Chapter 689 Blood Zone Konjac

    The reason why Mu Yu dares to cope with the ghosts of the fit period is that he has the support of He Liankong’s Horcrux, but if there is no Horgen’s Horcrux, it will be difficult to repair it. Good to discuss.

    "The blood konjac was originally prepared for the Kraken King and all the souls of the demon island. You should be glad that you can see it!"Ghosts are desperately staring at Mu Yu.

    The bloody konjac is made from the blood of thousands of people, and it has been immersed in ghosts for many years.Kinky, which combines blood and ghosts, and then sacred with countless grievances, is called the king of scorpion.

    The blood konjac has a very singular power. It appears that even the Horcruxes of Helen are like losing control. This gimmick seems to have the power to call for all deaths, even the soul of the strongest of Heliankong can not resist!

    If it is not because there is a town demon tower on the demon island, I am afraid that the ghost night will use the bloody konjac to start the work of He Liankong and others.

    Mu Yu also knows about the bloody konjac, because when the ghost gate was 34 years ago, when the ghost owner and the ghost domain exchanged their hearts through the soul, they said that they would bring the bloody konjac, and then the dead wood. Also explained to him what is the bloody konjac.

    "This skull must be solved!"

    The shadow sword in the hands of Mu Yu once again merged into the void, and the golden shadows of the shadows of the swords bloomed with thousands of swords, and flocked to the ghosts from all directions. Then, from all directions in the air, there were countless swords and breaths and lightning, and the attacks of Xiaoshuai and Longteng also smashed!

    The sky of the sword shadow Lei Guangwei kills the ghosts and sorrows, every attack breath is real, but each attack breath is a mutual illusion. The mirror array is used by the wood feathers in the shadow sword, which makes the angle of the sword more difficult, so that the ghost can not distinguish how to deal with it.

    Ghosts are only cold and cold, and the bloody scorpion instantly transforms into a powerful blood curtain, which is like water pouring, flowing in the air, all of which instantly turn all attacks into nothing.

    "You can't use the Horren's Horcrux in front of the bloody scorpion. I see why you fight with me!"Ghostly said, he said.

    The black ghosts in his body all turned into blood, as if wearing a layer of scarlet blood coat, flowing around in the body, very strange.

    The bloody rainbow is like a surging sea rushing toward Muyu, but once again, all the bloody seas will be blocked.

    This layer of the world is very tyrannical, and the ghosts can not hurt Mu Yu even with the help of bloody enamel.


Are you still planning to stop me from leaving? This time, I am waiting for you on the next floor! ”Ghosts greeted the cold, did not continue to waste time, and already flew toward the exit.

    This time, Mu Yu couldn't stop it because he couldn't stop it!

    Ghosts have already disappeared from the exit and left this layer.

    "The little devil did not take this thing against us at the Siren Palace. It must be because there are restrictions on use. It is estimated that he can't fully control it. Do we have to catch up?"Longtan asked.

    Mu Yu turned his head and looked at the distant Tianyan wheel. After the ghosts left, Mu Yu lost the most favorable dependence. He ran back to Tianyan, and came to the cave at the foot of the mountain, sitting under the banyan tree, and asked Master some questions.

    But this time, when the wood feathers sat down, the wind and dust did not appear.

    "Little handsome, what happened? Master? ”

    Mu Yu is puzzled. Master said that he is a person who lives in the past. He guards Tian Yan’s turn back here, but why did this wood feather disappear?

    "I don't know, it's just a consciousness that he left in the past, and it is estimated to have dissipated."Xiaoshuai guessed.

    Mu Yu has regressed and retreats. Now that the consciousness left by Master has disappeared, then he must rely on himself.

    "If we don't kill the little devil, we will be chased by the whole ghost!"Long Teng reminded.

    Mu Yu was indulged for a moment. He looked at the soul device of He Liankong. The soul device of He Liankong has lost its function. The soul power contained in it seems to have been silent, and can no longer help Mu Yu. He once again fights with the ghosts. I am afraid that the odds will be much lower.

    But if the news of letting the ghosts cherish the soul to the soul, then it will be troublesome.

    "I can't take care of that much!"Mu Yu took Xiaoshuai and Longteng and quickly ran to the exit, stepping into the whirlpool and leaving this layer.

    This time he came to an endless grassland. The passageway was a stone arch made of stone. The grass was long and the sky was blue, and there was a clear stream flowing through the river.

    Originally it was a very quiet and beautiful place, but at the moment it was full of bloody smell, and the ghosts were sneer at the wood feathers not far away.

    "I thought you didn't dare to chase it!"

    The ghosts have changed completely at this moment. He is covered with blood all over the body. It is like a bloody person, especially his face. The skin looks like it is corroded. It can clearly see the blood vessels under the skin. .

    The blood vessels also overflowed with blood, echoing the blood of his body.

    "The price of the person who uses the bloody konjac is that he has become a cockroach?"

    Mu Yu looked at the ghosts with sorrow. It is no wonder that the ghosts have never used the bloody konjac. This kind of ghost hurts others, and I am afraid that they will eventually become a living cockroach by the bloody konjac.

    The ghost smiles, he laughs more like a demon: "I did not intend to use the blood demon skull so early, but I have been calculated by the door-faction guidelines, this layer after seven hours will lead to the 99th floor, where the sea Demon king Seals, then when the use of all is irrelevant! ”

    Before the ghosts came here, they used the instructions of the sects to know how the entrance and exit of the tower changed, and therefore he could find it.

    He was limited by the limit of the world on the 81st floor. He couldn't escape the bondage of Mu Yu and could only be beaten passively, so he had to use the bloody konjac to get out.

    His final goal was to go to the ninety-ninth floor and use the bloody konjac to deal with the Siren King, so he chose to use the bloody konjac at this time.

    Mu Yu’s heart was deduced, and he realized that he was on the ninety-ninth floor. They are now on the 89th floor. After seven hours, they will indeed lead to the ninety-ninth floor. But now he must find a way to kill the ghosts and cherish life.

    Ghosts succumb to the moment, with the help of the bloody konjac, the body is very strong, but still fit.

    This kind of wood feather is even more curious, because he does not understand, after the bloody konjac, the ghosts are still repaired for the fit period, then why should he subdue the Kraken king?

    Ghosts succumb to a big hand, the blood-colored axe has been contaminated with blood, and then the grievances floating from him are also showering with blood, turning into a bloody soul.

    The blood-stained grief crossed the red light in the air and came to Muyu in a flash.

    Mulingjian has already opened up thousands of branches, entangled in the air and rolled to the soul of blood. These blood souls also have the protection of the soul force. They are not afraid of the death of Mulingjian. They have penetrated the branches of Muling's illusion without any hindrance and continue to grasp the wood feathers.

    "What the hell!"

    Mu Yu's brow wrinkled, the sword light flashed in his hand, and the surrounding "small-footed" array has been applied. These blood souls are not afraid of Muling, but they are still resisted by the world.

    However, the bloody long axe slammed down, and the repair of the fit period was blasted, and the smashing of the wood feathers was suddenly smashed. The plume's fascinating horizon and Tianyan's retreat on the edge of the horizon are still a few different grades, and his display of the world can't stop the ghosts.

    It is a last resort, Mu Yu can only use the Scorpio Stars to flash out, and at the same time, the hand-shadow swords are intertwined to form a green awn, and smash the ghosts with various angles. However, the blood soul is chasing after the wood feathers, Mu Yu found that his sword can not hurt these blood souls, and even can not touch the blood soul!

    Originally, this was a contest of great disparity. At the beginning, Mu Yu relied on the world to make the ghosts unable to touch themselves, but now it is his turn to touch the opponent!

    "Little handsome, is there any way to restrain the blood soul?"

    Wood feathers are dodging from time to time, but the speed of the ghosts is so fast that they are approaching the wood feathers quickly. If it is not the foot of the woods, the sky star has reached the point of perfection, he can not insist on how long.

    "Only! These blood souls have nothing but a mole to touch them! ”

    Xiaoshuai's thunder and lightning are intertwined in the air. The lightning that has never been unfavorable this time is actually helpless in front of the blood soul!

    "Hey? How could there be that kind of thing! The bloody konjac can even surrender the Horcring of the Holmian. Where can we get it? ”Long Teng said that its attack could not touch the soul of blood.

    “Can you touch it?”

    Mu Yu’s eyes lit up, and the ghost device of the ghost domain appeared in his hand. There is a problem with the Horton's Horcrux, so the ghosts of the ghost domain may be different.

    The black skull of the ghost domain is not affected by the bloody konjac. If the wood feather is not guessed wrong, the ghost device of the ghost domain and the blood konjac are the same roots and will not affect each other.

    However, the difference between the ghost device of the ghost domain and the soul device of Heliankong is that the leg bones of He Liankong can not feel the breath of death, but it is a feeling of comfort, and the domain of ghosts The Horcrux is cold and cold, exuding the sinister ghost, very evil.

    Mu Yu used the spirit to stimulate the ghost device of the ghost domain, and the gray soul force once again wrapped the wood feather body. Unlike the soul of Helian, the ghosts of the ghost domain are very chilly. Muyu feels like being wrapped in ice, and the overbearing cold is invading the wood.

    The wood spirit sword blocked the ghost in the ghost domain and protected the wood feather. Mu Yu holds the skull of the ghost domain and directly goes to the bloody soul that comes to the front.

    "Puzzle", UU reading www. a blood soul directly broken by the ghost domain of the soul device, turned into a blood, sprinkled on the ground.


    Mu Yu held the ghost domain skull and regarded it as the most primitive weapon. Because the ghost device of the ghost domain is very extraordinary, the blood soul seems to have met the nemesis, and they have been annihilated.

    However, the ghosts of life have revealed a bloody smile.

    "Do you really think that the ghost domain predecessors will be willing to take the Horcruxes away? you are too naive! ”

    Ghost domain has already extended his right hand toward Mu Yu, aiming at the ghost device of the ghost domain –

    In the hands of Mu Yu, the ghost device of the ghost domain suddenly burst into a strong tyrannical resistance. He slammed on Mu Yu, and the wood feathers could not escape, and the chest was slammed.

    Just like the ice attack, Sen Ran entered the subject and swallowed his meridians.

    And he can no longer hold the Horcrux, the Horcrux comes out of his hand, and falls in the hands of the ghosts!

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