No. 696 Chapter-the other side of the jersey (next)

    The dead wood once told Mu Yu that no one is perfect, and every formation has weaknesses. Even if the weakness of this formation is small, as long as it can find weaknesses, then the formation will not break.

    In the strict sense, the "zee-to-the-shore" array is not inaccessible. On the objects that are being cast, the formations are always flowing, and its formations always have a weak point.

    At a certain moment, the pattern of the pattern will flow to the southeast direction. At that moment, as long as a "fire" array is applied from the southeast direction within a certain distance, it can be approached.

    This specific distance is required, depending on the size of the body being guarded, the distance of the break is different. Once it is too close, it will cause the column to move away automatically, and if it is too far away, the "offfire" array method can't be cracked at all.

    In the gossip array, depending on the spiritual power of the person, the position of the array is good. Mu Yu Ling Li Wu Xing is a wood, so usually use the "wind" and "shock" orientation of the array, the "fire" orientation of the array is the five elements of the fire to learn, "Ze against" It is the five elements of the gold to learn, "Hawthorn" is a soil, "water" is a water.

    Fire Kejin, so "Ze to the other side" needs to be "offfire" array to crack.

    But it is not that people who are wood can't perform other attributes of the array, but the power will be a discount. Mu Yuhui's array of techniques is basically a lot, not often using the "off fire" orientation of the deep array, at least some simple, and the cracking method only needs the "fire" orientation of the array, it does not matter simply Or complicated.

    Mu Yu was surprised because if only one pillar stone ball or square was used to display the image of the other side, then he could directly crack it. However, countless objects are pinned together. When a weak point of a column flows out, another pillar or stone ball appears at a certain distance of the crack, blocking the display of the "fire" array. opportunity.

    When the distance between the broken people is not right, it will disrupt the operation between them, and the weak points will disappear.

    The reason why Xuanjizi real people arrange so many pillars and stones here is to interact and cover up the weaknesses of the formations, making the formation more difficult.

    Mu Yu's first thought was to crack one by one, but found that this does not work, he wanted to break the words must be integrated with the thousands of pillars of the operation of the position, all of them in mind, this is a huge amount of work, once the pole is forced to move a column, all the deduction must start!

    "This battle is really complicated and terrible!"

    Mu Yu could not help but shake his head, Xuanjizi real people in order to trap the King of the Sea King,

It took a lot of energy to complicate the battle of "Zhe to the other side", even if it is based on the ability of Mu Yu's deduction, it will not be able to be performed for a while.

    "The mysterious real person is really full of support, complicating the tactics of the other side of the squad. Doesn't he say that the demon king must be born?" With his means of performing arrays, there is no way to rescue the Siren King without the profound knowledge of the formation! ”Xiaoshuai listened to Mu Yu’s explanation and could not help but swear.

    "No, the original intention of Xuanjizi is not someone to crack this array, but to find Taling. Once you find Taling and control the town demon tower, you can control everything in the town demon tower. That way, you don't need us at all. Come to break."Mu Yu said.

    This time, Mu Yu came to the town demon tower, originally to find Ta Ling, control the entire town demon tower, and then lift the ban on the demon island, so that He Liankong and other trapped souls are freed.

    But he almost ran all over the town demon tower, and did not find out where Taling was, but when he appeared here, he must also make a choice.

    Is it going to go to other towers to find Taling, or do you have to spend time to crack the map of the shore?

    “Which method is more reliable?”Longtan asked.

    "The two methods are not reliable, who knows what Taling looks like! Now in which corner I am sleeping again! If you want to crack this array, I am afraid it will not work without spending three days. ”Mu Yu said with a headache.

    Soon Qiao Xue and Long Xingyu they also came back. They didn't find the deer boss's trace, but they found another exit. As for the exit, Joe Xue did not know.

    Mu Yu simply explained the situation in front of him, saying that he needs at least three days to promote the pattern of the image of the other side of the battle, to find out where the weak points of the entire array are.

    "Three days?" It takes so long? Don't you know how to crack the excuse to find it? ”Dragon Star sneered.

    Mu Yu took a look at Long Xing: "Is it?" So what do you think is the purpose of my excuses? ”

    "That's still used to say, don't you just want to show your head in front of Qiao Xue? I know you guys too! ”Long Xingyu said.

    Mu Yu frowned, said plainly: "First of all, you have to understand that I am not interested in saving the Siren King. The King of the Kings is not born and I have little relationship with me. I am here only to stop the plan of the ghost gate. Help others to be busy. You can do it yourself, and I don't have to help you. ”

    "Do you think we can't save the Kraken King without you? You take yourself too seriously! ”The dragon star is cold and cold.

    Mu Yu shrugged and said nothing: "Go and save!" What did you waste with me here? Do you rely on saliva to save the Kraken King? ”

    The purpose of his visit to the demon island is mainly to find a way to repair the soul of the old man. Now he knows who the soul is going to be, so what he really wants to do now is to find Taling, lift the whole ban of the demon island, leave Demon Island.

    As for the Kraken King?

    Every time he has a relationship with the demon king, there is nothing good! Xuanjizi real person said that the demon king must be born, but Xuanjizi real people did not say when the Kraken King must be born!

    It is born now, and it will be born in the future. All this has nothing to do with Mu Yu.

    "I will definitely save the Siren King, you don't have to bother!"Dragon star angered.

    Mu Yu turned and walked away. Qiao Xue saw that Mu Yu had to leave. He was anxious and caught up with Mu Yu’s hand and asked, “Where are you going?”

    "I don't like to mix things with your Yaozu. It doesn't matter if the King of the Kings is not born. Since you guys have such a smart guy who can save the Kraken King, then there is nothing for me. ”

    Mu Yu doesn't like to spend a lot of time here with an unsightly guy. If he doesn't look at Joe Snow's face, he has already given the dragon star to this guy.

    Long Xingyu saw Qiao Xue pull the hand of Mu Yu, and his eyes caught fire.

    Qiao Xue said earnestly: "Can you help me? Help me save the Siren King. ”

    "Qiao Xue, we don't need to rely on outsiders! We can save ourselves! ”The dragon star said with arrogance.

    "Do we save ourselves? Star, you tell me what you want to save the Kraken King? Originally, we relied on the uncle, and he could find a way to rescue the King of the Siren, but he left in a hurry and left no instructions at all. And we know very little about the town demon tower, what are you doing? ”Qiao Xue was very angry and yelled at the dragon star.

    Dragon Star was stunned by Joe Snow's angry tone. The anger in his heart was even stronger. Joe Snow never used this tone to talk to him. Although Qiao Xue has never been close to him, he does not reject it, but since he met Mu Yu, Qiao Xue has been thinking about Mu Yu. At this moment, he is also blaming him for Mu Yu, which makes him resentful against Mu Yu. A little more.

    Qiao Xue no longer pays attention to the dragon star, and turned his head and said to Mu Yu: "Mu Yu, I know that you represent the human race, not the same as our demon, but you should do me a favor?"

    Mu Yu looked at Qiao Xue’s eager eyes and remembered his relationship with Qiao Xue today. He sighed and reached out and pinched Qiao Xue’s face: “Well, it’s on your part.”

    Long Xingyu looked at the appearance of Mu Yu and Qiao Xue's relatives, and he was so angry that he was shaking.

    "What do we need to do next?"Qiao Xue was relieved.

    "You go to hold the two entrances on this floor, don't let people come in, and don't go to these pillars casually. Once the pillars are slightly displaced, it will disrupt my calculations!" Give me enough time to find out the weaknesses of the entire formation. ”Mu Yu said his request.

    "okay! We don't let people come in, you can rest assured! ”Qiao Xue said seriously.

    She walked to the side of Long Xingyu, warningly let Long Xingyi follow the instructions of Mu Yu, in order to prevent her, in case, she and Long Xingyi stayed together, while the dragon leaf in the fit period left alone to guard another exit.

    Although Long Xingzhen was very angry, he still didn't say anything. At least he got the chance to stay with Qiao Xue. He glanced at the wood feathers and finally left with Qiao Xue.

    The dragon leaves pass through the pillar array and fly to the other exit.

    When the dragon leaves leave, the whole pillar and the stone no longer move. At this time, Mu Yu began to deduct these pillars. His eyes flashed countless patterns, and the arrangement of the pillars was dazzling. What he needed was to put this The complication of a weak point in the other side of the bank to find out.

    This array is the most complicated method he has ever encountered. It is not how high it is, but it is complicated by design, so it takes more time to crack.

    Mu Yu needs to take into account the movement of each sphere of each pillar and the shape of each square stone, and connect them to each other clearly, so that they can be successfully cracked.

    "Little handsome, Long Teng, both of you obey my command, I need you to help me to purposefully remove a few pillars and balls."At the foot of Mu Yu, the gossip pattern is surging, and the wind and the heart will instantly cover Xiaoshuai and Longteng.

    The two of them quickly understood the meaning of Mu Yu, and carefully followed the idea of ​​Mu Yu, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com A small step for each of them, the pillars and balls around them will circumvent. The distance traveled is very particular, because Mu Yu needs to use this to calculate the next step.

    But soon Mu Yu found that he and Xiaoshuai and Long Teng alone were not enough. In order to make the speed of the deduction faster, he shouted to Qiao Xue: "Qiao Xue, help!"

    Qiao Xue nodded and left the Dragon Star, and suddenly flew over.

    "Use your style to connect with your heart."

    Qiao Xue did not recruit the spirit, the water spirit can be connected with Mu Yu's Muling, but Qiao Xue is avoiding this matter, she decided not to let Shui Ling and Mu Ling contact before Mu Yu did not figure out his own ideas. Come together.

    Mu Yu looked at Qiao Xue with a puzzled look. He didn't think much about it. He shrouded Qiao Xue into the wind and then lined up with his heart, and then directed Qiao Xue to arrange some pillars.

    Dragon Star 脸 脸 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在

    "You give me a wait!"Long Xing looked at Mu Yu with sorrow.

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