Chapter 684, the guidance of the old man (on)

    Mu Yu picked up the jade on the ground and looked at the back of the dead wood. He did not directly follow up this time.

    Xiaoshuai explored his head: "Wu Yu, do we want to sneak up to see where he is hiding the soul?"

    Mu Yu shook his head: "It's useless. Now he will definitely change the location, which is different from the place we hide in time and space."

    The master of Mu Yu’s sword and dust has once told him that in the past it will be changed by many reasons. Mu Yu stood in front of the dead wood and told the old man’s own intentions that it would change the past. The dead wood does not want to let Mu Yu went to resurrect himself, so he would make a different choice.

    "If I knew earlier that the thing I saw was the soul of the soul."

    Mu Yu remembers that when he had just gone to the valley, the dead wood old man used this soul to test the incoming people. At that time, he didn’t think too much that the red pillar would be the treasure of the ghost gate. Later, the wood feather would be no longer Haven't seen it yet.

    "So, have we given up?"Long Teng is a bit unwilling, and it is hard to know who is going to take the soul from the ghost gate, but it feels like a white one, still can't know the whereabouts of the soul.

    "We haven't been white, at least we know what it is like to go to the heart of the soul, and we know that the person who robs the soul from the ghost gate is the old man. This is actually enough. He will certainly not hide things in the valley after he has lost his cultivation, so where will he hide? ”Mu Yu fell into meditation.

    "Danding pie?"Xiaoshuai immediately thought that if he said that the safest place, in addition to the valley where he lived, it must be Danding.

    After all, the Danding School is a rich martial art with a rich reputation and a high degree of security. It is not something that anyone can get in. It is not possible for the ghosts to be blatantly hard.

    "It won't be a Ding Ding faction. The dead wood hasn't returned to the Dan Ding faction for many years. It's only after us to go back and go back once, and I have been with him for a while, if it's not because you are doing it, I Will not leave him."Said Long Teng.

    During that time, dead wood had no chance to do anything.

    "Will that be there? Will the little devils take the lead to find us? ”Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.

    "It shouldn't be. Ghostly returning to life here is to know who is the person who robs the soul of the soul. He now believes that the soul of the soul should be on me." And he doesn't know that I can't find the soul to return to the heart, so we have the initiative. ”Mu Yu said.

    "But this means that we have to face the ghostly rain and chase after we go back.

Ghostmen have already known that dead wood is dead in our time and space. His relics are in the hands of Mu Yu. Are we not in trouble? ”Said Long Teng.

    "There was a lot of trouble, not much worse. No matter what, I still have some things left. ”

    Mu Yu did not intend to leave this place, his body flashed, catching up with the dead wood old man.

    "What are you still up to?"Dead wood frowned.

    Mu Yu said earnestly: "I hope you can teach me!"

    "Teach you?"The dead wood stopped.

    "Yes, he only taught me poison before the accident, but he didn't teach me the array. Most of my battles were in the sect, and the deep arrays were all from him." Self-learning in Xuan Zhen."

    "If he leaves you books, you should learn by yourself."Said the dead wood.

    "The deep and deep arrays are too esoteric, especially in the field of natural forces and arrays. I still can't touch the essentials. I always feel that I lack something."Mu Yu said sincerely.

    "How many years have you been studying?"The dead wood asked inexplicably.

    "More than three years? Including the fingertips created by the Heavenly Road, there should be four years. I know that my talent is far less than the old man, but I am already trying to catch up. ”Mu Yu said.

    The dead wood turned and looked at the wood feather: "Four years? Show me the most complicated array of thoughts. ”

    “The most complicated?”

    Mu Yu is not sure what is the most complicated. He has learned a lot of basic arrays in the sect. He can be said that most of the common arrays in the comprehension can be arranged. The really complicated array is in the "Xuanzhen", he only learned less than a third, because many of the arrays use the power of nature, he can not fully control the power of nature.

    "I don't know. When I usually play against people, the most common ones are the Scorpio Stars, the Winds and the Hearts, and the Winds and Flowers."The shadow of the wooden feathers flickered, and the blink of an eye was already appearing in the distance. In less than one breath, he appeared in front of the dead wood.

    In fact, his main reliance is Tianjian Nine, but he decided not to mention this one in front of the old man, because according to the old temper, he would dismiss it.

    "The insects are small, not enough."The dead wood snorted.

    Mu Yu rolled his eyes, a white vortex appeared in his left hand, and a black vortex appeared in his right hand: "What about the wind and the flowers?"

    "Three-legged cat."

    "Where is the world and the world?"Mu Yu has become accustomed to the blow of dead wood, showing these two very different arrays.

    "Why did you learn how to invent the sword shadow dust?"Asked the dead wood.

    "I am my teacher – was it invented by Jianying Dust? However, it’s a good time to teach me! ”Mu Yu said inexplicably.

    "That is the array of swords and shadows, not the heavens."The dead wood is simple.

    Mu Yu opened his mouth, forget it, who invented it, anyway, in his own hands.

    "Oh yes, I have invented a windy day, and every time I don't care, I can have a miraculous effect."Mu Yu smugly stepped on it, and then the pattern struck from his feet to the foot of the dead wood, connecting himself and the dead wood.

    "All attacks in my formation can only be in a straight line."Mu Yu is very satisfied with his popularity.

    "Flower fists embroidered legs."The dead wood said coldly.

    Mu Yu is helpless: "You can't praise me?" How to say this is the first battle I created myself, and I have to rely on this battle to defeat the opponent. ”

    Mu Yu said that this array is still very proud. A battle is branded and becomes his own logo. It is a honor.

    "That's because your opponent is too stupid!"

    The dead wood kicked a small stone out, and while kicking out, he showed a mysterious pattern on his toes and wrapped the stone. What surprised Mu Yu was that the stone was easily separated from his range of operations, surrounded by a circle and thrown from the left toward Mu Yu’s head.

    The stone did not even cause fluctuations in the wood feathers when it was out of the range of the wood feathers, which was completely contrary to the wood feathers. Mu Yu was planning to extend his left hand to catch the stone flying from the left. Suddenly he touched his head with pain, and the small stone was lying directly on his head from the center of his head.

    While his left hand was holding his head, the stone on the left was also on his left ear.

    "This is your strength? If I want to kill you, can you still live here? ”The dead wood said coldly.

    "If I change to someone else, I will be so lax."Mu Yu shouted.

    But Mu Yu still doesn't understand: "Why didn't I find out how you started the battle?"

    "Did you not know the mirror array just now? How can I change the mirror array for a method? ”The dead wood snorted.

    Mu Yu is speechless.

    He looked around for the two small stones that licked him, but found that the small stones had long since disappeared.

    "Don't find it, be here."

    The dead wood threw a small stone and then threw the stone away. He was still not hurt. He kicked a small stone and let him gasp. He slowly walked down to the side of the tree, sat down, and the wind under his feet followed him to the tree.

    "How did you get it? Mirror array I always thought that it was a fixed array, and you obviously only throw a stone. ”

    Mu Yu lifted the wind and smashed the sky, ran to the side of the dead wood, sat down, and asked humbly like a child.

    The dead wood faintly glanced at the wood feather: "Who told you about the fixed array must be displayed in a fixed form? When you learn the power of nature, you will find that many ideas about the formation must be changed. ”

    "What is the power of nature? Every time I comprehend, I always feel that something is missing. ”Mu Yu said.

    "Where do you feel the power of nature?"

    "Isn't the power of nature not from the nature?"

    "He left this to you in the book?"

    "No, he thinks this is too simple to be too lazy to record too much."Mu Yu said helplessly.

    "I thought he was stupid enough to explain this to you…Hey, you are too stupid, even this does not understand, but also to say that you are a formation? ”The dead wood still wanted to marry the author of the book, and then thought that the author of the book was the future of himself, so he changed his mouth.

    Mu Yu was beaten with a little temper.

    "You said, you said, I take notes."Mu Yu smiled twice. When he went to the realm of comprehension, everyone had to marry his outstanding talents. In the dead wood, there was always a variety of contempt and ridicule.

    "The power of nature is not realized from nature. In nature, you can only feel the weak flow of spiritual power. If you spend a decade or so alone, you can fully grasp the power of nature!" There is no such thing in the book that everything can be included, including people? ”Asked the dead wood.

    "There are some, in the first paragraph of the third line of the first thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven pages! As far as the book of nature is concerned, only one sentence has been said, and everything can be done, including people. ”Xiaoshuai replied with a small paw.

    "It’s the same as I thought, I think it’s very simple, don’t need to write too much.”The dead wood said calmly.

    In the heart of Mu Yu, 10,000 grass mud horses rushed past, UU reading is a simple ghost! His talent is so high that he can't realize it. Others still learn a fart!

    "People are the key. When you start the array, you are the base!" After using the array, pull the base from you to other places. Just like when I just kicked the stone, the base was me. When I kicked it, the base had been transformed into a stone. At this time, the stone became a world, and it can contain you. Perform the array, then enlarge the array infinitely. ”

    The dead wood picked up a dead leaf that fell, and the dead leaves floated gently under the wrap of his pattern. Then suddenly, from the voids in all directions, countless leaves were drilled. These leaves are exactly the same as the first leaves.

    Mu Yu looked at the leaves in amazement, because these leaves are not illusions, but real ones!

    "When you played the ghost door, I can see that you are familiar with the mirror array, but your view of the array is still on the surface. To some extent, this leaf in my hand is a mirror image. The stone just was a mirror image. Do you understand something? ”The dead wood flicked, and all the leaves suddenly flew out, like a sharp blade, plunged into the hard land, leaving only the most primitive leaves in the hands.

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