Chapter 693 is absolutely unscented

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    After Mu Yu entered the forty-sixth floor, he came to a hill, behind which was a cave surrounded by weeds and gravel. Below is a trailing mountain road leading to a village.

    It seems to be a paradise, the ridges are criss-crossed, and there are several villagers in the field who are cultivating. There are still a few children playing under the trees at the edge of the field, and a burst of laughter is faintly heard.

    When Mu Yu came to this level, he did not feel any abnormality, and there was no discomfort on his body. He did not feel the spiritual power to lose the feeling of being suppressed. The black and white spirit still flows normally in his body, as if Everything is very common.

    "I have to find a weapon that I can't use, and you can't use Eugene's ability here!"Qiao Xue said that he had picked up a stone in the grass.

    "Hey? Are we going to throw stones and fight? ”

    Mu Yu feels a little funny. This kind of scene is too weird. Throwing stone fights is the favorite thing children do. They are the self-cultivators who flutter the cliffs and use the stone to make it too much.

    "if not? Guess the fist than the winner? ”

    Qiao Xue has smashed a few stones. She usually likes to control the water. Sometimes she uses water to form ice to deal with the enemy, so the stone is the most suitable weapon for her.

    Then Qiao Xue said, "The villagers are weird, but they should be illusions. We try not to mess with them."

    "why?"Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

    "Because they have hoes and hatchets!"Qiao Xue said simply.

    Mu Yu couldn't help but laugh. The mortal and the comprehensor stood on the same starting line. Needless to say, they also knew that there were weapons.

    Fortunately, Mu Yu took out the shadow sword in advance, although the spiritual power could not be blessed on the shadow sword, and could not make a sturdy sword, but at least it could be used as a weapon.

    After Xuanjizi real people set up the field of "there is no such thing as a fairy", they also created a group of people who formed a magical array. I really don't know what his intention is.

    When Mu Yu is thinking about how to kill the ghosts, the ghosts have already stepped out of the caves.

    "You can't escape?"

    Ghosts screamed for anger, and as long as they waited for a while, they were able to go to the ninety-ninth floor, and to the ninety-ninth floor to take the Siren King, then the task of the demon island was completed, but Mu Yu exported Give it a ruin!

    He stood outside the cave and stared at Mu Yu and Qiao Xue with cold eyes. He hasn't been to the forty-sixth floor yet. He doesn't know what is strange about this layer, but he now uses the bloody konjac. He believes that even if Mu Yu does not play tricks, it is far from his opponent.

    "escape? If you have the ability, come over! ”

    Mu Yu waved his own shadow sword in his hand, and he thought that the humanity in the field of "nothing is not immortal" really helped him a big favor. Who is flexible in the field of "nothing is not fairy"? Can dominate!

    Just like the lonely days of the Qianyun Mountain dry-day school, there is not much spiritual power in the body. It depends entirely on the tyranny of the body. If a body repairs to reach the Mahayana period, it realizes the field of imperialism and immortality. , then in his field is the invincible existence!

    "go to hell!"

    The ghost screamed and slammed, and the hand slammed hard, and the body jumped high!

    At least he felt that he would definitely be a ten-foot-high jump, but in fact he just squatted in the same place, and then landed again, the anecdote did not happen, and even the figure was hit.

    "Death your sister!"

    Mu Yu ran over, raised his hand and split the sword toward the ghost and succumbed to the past. The ghost blessed his brow and wrinkled, and he thought that the ghosts on his body would come out and fly the wooden feathers out.

    But no ghosts appeared, and Mu Yu’s shadow sword was cut down to the face of the ghost. Ghosts rushed to the last moment before they reacted, and the body slanted and escaped the sword. But the shadow sword also made a blood mark on his body.


    Ghosts have already noticed something wrong. He found that his blood-colored axe could not be summoned. The blood soul did not move. There was no abnormality around the body, and the spiritual flow in the body was normal. But why did his own technique fail? ?

    Qiao Xue’s stone has already come to the ghosts, and the ghosts have no hard block this time. They are self-cultivators. Normally, the body will have spiritual power to nourish, so in fact, the degree of flexibility is still there, and even the power is there. Strictly speaking, it is still much more powerful than ordinary mortals.

    Qiao Xue’s stone has opened the ghosts, and Mu Yu has stood at the mouth of the cave to prevent the ghost from fleeing.

    "Is it another battle?"

    Ghost life is very annoyed, he soon understood that repairing here is equivalent to abolished, bloody konjac can not be summoned. However, he did not think of the "field", and thought that it was like the "black-footed" that was encountered in the 81st floor.

    He must leave this layer, otherwise he is very disadvantageous to himself.

    "Everyone has lost their cultivation. Why do you think that both of you will win me?"

    Ghostly succumb to grab the stone that Joe Snow came over! Just now, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue's actions showed that the other side has no advantage here. This is much better than the "skilled world" array.

    "With my score!"

    Mu Yu holds the shadow sword and rushes to the ghost, and the shadow sword has nine swords. These nine swords are not a joke. Even if there is no spiritual power, Mu Yu can still fight close, directly with the sword. Kill people.

    The dexterous shadow sword reflects the sun in the sky, and the sword stalks across the shoulders of the ghosts. Ghosts can't help but retreat and dodge, but the speed of the wood feathers is not slow, the foot drop dust step method makes the wood feathers like a fish, the tip of the toes on the stone, the body shape twisted in the air, the sword front again on the shoulders of ghosts Leave a deep sword mark!

    The dust step is not the general body method. When it was in the dusty mountain, the air and the wonderful two could not be repaired, and they could fly on the cliff by the dust step. The wood feather can also be natural!

    "I am still handsome and invincible!"

    Xiaoshuai shouted loudly, and the body had dexterously pounced on the ghosts. Its small claws popped out the thin claws. The claws were invincible, and even the thick-skinned monsters could not resist, let alone Ghost life!

    Xiao Shuai's figure is very fast, its claws are raised, the stone that has been smothered by the ghost has been split into two halves, and then the deep visible bone wound is drawn again on the chest of the ghost.

    However, the ghosts seem to have lost their pain. The whole body is corrupted by the bloody konjac. It is so bloody and faint, and there is no difference at all. Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai leave wounds on him. I didn't even wrinkle my brow.

    "What do you think is the role of the bloody konjac? I am now a squat, you can't hurt me, kill me! ”Ghosts sullenly smiled.

    The ghost has already been marked by the wooden feathers, and the wooden feather has finally inserted a sword into his heart. However, he still has a strange smile and does not feel any panic.

    "Is there enough?"

    Ghosts slammed a fist to Mu Yu, Mu Yu and he had a punch, a strong force that both of them each stepped back several steps. The stones in the hands of Qiao Xue are like hidden weapons. They fly from their own perspectives, and there are more and more wounds on their bodies, but he still doesn't care.

    "Can't you kill?"

    Mu Yu clenched the shadow sword, his sword is quite sharp, but still can't kill the ghost.

    The bloody konjac is so sinister, the ghosts are unrecognizable, but it also seems to become a monster to kill.

    Ghost people can do everything for the purpose, and turn themselves into a painless embarrassment.

    "Yes, I just can't kill!"

    Ghosts were brutally scared by Mu Yu Qiao Xue and Xiao Shuai, but they still stood still.

    The dragon snarled, and the sharp claws pulled the piece of flesh off the back of the ghost, but it was useless.

    Xiaoshuai seized an opportunity, and cut his claws on the wrist of the ghost's life, as if cutting the tofu, it was to cut the hand of the ghost!

    "It's useless!"

    The ghost succumbs to bend his waist and picks up his hand. He presses it up again, and the cut hands are actually combined back in good condition.

    "I know how to cure him! Together, Xiaoshuai cut off his limbs! ”

    Mu Yu sighed softly, and once again deceived himself, the shadow sword is a sharp weapon of the gods, sharp and incomparable, flashing a cold mang, directly across the neck of the ghosts.

    Although the ghosts and sorrows merged with the bloody konjac, they did not make his speed faster. The combination of several wooden feathers attacked, and the ghosts were only passively beaten.


    The head of the ghost is falling to the ground and rolling out. The ghostly body quickly rushed toward his head, trying to get back to his head and re-install. However, Xiao Shuai’s claws have passed and he has cut off his limbs.

    Qiao Xue turned his face away. The situation of this corpse looks very bloody. But even if the sorrowful life is torn apart, each part of his body is still slowly rolling toward each other.

    "I said you can't kill me!"Ghosts screamed, even if he was cut off by Mu Yu, he was not worried.

    "I don't need to kill you."

    Mu Yu stepped on the head of the ghost, and then kicked his head out.

    "It's ok to separate your body!"Wood feathers snorted. UU reading

    Xiaoshuai shouted: "Let me pick up your skull!"

    Its claws crossed the skull of the ghost, but it clearly cut the skull in half and was reunited by a strange force in a blink of an eye.

    "My skull is a fusion of bloody konjac, you can't break my skull!"The ghost cherished the resentment and said.

    He finally realized that something was wrong. Although he couldn't die, it would still cause him a lot of trouble if he was split. Mu Yu, they are prepared, he was set. Both sides have lost their cultivation. He is not a person who is engaged in physical training. It is impossible to win them.

    "This way! Then I will dig a tomb for you to die. ”

    Mu Yu walked aside, and spent a long time with Joe Snow to dig a five-meter-deep pit, kicked the head of the ghost, and moved a large stone to crush it, then buried him.

    "Mu Yu, you remember me! When I come out, you must die without a place of burial! ”Ghosts succumb to the unspeakable roar in the ground.

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