Chapter 700, two and a half devils (below)

    When the two and a half devils had just landed on Fuxianyu, they found that Fuxianyu and the distant places did not look at it. There was no such thing as a pavilion and there was only a huge crack in the ground.

    The crack is about five meters wide and covered with a layer of squall, and from time to time it sways.

    "Where is the exit?"

    Ghost Leopard swept through Fuxianyu for a while, and there was nothing but a huge crack in the ground, which gave him a hint of doubt.

    The head of the ghosts floated above the cracks and looked into the cracks. The black paint inside was like a prison, but at this moment, a breath that made them feel very heart-felt from the cracks, then The cracks in the seal crack suddenly trembled and swayed.

    "This breath is not -" Ghost Butterfly exclaimed.

    "Luna? Here is actually holding the moon god! ”The ghost leopard is very surprised.

    At this moment, an orange flesh-winged horn scream suddenly slammed up from the darkness, but was blocked by the pattern above the crack, and the smear of the smear made a muffled sound and spread out.

    "Hey, for so many years, someone is finally here!"The orange flesh-winged horns groaned and groaned, looking at the two half-ghosts on the ground.

    "I have seen the moon god!"The ghost leopard and the ghost butterfly quickly bowed their heads and said with respect.

    "Less nonsense, hurry to find ways to break the lines and let me out!"The orange meat-winged horns said impatiently.

    "But the god of the moon, the real machine of the mysterious machine, we can't lift it. We can only use the moon god stone to collect your breath. After leaving the town demon tower, you can temporarily regenerate with the right sacrifice."Ghost Leopard said hesitantly.

    "That damn bastard! Keep me in this dark place! ”The meat-winged horns groaned angrily. Then, as if it was enough, he yelled at the ghost door: "What are you waiting for?" Give me a look at the moon stone! ”

    The ghost butterfly took out the crystal ball, which reflected the shadow of all the meat-winged horns of the Yuezu prison.

    "Have you collected the breath of other detained brothers?"The orange meat-winged horns asked.

    "Yes, but can you summon you out in the future? This depends on whether the atmosphere of the sacrifice matches you."Ghost Leopard said respectfully.

    Orange meat-winged horns linger for a moment,

Said: "You throw the moon stone down, this crack is divided into many layers, there are many people in custody below, I need to collect their breath."

    "But there is a ban here, we can't…"Ghost Leopard said.

    "The ban here is only for living things, and other things can be arbitrarily passed! Throw it up to you after I have collected it. ”The meat-winged horns said impatiently.

    "Yes!"The ghost leopard quickly pointed to the ghost butterfly, and the ghost butterfly would throw the moon stone away.

    "and many more!"The head of the ghost who has never spoken yet stopped the action of the ghost butterfly.

    "Do you have any opinions about the ghost servant who has only one head left!"The meat-winged horns asked coldly.

    Ghostly with a smile on his face, he wants to show a respectful smile, but because the whole face has been eroded, it looks more like a sneer.

    "The god of the moon is forgiving. There are only a few problems under the law."Ghosts reverently said, but his eyes flashed a skeptical look.

    "what is the problem!"The meat-winged horns are very impatient.

    "Before I came to the town demon tower, the ghost domain predecessors once told us that the Luna are concentrated in one layer. The ghost butterfly said that they are detained on the thirty-ninth floor. Why do you guys are being held alone? Here?"Ghosts humbly asked.

    "Humph! What is the ghost domain? Can he understand the idea of ​​mysterious machine? The reason why the mysterious son locked us alone is because he wants to leave a back road! ”

    "Leave a back road? What is the way back? ”Ghosts are amazed.

    "What is the way back is not your business! Where are you coming from so many questions? People who hear more talks die early, is your body lost because of words? ”The meat-winged horns sneered.

    Ghosts cherished their faces, remembering that they were sealed by Mu Yu, and they had a anger in their hearts, but they still said nothing: "I am sorry, it is my fault, offensive."

    "Do your best to be your own servant, don't ask what you shouldn't ask, and quickly throw down the moon stone!"The meat-winged horns screamed.

    The ghost butterfly has already thrown the moon god stone toward the meat-winged horns, and the moon stone falls on the pattern above the crack, spreading a scorpion and falling.

    Ghosts have been staring at the flesh-winged horns, his expression is unpredictable, watching the moon god stone fall, then suddenly remembered something, his face changed!

    "not good! He is not a moon god! Grab the moon stone! ”Ghostly angered and yelled.

    Ghost Leopard does not understand why the ghost will suddenly say such words, because the moon god's breath he will not admit mistakes: "Ghosts, what are you talking about?"

    But the ghosts have already filled countless blood souls, and they have fallen into the lines. The seemingly powerful patterns have suddenly become very fragile, and they have become fragmented and turned into pieces in the air.

    At this time, the whole island was also like a paper paste. It was smashed into two halves by the bloody and gloomy power. The whole floating Fuxian Island disappeared.

    The so-called indestructible seal is simply not vulnerable!

    And the ghosts squandered the ghosts and made a hand, and grasped the moon stone tightly.

    "what happened? What about the moon god? ”The ghost leopard asked in amazement, he still did not understand what had happened.

    "This is not the moon god, this place seems to be weird, collect the moon god stone!"Ghosts cherish life, the blood soul wraps the moon god stone, throws the moon god stone to the ghost butterfly.

    Although the ghost butterfly did not understand what happened, she quickly collected the moon stone, and then carefully guarded the situation around her.

    Fuxianyu was fragmented, and everything was turned into dust, leaving only the sea water still swaying, and the sound of the waves, but there was no extra sound around.

    Under the sea in the distance, Mu Yu is meditating in a small blisters.

    Everything in Fuxianyu is naturally imagined by them. In order to marry the two half-ghosts, he just took the risk of imagining the moon-shaped stone under the imaginary flesh-winged horns. Unfortunately, the ghosts seem to have noticed something wrong and decisive. The ground shot shattered the island in front of him.

    If it is not the movement of Mu Yu, I am afraid that I will be found by my ghosts.

    "Where are we showing flaws? I have imagined the perfection of the smell and appearance of the meat-winged horns! ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

    "I don't know, but the ghost is a man who can't underestimate. We have been entangled with him for so long. He is not a stupid little devil like Dragon Star."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

    Longteng said with some regrets: "Unfortunately, I almost grabbed the stone, and the guy was too alert."

    "The next step is to be careful. Moonstone is on the ghost butterfly. You must find a way to grab the stone of the female ghost. You can't let this stone be taken out of the town demon tower!"Mu Yu looks very serious.

    Luna Stone can summon the flesh-winged horns. If you let it leave the town demon tower, then the flesh-winged horns will be reborn with the help of the body of the comprehension, and when it is three days, it will fall into a land of annihilation!

    "Then continue to execute the backup plan!"Xiaoshuai said.

    They have come up with a lot of alternatives in a short time. After all, ghosts are a too many opponents.

    "Well, this little ink ink is on the scene."Mu Yu nodded.

    The ghost gates are still vigilant around, but at this time, the sea is rolling out huge waves, and four black-eyed gorillas, like the high hills, peep out from the bottom of the sea.

    Each of the four ink-eyed gorillas has sixteen strong and strong tentacles. The powerful atmosphere of the seven-stage monsters spreads in the air, floating in the sea, splashing the waves, and watching the two and a half devils.

    "It is a seventh-order monster!"

    The ghost leopard face is slightly changed, and the seventh-order monster is equivalent to the repair of the fit period. At the moment, they only have two and a half people, and it will be quite difficult to deal with the four seventh-order monsters.

    However, under the sea, the waves were raging, and two huge black shadows came over. Then two purple shadows broke out from the sea. These two purple shadows were more than 50 meters long, and the huge body turned out of the sky and the waves. The loud and loud screams spread out on the bottom of the sea.

    Purple whale shark, the monster in the sea bottom belongs to the level of the tyrant, its own strength is also the seventh-order monster!

    The ghost gates quickly quit, and they are more and more scared. The sea looks far less calm on the surface, and there are so many seven-order monsters hidden.

    However, there are many sea-inflamed beasts coming from the distance, and there are countless sea monsters in the air. These sea-inflamed beasts are at least six-order monsters, and they are mixed with the breath of the seventh-order monsters. There are also a few small Haiyan beasts running fast on the sea.

    "Be careful, don't hurt the cubs of the sea inflammatory beast!"Ghosts succumb to life, he also knows that Haiyan animal guards the scorpion. Once the Xiaohaiyan beast is killed, all the adult sea inflammatory beasts will go away.

    At that time, there were so many sixth- and seventh-order monsters, and two and a half ghosts had to be cautious. The breath of these monsters is really there. If you really want to start, I am afraid that they have twins and it is very difficult to escape!

    All the monsters screamed in anger, as if they were violated, hostile to the ghosts, and then the overwhelming monsters rushed together toward the two and a half devils.

    "Be careful! Can't fight! Find the exit soon! ”Ghosts screamed and sighed.

    Seeing that all the monsters have to be thrown down, the ghosts of the ghosts are pouring out of the spirits, ready to fight.

    But at this moment, the breath of a strong horizontal yin tyrant burst open, and from a distance, it came to the two and a half ghosts, and the sea water became a crisis under the scrutiny of this breath.

    Ghost Night's figure slowly appeared in front of the two half-ghosts. The ghosts suddenly shook open, and all the monsters were smashed and turned into a bloody rain. The seawater was suddenly broken by the monster's residual limbs. Dyed into blood red.

    "Ghost respect? How come you? ”The ghosts are obviously stunned.

    The ghost leopard and the ghost butterfly also showed a pleasant look. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

    "I am not coming to you, I am afraid that I will be buried in the belly of these monsters!" A group of waste! ”

    The ghost night snorted and looked at the ghosts, and the eyes showed a cold look: "What about your body?"

    Ghostly smothered his face with a sly look, and quickly bowed his head, saying: "Return to the ghosts, under the general care of the wood feathers."

    "plot? I let you come to the town demon tower is not to listen to your message! You have let me down too much! ”

    Ghost Night has aroused an anger, and the body also exudes a powerful pressure, so that the ghosts will die and wait for war.

    Ghosts are like what they think of, and ask: "Ghost respect, isn't that Helen Kong not allowed you to come in?" And your breath -"

    The night of the ghost night said: "Herlen can't stop me! Ghost domain thought of a way to get through Heliankong, not much nonsense, I am not here to come here, but the ghost domain used a secret law. I came in just to make sure that one thing happened, did Luna Stone do it well? ”

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