Chapter 699 2 half-little devils (on)

    For the ghost man who wants to treat the newborn as a scorpion, the wood feather is angry, but he does not act rashly.

    Now he doesn't have the bodyguard of He Liankong. It is only a distraction period. There is no chance of winning with two ghosts of the fit period. He has to wait for an opportunity.

    "The little devils can't be underestimated, there are so many ways!"

    Mu Yu is still too big, thinking that the body of the devil's life will be sealed separately. I didn't expect the head of the ghost to be buried in the ground after being buried in the ground, but I was able to use my secrets to inform myself to rescue.

    The power of this bloody konjac is really evil!

    "How can this ghost be so stubborn! It’s the guy who can’t die. ”Long Teng Road.

    "The bloody konjac must have certain restrictions. It is impossible to die. There must be a way to kill it!"Xiaoshuai said.

    Mu Yu remembered one thing. When the ghosts squandered their lives to summon the blood soul, you can restrain the blood soul. Does that mean that the soul should be able to restrain it?

    Unfortunately, Mu Yu couldn't verify this idea, because He Liankong couldn't enter the town demon tower, and Mu Yu only had the soul of the soul in the soul. He couldn't take the soul of the old man to take risks.

    "We will follow them first. After entering the forty-sixth floor, the field of the unscented fairyland can suppress their cultivation. Let us kill them both!"Mu Yu thinks.

    Now that there is no Horgen's Horcrux, if you want to fight with the ghost gates of the fit period, you can only rely on the field of "The Spiritless and Immortal". Once he also enters the field of "there is no spirit, no fairy", then one person is more than enough to deal with these two ghosts.

    Half an hour soon passed, and the ghost leopard and the ghost butterfly also stood up and walked into the next layer. This layer is the forty-third layer. The other channel on this layer is the fourth. Floor.

    The entrance to the forty-third floor is a grand canyon. They come out under a waterfall in the canyon, and the sound of water creaks.

    The ghost leopard suddenly stopped and glanced at the waterfall and did not move on.

    "The forty-sixth floor has a field in accordance with the devil's life. It will make us unable to use the spiritual power. Just in case, you are here waiting to meet us. Waiting for us to return to the next level, go to the first Ninety-nine floors."Ghost Leopard said.

    "Well, you are going back soon!"

    The ghost nodded,

Nothing to say, left directly at the exit, while the Ghost Leopard went to find another exit of the canyon and disappeared into the distance.

    "Mom, the little devil is so sinister!"Xiaoshuai secretly said.

    Mu Yu also felt awkward. Originally, he planned to go to the "Ghosts and Immortals" field to deal with the ghost gates. As a result, the ghost leopard was so cautious and left the ghost butterfly.

    The ghost butterfly is now near the exit, which means that Mu Yu can't follow the ghost leopard to the 46th floor. The only way is to kill the ghost door first.

    But after all, the ghost butterfly is a comprehension of the fit period. Mu Yu’s desire to defeat the ghost butterfly will definitely cost a lot. If he can’t kill the ghost butterfly before the ghost leopard returns, then he is in danger!

    "The repair of the female ghost is probably in the triple heaven, can we join her to kill her?"Longtan asked.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "No, we can't shoot." The pit where the ghost was buried was not particularly deep, and it took no longer time for the ghost leopard to dig up the head of the ghost. In case we didn't kill the ghost butterfly, the ghost leopard came back, we are terrible. ”

    "They are going to the ninety-ninth floor, and we have to go back to the ninety-ninth floor."Mu Yu continued.

    Qiao Xue is still on the ninety-ninth floor. If the ghost doorman is going to the ninety-ninth floor, I am afraid that it will not be the opponent of the ghost gate, and that Mu Yu does not want to take care of the lives of the two people. But he must protect Johor's safety.

    Mu Yu had thought about destroying the exit directly like the last time, blocking the way the ghost doorman went to the ninety-ninth floor. However, this method has not worked. Because the ghost gates enter the town demon tower, they also know the changes in the exit of each layer of the town demon tower. They can completely recalculate another road to the ninety-ninth floor.

    If Mu Yu is behind them, it is impossible to destroy the exit exactly every time.

    Sure enough, the ghost leopard had come back from the passage, and he held the horrible head of the ghost!

    "Your bodies are sealed separately. I don't want to spend a few days trying to find them one by one. Are we going to find them now?"The ghost leopard frowned and asked.

    Ghostly life floated in midair, his look was very unsightly, the whole head was shocked, all the mud was spattered out and left his head.

    "No, the bloody konjac has merged with my head, and surrendering to the Kraken King is enough in my current state!" Let's go directly to the ninety-nine floor! ”Ghostly chilling.

    A bloody head is so floating in the air that it looks really different.

    Ghost Leopard and Ghost Butterfly did not say anything, they went straight to the exit.

    Mu Yu had already left this layer and waited for the ghost door on the forty-third floor. He knows that ghosts and other people will wait for three hours on this level before moving on.

    "The next layer of this channel we have been to, is the 67th floor!"Mu Yu re-hidden in the woods, and suddenly there was an idea in his heart.

    "The sixty-seventh floor? Is that the place where I can imagine a small ink? ”Longtan asked.

    "Da, why are you making small inks!"Xiao Shuai said with anger.

    "Okay, don't make a noise. The array of the sixty-seventh layer is called Chaos, and we know where it is. Maybe we can use this array to deal with these two and a half devils. ”

    Mu Yu treated the ghosts with only one head as a half person. He now needs to create trouble for these people. First, they rushed to the ninety-ninth floor to inform Qiao Xue.

    In the early opening of chaos, anything can be imagined by yourself, but the degree of imagination has a lot to do with your own mental power. If you imagine that a repair is beyond your own cultivation, it is easy to consume all your mental strength, so you have to sleep well and you are not worth the candle.

    “Do you mean that we can imagine something to deal with them?”

    Xiaoshuai immediately started his spirits, because what he wants, he will not be seen, but he can also use it for fighting. It is such a fun thing that he likes the most.

    "Well, we can imagine a little ink as I did last time, and definitely frighten them!"Long Teng said thoughtfully.

    "It can be, but when you want to make a small ink, don't imagine it. We can only imagine its breath. The little ink is the seventh-order monster. If you imagine it to play the strength of the seventh-order monster, Will give us ourselves tired."Mu Yu said.

    The imaginary things are formed by the formations, and the breath can be done in a false manner. If you don't break it, it is basically impossible to be dismantled.

    This array is based on the imagination of the imaginary, and the more energetic the person, the more imaginary things are, and at the same time they are related to their own cultivation.

    If the mental power is enough, you can even build a world of your own in the "chaos first open" format! Of course, with the current ability of Mu Yu, it is impossible to imagine a magnificent thing in the world.

    Xiaoshuai squinted his head, it doesn't care what little ink, and the small head is conceiving something weird.

    "I have a good idea, you two will wait for me, we need strategic deployment!"Xiaoshuai said happily.

    Mu Yu uses the wind and the heart to connect Xiao Shuai and Long Teng together, which means that the three of them can jointly imagine and perfect each other and reasonably allocate the energy of the three people.

    The three guys quickly began to discuss the next battle. Xiaoshuai had the most ideas, but many of his ideas were on the rise, and they needed to improve the strategy of Xiaoshuai, from time to time. Revise the comments made by Xiaoshuai.

    Soon the passage of this layer quickly began to change. Two and a half ghosts had already traveled to the 67th floor. After Mu Yu applied himself to a stealth formation, he entered the sixth after a slight delay. Seventeen floors.

    After entering the 67th floor, it is still the endless sea and the lonely island. However, this time you want to go to the ninety-ninth floor and you must export from another. Therefore, the ghost gates have long left the island to find another exit on this floor.

    When Mu Yu came out, he saw that the ghost gates were flying not far away. They still didn't know what kind of surgery was being carried out on this layer.

    Triggering the "chaotic initial opening" array, it is conditional to construct the imagination with the formation, and it is necessary to simulate the specific appearance in the mind very deliberately, if it is just the usual kind of random abstraction, a flash The idea of ​​not being able to show it specifically will not come true.

    "Well, let's take a look at these two and a half devils!"Xiaoshuai smiled.


    Ghost Leopard flies in the forefront, he has been looking up and wants to find another outlet for this layer.

    However, this layer is vast ocean, and another exit seems to be a little troublesome to find.

    "This layer is too big, how do we find that exit?"The ghost butterfly frowned.

    "Reassure, according to the information collected by the predecessors of the ghost domain, the two exits will not be too far apart. It seems to be boundless, but it is actually a magical array."Ghosts are floating, faintly said.

    Although the ghost gate people know the changing rules of the town demon tower export, but there is nothing to know about each layer, in their view, nothing more than just a battle.

    "Is there there?"The ghost butterfly suddenly pointed to the distance and said.

    Ghosts and ghosts look in the direction she is pointing, UU reading saw a floating island. The island floated in the air, above the Yuyu Qionglou, the scent of scent, like the land of the fairy, and a waterfall pouring down into the sea.

    The appearance of such an island in the endless sea is very abrupt. But since they have been able to see the formation of different formations on each floor since they entered the town demon tower, the snowy forest plains have everything, so it is not surprising to see such a floating island at this moment.

    Ghostly staring at the floating island, there is a hint of doubt in his eyes: "This island looks like a floating fairy island."

    Ghost Leopard said: "The floating fairyland of the million-merchase company was designed by the people who asked the ancestors. The mysterious machine was once a person who was in the line of the door. When the person who estimated the ancestor originally designed Fuxianyu, the prototype was based on the island. Maybe not."

    The two and a half devils didn't think much, flew directly toward the floating island, and didn't notice any anomalies. They didn't know what it was.

    What the two little devils didn't notice was that in the sea they were flying over, a huge shadow flashed on the surface of the water.

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