Chapter 695, Zee and the other shore (on)

    Long Xingyu was worried about what happened to Qiao Xue and Mu Yu, so he couldn’t calm down and practice, but he kept guarding Mu Yu with Qiao Xue.

    The dragon star is more and more worried about the fire. If it is not Joe Snow, he has already rushed over and played with Mu Yu.

    Although he has already lost once, he still thinks that Mu Yu is just lucky.

    Mu Yu woke up about half an hour before the passage changed. He stretched out a lazy waist, and did not care about the dragon star. It seemed to eat his own eyes, but smiled: "Joe Xue, last time and After you practice together, it is really fast to improve. Now I feel that I will not be able to reach the fit period soon."

    "Really?"Qiao Xue was amazed, and then thought that he seemed to have overreacted and quickly concealed himself.

    Dragon Star 陨 heard this, the lungs are blowing up!

    The speaker is unintentional, and the words of Mu Yu are so harsh in the ears of Long Xing, as if they are provoking him, and they are so straightforward that they cannot be forgiven!

    "Qiao Xue, you are the little princess of our Yaozu, how can I be with him…"Dragon Star reluctantly resisted his anger and tried to make his tone sound like no difference.

    "Whoever I did with him has nothing to do with you."Qiao Xue did not want to explain in detail.

    "How does this have nothing to do with me? I promised Grandpa to take care of you! ”Dragon Star eagerly said.

    "I can take care of myself. After all, I am alone in the sea."Qiao Xue looked at the dragon star meaningfully.

    She was very dissatisfied with Long Xing's actions. Although Long Xingyi did not hurt her, she still designed to make her fish trap her. If it wasn't her power to control water, I am afraid it is still in the dark.

    The dragon star stunned his face with a burst of red and white, which was very guilty.

    Mu Yu stood up and played the dust on the bomb. He said, "It's time to talk to the Siren King."

    "Kid, I warn you! You better give me a point, I want to play the idea of ​​the Siren King! ”Dragon Star also stood up and stared at Mu Yu.

    "Do you have this qualification?"Mu Yu violently radiated a strong breath, and the distraction of Jiuzhongtian was like a raging wind and waves, and it was actually a few steps to defeat the Dragon Star!

    Long Xingyu looked at Mu Yu with horror, and he was also a distracted man.

But in front of Mu Yu, he felt a little bit small, how could this be!

    "It must have been injured by the damn dragon a few days ago, otherwise it would not be possible!"Dragon Star 陨 comforts himself.

    But in fact, he did not want to admit that, in the recent injury with Long Teng, Long Ye has long spent his own dragon to help them cure the dragon's supreme secret. The body quality of the Yao people is very strong, especially the dragon people who have the blood of Qinglong, the recovery ability is even stronger.

    "Xing Hao, you don't doubt others, Mu Yu is not malicious to the Siren King."Qiao Xue frowned.

    "But he is a human race!"Long Xingyu said.

    "Don't forget that the uncle was saved by him!"Qiao Xue looked at the dragon star and raised his voice.

    If there is no wood feather, the white demon king has long been stunned by the ghosts. This is also known by Dragon Star.

    The dragon star was annoyed for a while, and when Joe Snow seemed to be a little angry, he stopped talking.

    Half an hour passed quickly and the passage had changed quietly. Mu Yu gestured to Qiao Xue and took the lead in the passage. Others followed the wood feathers.

    This time, they came to a strange place, surrounded by white, endless, looking at it seems to be coming to the clouds.

    Clouds can be seen everywhere in the top of the mountain, and there are huge balls. Each column is different in length, some are too high to see the top, some are only one or two meters high, and the thickness is different. Some thin columns Only chopsticks are fine, and some ten people who are thick and thick are not necessarily able to hold it.

    These columns of varying lengths and inconsistencies are not regularly distributed, and there are probably thousands of them, some of which are very close together, and some are very far apart.

    In addition to the pillars, there are some square giant stones, as well as spheres of different diameters, ranging from the size of the palm to more than a dozen meters, floating up and down in the air.

    "Here is the place to seal the Master of the Siren King? Where is the King of the Siren? ”The dragon star sings out the channel.

    “Is it sealed in these buildings?”Long Ye said away.

    The two demon people flew directly toward the nearest pillar, but when they wanted to be close to the pillars, the pillars were removed directly, and the way of moving was very random, like being blown away by the wind, and like Dragon Star and Dragon Leaf have some kind of repulsive force on both of them, and those pillars are not willing to let them close.

    "what happened?"

    The dragon star did not believe in evil, and the figure quickly approached another pillar, but the pillar always opened a distance with him at the right time and finally stabilized.

    "Mu Yu, these pillars seem to be avoiding us, what do you think?"Qiao Xue did not like the dragon star, but asked Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu touched his chin and meditated for a moment and said: "These pillars and stones have been cast a very high-level array called "Ze Ting Bian", which is a method specially used to guard things. Once something is close, They will automatically spread out and stay at a certain distance from each other without touching each other."

    "Je and the other side" is actually the same as "the world of the world", but it is more suitable for use in combat, because it allows the surgeon to counterattack at close range, and "the other side of the bank" "Once you show it, you will be pushed away, and you will not be able to use it."

    The dragon star stopped and stopped trying. He yelled: "Why don't you say that early?"

    Mu Yu glanced at him faintly: "The Yaozu only sent you like this, and trying to save the Siren King is a joke. If you are ugly, you should read more. If you don't understand, you have to ask more questions, instead of stupidly blindly catching up. ”

    "You dare to marry me!"The dragon star blushes, but he does not know how to refute.

    "I will kill you if I talk nonsense."Mu Yu said impatiently.

    Dragon Star has not seen the situation until now, and thought that he is the little prince of the Yaozu, arrogant, no strength and more nonsense. When the dragon leaves in the beginning of the period were all defeated in the hands of Mu Yu, what did Long Xingyi count?

    "Star, when can you learn to respect others?"

    Qiao Xue rebuked, she knows that Mu Yu’s ability to endure the dragon star’s hustle and bustle is entirely on her face, but the reality of Long Xing’s watch is ridiculous.

    Long Xingqi forced the resentment of his heart to be forced down. He was reprimanded by Qiao Xue three times and five times, and his heart has already succumbed to extremes. The resentment against Mu Yu has reached an unreasonable level.

    Qiao Xue asked: "Mu Yu, is there any way to deal with this image?"

    Mu Yu shook his head: "The person who used this technique was repaired higher than me. The ordinary method was useless. I have to look around."

    Then he remembered what he said: "Strange, I remember that I have pointed a way to the deer boss and the dragon turtle. They should come to the ninety-ninth layer faster than us. Why didn't they see them here?"

    "Let's look around, there are too many pillars and balls here, and they are covering each other. Maybe they have come long ago, just in places we can't see."Qiao Xue guessed.

    Longye looked at Mu Yu and asked: "If the Siren King is sealed in pillars and stones, how do we determine where he is sealed?"

    "I do not know."Mu Yu replied simply.

    Five thousand years ago, Xuanjizi actually sealed the Siren King in the town demon tower, but how is it sealed except for the mysterious person himself, who is not clear.

    Long Ye did not continue to ask questions, but with the dragon star shuttle between the pillars, to find out if there is a deer boss and other people.

    Mu Yu is standing in front of a pillar and meditating on the way.

    "Ze to the other side" he knows how to arrange, but also know how to crack, but this array is, after all, a mysterious machine, and it is quite hard to crack, especially the thousands of pillars and countless stones are applied. "Ze to the other side", if you break it a bit, you don't know if you want to be a monkey.

    "Little handsome, Long Teng, have you two noticed that these pillars are different?"Mu Yu asked.

    "What is the specific, specifically?"Dragon vine does not understand the words of Mu Yu.

    "For example, the atmosphere of the Siren King, and the other is that some pillars are different from other pillars."Mu Yu said.

    Xiao Shuai's nose is generally the most spiritual, and it often sees some differences. Dragon vine is a dragon that is comparable to a demon king. In some respects, the sense of smell is also more sensitive than that of Mu Yu.

    "Impossible, what is it that you are not clear about yourself? The array used to guard things is naturally able to isolate the breath of things. ”Xiaoshuai shook his head.

    Longteng also shook his head.

    "It seems that you can only use the most stupid way, first try to crack the array of a column and say."Mu Yu said.

    "Which one do we have to start looking for?"Longtan asked.

    "That one, that one looks good."Xiaoshuai pointed at a thick bowl of pillars.

    "good looking? Little mouse, are you looking for carrots? That one is so small, can I put the Siren King into it? ”Long Teng Road.

    "In case there is a space array in it? what do you know! ”

    "The King of the Siren King, at least the most large pillars are worthy of his identity, which reflects the humane to the prisoners.Righteousness. ”

    "You are not a person, UU reading is also a humane master.Righteousness! ”

    "You can be a real machine!"

    Xiaoshuai and Longteng began to argue about which one is most likely to be the King of the Siren. Their interest is very high. Xiaoshuai insists that the mini pillar is most likely to hide the Siren King, because Xuanji is a real person. I like to use the set of sleeves, and Long Teng thinks that the tallest one should be.

    Mu Yu also difficult to judge, he had in the illusion of the Phantom of Reality saw the sea Demon King himself appearance, at least he is in human form and the mysterious son, so he estimated the height of the sea Demon King, chose a look than the sea Demon king a slightly larger pillar, began to try to crack this pillar on the other shore.

    Mu Yu began to calculate the scope of the image of the other side of the bank. The bigger the column, the more powerful the image of the other side of the line, the more trouble it would be to crack.

    The lines of the pillars evolved rapidly in his mind, and his eyes shone with radiance. The pillars became an individual in his eyes, composed of densely squashed, flowing like water.

    His face suddenly showed a surprised look because he discovered the unusualness of these formations.

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