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No. 691 Chapter Cultivation

    In a certain way, "there is no celestial" is more powerful than the "forbidden field" of the runestone. The field of forbidden surgery only limits the technique of the avatar, while the sacred sacred is directly repaired. They are all sealed up.

    Of course, you can't say who is good or who is bad. The real ability of the avatar is to crack all the arrays and spells in the world. The effect is different, and the actor and the clerk are specially controlled.

    In the field of forbidden surgery, you can use the spiritual power to fight after the ban on the array and the technique. Whoever is high is the one who has an absolute advantage.

    In the field of extinction, the people inside can only fight with bare hands. Who is more flexible and flexible, who can win, and repair is no longer the focus, which is unfavorable for those in the field of display. However, people who have realized this field are generally the kind of person who is physically fit. The combat strength of the flesh has reached a very abnormal level, and it is impossible to kill a person without repairing it.

    The realm ability of Xuanjizi's real person is "the law is returning to the original", not the realm of the spirit. This field must belong to other people and is used here.

    "I know how to deal with ghosts!"Mu Yu said to his chin.

    "Do you want to bring ghosts to the realm of spiritualism?"Qiao Xue said, then she frowned. "But you just said that he is going to the ninety-ninth floor. It is another exit. How could he follow us to the forty-sixth floor?"

    Ghosts want to catch the Kraken King, this point, Joe Snow will not let her succeed.

    "If I ruin the exit, then he will follow us!"Mu Yu smiled lightly.

    "Destroy another entrance? Can the entrance be destroyed? ”Qiao Xue said with surprise.

    "Can be temporarily destroyed."Mu Yu explained.

    At the time of the seventy-third floor, deer bosses and ghosts and other people clashed, and destroyed a snow-capped mountain to destroy the exit. Although the exit will be restored later, it will take some time, and the recovery time will probably need Half an hour.

    Ghosts are now on the 89th floor, and one of the eighty-ninth floors will lead to the ninety-ninth floor after seven hours of exit, which is the layer that traps the King of the Sea King. However, the time for this exit to the ninety-ninth floor is very short, and it is only about half an hour later, and it will be transferred to other layers again.

    Ghosts want to go to the ninety-ninth floor and must pass through the exit within that half-quarter of an hour. What Mu Yu wants to do is to let the exit be unusable during the half-quarter of the passage, to stop the ghosts from dying. Go to the ninety-ninth floor.

    As for the other exit of the 89th floor, it will lead to the 46th floor in ten hours.

After Mu Yu ruined an exit, when he succumbed to life, he would definitely be angry and chasing Mu Yu. At that time, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue ran to the forty-sixth floor.

    "But this means that I can't save the King of the Seas."Qiao Xue said hesitantly.

    "If you go to the ninety-ninth floor, you may not be able to save the Siren King. The most important thing is, if you go to the ninety-ninth floor together with the ghosts, how do you fight with the ghosts? The bloody konjac on his body is specially used to deal with the Siren King, and it is also very difficult for us. ”Mu Yu said.

    They can only do this before they can figure out how to deal with ghosts and sorrows.

    "What we can't get, little devils don't want to get it, I like this method!"Xiaoshuai laughed.

    Longteng grinned: "The little devils seemed to treat us like this."

    At the time of the scorpion column of the Kraken Palace, the ghosts are deliberately giving the wooden feathers a stick, so that the wood feathers are not allowed to stand alone.

    "Take him, courtesy."Mu Yu said.

    "But the King of the Kings is very important."Qiao Xue’s expression is very serious.

    Mu Yu said helplessly: "It doesn't matter, I have already guided the deer boss to a ninety-ninth floor. They will handle this. After we have killed the ghosts with the helpless field, we can change the road from the forty-sixth floor to the ninety-ninth floor. ”

    Qiao Xue nodded, and now it seems that there is only this way.

    The two of them sat down and began to practice the adjustment of interest rates. The next seven hours, they must be prepared to do well with the ghosts.

    Ghosts will wait seven hours on the 89th floor until the exit changes to the ninety-ninth floor. As long as Mu Yu ran over the eighty-seventh floor after six and a half hours, he destroyed the exit, which would stop the ghost from leaving the ninety-ninth floor.

    The wooden bun sat on one side and quickly evolved into a brain. This time back to the past, the old man explained to him a lot of knowledge of the array, let him start.

    He did not practice when he passed through to the past, because cultivation in the past was useless. Otherwise, he could practice in the past for a year and a half, and then return after he made a breakthrough.

    Nowadays, his cultivation is in the seven heavens. He has this cultivation at this age. It is quite rare in the realm of cultivation. However, Mu Yu still feels that he is not enough. He can't wait to cultivate himself for improvement.

    Since the repair to reach the distraction period, his speed of promotion has slowed down. Although this speed is already much faster than other people, but Mu Yu knows that he wants to do something, he must quickly strengthen it. Your own strength.

    In the heart, Mu Yu quietly runs the dusty heart, and the black and white spirit in the body flows rapidly, maintaining a wonderful state, helping him to impact the barrier. But this barrier seems to be nothing, so that Mu Yu can't break quickly.

    Qiao Xue also practiced on the side. The atmosphere of the two of them was very concise. The spiritual power seemed to be swaying in the air. Then, like what was pulled, the spiritual power of the two people suddenly merged together at a certain moment. .

    This is a very wonderful feeling. After three weeks of running from Mu Yu, the spirit automatically left the body of Mu Yu, got into the body of Qiao Xue, and began to flow in Qiao Xue.

    The spiritual power of Qiao Xue’s body also penetrated into the body of Mu Yu at a certain moment. The cool feeling made the wood feather clear and refreshed, and the meridians on the body became more and more active.

    Mu Yu suddenly found that he really liked Qiao Xue's spiritual power. The blue spirit was intertwined with his black and white spirit. The black and white spirit did not reject it.

    His heart seems to sink into a distant and quiet world, leisurely and leisurely, like coming to a peaceful forest, watching the growth of vegetation, blossoming, everything is flourishing, the birds in the forest are singing, the flower bee The butterfly is dancing, the leaves are wandering, and the breeze blows.

    Mu Yu sat on the woods. He opened his eyes and looked at the white clouds in the sky, the sunshine and the hustle and bustle. There was no trouble, no worries, and freedom. He liked this feeling very much.

    At this time, the woods did not know where the river flowed through, the small river flowing, surrounded by the whole forest, nourishing the vibrant trees, so pleasant, and even faintly heard the sound of water, in his ear Cheerful.

    There is no sudden feeling, as if all this is the case, water and wood are interdependent and grow with each other.

    Mu Yu turned around and stopped at the bank of the river. He held a splash of clear water. The water suddenly flowed slowly and formed the appearance of Qiao Xue. They just stared at it, and no one spoke because they knew each other was thinking. what.

    It was a pair of pure and wonderful people, each comprehending each other's minds, the time was slowly flowing, the four seasons evolved around, and only two people were eternal.

    Ghosts made a difference, and Mu Yu suddenly put Qiao Xue into his arms. His lips were light, and a warm impulse spread all over the body. At that moment, Mu Yu had forgotten everything, only his instinct was left, his heart was jumping cheerfully. As if the deer slammed, they moved.

    Qiao Xue also looked at Mu Yu, his cheeks were blushing, and she only had wood feathers in her eyes. It was a sunny boy, full of vigor and enthusiasm in her heart, quietly into her world.

    The clothes are fluttering, squeaking, and if you leave.

    Their touches are as natural as they are, with a hint of wildness, yet so free and easy.

    The birds in the forest are singing, the bees are dancing, the leaves are floating, and the river is flowing.

    But their world is left with each other.


    Xiaoshuai and Longteng have already been swayed by the strange atmosphere of Mu Yu and Qiao Xue. The winning fish in Qiao Xue’s body is also called in the waterfall in the distance from Tianyan’s foot to the foot of the mountain. They are also squeezed. come out.

    The blue-and-blue water curtains enveloped the figures of Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, and they also echoed the pattern of "End of the World". No one knows what happened inside.

    Xiaoshuai has just been pushed out from a soft place, and there is still some dissatisfaction in his heart. He looks at the water curtain and screams: "It has already passed four hours, they will not do shameful things?"

    Longtan touched his chin. It was not very clear about this kind of thing. He said, "I don't know, will you do this when you and Xiaomo ink do this kind of thing?"

    "Pooh! Don't you mention that little ink will die? ”Xiaoshuai gnashed his teeth and rushed toward the dragon.

    Long Teng and Xiao Shuai began to truss again.

    The breath in the water curtain blended with each other, and some changes were faintly fainted. Then a slight ripple turned out, as if it were broken into butterflies, the two forces became more and more tyrannical.

    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue finally woke up and found that the two of them were actually holding each other together, and both of them stunned.

    "You – how this happened!"

    Qiao Xue turned his face on the wood feathers and quickly put on his clothes and licked the wooden feathers. The two of them just happened to be doing it inadvertently, and they were all feeling involuntarily.

    Mu Yu touched the back of his head a little embarrassedly: "That, I don't know what happened. You said that the water is especially natural and the Muyou Mengling is a natural pair. Is it strange?"

    "how could I know! I am also ready to do this with you! ”Qiao Xue’s heart was still jumping in the thump, and she frowned, seemingly overwhelmed by what happened.

    "You didn't say who you like last time is a freedom."Mu Yu shouted.

    "Like like it, but the first time a girl is very important! I don't want to do this kind of thing with you without consciousness! ”Qiao Xue said with a bite.

    "This way! You are the first time, I am also the first time! Anyway, there is no loss. But I am not quite sure…Huh? It’s amazing, how can I repair it to achieve distraction? ”

    Mu Yu stood up in surprise, looked at his body, and his hands were lightly moving, and the distraction of the nine heavens swayed.

    Before four hours, he was only distracted from the seven heavens. He did not want to break through the obstacles inexplicably after cultivation. He also broke through two realms in a row. The breath at this moment is not far from the fit.

    Qiao Xue’s fingertips also circulated a clear spring, and her cultivation also reached the six-day god of distraction. After the fusion of the two of them, they have such a miraculous effect!

    "Is it ready to wear clothes?"Qiao Xue said angrily.

    Mu Yu smiled and put on clothes with his hands and feet, and then he got together to Qiao Xue: "It turns out that we have so many benefits in cultivation together. Really, we should have done this long ago."

    "You don't play hooligans."Joe Snow shook his fingertips and poured the clear spring on the face of Mu Yu.

    "Who said, I am three good four Germans and five beautiful young people! Old and serious. ”Mu Yu wiped the water off his face and said nothing.

    "You are better than singing."

    Qiao Xuebai took a look at Mu Yu, stood up and removed the water curtain around them. They were still at the foot of the Tianyan reincarnation. She whispered, the mist drifted over, and the fish in the distance floated to her, floating cheerfully in the air.

    Mu Yu coughed a bit, sorted out the clothes, looked around for a while, Xiao Shuai and Long Teng still fight there, he quickly ran over to separate them, asked: "Little Shuai, how long has it been now?"

    "There are three more hours."Xiao Shuai spit out a fruit core, and he used the spirit to hold a dozen peaches on his tail.

    Longteng also ate a peach in his hand and was very happy.

    "Where are you from?"Mu Yu asked strangely.

    "Tian Yan's reincarnation was picked up on the mountain! You and Joe Snow are ashamed for so long, can't you make me hungry? ”Xiaoshuai said.

    Mu Yu was crying and laughing, grabbed two from Xiao Shuai and handed one to Joe Snow.

    Qiao Xue took the peach and took a bite and said, "We accidentally did that. What should we do now?"

    Although Qiao Xue likes Mu Yu, she knows something, especially Mu Yu has not thought about the relationship with her. Now she feels like using a mean means to force the body to bind the wood feather. Feelings are not what she wants.

    "I am also unconscious, it is all that strange smell."

    Mu Yu is not embarrassed about what happened. UU reading Anyway, what happened and did not happen, what else can happen, first fill the stomach and say.

    He ate peaches and found that the peach was still delicious. At least he felt that there was a warm current in his body, which was very comfortable.

    "So what are you going to do as if nothing happened?"Qiao Xue frowned and was dissatisfied with Mu Yu’s indifferent attitude.

    Mu Yu was stared at some guilty conscience: "This…This one……"

    "Stupid, of course, together!"Xiaoshuai raised his hand.

    "You are going with the little ink!"Mu Yu can't wait to kill this, it is a mouthful.

    However, after he had married a little handsome, he looked up at Qiao Xue and grinned and said: "Don't worry, I will be responsible for you. It should be together."

    Since it has already happened, Mu Yu does not want to escape anything.

    "Then you thought about it?"Qiao Xue frowned.

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