No. 694 chapter Like it or not?

    "When you have a chance to come out and say it!"Mu Yu set up a layer of soundproofing on the outside, letting the ghosts shut up completely.

    "Fortunately, there is a field where there is no spirit."

    If there is no such thing as a fairy, they may not know how to deal with ghosts.

    Mu Yu kicked a foot that was preparing to dig the soil to save the head of the ghost, even if the ghost was cut off his limbs, but his hands and feet were still restless, and he was unwilling to squirm on the ground. It is really weird!

    "The little devils I have encountered before have no such undead ghosts! They are always looking for the demon king, isn't it for the demon king's body? How do I feel that the body like a ghost is actually not dead, what are they looking for? ”Longtan asked curiously.

    Mu Yu shook his head and said: "This technique must be flawed. Otherwise, they have long been holding a bloody skull and wandering around."

    "Bloody scorpions have corroded their bodies and become ugly. Maybe the little devils will use this ghost to become ugly?"Xiaoshuai guessed.

    Mu Yu laughed and did not rule out this possibility.

    "How do I feel so cruel?"Qiao Xue whispered, the ghost's hand was squandered, and when she touched her shoes, she stepped on the hand with disgust.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "There are so many blood souls in their ghost gates that mean killing so many people. Compared with those who are not cruel, this is the best way for him to never do evil."

    Mu Yu does not like to do this kind of thing, but the ghosts and sorrows combined with the bloody konjac become very strange, killing and killing, this treatment is undoubtedly the most correct.

    The exit will soon lead to different layers. Mu Yu only needs to seal the swaying hands and feet to different places. It is impossible to rebuild his body.

    Mu Yu returned to the 89th floor, set up a formation on this layer, and sealed the left hand of the ghost. At the moment, another exit on the 89th floor has been restored to the original level, and it leads to the 25th floor. He once again sealed the right hand of the ghost.

    There is no need to have any compassion for those who deal with ghosts and greed.

    "Let's go! We need to change the way to the ninety-ninth floor. Take one layer and seal one layer! ”Mu Yu dragged the legs of the ghosts that were still moving, and entered the next layer.

    Because I missed a road to the ninety-ninth floor, it meant that Mu Yu needed to push another road to the ninety-ninth floor.

After some calculations, Mu Yu estimated that it would take about three days.

    At this time, Mu Yu is on the 21st floor. He will stay on this floor for two days. After two days, it will lead directly to the 99th floor.

    The twenty-first floor is just an ordinary tower, with no strange decorations. Not every layer in the town demon tower hides mystery. Except for some special arrays, the others are just an illusion.

    Qiao Xue was sitting on the side of cultivation, and Mu Yu looked at Qiao Xue bored and yawned. Qiao Xue did not let Mu Yu and her practice at the same time, to avoid some uncontrollable things, so Mu Yu can only look at her now.

    He has always been unclear about Qiao Xue's feelings, because the relationship between Shui Ling and Mu Ling, when he and Qiao Xue fight together, can always exert unexpected results.

    This feeling makes Mu Yu very happy, but Mu Yu is not sure, in the end is he likes Joe Snow, or the sentence in his body likes Xuan Ming in Qiao Xue.

    From the beginning to the end, it was the relationship between Shui Ling and Mu Ling. The kind of thing they happened was also caused by the echo between Mu Youmeng and Yu Youmeng. At that time, neither of them could control it. .

    If it is because of the influence of the Lord Eugene, the feeling of Mu Yu's feelings against Qiao Xue will change, he will feel very uncomfortable, because this feeling is like Mu Yu was forced to like Joe Snow.

    He can't determine this, so sometimes he feels that he is stunned by Qiao Xue.

    "What are you thinking?"Qiao Xue suddenly opened his eyes and saw Mu Yu staring at her in a daze, and asked out.

    "No, nothing, I am thinking that you look so good."Mu Yu opened his mouth and smiled, covering up the troubles in his heart.

    "Yes, Joe Snow is very good looking."Xiaoshuai climbed onto Qiao Xue’s leg and was about to climb up.

    Mu Yu took out the handsome tail and pulled it back.

    "Are you thinking about it?"Qiao Xue asked softly.

    Girls seem to be so sensitive to certain things forever, and they guessed the idea of ​​Mu Yu at a glance.

    Mu Yu squinted a little and tightened his lips. He didn't know how to answer this question. He really wondered how to explain it with sorrow. I don't know if I would forgive myself. I haven't seen it for a long time, and I don't know what it is like now.

    “It’s a very good girl.”Qiao Xue was silent for a moment and said.

    It’s a very strange feeling that Mu Yu is sitting on a needle felt. A girl who has had a relationship with herself is praising another girl, and both girls have an unclear relationship with him. Don't want to live up to anyone.

    "You are also a very good girl."Mu Yu laughed.

    This is his heart.

    Qiao Xue smiled faintly. She smiled like the hibiscus that bloomed in the water. It was elegant and leisurely, and made Mu Yu crazy.

    "I am thinking about it. Maybe I like you. It is influenced by the water. We all need to calm down and think about how we really feel."Qiao Xue said calmly.

    "Well, I think so, but I will protect you anyway."

    Mu Yu was relieved, and Qiao Xue’s words made him feel a lot easier.

    "You cultivate! I am looking at you here. ”Qiao Xue sat in the clear spring and won the fish and wandered around.

    Mu Yu nodded, he really needs to think about his own mind.

    Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu into a stable state, but his heart sighed.

    She had long thought about the matter. She didn’t like Muyu because of Shuiling, but because she saved her in the second Tianmu Yu, when the figure of Mu Yu was already engraved on her heart. Shui Ling did not affect her at all.

    Because if it is the influence of Eugene's ability, then Mu Yu should like her when she sees her first face.

    But Mu Yu did not, Mu Yu really began to have a good impression on her is when the water spirit and Mu Ling are attracted to each other and merge with each other.

    A clear water swayed at the fingertips, and Joe Snow's eyes were crystal clear, just like her inner heart.


    Twelve hours a day, time passed quickly for thirty hours, and at this time, the entrance to the twenty-first floor suddenly swayed, and then two figures rushed in.

    "Who!"Qiao Xue’s water spirit has been blocked.

    "Qiao Xue? Great, it is you! ”A familiar voice passed over.

    "Stars?"Joe Snow brows slightly and puts up the water.

    Qiao Xue has never seen the dragon star since the volcanic island. When Joe Xue and Mu Yu were separated by the mermaid, the dragon star did not even appear in front of Qiao Xue, but the fisherman deceived Qiao Xue. In other places. Qiao Xue came to the demon island by himself and found it on the side of the Terran.

    "Do you dare to come here?"

    The wooden feathers open their eyes and stare at the dragon star. At the 18th floor, they met Dragon Star, who always wanted to play Dragon's idea. The arrogant dragon vine was ready to kill the dragon star, but was rescued by the dragon leaf.

    The dragon star saw the wood feather sitting on the ground, and suddenly his face changed, and the dragon vine whose eyes fell on the shoulder of Mu Yu was filled with resentment.

    "Mixed."Longteng said contemptuously.

    The dragon star and the dragon leaf are very ugly from the two, because Joe Xue is present, so they did not say anything.

    Long Xingyan squeezed a smile and walked to Qiao Xue’s side and said, “Qiao Xue, are you okay these days? At that time, when we were separated by the Haiyan beast, I was always worried about you. ”

    Qiao Xue frowned. "Worry about me?" But Mu Yu said that you let the fish demon separate me from Mu Yu, and let the fish demon trap me. ”

    Long Xingyu pretend to be surprised: "Human fish demon, what mermaid demon?" How can I do that kind of thing for you? You don't want to be fooled by that kid! We are all demon people, he is a human race, is arguing against us! Don't believe his ghosts. ”

    "Provocative separation? Your cheeks are really thick! Do you dare to do it? Are the hybrids like you? ”Longtan roared.

    Long Xing noodles said: "I can't frame Qiao Xue. You have no evidence to hide me!"

    "It’s time to kill you on the 18th floor!"Mu Yu said in disgust.

    Although Qiao Xue did not know who was instructed by the mermaid demon, but at that time the mermaid king had just opened the intellect with the help of others, so she also guessed the ins and outs of this incident, and she believed that Mu Yu would not talk nonsense. .

    "Xing Hao, the past things are not mentioned first, but you should pay attention to yourself. The dragon vine around Mu Yu is the heir that Qinglong Grandpa has been looking for. You are a little more serious, otherwise I can't help you."Qiao Xue warned.

    Growing up with Xiaolong and Xingxing, Qiao Xue knows what kind of person is Longxing, but Longxing’s position in the Qinglong Dynasty is quite high. She does not want to tear the face with Longxing, and does not want to see Longxing. I did a special thing and was killed by Mu Yu.

    The dragon star is a little angry and angry, but still smiles and smiles: "Joe Xue, you can rest assured! I really will respect the wishes of Grandpa Qinglong and I will not do anything wrong. ”

    "Look at Joe Snow's face, I let you go. Will die next time. ”Mu Yu said calmly, but the bottom of his eyes flashed cold and killing.

    There is Joe Snow, Mu Yu does not want to make Joe Snow difficult, but if Long Xing is still looking for death, he will certainly kill the Dragon Star without mercy.

    "Hello big tone! Last time I just accidentally ate your loss, do you really think that we are no one in the Qinglong Dynasty! ”Dragon star angered. He was threatened, but Long Ye took the Dragon Star and shook his head gently.

    Long Ye has lost to Mu Yu, and he still avoids the strength of Mu Yu. However, Longye does not know that the soul device of He Yu’s body has been invalidated. Without the Horcrux, it is very difficult for Mu Yu to defeat the dragon leaf.

    Mu Yu did not want to talk to Long Xing again, and continued to meditate, and Long Teng has always been staring at Long Xing's every move.

    "Qiao Xue, do you know how to get to the ninety-ninth floor?"Long Xingyu said.

    Qiao Xue looked at the wood feathers hesitantly and hesitated: "The passage of the town demon tower is regular. Wait a while here, and the passage of this layer will lead to the ninety-ninth floor."

    "really? Did you find the law of the town demon tower channel? Qiao Xue is really smart, it is no wonder that Grandpa Qinglong values ​​you so much. It must be Joe Snow, are you coming here with the guy? He stepped on the dog and it was lucky. He actually met Joe Snow. ”Dragon Star did not hide the praise and pleasing to Qiao Xue.

    "No, it is our luck. This law was discovered by Mu Yu. You should thank him."Qiao Xue walked down to sit down and began to sit and adjust.

    Long Xing's face suddenly froze, and I was still thinking about taking this opportunity to praise Qiao Xue a lot, but the result was that I had a foreign appearance. He glanced at Mu Yu with annoyance and walked down to Qiao Xue to sit down.

    However, when Qiao Xue and Mu Yu practiced to adjust the interest rate, Mu Yu suddenly burst into a blue light, and the blue light of Qiao Xue echoed each other again, and then gradually merged and exchanged between the two sides. .

    Long Xing's eyes widened. He looked at the intertwined atmosphere of Qiao Xue and Mu Yu, and it was so harmonious with nature. This is clearly a fusion of the two people's tacit understanding to a certain degree. This kind of scene is The legendary double repair, but Qiao Xue will have this level of tacit understanding with Mu Yu!

    Suddenly, it was hard to hide the oysters. Dragon Star likes Joe Snow for a long time. Even if it is a double repair, it should be him and Joe Snow, not Joe Snow and Mu Yu!

    "Qiao Xue, UU reading What are you doing!"Dragon Star couldn't help but interrupted Qiao Xue's cultivation.

    Qiao Xue opened his eyes and he woke up. She didn't want to talk to Long Xingyu before she sat down to practice, but for a time she forgot that she and Mu Yu would practice together and produce some unspeakable effects.

    "No, nothing, you go to practice with Ye Lishu!" We will go to the ninety-ninth floor later, saying that the ghost gates have already gotten the first place, we have to be prepared. ”

    Qiao Xue’s face is a little red. If Long Xingzhen didn’t interrupt her cultivation, I’m afraid she will fall into the state with Mu Yu again. She doesn’t know if she and Mu Yu will do it when others do. To, in case…

    Thinking of this, she quickly sat up straight, sneaked a look at the wood feathers, and then looked away.

    The dragon star 尽 是 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔

    "Asshole! Qiao Xue is mine! I will kill you! ”Dragon Star snarled in annoyed heart.

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