Chapter 698 Newborn Offerings

    Long Xingyi has been pleading with Qiao Xue. He has proposed various messy plans, but none of them is practical. Those cylinders and balls that have been applied to the other side of the battle are hiding from him like a god.

    If you want to unravel the other side of the singer, you can do it without relying on the dragon's rhetoric.

    However, Long Xingyi has never been discouraged, because Qiao Xue is also discussing with him the method of cracking. This is the purpose that Long Xingyu wants to achieve, let Qiao Xue stay with him instead of staying with Mu Yu. together.

    "Qiao Xue, we think that the reason why the ball here can't be close is definitely because we are not fast enough. As long as we are fast enough, we can definitely get close to them. I have 90% of the dragon's blood on my body, I can try to use the secret method to increase the speed to the limit. ”

    The sound of the dragon star is very loud, and it is deliberately meant to be heard by Mu Yu.

    Longtan snorted in disgust: "Mixed!"

    "No, son, if you use the dragon blood, you hurt yourself!"Longye said quickly.

    "Although it hurts me a lot, but for the Kraken King to be freed, it doesn't matter if I hurt myself."The dragon star said with a false face.

    Dragon Star has already begun to try this method. He has a gray light in his body, and his breath has been upgraded to a new level. The dragon's body has been transformed again. The scales flashed into the brilliance, turning into a shadow and rushing to the nearest. a cylinder!

    But Rao is his speed faster, the column does not eat his set at all, lightly drifting away, always keep a distance from the Dragon Star.


    In the mouth of the wooden feather, the dog's tail grass is stunned, and the dragon star is stunned. This guy just likes to play for himself.

    By speed to crack the other side?

    The speed does not go beyond the real machine of the mysterious machine, don't even think about it!

    Dragon Star 陨 陨 那 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙

    Qiao Xue did not hold much hope for Long Xingyi. The dragon star of Jiuzhongtian, even if it is a dragon, is not as fast as the dragon's blood, and it can't be compared with the dragon leaf of the fit period. When you arrive, there is a real dragon on the side of Mu Yu!

    She and Long Xingzhen had been discussing for several hours and could not solve the tactics of the other side.

The whole process of Dragon Star is blowing, and such people simply cannot rely on it.

    Qiao Xue hesitated, or came over to Mu Yu.

    "Joe Snow, where are you going!"Dragon Star shouted at the back.

    "You think about what else to do first, let me take a break."Joe Snow did not return to the Bodhi tree.

    The face of Long Xingyu sank again.

    "Can I come up?"Qiao Xue stood under the Bodhi tree and looked up at the wood feather lying on the branch and asked.

    "Ok."A branch grows again on the trunk next to the wood feather.

    Qiao Xue has fallen on the branch and sat down and said, "I am sorry about the incident just now. I don't know if he is really injured or injured in the star, but he is like this person. He has always been in the Yaozu. I don’t want to be in my heart."

    "Nothing, I won't care about this kind of person."

    Mu Yu really does not look down on the dragon star, the dragon star is such a stupid person, and the ghost is not a level of life, Mu Yu did not put the dragon star in the eyes.

    Although the ghosts are very mad, they always want the life of Mu Yu, but he has at least strength, has a heart, is not a stupid person, will not be as childish and ridiculous as the Dragon Star, relying on the public to take the ball.

    Qiao Xue understands the character of Mu Yu. She sighs: "We know too little about the Siren King. Now I can only hope that Lu Lao will find it here quickly. He has lived for a long time. Maybe he knows how to rescue the Siren King. ”

    Wood Yu didn't say much, just thinking about something.

    "Can you try it again? I know this request is too much, but…"Qiao Xue said hesitantly.

    "Qiao Xue, don't you understand? The guy who is in the way, the number of times I tried is useless. For Dragon Star, the King of the Seas is not important. The main thing is that he does not want me to shoot and grab his limelight. ”Mu Yu shook his head.

    For Joe Snow, he can spend a little more time, but he doesn't want to make himself useless again because of the existence of Dragon Star.

    Qiao Xue squirmed his lips and looked at the distant dragon star, and his heart was annoyed. Long Xingyu is usually spoiled and acquainted. Until now, he still does not know the overall situation. If such a person controls the entire Qinglong dynasty in the future, then the Yaozu does not have any possibility of shouldering with human beings.

    A person has a high talent, but his temper is flying, and he can't take the heavy responsibility.

    However, Qiao Xue had no choice. She stood on the position of the Yaozu, and it was impossible for Mu Yu to kill the Dragon Star.

    "I am going to find Taling and find Taling to control the entire town demon tower."Mu Yu out of the channel. Since there is an unsightly guy here, then Mu Yu simply doesn't want to stay any longer, otherwise it just wastes time.

    "But you said that Taling may appear on any floor. How do you find it?"Qiao Xue said eagerly that she did not want Mu Yu to leave here.

    "I want to try my luck, at least better than staying here."Mu Yu sat up. "If I find Taling, I can directly control the town demon tower, and I don't need to crack the array here."

    Qiao Xue bit his teeth: "Then go!" I came to the demon island for the king of the sea monster, I want to stay here to find a way. ”

    Mu Yu also hopes that Qiao Xue can go with him, but Qiao Xue has his own mission, and he does not insist.

    "Be careful with yourself. If I see the deer boss, I will let him come here as soon as possible."Mu Yu smiled and put away Mu Ling. He walked toward the passage and left the ninety-ninth floor.

    Dragon Star saw Mu Yu leave here, and his eyes flashed a smug look.

    "So we left?" Don't pick up the bastard? ”Longteng asked inexplicably.

    "Yeah, you obviously know where the weak points of Zee's shore are!" We can say it and beat our faces. My favorite thing is to look at his impetuous appearance. ”Xiaoshuai said.

    "I don't want to be a good person. The little prince of the demon family is not willing to let me intervene. I don't have the need to intervene. He is so powerful that he can play with him."

    Mu Yu did know how to unravel the other side of the bank. Before he was interrupted by Long Xing, he had already kept the rest of the steps in his mind. When the ghost door was solved, he had already left the remaining array on the Bodhi tree. The pattern is finished.

    Ke Muyu does not want to say a way to break the line. He is not a person who loves the limelight. Although in the face of Qiao Xue, they unravel the "Jewel against the other side" approach, Qiao Xue will trust him more, and the dragon star will be trusted. It’s so mad that it’s smoked.

    But Mu Yu doesn't want to do this, because too much with a mentally handicapped will only lower his grade!

    If there is an opportunity, Mu Yu is more willing to kill this mentally retarded directly, saving him from being blind.

    Back to the 21st floor, Mu Yu will simply search each floor to see where the tower of the town demon tower is. He now sees the passage directly into the passage, not looking at the number of layers, and he is searching hard on each floor.

    But just as he entered a forest, suddenly two figures drifted.

    Mu Yu frowned, but also a ghost door!

    The cultivation of these two ghost gates was in the fit period, and Mu Yu did not act rashly this time. He stood behind a tree and used Muling to hide his breath and watched the two ghost gates fall not far from where they were.

    One of them, Mu Yu, has seen it, it is a ghost butterfly!

    When I met the deer boss in the snow mountain, at that time, the ghost butterfly and the ghost cold had to capture the thousand feet of the deer boss's hand, and was stopped by the wood feather. Ghost cold used a crystal ball to release the meat-winged horns. Mu Yu was still fighting with it. Although he killed the meat-winged horns, the ghost butterfly fled with a crystal ball.

    The crystal ball has the ability to summon the meat-winged horns, and Mu Yu always wants to take it back and destroy it.

    "Ghost Leopard brother, I have already brought Luna Stone to my hand, but the ghost cold was killed by a purple moon."The ghost butterfly looked coldly.

    The ghost leopard frowned and looked around: "Ghost cold, he should not be arrogant to use the moon god stone to summon the moon god. If you know that the moon god shadow has no sacrifice, you can't play the fighting power!" He was treated as a sacrifice by Ziyue. I was not surprised when I died! If you protect the moon stone, you should take it as a warning. Don't arbitrarily summon the moon god shadow, otherwise you will become a sacrifice if you are not careful. ”

    "I know."The ghost butterfly indifferently, then remembered something, and asked inexplicably: "Why don't we bring the newborn to the demon island?" If we bring them here, Luna will use their bodies to resurrect, and it is not easier for Luna to find the Siren King. ”

    "You have to remember! We can't control the Luna to do anything, they won't obey our orders. Although the newborn is the perfect sacrifice, they are very weak for a period of time when they are just attached, without any fighting power. ”Ghost Leopard said.

    The ghost nodded. "My mission has been completed. I am going to leave the town demon tower and hand over the moon stone to the ghost, what about you?"

    "Let's wait and leave, go with me to the forty-sixth floor."Ghost Leopard said.

    "What are you going to on the 46th floor?"The ghost butterfly frowned.

    "Ghosts and sorcerers informed me that he was trapped on the forty-sixth floor! We will wait for half an hour here and the passage will change soon. ”Ghost Leopard relies on a large tree on the edge of the exit.

    "How can a ghost be trapped?"The ghost face is slightly changed.

    "Ghosts tell me that Mu Yu did it. He also said the 46th layer of weirdness. We must be careful about the array."Ghost Leopard snorted, and he did not know that the forty-sixth floor was actually a field rather than a battle.

    After that, the two people fell into a silence, UU reading Every ghost door knows the change of the town demon tower channel, it is obvious that the ghost doorman has made ample preparations for the ghost island this time, and he has long known the town. Some conditions of the demon tower.

    Now that the time of the passage has changed, the ghost butterfly and the ghost leopard are waiting.

    On the other hand, Mu Yu was angered and burned. He always wondered why the ghost gates went to the sea to hijack nine newborns. The original is to make these newborns a sacrifice of the meat-winged horns. Freed from the town demon tower in another way.

    The town demon tower left by Xuanjizi’s real people is too strong. Even the ghost gates can’t smash the meat-winged horns, but they use the moon god stone, which is the first time that Mu Yu saw the ghost cold. The crystal ball used to summon the meat-winged horns is terrible!

    If the moon god stone is not destroyed, then the nine newborns will be treated as sacrifices in the future. It is necessary to know that there are countless meat-winged horns in the 39th-floor Yuzu prison. strange!


    Mu Yu clenched his fist, even the newborn did not let go, the ghost doorman style is really disgusting to the extreme!

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