Chapter 690 Blood Soul

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    "Damn, the Little devil's thing really disgusting!" ”

    Mu Yu snorted and touched the place where the chest was hit by the soul. At this moment, it was so cold that he felt a numbness in his chest. Fortunately, the body quickly rushed out of the black and white spirit to calm down his damaged meridians, and also swallowed the chilly soul.

    Nowadays, even the ghost device of the ghost domain has been taken back by the ghosts. The soul device of Heliankong has a problem again. It is too difficult to repair the ghosts of the fit period with his distracting period.

    The attack of those blood souls made him a headache. This stuff is too wicked, and it can't stop it. It is very tricky.

    "Is there no other move? Then give me the heart of the soul! ”

    Ghosts are not in a hurry to ask Mu Yu to go to the soul, but now he has used the bloody konjac, this is his strongest moment, he thought about directly solving the wood feathers, but also save the wood Yu gave up again.

    Mu Yu looked at the overwhelming blood soul and rushed over again. He could only dodge, but the blood soul was very fast and could not be blocked by anything. One of the blood souls directly caught on the shoulder of Mu Yu, Mu Yu There were no scars on his shoulders, but he felt a heartbreaking pain.

    This pain was not applied to him, but caught in his soul, let him tremble involuntarily, the feeling is very uncomfortable.

    The most important thing is that this pain can't be removed, and the black and white spirit in his body can't help him!

    "Mom, it hurts!"

    Long Teng screamed angrily, it was also caught by the blood soul, and the sturdy breath completely did not work. Xiaoshuai had already put away his own thunder sword, and screamed into the pocket of Mu Yu, and Long Teng followed. They have nothing to do with these blood souls!

    Mu Yu has been surrounded by more and more blood souls. Those blood souls have no nemesis except for cockroaches. Their existence poses a major threat to Mu Yu!

    "Let my blood soul tear your soul into pieces!"

    Ghosts screamed and smiled, and his blood in his body once again flew out of the endless blood soul, rushing to Mu Yu. These blood souls are coming, just like the hungry wolves see the lambs, UU reading Every soul of the blood exudes a bloodthirsty desire.


We still can't beat this guy! ”

    Mu Yu just lost the ghosts with the help of "The World of Heaven", and he has already lost his chance. Now it is very strange to use this bloody gimmick, and Mu Yu can no longer use the device of He Liankong. He completely There is no way to compete with the ghosts.

    "Let's withdraw first!"Xiaoshuai touched the place where he was attacked by the blood soul, still squatting.


    Mu Yu is ready to hide into Mu Ling to resist the attack of the blood soul, but at this moment, a light drink, a blue water curtain suddenly passed through the soul of the blood, rolled on the arm of Mu Yu, and then familiar Spirituality came and touched the wood spirit.

    "Qiao Xue?"

    Mu Yu’s heart is happy, and the turn has been integrated into the wood spirit. The water and wood blend together, and a strange power spreads out, suddenly pulling the wood feather out of the blood soul.

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