No. 688 Chapter 7 Life

    Ghosts are reluctant to think of it, and Tian Yan’s turn back has such a strange array of techniques that no one can touch anyone. He didn't know why Mu Yu would not be affected by this technique, but he already understood that he had to fight against Tian Yan's reincarnation. He only had a passive beating!

    "Kid, you give me waiting!"

    Ghosts are desperate to go, and immediately rushing down the mountain, he must leave here, otherwise it will be killed by Mu Yu!

    Mu Yu is chasing after him. If you kill the undead, then there will be a lot of trouble in the future! And Tian Yan's return is his most favorable battlefield, and he will be able to unilaterally kill and kill the ghosts by blessing the "End of the World" array.

    "Little handsome! Dragon vine! ”Mu Yu sighed lightly, and his feet rushed out of his heart.

    Ghost life is a very difficult opponent. After all, he is a fit opponent. If you leave here, it will be difficult to kill the ghosts.

    "understand! Little devil, where – go inside! ”

    Xiaoshuai has already made a blue electric spark, and a thunder and lightning giant sword has risen to the sky, and the sky is turned back to the sky.

    Longteng also roared, and a breath rushed out, blocking the path of ghosts and sorrow!

    The ghost cherished the cold eye and looked at Mu Yu. He learned that "the soul is returning to the heart" is the end of the dead wood and he did not intend to entangle with Mu Yu.

    Here is the town demon tower, Mu Yu will always walk out of the town demon tower, when their ghost door plan is realized, all the souls on the island will be accepted, Mu Yu does not have the protection of Helian, and it is difficult to fly in the ghost night. Ghosts are not guilty of fighting here and fighting with Mu Yu.

    Ghosts do not want to fight, but Mu Yu does not want to let him go.

    Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai and Long Teng are firmly surrounded by ghosts in different directions. Before crossing, Mu Yu is not necessarily sure to kill the ghosts, but he teaches him in the dead wood. After the knowledge of the ", combined with the "small world" array of techniques, he has already grasped to leave a ghost.

    The lines under the feet flashed, and the wind smashed out of the sky. The blue lines were like a sly lightning, and they quickly went down to the ghosts. At the same time, Mu Yu also spurred two other cyan lines, which were connected with Long Teng Xiaoshuai. It seemed to be a triangle enchantment, trapping the ghosts in the triangle.

    Ghosts have already suffered several losses in front of Mu Yu, and now they are completely afraid of Xiao Mu Yu’s array. He stood up, the bloody long axe pulled out a ghost, the ghost turned into a resentful snake, opened the bloody mouth, want to swallow the blue pattern.

    The cyan pattern and the resentful snake suddenly slammed together, sending out strong spiritual fluctuations and swept out. The blue pattern is directly swallowed by the resentful snake, and the resentful snake is turned into a size of ten feet, coiled around the ghosts.

    "I admit that you are really powerful, but even if you have a blessing of the Horcrux, it is still not enough!" It is so easy to kill me! ”Ghosts greet the cold channel.

    The soul power wraps the ghostly resentful snake, the resentful snake swallows the scarlet snake letter, and a pair of yellow eyes are still full of glory, from time to time the scorpion soul flashes through its big eyes.

    But at this moment, it suddenly flashed a blue pattern in the eyes, and then the entire snake body trembled fiercely, then the snakes shrank, and the scales covered the dense lines, which in turn entangled the ghosts!

    Ghostly, he was shocked. He didn't expect the snake to be invaded by the other party after swallowing the pattern. He made a rolling ghost and broke free from the resentful snake. But the blame snake blew open, and the line was still attached to him.

    He was connected by the blue pattern, and he did not feel any strange, but was connected by Mu Yu. When he wanted to break free, the other lines under his feet turned out to be the other two, extending out, and being together with Xiaoshuai and Longteng!

    "What is this?"Ghosts frowned, did not feel the threat that the pattern brought him, but the feeling of being marked made him very angry.

    Xiao Shuai and Long Teng also each emerged a blue-colored pattern, which was docked with the lines that the ghosts had extended.

    With the guidance of the dead wood, the first line of the celestial enchantment, with the wooden feather, Xiaoshuai and Longteng as the carrier, trapped the opponent on the intersection of three straight lines! No matter where the ghosts move, as long as they don't break away from the formation, they must bear the attack of three directions!

    In the past, Mu Yu used to stretch out only one pattern when using this array, but such patterns are often torn off by force, but with the help of Xiao Shuai and Long Teng, you can create knots. The world is not so easy to be cracked!

    Mu Yu's shadow sword has been traversing the chest, and the fierce sword is slamming away from him. The golden light shrouds the shadow sword, and the shadow sword is coated with a layer of light and shadow.

    A sword stabbed, suddenly imaginary thousands of swordsmanship, each sword mans are performing the Tianjian nine cited, along the lines of the line, Jianqi suddenly broke into the air.

    The dragon scales of the dragon's body are wide open, and the mysterious dragon pattern also has a golden light. A golden light gradually rises from the tail. It is glaring and screaming, and it screams out a golden dragon.

    The dragon's interest was intertwined in the air, turning into a sharp sword, and smashing the lines of the wind and smashing the ghosts.

    The lightning in Xiaoshuai also turned into a residual image. The blue brilliance revealed a golden light, and the lightning came out. The violent thunder and lightning rushed under the golden brilliance.

    The tyrannical attack in three directions makes the ghosts feel a burst of pressure!

    He couldn't hide, because of the wind and the sky, no matter where he moved, the three attacks of Mu Yu would not fall!

    The most terrible thing is that the ghosts can't move out of the three enchantments of the wooden feathers!

    The ghosts squandered out the remaining five twins, each of which covered the soul, and the twins swayed the law, and the sorrowful spirits floated out from the body of the twins and formed in the air. A layer of shield will protect the ghosts in the middle.

    In the twinkling of an eye, the shadow of the wooden feathers has been smothered, and the ghosts are stunned by the breath, and the bloody long axes are divided into three, each welcoming the three attacks of Mu Yu.

    In the eyes of ghosts, the light attack of Xiaoshuai is the fastest, followed by Longteng, and finally Mu Yu. He immediately put the center of gravity on the small figure of Xiaoshuai, and the blood-colored axe crossed a shadow in the air and slammed into Xiaoshuai.

    But he is still miscalculated.

    "The end of the world!"

    Mu Yu sighed softly, his palms were softly gripped, and the pattern in his hand seemed to cross the limits of space, acting on the dragon's breath.

    The golden sword-shaped breath clearly has a long way to go with the ghosts, but a blink of an eye has already flashed the oncoming blood-colored axe, and the first handsome thunderbolt is close to the ghosts.


    Ghosts were frightened, he thought that the lightning of Xiaoshuai would be faster, but he did not expect that Longteng’s breath unexpectedly appeared before Xiaoshuai. In a hurry, he can only mobilize the spiritual power of his body to prevent the attack of Long Teng.

    However, at this time, Mu Yu’s shadow sword was suddenly plunged into the void, directly crossing the shield formed by the twins around the ghost, pointing to the ghost and the eyebrow!

    "The End of the World" is not only used to crack this layer of the town's demon tower, but also can be used in battle!

    These two arrays are all used in the part of the Tianjian Nine Array method, which is illusory and tangible, and the trajectory of each sword cannot be as simple as the surface looks!


    Ghostly screaming, he has never looked down on Muyu's swordsmanship, but he thinks that his cultivation is a grade of Gao Muyu. Even if the other is an apprentice of sword shadow dust and dead wood, he can deal with it. However, the situation in front of him is really beyond his expectations!

    For the first time, he felt the breath of death. In the past, only he killed others. How can anyone kill him? At this point, he had to condense the ghosts in the eyebrows and resist the invasion of the shadow sword.


    It is a pity that the ghost is still a step later, the shadow of the sword Qingfeng Lingran, the cold mans crossed, the speed is too fast, has left a shocking blood hole on the forehead of the ghost!

    The forehead of the ghost was pierced, and the breath of the body stagnated. Then the dragon and the lightning also took the opportunity to penetrate the heart of the ghost, destroying his heart, and his chest can already see the burnt hole.

    The three bloody ghosts that were squandered out of life were in front of Mu Yu’s three eyes, but they couldn’t marry them because of the “small world”. The short distance was far away.

    The feathers of the wooden feathers are slightly undulating, and the array of the winds of the sky has been improved by the guidance of the dead wood. The power is stronger and the killing is more effective, but the spiritual power is even greater, and Long Teng and Xiao Shuai’s The spiritual power that the attack relies on is also from Mu Yu.

    This time, almost all the spiritual power of Mu Yu was taken away, which made him somewhat incompetent.

    His battles here are only offensive and non-defensive, because the powerful "foot-in-the-middle" array is the best defense for him. If he doesn't have "the world", he will not dare to fight so hard.

    "Is the devil dead?"

    The dragon vines stretched out the dragon claws, and the claws were filled with golden patterns. They directly smashed the bloody long axe that was going to smash in front of him, but the bloody long axe became a ghost disappeared.

    "Want to kill me? You are not qualified! ”

    There were two blood holes in the forehead and chest of the ghost, but the ghost did not have any meaning of falling. The breath in his body was only a slight stagnation, and then he tumbling again and again, and soon the ghost covered it. The blood hole, wrapped in the sword of the wood feathers invading his body, forced all the swords out!

    "Mom, how can a little devil be killed in the middle of his head?"

    Xiaoshuai also shattered the bloody long axe that was squandered by the ghosts. The thunder sword in his hand violently flashed the electric spark again, ready to attack the little devil.

    “Do you know what it means to have six twins?”

    Ghosts sullenly looked at Mu Yu, and his ghostly old five suddenly made a muffled sound, and without any resistance, they blasted openly, turning into a black fog and drilling in the seven shackles of the ghosts.

    "It means I have seven lives!"

    The six twins, plus the ghosts to cherish themselves, are seven lives!

    After the ghosts have inhaled the soul of the ghost five, the breath of the whole body has reached its peak again, as if it has never been hurt!

    This guy is really evil!

    "Is there seven lives? Then I will kill you seven times! ”Wood feathers cool channel.

    He has already killed the Ghosts and the Ghosts. At this moment, he has killed his own twins. This means that there are only three twins and himself, that is, four lives.

    In general, the ghosts have only one twin, have two lives, and the ghosts have six twins, which is quite strange.

    The ghost gateman that Mu Yu met before has never seen the situation of ghosts and sorrows. Obviously, the ghosts are a freak created specifically for this trip to the demon island!

    But this strange thing has not been promoted among all the ghosts. If you don't want to know and let a person have seven lives, the cost is quite large!

    "My life was originally used to sacrifice the moon, but it seems to kill you first!"

    There is a bloody skull in the hands of the ghost, this bloody skull is engraved with a lot of complicated ghost lines, like the blood is flowing, the whole skull looks horrible, even the dry mouth is still in one Zhang Yihe is like a cold sneer.

    The bloody skull suddenly slammed a bloody ghost, hitting the soles of the ghosts, and suddenly the lines of ghosts and sorrows were directly broken!

    The windy days of the array have been broken!

    The bloody skull is dancing in the air. It seems to be soaked in blood for many years, and it has a strange and pungent bloody smell. The eyes of the two depressions seem to be flowing slowly like a blood pool.

    Mu Yu looked at the bloody sputum, an unpredictable hunch spread all over the body, and he smelled a dangerous breath from the bloody skull.

    This gimmick is obviously not easy!

    "What can you do without the help of Helian?"The ghost greeted the cold and asked.

    He knows that Mu Yu's distraction can be compared with his comprehension of the fit period. In fact, it is the help of He Lian's empty soul device.

    "If there is no help from Ghost Domain, UU reads What are you?"Mu Yu asked.

    The ghost is a man who is obviously created for this action. The export of the town demon tower is unpredictable. He can find out that this layer is definitely not based on luck or the powerful deduction of Mu Yu. The ability is nothing more than the help of the ghost domain.

    Ghost domain is a very simple person. I am afraid that staying in the demon island was not dead here, but deliberately left for a bigger conspiracy!

    "Unfortunately, even without their help, you are not my opponent!"The blood on the bloody scorpion in the hands of the ghosts is becoming more and more obvious.

    To the surprise of Mu Yu, the Horcruxes that have always provided him with the support of the soul suddenly appeared a trace of disorder, as if it was affected by the bloody skull, there was a crack on the Horren's Horcrux!

    "not good!"

    Mu Yu's face changed slightly, and the soul power provided by He Liankong's Horcruxes quickly subsided, and he could no longer output the soul power. The repair of Mu Yu fell back to the distraction period!

    This bloody skull will actually restrain the soul device of Helian?

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