Chapter 7 Taishang Laojun is in a hurry as a law

In fact, there are very few children who can practice. Although a large number of people are crowded at the door, most of them are accompanied by children from relatives of the children. After all, this is a major event that changes the life of the child.

There are about four or five hundred people who really have the potential to cultivate.

The wood feather is standing in a big courtyard right now, there are several trees around, but no other adults, only a middle-aged fairy to maintain the order of these children, although the child naughty, but in this case everyone seems slightly nervous, especially in the land of the Fairy division, everyone is honest, the atmosphere also dare not out a mouthful.

How do they decide which martial art they go to? If there is no sect to be yourself, is it supposed to be sent home? This is everyone's question, including wood feathers. It would be a shame to be sent back if there is no sect. Mu Yu can even see the disappointment of the village chief.

The village chief said the choice may be to see who long pleasing to the eye, Mu Yu hurriedly adjusted his clothes, the messy hair is hard to smooth, this is very difficult, because the wood feather before the same as other children have parents to help dress up, he even did not wash his head, let alone just was a grizzly bear chasing run, the whole body dirty. He regretted that the village chief should wash it when he was scared and washed his pants in the stream.

"I heard people say that we will fight with wild beasts. Whoever performs better will be spotted by the immortal."There was a chubby little boy who saw the middle-aged immortal left, and he said it.

"Ah, huh? This……Can't this? Where have we been able to beat the beast? ”A thin, seemingly malnourished boy bit his face and licked his arm and found that his strength seemed to be insufficient.

"My brother said that the test to be tested is very harmful to people, and accidentally becomes a fool."A little girl with two scorpions squatted and said, her left index finger pulled the index finger of her right hand, wrapped tightly and looked very nervous.

"That is your brother, you can cultivate the immortal, he can't do it, just say it!"The little fat man said disdainfully.

"I will test if we will be immortal, you are a band of people."There is a boy who is very gorgeous and looks at this group of people. He is from a wealthy family. As a wealthy young master, he is very proud and naturally looks down on these countryside.

The little fat man is not happy, he asked: "Where do we have any fairy law? Don't you succeed? ”

The young master snorted and said: "Of course I will, your bandits are optimistic, my teacher is a powerful fairy teacher, he specially taught me."

"Do you have a teacher in your family?"

"Oh my God! You are too great. ”

Many people find it incredible. They immediately vacated a place for the young master. They want to see how the young master made the fairy law. The young master listened to the exclamation of other people and was very useful. He shook his wrist triumphantly, then clasped his hands, his index finger extended and put together, his mouth was filled with words, and he shook his head and seemed to be brewing something.

"What are you mourning?"Xiaopang still doesn't believe it.

"The bandits, the immortal teacher will display the sorcerer and do not understand the spell?" Don't affect me. ”The young master said that he changed his position and half-squatted down, his ass was high, and this time he raised his voice and deliberately let everyone hear it clearly.

"Tai Shang Laojun is in a hurry as a law, and the wind and lightning are with me."

It sounds like this one thing. This has an eye-catching password to scare some children. Some people even look at the young master in awe, and worship.

"Isn't this the curse of the old woman who danced next door to my god? The teacher in your family will not be a big jumper? ”The little fat man shouted.

Mu Yu held back his smile. He also heard these two passwords. The last time I heard the haunted ghost in the village, I specially invited a mage to practice things. The one who jumped the gods was to recite these two passwords. At that time, it was sprinkling water and fire breathing. The villagers were all stunned.

The young master ignores the little fat man, his face is flushed, two forefinger tightly together, then pointed to the ground, after a while, his hand forward a top, only to hear a "Cindy managed" light, small young master's index finger between something across the air, swinging a stream of air, sprayed on the ground, the dust on the ground are swinging open, Left a small imprint of a shallow.

"Wow! Amazing! ”

"How did you do it?"

Many people have widened their eyes. Although this imprint is only a pit of the size of a fingernail, and the ground is still soft sand, it is out of thin air. Naturally, many people are surprised and look at the eyes of the young master. It has changed.

"Humph! All said, this is a very powerful fairy, you have to learn for a long time! My teacher is an expert. ”The young master said proudly.

Mu Yu also felt a little surprised. Why did his fingers spurt out a stream of air out of thin air? Where is this airflow coming from? Is the teacher in his family really a tall man! If you want to test the fairy law later, isn't it only the young master who can pass the customs?

Many people began to learn how to look like a young master. The young master said that he would test the fairy law. They also believed in seven or eight points. Some people even started to panic.

The little fat man licked his mouth and said with conviction: "Don't just put a fart with your fingers!" It’s amazing. ”But his actions still sold him. He also went aside and secretly learned how the young master looked, and tried to release a stream of air on his fingers.

Soon in the courtyard, there was a scream of screaming, "Tai Shang Laojun is in a hurry…No, it’s not right, and it’s like a law.” “Golden wood is hot, isn’t it right, wind, thunder, lightning? How do you say it…"

The imagination of the children is very rich. Everyone is chanting the so-called spells. Some people don’t listen to the ones they have edited. Mu Yu also heard some spells of “opening the sesame”. I don’t know what it means, why is the sesame open? Instead of mung bean red beans open the door? Mu Yu does not like to eat sesame.

Looking at everyone's nervous look, Mu Yu has let go of his heart. After all, there is not only one person who doesn't know how to do it. Many people don't. If it is a test of fairy tales, then there will be a large number of people who are unqualified. So it must be another test, not the one that Little Master said.

"What are you doing?" Give me a stop! ”

At this time, the middle-aged immortal did not know where he came back. He saw a group of young children doing the same weird movements, and they still had words in their mouths, and they frowned and shouted loudly. I thought that the child is really a child, and the naughty heart can't change.

Everyone quickly stopped and quickly arranged the team and listened to the instructions. The middle-aged fairy teacher saw everyone standing, and this said: "The following is going to test, you come with me, don't squeeze, in order."

The middle-aged fairy turned and walked to the other side of the courtyard. There was a hidden arch. UU read The middle-aged fairy opened the door. Others followed, and came to another wide one. local.

This place is very spacious, with an open space in the middle. The open space is surrounded by a circle of circular steps. Each step has a seat. At this moment, dozens of people are sitting and sitting there, majesticly scanning the children walking into the open space. .

These people are old and young, some are gorgeous, and their clothes are bright. Some people wear plain clothes. They look like the wind is light and the real world is like a tall man, but no matter who they are, they are full of momentum. All of them can shake these unscrupulous children. After all, these people are high-ranking immortals.

No one has ever seen so many immortal masters. These immortals sit there and their eyes are swept over by children. The faint pressure has made many children feel guilty. Is this the power of the immortal master? Everyone is faint and excited. After all, if all goes well, they will become one of these people.

The immortals also began to whisper, exchanged with each other, and from time to time pointed out, apparently talking about the qualifications of this year's disciples, do not know if they see which person is special? Mu Yu thought in his heart and hoped that a certain immortal teacher could stay in his own body for a while.

"Now, the test will begin soon. Waiting for the team that I just arranged for you, go one by one to the stage, someone will tell you how to do it. ”The middle-aged fairy teacher said with a face.

Everyone looked to the middle-aged fairy to indicate the place, it is located in the center of the open space, like a ring, the difference is that there is a huge stone on the stage there, next to a table, a white-haired old man sitting at the table, table with a block of signs, but do not know what to do.

"Do you want us to lift this stone?"Mu Yu thought.

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