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Chapter 697 Selfish Demon

    When the objects that are being cast on the other side are moving, the movements on the body will change accordingly, and Mu Yu needs to coordinate the overall situation according to this change.

    The wind and the heart of the heart conveyed the thoughts of Mu Yu’s mind to other people. His mind flashed countless mysterious and complicated patterns. These patterns were able to keep up with the fact that the young masters who can understand the battle can keep up with Long Teng and Joe. Snow is like watching a book.

    But Long Teng has become accustomed to seeing these messy moves for it, so it can happily lick its own little tune, and Mu Yu lets it move it to move. The young handsome is understandable but full of brains are trying to eat. Every step of the move, I will wonder if the pillar in front of me is like a bunch of candied haws.

    Qiao Xue was a foggy one, and was shocked by the complicated ideas of Mu Yu. If it wasn’t for Mu Yu’s reminder, she didn’t know where to move.

    Ten hours have elapsed since time, and with the help of Joe Snow, Mu Yu quickly figured out a rough idea.

    In fact, he can also call Long Xingyi and Longye from both of them to help. The more people, the faster he will be. But Mu Yu doesn't believe these two guys. If Dragon Star doesn't move strictly according to his instructions, it is likely to disturb his thoughts.

    Long Xingyu looked at Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, and he was resentful. He knew nothing about the formation and he still had doubts about Mu Yu. He was thinking about how to deal with Mu Yu.

    At this time, the dragon star was like what he felt, and his eyes looked toward the passage.

    Two people came out of the whirlpool in the passage!

    Ghost people!

    I didn’t expect the ghost gates to find this layer, but they still went together with each other. However, the cultivation of these two people is not high, only the gods are seven heavens, and the dragon star is the repair of the gods. It is more than enough to block two ghosts with his strength.

    However, the dragon star flashed a different light in his eyes, and his mouth outlined a smile. Then shouted loudly: "Stop! This is not the place where you can come! ”

    The sound of the dragon star is very loud, as if it was deliberately told to Mu Yu and Qiao Xue.

    Mu Yu frowned. He turned his head and saw the trace of the ghost door. The idea was temporarily interrupted. However, after seeing the repair of the two ghosts, they were not worried. As long as they were not the small devils of the fit period, they were dragons. The strength is enough to deal with. Mu Yu quickly continued to deduct and ignored the outsiders.

    At this time, Long Xingyu had turned out the demon body, and the two ghosts were fighting, and the sound of the dragon was roaring and spread throughout the tower.

    In the distance, Longye heard the sound of the dragon star, he worried about the safety of the dragon star, and wanted to rush to help, but Mu Yu shouted loudly toward the dragon leaf: "Dragon leaves away, you are not allowed to come over!" Disrupted these, you can't afford it! ”

    At this time, the dragon leaf is separated from the passage on the other side. If he rushes over, he must pass the cylinder and the sphere protected by the squad of the squad, so that the calculation of the wood feather will be disrupted, so the wooden feather is not Allow the dragon leaves to interfere.

    "My son is in danger!"The dragon leaf stopped and sank.

    "If he can't cope with two distracted little devils, then he will be killed!" If you have affected the King of the Seas, you will not be able to tell me that I have not warned you! ”Mu Yu shouted.

    The dragon leaf changed from the face and was buckled with such a big hat. He really couldn’t afford it.

    Qiao Xue frowned and said: "Would you like me to help him? Free of charge. ”

    "No, your position is too far away. If you move blindly now, it will mess up all the pillars!"Mu Yu shook his head.

    He is rapidly propelled in his mind, and the entire battle against the other side has become clearer and he is not allowed to be interrupted!

    However, the dragon star suddenly screamed, and then the huge dragon body instantly fell over here. And when its body fell over, a finger-sized ball just to avoid its body deviated from its original position!

    The pattern above the ball surged, and as soon as it moved, the other pillars moved along, and all the objects protected by the squad were completely displaced. At one time, the formations became confusing.

    Mu Yu frowned and looked at the dragon star coldly.

    "Stars!"Qiao Xue exclaimed, she wanted to fly over to assist Long Xingyi, then asked to look at Mu Yu.

    However, the speed of Mu Yu is faster than that of Qiao Xue. The stars and stars in the foot are flashing, appearing in front of two ghosts. The sword has been squirted, and a sword has not been completely stabbed. The throats of the two ghosts are on the throat. There have been two blood holes!

    The world of art is next to each other!

    Muling madly swallowed two ghosts, and their twins could not escape, and they were swallowed up by Muling!

    The shadow sword fell back in the hands of Mu Yu, and the figure of Mu Yu fell on the side of the dragon star, and the shadow sword crossed the neck of the dragon star, saying coldly: "You are looking for death!"

    How can he not see that the dragon star is simply deliberately defeated, and the two ghost gates are repaired to be much weaker than the dragon star. Mu Yu and Long Xingyi handed over their hands and knew the strength of the Dragon Star. The Dragon Stars wanted to kill these two ghosts and only took a little effort!

    But this guy was deliberately defeated to disturb Mu Yu!

    "Mu Yu, don't kill him!"Qiao Xue quickly shouted.

    "What do you want to do!"

    The dragon star re-formed into a human form, quickly retreated to the side of Qiao Xue, pretending to scream at the wood feathers in horror. And as he moved, there were many more columns and stones away from him, making the whole battle even worse.

    "You will not be able to beat these two ghosts?"Mu Yu said with some annoyance.

    Long Xing glanced at Qiao Xue around him. He knew that there was Joe Snow. Mu Yu would definitely not do it to himself. He would pretend to be a weak look and gasp: "I usually beat them when I change." But don't forget, you broke me seriously a few days ago. I haven’t fully recovered from the injury yet. Where are the opponents of the two ghosts? All this should blame yourself! ”

    In fact, his injury has long been cured for him. Long Xing’s body as a small prince has no panacea, but he just can’t understand the fact that Mu Yu and Qiao Xue are together.

    At these few hours, he has been looking for an excuse to break the calculation of Mu Yu, but he can't find a chance. The sudden appearance of the two ghosts is equivalent to helping him.

    The dragon's mouth smirked and smirked, and continued to say falsely: "You don't have to undo the tactics to shirk your responsibility. Qiao Xue, you also saw that this guy didn't want to fall in love!"


    Mu Yu's eyes narrowed, and his heart's actions on the Dragon Star have been stunned to the extreme. This guy is a demon person. What he thinks is not how to solve the squadron and the other side to save the Kraken King. Instead, he wants to find Muyu for his own private intentions, and does not let Mu Yu unravel the battle.

    Just because Mu Yu untied the tactics of the other side, the dragon star would feel that his face could not be hanged!

    "Yes! You are simply giving yourself an excuse for not having the ability! ”

    Dragon Star sneered in his heart, he really does not care that the King of the Sea King can not be born, because the King of the Sea King is not good for him.

    After Mu Yu rescued the White Demon King, Qiao Xue was worried about Mu Yu. Although the white demon king encounters Mu Yu, he is disgusted with his face, but when he is in the demon family, he often uses the wooden feather as an example to educate other dragons and other demon people.

    Especially in the battle in the eight grass villages about the aura of the eye, Mu Yu made a show of the limelight, but the dragon star was unfortunately put down by a song by Ximen, and the white dragon demon king did not perform well for the dragon star. satisfaction.

    Long Xingyi was originally a star-like existence in the Qinglong dynasty, but it was criticized by the White Demon King. Therefore, Long Xingyi not only hated Mu Yu, but also did not like the White Demon King.

    If this time the Kraken King is once again rescued by Mu Yu, and he is not busy at all, he does not have to think about it, after he goes back, his face in the Qinglong Dynasty will be swept away. Maybe the Kraken King will praise the Terran Muyu as much as the White Demon King, and criticize them, when he is the genius little prince of the Qinglong Dynasty will simply be self-confident.

    Therefore, Dragon Star does not want Mu Yu to unravel the array, even if you want to save the Kraken King, you can't be Mu Yu to save!

    Qiao Xue is in a dilemma. She doesn't know whether the injury on Long Xing's body is true or not. But it is not so good that she is going to blame anything, but she tentatively asks: "Wu Yu, you solve the problem of Zee. Is it surgery?"

    "No."Wood Yu said simply.

    Qiao Xue’s face suddenly appeared disappointing.

    "Qiao Xue, he is just fooling you! We don't need to rely on a human race, as long as our own Yaozu people can work together to save the Siren King! ”

    On the face of the dragon star, there was a sly smile, a look that I already knew, and it was very disgusting.

    "Then you can do it yourself!"

    Mu Yu glanced at the dragon star in disgust, and resisted the urge of a sword to kill this guy, and walked to the side. Muling turned into a bodhi tree, and he lay silently on the branches and began to close his eyes.

    Xiaoshuai and Longteng also smashed into the tree, and the two guys were squatting at the apples. It was not a high hang, and it was not important for them to be born. Something runs a leg, nothing to eat, to see who is not moving the mouth with the eyes.

    Qiao Xue knew that Mu Yu was really angry. He was interrupted at this time, and everyone was uncomfortable. She also had a sigh of anger at the dragon star, and wanted to plead with Mu Yu again, but she couldn't open her mouth.

    "Let's think about another way!"Qiao Xue sighed and saved the Sea Demon King is her responsibility, but it is not Mu Yu.

    Unfortunately, whether it is Joe Snow or Dragon Star, they know nothing about the town demon tower. If the deer boss comes here, there may be some hope, but now the deer boss does not know which layer is lost, but has not found it yet. Come.

    Mu Yu thinks of Qiao Xue's attitude and has some strange emotions in his heart.

    Qiao Xue has been protecting Long Xing's life, UU reading www. Uukanshu. Com Perhaps because of the position of the dragon star in the Yaozu, Qiao Xue can not watch the dragon star 陨 accident, but there are still some mustard in the heart of Mu Yu.

    "Mu Yu, why don't you continue to help Joe Snow sister?"Xiao Shuai’s voice rang in Mu Yu’s mind. It lay on the chest of Mu Yu and took a bite of an apple.

    Mu Yu glanced at the dragon star who didn't know how to understand it, and shook his head slightly: "Let's talk!"

    He is really disgusted with the dragon star, this guy who looks at the light, this guy is more important than the rescue of the Siren King, has been aimed at Mu Yu, but also made such a ridiculous behavior to stop Mu Yu.

    Since Long Xing is a demon person, it doesn't matter to the birth of the Siren King. What kind of do you want to mix with Mu Yu?

    Mu Yu is willing to do anything for Qiao Xue, but he does not want to do this alone.

    "Do you know how to unlock the other side of the bank?"Long Teng asked for his long tail.

    Mu Yu did not answer.

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