Chapter 685, the guidance of the old man (Bottom)

    If Mu Yu carefully ponders the dead wood, it still can't be clarified by a layer of unbreakable yarn.

    In the mirror array, a sword seems to puncture from the front, and it is actually possible to puncture from the right or left. The premise of realizing this ability must allow the opponent to enter the pre-arranged mirror array.

    The stone hitting the wood feather just like the mirror image is the same, but there is no mirror array around the wood feather, but the stone shows the effect of the mirror array, which is against the wood feather Normal understanding is different.

    "The stone is a mirror image, and everything can be found. It is so understood."

    Mu Yu has always understood the wrong things for all things. He thinks that everything can be used as a base, and then use everything as a base to create a visible array. But everything is actually a feature that makes everything possess the characteristics of this array, not just the base.

    In other words, the stone is not only a base, but also a world inside. The mirror array is hidden in the stone and cannot be seen, but it can exert the ability to mirror the array.

    But Mu Yu still doesn't understand, even if he wants to paint a small stone on the small stone now, it takes a lot of effort, and the dead wood old man just just kicked a stone and can paint a mirror image on the stone. ?

    “How do you actually describe the formation on the stone in an instant?”Mu Yu asked incredibly.

    The dead wood gave a look at Mu Yu: "I thought you were very smart."

    "I am a little smart!"

    "Then why are you still asking me?"


    Mu Yu is speechless, his cleverness is more reflected in the deduction of the formation, but the power of nature can not be derived, it depends on comprehension, but this point no one points to him, the dead wood is too simple to want Recording, so that Mu Yu could not grasp the power of nature.

    The dead wood does not hurt the two wooden feathers. It is not so happy. He still has a stem that cannot be erased in the heart of Mu Yu. He is very dissatisfied with the Miao language. After all, I didn't have that eye fortune, but let the future apprentice give it to the first step. If he could swallow this breath, he would blame.

    "Well, daddy, you want to despise me any more, even if you come! Anyway, I used to get used to it. ”Mu Yu laughed indifferently.

    "I am not your father, I am not shameless like you…The son of a big rebellion.

"The dead wood said impatiently, he finally found that the shameless person of Yumu Yu is not suitable."

    Mu Yu touched his nose and whispered: "I still say me!" Didn’t you still sneak into the cold snow bath? ”

    "what did you say! When do I peek at who is taking a shower? ”The dead wood is glaring.

    "No, I said that you are a wise man, a leader of the array, a model for my generation to learn, I am proud of you!"Mu Yu raised his thumb and slammed his flatter. After all, the dead wood looks cold and snow bathing is happening in the future, and now the dead wood has not seen this eye.

    The dead wood smashed the eyes of Mu Yu, and closed his eyes and adjusted for a moment. He said: "The stone that I just kicked out only has the characteristics of mirror array, not a complete mirror array. This requires you to have a powerful Deductive ability is enough, and there is a line in my heart to be able to make an instant! When the stone flies out, there is only a simple pattern. When you start to evolve the array in your heart, the array above the stone will change. ”

    Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, he seemed to understand something.

    "How is your ability to push? You said that you are studying in the sect of the sect, I remember that there is a ladder in the sect, which is specifically used to test the deductive ability of a squad. Have you tried to climb the ladder before? ”

    "When I boarded the board, I seemed to have spent eight steps and spent half an hour."Mu Yu said quickly.

    With a glimpse of dead wood, he re-examined Mu Yu, and asked in surprise: "You spent eight and a half hours?"

    "Oh yes, I felt like I was jumping up and down like a monkey. I went to see my personal troubles. Did you test it?"Mu Yu spread his hands and he was too slow to go up.

    The mouth of the dead wood is pumping, and the impulse of the eucalyptus plum is resisted. Everyone on the ladder only climbs up. Few people will think of jumping up and down, but jumping up and down is the most correct way. This guy has gotten cheap and sold, and he is looking for it.

    "Don't call me daddy."

    "Well, okay, daddy. Have you tested it? ”

    The dead wood was a little annoyed, and he looked at Mu Yu and said, "You know so much!"

    Wood Yu smiled and shut up with interest.

    After a long while, the dead wood reluctantly shouted: "I also spent eight steps, but it took more than a quarter of an hour."

    Mu Yu quickly said: "The old man must have not slept well at that time. I was drinking five big pots of Red Bull Dabu soup at that time. The spirit is good!"

    The dead wood face was slightly relieved: "Do you usually have such a person?"

    "I only have people like Dad."

    Mu Yuxiao laughed, this is the truth, but he even saw the white demon king who had to squat several times. The old man of the Dingding squad was pointed by his nose and passed, only the old Yu Muyu never let him suffer from the problem of principle.

    After the old man lost his training, he was trying his best to maintain the old man's self-respect and strive to let the old man have a face outside. Although sometimes it is self-defeating, it is mainly that outsiders do not admit that Evergreen is the master of Mushi.

    After all, the apprentice of Jianying Dustwind is still more powerful than the apprentice of Evergreen, and there is no way for this.

    "The oil chamber slips, according to what I said, I have to learn the power of nature. As for the field of arrays, I must master the power of nature and repair it to achieve the Mahayana period."

    The attitude of dead wood to Mu Yu has been much better than yesterday. At least he believes in the identity of Mu Yu and also recognizes the talent of Mu Yu.


    For several days, Mu Yu studied the field of the array under the guidance of the dead wood. Anyway, he is not in a hurry to leave this time and space. He can see the old man again. Mu Yu does not want to leave so soon. He wants to spend more time with the old man. .

    The dead wood is still a few words from time to time, and then he will answer the question of Mu Yu seriously. Maybe he knew that he didn't teach the most important arrays to Mu Yu personally in the future. He was a little uncomfortable in his heart, so he now reluctantly began to teach.

    With regard to the learning experience of the array, this is a memory that can be taken away by Mu Yu, so Mu Yu does not have to worry about anything. He cherished this learning opportunity, and he did not have a good time with his old man in his time and space, so that Mu Yu felt very regretful.

    However, Mu Yu has given up on the field of field surgery. He initially thought that the old man was in the field of comprehension, and he still thought that he could learn the field of surgery. However, the real repair of the old man is actually a Mahayana period, which means that Mu Yu wants to realize his own field and has to wait until the Mahayana period.

    It is said that the dead wood old man is really hidden deep, and people who cultivate the real world do not know his cultivation. It is no wonder that the white world has never dared to do anything to him, mainly because the strength of the dead wood old man is extraordinary. If it weren’t for his indifferent fame and fortune, he would have become a figure in the realm of the comprehension.

    Going back to the past will not change history, but Mu Yu’s personal guidance from the dead wood has made him very satisfied. And on his side, he killed the dead wood and told him many things.

    For example, at the beginning, Feng Haochen relied on his own power to lay down the imperial concubine. But ten years before this time and space, the imprisoned Xianzuo began to become unstable, so he found the dead wood and other people to help, which is also a curse. The beginning, because Feng Haochen was wrong with the white world.

    In the explanation of the dead wood, the sleepy Xianzu does not seem to be used to trap the Yumeng Mozu. It seems that there is still some effect, but the dead wood does not say too much. He said that some things do not know before they have strength. too much.

    "If you don't have the strength, you don't have the right to know. Who is going to break the rules!"Mu Yu complained.

    Dead wood to rob the soul of the soul, because he inadvertently got a soul from a ghost door to be used for mysterious sacrifices. The dead wood knows that the relationship between the soul and the moon is too big. It is a very dangerous thing. He does not want the people of the moon to appear in the triple sky, and this is the only way to snatch it.

    He did a good job, but he did not expect that he was hurt by the soul, and left an indelible wound.

    "Daddy, do you know that Xuanji is a real person? I saw the monsters of the Moon in his town demon tower. The ghosts always tried to release them, and even used a very strange approach. ”Mu Yu said the scene at the time.

    Dead wood is very serious about this matter: "The moon family can never be released, but one thing is certain, as long as the soul is not in the hands of the ghosts, the moon people will be severely restricted in the triple-day action. So I won't tell you where I will hide my soul in the next place. ”

    Mu Yu can't help, if the old man insists not to say, he can't find the soul to return.

    "Daddy, why don't you use the array to ensure that you don't stutter in the future? You know how much I ate in order to understand what you mean! ”Mu Yu complained.

    "Don't call me daddy. She said that she likes the real me, so I don't need to hide myself, but go to the ghost door and stutter, isn't that directly exposing myself? So of course I have to cover up with the array. ”Dead wood did not say good.

    Mu Yu thought about it later, Miao language may fall in love with the wind and dust, and the dead wood is so disillusioned that he has no use of the array to make himself speak smoothly.

    "Daddy, how did you use the field of broken thunder dust? Is your field not desperate? The powerful field that is full of toxins and even the aura can corrode. Why did you get a broken dust and dust? ”Mu Yu asked curiously.

    "Tell, don't call me old. The shattered thunder and dust is the domain skill of the thunder and real people. Like me, he is not famous in the realm of comprehension. Basically, no one has ever heard of it, so I asked him to seal the field and use it for me. ”Dead wood said impatiently. UU reading

    According to the dead wood, the field of "breaking thunder and dust" belongs to an obscurity of the Mahayana period. The dispersal of the Mahayana period is very rare, and it is rare to see the dead wood and the anti-Thunder real people can be obscured.

    However, the ghosts of the dead wood field are vaguely known, but the existence of the anti-Thunder real people does not even know the ghosts. This is quite amazing. Mu Yu can only look up to the realm of the realm. He now sees the ghost night of the robbery period is already a headache.

    "Do you have a good relationship with him?"Mu Yu asked curiously.

    "I saved his life."The dead wood is simple.

    When Mu Yu’s eyes lit up, he quickly flashed many thoughts in his mind, and he probably already knew the whereabouts of the soul.

    Since the dead wood old man can't hide the soul of the soul in the Danding and the valley, then it must be before the smashing of the work, when the cockroaches banned the wooden feathers out of the valley, they gave the soul to the real people. !

    It is said that at that time, dead wood often left the valley to go out. There is enough time to give the soul to others.

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