the ghost gate and the life and death gate. Because these two sects are in some ways, they are trying to improve their cultivation by killing the comprehens, and doing everything that hurts the world. There is no trust at all.

  When Meng Gong went out to deal with Meng Po and turned to kill him, did he become a big man?

  Besides, every time he is forced to cooperate with the ghosts, the ghosts will want to kill him, and trusting such things does not exist among the ghosts. Life and death gates and ghost gates are half a catty, it is estimated that it is not good.

  "If you go out now, the thief will not let you go, and if you don't agree, then you can only stay in this place forever, you choose."Meng Gongyi took a look at the wood feathers.

  It’s definitely not what Mu Yu is willing to see here, but it’s inevitable that he doesn’t trust the people who live and die. He has to find a way out for himself.

  "Let me think about it."Mu Yu carefully retreated to the edge of the stone platform.

  "How to do? Do we have to agree to his request? ”Little handsome voice
The sound echoed in Mu Yu’s mind.

  "The little devils don't talk about integrity, and I feel like the people who die."Said Long Teng.

  "But we have no other way. Yes, Xiaoshuai, how much do you know about the corpse of life and death? ”Mu Yu asked.

  Xiaoshuai shook his head: "I don't know! I was deprived of my soul and can still survive. I still saw it for the first time. I can only say that the practice of life and death is quite different. They separate the consciousness and the soul, and the consciousness is attached to the body. Therefore, Meng Gong will be in Meng Po. I still live here after killing. ”

  "What kind of mystery does the pair of dead bodies have?" Since it is so important here, are we destroying the arm of the ghost door? ”Mu Yu thought of letting go of what Meng Gong said, and the existence of the twin corpse allows the ghosts to manipulate the soul twins freely.

  "There is a strong power here, there is a strong force to guard, this force guarantees that all the bones are not destroyed, so we want to destroy this is impossible, otherwise Meng Po will not let us Come to such an important place."Xiaoshuai said with a nose.

  Think about it too. The most powerful thing about the ghost gate is that the twins are consistent with their own cultivation. It is equivalent to fighting with two ghosts. If the ghost's twin corpse is so easily destroyed, the strength of the ghost gate will be at least half broken! The ghost gate must have a full grasp, so they dare to let the twins come in by outsiders.

  They have been discussing for a long time, but they still have not figured out a good way.

  "Are you thinking about it?" Want to help me kill Meng Po? ”Meng Gong’s eyes never left Mu Yu, and as soon as he heard out, the surrounding bones began to move.

  Mu Yu pondered for a moment and said: "Good! But I have to guarantee my own safety, so you have to let me mark the lines on you. Once you repent, I will lead the pattern. If we are not big, we will die together. ”

  Meng Gong snorted and dismissed the words of Mu Yu. However, he finally agreed with Mu Yu's request. In his opinion, Mu Yu's strength is too low, even if he has no restrictions on his body.

  Mu Yu simply put a powerful blast into the body of Meng Gong, and also portrayed the mysterious lightning pattern, until this time, Meng Gong began to be cautious.

  "Your array is very good."Meng Gong said faintly.

  "We cooperate, you leave here, I sneak into the ghost door, if you don't kill me, I won't say anything."Wood feathers are not salty and do not return to the road.

  "Humph! I am not a ghost, I have my own principles of doing things. ”Meng Gong said.

  Mu Yu is no longer nonsense, the powerful black ghost instantly wraps Meng Gong, and then rushes to the stone platform with Meng Gong.

  The stone platform under the ghost gate can prevent those twins who have been sacrificed from leaving the stone platform, but the death of Muling just covers the corpse of Meng Gong.

  Mu Yu returned to the bridge and looked at Meng Po, who was waiting there.

  "I said, I can only cross my bridge after drinking my soup!"The dead hand on the cane in Meng Po’s hand still carries a bowl of red Meng Po soup.

  "Meng Po, you are really a ungrateful person! You deceive Meng Gong’s feelings and cut down the hands of others, trapped in the sea of ​​twins, do you have no regrets? ”Mu Yu asked.

  Meng Po’s body glimpsed, and she looked at Mu Yu in vain: “My relationship with my old man is very good! What are you talking about! ”

  "is it? Are you treating me with such a good relationship with you? ”Meng Gong's figure, which was wrapped in black air, gradually emerged. Meng Gong looked at Meng Po coldly.

  Meng Po's face changed greatly: "Old man, how can you – you can't!"

  "The corpse in the twin corpse made me survive. Should you return my arms and soul to me?"

  Meng Gong’s arms were empty, and he stared at the crutches in Meng’s hands. One of his hands was still tightly held with Meng Po. UU reading

  "Now you are not qualified to bargain with me!"

  Meng Po screamed sharply and put away the soul of Meng Gong. She knew that it was unrealistic to use the soul to deal with Meng Gong’s body in the face of Meng Gong, and his whole body emerged with a strange spirit and rushed over.

  "Kid, your life is lending me, control it and don't suck the corpse on me."Meng Gong turned and said.

  Mu Yu hesitated a moment, Mu Ling emerged a pure dead air, wrapped in Meng Gong at once, and those dead air under the control of Meng Gong actually turned into Meng Gong's hands, then Meng Gong and Meng Po two people Then they collided together!

  The collision between the two is quite fierce. The powerful ghosts and dead air are intertwined with each other. The dead air of Meng Gong’s control has prevailed, but it will not be a moment to press Meng Po’s momentum down!

  "Old man, you actually deal with me with outsiders!"Meng Po was furious, and the dead air was much more powerful than Mu Yu under the control of Meng Gong.

  "Do you know a few pounds? I still don't know? How could you kill me if I didn't guard you? You ruined my twins, I just missed a twin, and our characters should be interchanged! ”The death of Meng Gong has surrounded the Meng Po group.

  The two compradors of the robbery period are fighting each other, but what is strange is that no matter how fierce their spiritual fluctuations, the whole cave is not moving, and even the sound is not transmitted!

  "I can not be reconciled!"Meng Po screamed screaming!

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