No. 692 Chapter Blood Soul and Peach

    Mu Yu was slightly stunned and his eyes flickered. He hadn't seen it for a long time, but there was still a sudden existence in his heart. After Joe Snow reminded him, Mu Yu found himself looking very sorry.

    "I do not know."Mu Yu shouted.

    "You are going to use a sentence without knowing to avoid this problem?"Qiao Xue said indecently.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "The two things we just did are involuntarily, but I know at least one thing. Since we have that relationship, then I will be responsible for you. I will protect you in the future. You are hurting. As for the place there, I will make it clear to her. ”

    He is not a person who likes to evade responsibility.

    "Do you still like it in your heart?"Qiao Xue asked with a bite.

    "I……"Mu Yu turned his eyes away and he didn't want to lie to Joe Snow.

    "We have everything happening today!"

    Qiao Xue tightened his lips and didn't look at the wood feathers. She is a principled girl who likes wood feathers, but she does not insist on what Mu Yu is, especially before Mu Yu has not completely determined her intentions. She does not want to use this method to force Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu touched the back of the head, did not know how to respond to Qiao Xue, he patted his head, simply do not think about this matter, said: "We quickly adjust the state, wait for the next devil to go !"

    "This time you practice, I am watching."

    Qiao Xue swayed the water and let the fish fly in the air. The beautiful win fish screams cheerfully, like a water elf in the air.

    She didn't want to do the same thing with Mu Yu. They just seemed to be unconsciously doing the same thing. It was an instinct that belonged to Shui Ling and Mu Ling. They did not have the consciousness to resist. But for this reason, let Qiao Xue have some care.

    What she hopes more is that you are willing to be both.

    Mu Yu sighed. He was not very clear about Qiao Xue’s mind, and even his heart was a little messy.


    Three hours passed quickly, and Xiaoshuai estimated the time, and it should be about a quarter of an hour. Mu Yu and Qiao Xue looked at each other and nodded. They entered the passage one after the other and returned to the eighty-ninth floor.

    At the moment, the 89th floor suddenly changed like a look.

It was originally a vast prairie, but at the moment there was a bloody red mist in the air, and the pungent bloody smell seemed to make the entire prairie gloomy.

    Ghosts are now floating in the air at this moment. What makes people feel astonished is that the whole head of the ghosts at this moment has been corrupted by the bloody konjac, and half of his face has exposed his bones.

    His eye sockets are sunken, and the eyeballs seem to be placed in the eye sockets indiscriminately, and they may fall at any time.

    At this moment, the spirit of the sorrowful life is more powerful, and countless blood souls are screaming sternly, staring at the wood feathers, waiting for the command of the ghosts.

    "Do you want to come back to die?"The ghost cherished the cold looking at Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu looked back at the stone arch behind him. This stone arch is the passage that came in. After a quarter of an hour, it will lead to the ninety-ninth floor, where it is the seal of the Kraken king.

    "Of course not, are you not nonsense?"

    Mu Yu suddenly started, the shadow sword has been drawn, the ghost is a small pit, just want to prepare to teach Mu Yu, but he suddenly changed his face, because the shadow of the wood feather sword turned out to go to the stone arch!

    "you dare!"

    Where did the ghosts think that Mu Yu would do this kind of thing, he thought that Mu Yu returned to here is ready to go with him to the ninety-ninth floor, but never expected that Mu Yu would actually destroy the channel directly!

    But he had no time to stop it. The speed of Mu Yu was too fast. The stone arch was not so hard. It was only slightly shaken by the sword. In a blink of an eye, it turned into a stone full of ground, and the vortex disappeared!

    The ghosts slammed up and stood up. The two eyeballs in the hollowed eye sockets looked very scary. He looked at the wood feathers with anger, and the blood on his body boiled again. The bloody soul of the sky had already fallen toward Mu Yu and Qiao Xue.


    Qiao Xue just came from the forty-sixth floor. She knew where the other exit was, and jumped with the wooden feathers. She escaped the pursuit of the bloody soul and quickly rushed to the left.

    Before the ghosts fell on the channel, he was too big. When he thought that Mu Yu would do this jade, he touched the stones and found that the stones did not show signs of combination.

    Mu Yu estimated that it takes at least half an hour for the channel to recover. At that time, the channel has already reached other layers, and it is too late for the ghosts to die.

    "You damn it!"

    Ghost life has spent so much time here, just to enter the ninety-ninth floor. Like everyone else, he does not know that the channel can be destroyed, and that the channel will be restored. He thought that Mu Yu would only dare to hide on the 81st floor and protect it by the end of the world, but the movement of Mu Yu really made him unexpected.

    The blood splattered and turned into a long river, and the moment swept the past. The figure of ghosts and sorrows was already standing in front of Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, blocking the way of the two.

    "You ruined the passage and ruined my plan, but it also broke your back. I see how you escaped this time!"Ghostly chilling.

    Mu Yu’s eyes crossed the ghost, and the passage was not far behind him, but he was still a step away. At this moment, the ghosts are squandering, and I am afraid that he and Qiao Xue will be caught in a bitter battle.

    The water spirit and the wood spirit merge, and the blue water curtain rises to the sky, shaking all the blood souls. The bloody long axe of the ghosts smothered and slammed with a sharp whistling sound. Mu Yu did not dare to care, this is a blow in the fit period, he did not dare to take a nap.

    The formations echoed, and the black and white whirls flowed in his hands. This time he had to resort to the wind and the flowers to meet the enemy, otherwise it would be difficult to protect themselves.

    His left hand became dark and inky, exuding the cold death, and the dead air seemed to be able to devour everything in the world, the whirlpool of death, and the bloody axe.

    However, the strength of the ghosts is still on the hands of Mu Yu, so that his death can not be completely blocked in time to be hit. The dead air violently walked in his palm, and he couldn’t control it. Mu Yu could only force it back.

    It is a realm of difference. When there is no chance to get close to the ghost, it is suppressed. He pulls back, because he is not completely familiar with the degree of control of the dead, so he can't deal with the ghosts like the flies.

    Qiao Xue's icy ice rushed down and swayed the blood soul, while the water curtain turned into a water polo, wrapping all the blood souls.

    The water polo after the blend of water and wood can hinder the soul of the blood. The soul of the blood is constantly struggling in the water polo, wanting to break through, but Qiao Xue has frozen all the water polo, and looks like a crystal specimen from afar.

    But the ghosts are just a cold cry, all the ice hockeys are directly blown open, the blood soul rushes out again, turns into a bloody shadow, instantly penetrates the blue water curtain, and at this time, Joe Snow has disappeared into the water. In the fog, it fell to the side of Mu Yu.

    The two have now bypassed the ghosts and rushed to the passage again. But the ghosts and ghosts that are not scattered are catching up like the shadows. The blood of the sky is composed of countless sharp awls in the air. The speed of these awls is so fast that they are covered in Muyu.

    This time, Mu Yu didn't even have time to get into Muling. He was like a scorpion and was completely sturdy by all the awl!

    Mu Yu took a breath of cold air, and the blood-colored awl was already through!

    He has already done the kind of heartbreaking pain that the soul has been penetrated, but what he did not expect is that the pain in the soul did not appear. On the contrary, those blood souls are like a shadow through his body. Flashing, it has no effect.

    "what? what happened? ”Mu Yu flashed back and retired. It was just that it was painful to be scratched by the blood soul. This time it was very weird, and there was no pain in the body.

    "How can it be! How can you be fine? ”

    The ghost's face changed slightly, his fleshy face looked even more awkward, staring at Mu Yu with resentment. He thought that the soul of Mu Yu would be riddled with blood awl, but the situation was the opposite.

    The two did not understand, Xiaoshuai also touched his ass and drilled out. Just now it was yelling there for a moment, and two blood awls also penetrated its body, but it called two times and found that the different sounds were low. It’s down.

    Qiao Xue also fell in disappointment. The blood awl in her body was not less than the wood feather, but it was also safe and sound. The things in front seemed strange.

    "Did it be because you did something shameful?"Xiaoshuai said with amazement.

    "What are you talking about!"Mu Yu bounced its small head melon seeds.

    Long Teng exclaimed: "It’s a peach. We just ate the peaches that Tianyan took back to Mount Lushan!"

    "Ok? Does peach still have this effect? ”

    Mu Yu was surprised. Tian Yan's return is like an independent world. The plants and animals on the mountain are real. Why is it that Mu Yu is not clear, but I didn't expect the things there to restrain the soul.

    "I seem to understand that Tianyan's reincarnation has its own rules. After the peaches that it was born have been eaten by us, we are contaminated with the breath of Tianyan. Only the soul can enter the reincarnation. The magic weapon to protect the soul."Xiaoshuai said thoughtfully.

    “How long can that protect us?”Mu Yu asked.

    "I don't know, it won't be too long anyway, we will hurry."Xiaoshuai said.

    But at this time, the ghosts have once again called the blood soul to catch down with Mu Yu. This time, Mu Yu did not even resist, and watched the blood soul penetrate his body, and he was safe and sound. UU reading

    "Invalid! If it is invalid, it will be easier! ”Wood Yu smiled.

    "What to do? That may not be! ”The bloody long axe of the ghost is instantly appearing above the top of the wooden feather head, even if the blood soul is invalid, but his strength is still higher than the wood feather!

    Mu Yu has not had a good time yet, the attack of the ghost has fallen, he can only resist the blow, the powerful spiritual force hits his shadow sword, and suddenly the body turns over the river, the liver seems to have some shifts. .

    However, the sorrowful life also hit Mu Yu to the passage of the passage. Mu Yu of Mu Yu has been connected with Qiao Xue, and Qiao Xue appeared with Mu Yu with his eyes.

    "Ghosts are dying! I want to kill me, you are still tender! ”Mu Yu shouted, deliberately angered the ghosts, but also a provocative posture.

    After that, the two did not hesitate to step into the forty-sixth floor!

    "I will kill you today!"

    The suffocating suffocation of the sorrowful body is more and more intense, and the momentum has followed me up. He has already had a strong killing of Mu Yu!

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