Chapter 687 returns

    When returning to the Red Dust Gate, Mu Yu still had some trouble.

    At this time, the red dust door was relieved because of the return of Miaoyu, but it did not relax. On the contrary, it did not lift the warning state of the red dust door. The guardian of the red dust door was more strict.

    To know that the last time a strange man came in, this incident directly led to the Red Dust Gate suspected that there was a problem with his mountain guardian method, so I specially asked Fu Zong's first division to re-maintain the guardian big array.

    When Mu Yu arrived at the Red Dust Gate, he also saw the Tiandao Road and Zhuge Xiaosheng thirty-four years ago. At this time, the life of the avenue has not come to an end. It was also invited to re-strengthen the Guardian Mountain and carefully confirmed the loopholes of the Guardian.

    When Mu Yu saw the moment of the heavens, he immediately did not hesitate to run away from the red dust door, because just now, the sky channel actually noticed something, and the body shape flashed in the place where Mu Yu’s appearance appeared. . If it isn't for Mu Yu directly rushing into the trees to hide his breath, I am afraid it will be caught by the heavens!

    "what happened? Founder? ”Zhuge Xiaosheng rushed over and asked.

    The sky was slightly frowning, and then he shook his head: "Nothing, it may be an illusion!"

    The sky was glanced around and no abnormalities were found. It was time to return to the Red Dust Gate.

    Mu Yu carefully converges his breath, and he understands that the Taoist Road is definitely aware of the chaotic yin and yang in his body.

    The chaos of Yin and Yang, and the runes of the array and the array, can control any division and Fu Shi within the scope of the array, but left the temple, he could not use the Chaos Yin and yang these people, once the other division in the memory of the chaos of Yin and Yang is able to sense that he has not fully grown up in the door of the gate master.

    He waited for two days outside the Red Dust Gate. He had been waiting for Tiandao and Zhuge Xiaosheng to leave the Red Dust Gate. Only then did he find an opportunity to approach the Red Dust Gate's Hushan Dafa, and then found the Red Dust Gate's Hushan Dafa. The guardian has been strengthened, and the piece of jade that relies on the dead wood alone has not been able to enter.

    "They are too embarrassed? So after that, Miao language and dead wood are not incompatible? ”Long Teng Road. Then I thought that fortunately, after they left this time and space, everything will be restored to the original, it is not very anxious.

    "To give time to the old man, he will definitely create another jade to crack this array. Needless to say, he feels that it will take a while to crack this array."Mu Yu touched his chin, his eyes sparkling, and he could clearly see the invisible moths swaying.

    “How long is it?”Xiaoshuai asked.

    "Not long, two or three months."

    "Then we will go back and ask for the dead wood."Xiaoshuai turned a blank eye.

    They finally found an opportunity to cling to a female disciple who came back from outside and kidnapped her to the grove.

    "Oh, really exciting! This is a coconut type, or a long leg! ”

    Xiaoshuai excitedly looked at the young lady who was unconscious by the wooden feather uniform. The women of the Red Dust Gate were all beautiful, and it was rumored that their practice of cultivation could make people beautiful. It is estimated that it is true because Mu Yu also I didn't find any person who looks like a big deal.

    "Can you not talk, this kidnapping! Seriously, we are principled robbers, not hooligans. ”

    Mu Yu had some guilty conscience and looked around to see if anyone had run over. The disciple of the Red Dust Gate may have a beautiful body because of the costumes, which makes people think about it.

    Dropped into the Virgin Pool to see the bathing of the saints, kidnapping the red dust door sister in the woods, this time through the time and space really did the things that Mu Yu usually did not dare to do.

    "When you go back, you must write a feeling of passing through time and space. Think about it and have a little excitement."Xiaoshuai smiled slyly.

    "cut! No interest, don't forget to go back to the home of the demon island after you go back! ”Longteng kindly reminded.

    "you shut up!"

    This time, Mu Yu intends to use the soul of the soul to control this female disciple, and then let the female disciple mix the wooden spirit into the red dust door. He turned Muling into a fine vine, hid in the hair of others, and finally entered the Red Dust Gate smoothly.

    With the cover of the woods, he quickly came to the sacred pool that had fallen. This is actually the place where the ordinary disciples bathe, but it is not a heavy place. When Mu Yu came here, I saw a group of young ladies playing in the water.

    "Oh, it’s so happy, I will play through every day."

    Xiaoshuai is happy to set the standard for the ladies and sisters of the Virgin Pool in the trees. Various fruit types are also excited to see a pumpkin type. Mu Yu reminds Xiaoshuai that the pumpkin is not fruit, but Xiaoshuai does not care, it judges The standard is simple and rude.

    Mu Yu had wanted to pretend that all the young lady sisters had left the shower after bathing, but there was always a burst of laughter and laughter that made him feel happy.

    "Let's go outside and wait!"Mu Yu is a bit dry, and he always thinks he is a serious young man.

    "Don't you, I want to see."Xiao Shuai must die if he wants to die.

    Mu Yu thought about it, stayed behind and stayed, and looked at it without any loss.

    Long Teng is not appreciative of the beauty of mankind. Its race is too proud to be able to marry other races other than dragons, even if it is a hybrid dragon. However, it likes to quarrel with Xiaoshuai, arguing about the shape of a beautiful girl, in Xiaoshuai said slender little man.At the waist, Long Teng said that he also had it.

    But Xiao Shuai satirizes the dragon vine is the waist of the bucket.

    In the dead of night, the young ladies who played in the water finally left. Mu Yu immediately drilled the trees and flew over the pilgrim pool. He can clearly feel the breath of the Tianyan reincarnation, and there is a ripple in the air, taking him away from this time and space.

    After leaving this time and space, all the impressions about wood feathers and ghosts were quickly destroyed, and all history returned to normal, as if they had never been there.

    Mu Yu returned to the "Heaven Nebula", and there was a starry starlight in front of him, and he suddenly saw the ghosts in front of him.

    Ghostly life seems to have just left this time and space, he also saw the wood feather, but the difference is that the ghost's eyes have a little more ridiculous to the wood feather.

    Because the ghosts have already determined that the soul of the soul is in the hands of Mu Yu!

    "Isn't the little devil left a month earlier than us? How come out with us? ”Longteng asked inexplicably.

    "He would blame if he didn't come out with us!"Xiaoshuai said.

    Xiaoshuai explained that after passing through time and space, their time in reality has not actually passed away. That is to say, Mu Yu seems to have been there for more than a month, and actually only has a breathing time outside. No matter how long you have been in the past, the time of coming back is just the next moment that has passed through to the past.

    "Is this not to say that we have been in the past for a year and ten years in fact, no difference? Anyway, back to the present, the time has not passed. ”Longtan asked curiously.

    "What have you been doing for ten years in the past? Is it full? You can't change the past, you can't cultivate in the past. In the past, in addition to seeing some historical events that you are disturbed, what do you get? It doesn't make sense at all. ”Xiaoshuai replied.

    "But we have more than ten years of life out of thin air!"

    "Time is fair to everyone, how long have you been in the past, how long your life has passed, and no more life."Xiaoshuai knows very well about these things.

    While listening to Xiao Yu and Long Teng discussing the time, Mu Yu began to think about how to deal with ghosts.

    Ghosts have already known that the person who took away the soul from the ghost master thirty-four years ago is the dead wood, and now the dead wood has died, then the "hearts of the soul" must be on the wood.

    "Kid, I didn't expect you to pretend like that. I thought that you didn't know what it was like to go to the soul. It used to be stupid in front of me! You have already got the soul from the dead wood Evergreen, and you will hand over the things when you know each other. ”Ghosts looked at Mu Yu and said.

    Mu Yu snorted and didn't bother to explain anything. He left the "Tianyun Nebula" along the way, walked out of the cave, and returned to the cave, and the ghosts followed.

    "Do you want to get the soul from my hands?" Give it to you! ”

    Mu Yu suddenly shot directly, the shadow of the sword flashed with gold streaks, turned into a phantom, plunged into the ghosts!

    He must kill the ghosts and cherish the life, and let the other ghosts know that the fate of the soul will not be allowed. The soul of the soul has not been found for so many years, so Mu Yu can not let them find it.

    The most important thing is that once the ghost door knows that the soul is related to the wood feather, then the wood feather will be more restless. UU reading

    But the ghosts have long been prepared, he ducked away and opened the distance from Mu Yu.

    "You want to kill me?"Ghosts cherished and sneered.

    Mu Yu did not stop, there is no nonsense, the right hand holding the shadow sword, the left hand flashing a golden pattern, once again on the shadow sword. The shadow sword spurred sharply into the void, and then appeared on the door of the ghosts and sorrows, and the fierce swords were ruthlessly killed!

    Ghosts and brows were slightly wrinkled. He had a Horcrux in his left hand and met the shadow sword of Mu Yu, and the Scarlet Axe had come out and slashed toward Mu Yu.

    However, Mu Yu did not have any action against the bloody axe, and there was another scene in his hand, and he continued to stand up. At this time, the bloody axe is less than an inch from his head!

    But that one inch can't be cut down. The short one inch distance seems to be separated by thousands of miles and can't be reached!

    Close to the horizon!

    Here is the battlefield of Mu Yu!

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