The No. 701 Chapter wins the Moon Sacred Stone

    "Back to the ghost, the moon god stone has established contact with the detained Luna, but he has accidentally summoned a purple moon adult, and the result was possessed by Ziyue."The ghost butterfly hesitated.

    "waste! A little thing can't be done! ”Ghost Night screamed, then continued to ask: "Ghosts are dying, have you returned to the past?"

    "Back to the ghost, I already know the whereabouts of the soul, just on the wood feather!"Ghosts are desperate to bow their heads and dare not have any concealment.

    When I think of Mu Yu, the ghosts are angry and angry because he only has one head left by Mu Yu.

    "Wood feather? It is him again! Regardless of him, it is impossible for Mu Yu to leave the demon island. He has become a shackle, and he will naturally catch him when he goes out. Now the moon god is very important. Ghost Butterfly, you will leave the town demon tower with me immediately. The ghost domain wants to try the sacrifices, the ghosts and the ghosts, and the two of you continue to go to the seal of the Siren King. Be sure to give the King of the Sea King to me! ”Ghost Night is immediately ordered.

    "Yes!"Ghosts and life, others said.

    Ghost Night pointed to the front and said: "The other exit on this floor is on a small island over there. You will rush over. I can't stay in the town demon tower for a long time with my secret method. This layer of the array is very weird, and you come with me! ”

    The ghost butterfly responded with a sigh of relief. The ghosts and the ghosts and leopards did not hesitate and quickly flew in the direction indicated by the ghost night.

    Ghost Night Watched the ghosts and the ghosts go far, and then turned and said: "Ghost Butterfly, show me your moon stone!"

    "Ghosts, please look over."

    The ghost butterfly did not hesitate to take out the moon stone, and respectfully handed the moon god stone to the ghost night.

    Ghost Night stared at the illusion above the Moonstone, and nodded slightly: "Yes, you did a good job this time. Now we need to leave here in one way. ”

    "Ghosts please speak!"The ghost butterfly still bowed his head and did not dare to go to see the night.

    "Give me the soul device on you."Ghost Night said.

    The ghost butterfly took out a white shoulder blade and was taken by the ghost night.

    "You are now closing your eyes. I will use the secret method to take you directly away from the town demon tower. If you feel uncomfortable, don't resist with spiritual power. The secret method of Ghost Domain is like this."

    “Why close your eyes?”The ghost butterfly is somewhat puzzled.

Why do you have to close your eyes when you show your secrets?

    "Some things are not what you should see, understand?"Ghost night snorted.

    "Yes, the ghosts respect the adults for forgiveness, and this is the case."

    The ghost butterfly closed her eyes. What she didn't see was that after she closed her eyes, the ghost night suddenly showed a gorgeous smile. This kind of smile made the ghost night look like a whole person.

    If the ghost is in the presence, he will definitely be suspicious, because they have never seen the ghost night laughing!

    But the ghost butterfly didn't notice anything, only heard the sound of [email protected]@, as if some branches spread, climbed the whole body of the ghost butterfly, and the ghost butterfly frowned, she felt very uncomfortable because of a fine Pure deadness seems to cover her whole body.

    She remembered the words of Ghost Night, so she did not resist.

    At this moment, the ghost butterfly suddenly shocked the whole body, she opened her eyes in horror, then lowered her head and saw a tender green branch in the heart of the chest!

    The branches sprouted a powerful suction that spread throughout her body, sucking away all the vitality in her body.

    "Ghost respect, you-"

    The ghost butterfly raised her head in anger, but met the bright eyes of Ghost Night, and she trembled. This is not the eyes of Ghost Night!

    "You are not a ghost, who are you!"

    The ghost butterfly wants to yell, but she suddenly grabbed her throat, and her throat was not known when she was pierced by the branches. She couldn’t speak loudly.

    "Small voice, of course I am not your family."Wood feather slowly floated up from the sea and said calmly. In his hand, he used the ghost device of the ghost butterfly. For the killing of the ghost gate, he would not be merciful because the ghost butterfly is a woman.

    Ghost Butterfly still wants to struggle, but she can no longer move, the vitality of the whole body is sucked away by the wood spirit like a flowing water, even the soul and twins can not escape!

    "It's not easy, finally solved a female ghost."

    Mu Yu slowly dangles the ghost's body into the sea, without a wave, and then looks at the ghosts and ghosts who have left in the distance, or not to relax their vigilance.

    "Really, why not leave the ghost leopard, and with his IQ we can kill him like a female ghost."Said Long Teng.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "The ghost is too suspicious. He has only one head left, and Ghost Night also lets him go to the ninety-ninth floor alone. He will doubt it, so I must let the ghost leopard and him. Going together, this arrangement will be reasonable."

    All of the things that have just been done are self-directed by Mu Yu. In fact, the breath of the seven-order monsters and the ghosts of the night are all bluffing.

    If the ghosts and the ghosts start to attack the monsters at the beginning, they will immediately find out that although these monsters look powerful, the breath is also a fake, but in fact it is a paper tiger. There is no real combat power.

    Fortunately, Mu Yu timely imagined a ghost night, imagined the atmosphere of the ghost night, and let the ghost night kill all the monsters, and fabricated a convincing rhetoric.

    "Chaotic first open" array of the most powerful convenience can be imagined, and the spirit of Ghost Night Ming is too strong, shocking them all, even the suspicious ghosts of life are not able to react at once.

    "Ghosts who are so savvy are so ignorant that they haven’t even beaten him. Why do we imagine that when we imagine the night, we will marry him?"Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.

    Mu Yu thoughtfully said: "The head of the Ghost of life fused with the blood field Demon skull, I think it must be the blood domain Demon skull and the moon God has certain relations, therefore only then causes him to see through the month God's disguise, but we imagined Ghost Night Ming is the time of the robbery person, and the blood domain Demon skull has nothing to do, plus I staged the killing Demon Beast to save the Act, The Ghost cherish life for a time also be our words to fool past. ”

    The "imagination of chaos" is something that is imaginary and difficult to distinguish between true and false, and it is not so powerful that it can only be seen after the fight. Xiaoshuai is responsible for imagining the powerful monsters and the scenes that are shattered, while Mu Yu is imagining ghosts and nights, and the two cooperate with each other.

    "Fortunately, we can understand the tone of the ghost night guy."

    Mu Yu has been imagining what he said in the night of the night, and deceived the past with a ghostly night. In order to achieve a more convincing effect, Mu Yu also specifically asked about the whereabouts of the ghosts and the fate of the soul. Deductive.

    "We have already got the stone with the meat-winged horns, what are we going to do next? Ruined it? ”Longtan asked.

    Mu Yu discovered that the power of a strange and evil door issued by Luna Stone seemed to protect it strictly, and it was difficult to crack it with his current cultivation. He finally chose to give up.

    "Let's go to the ninety-ninth floor first, and see if the deer boss is up to the ninety-nine floor, and then join hands to deal with the ghosts and ghosts."Mu Yu said.

    Even if there is only one head left in the ghost, Mu Yu still dare not smother him. From the blood soul he just showed on him, he knows that this guy has not weakened by losing his physical strength.

    The blood konjac itself is a gimmick, and it is now blending with the ghosts.

    Although Mu Yu got the ghost device of the ghost butterfly, but this soul device will be restrained by the bloody konjac in front of the ghost, and it is unrealistic for him to deal with the ghost leopard and the ghost.

    "Nothing, anyway, the exit we gave them was fake."Xiaoshuai said indifferently.

    In the front, Mu Yu imagined an exit, and the ghosts will show that they will appear on the other layer after passing through this fake passage. But the other layer is actually the ordinary tower that Mu Yu imagined. In fact, the ghosts and ghosts are only playing at this level.

    "Hurry to leave here, our imagination is limited, the tower below is just a random fabrication of me, and I can't make too many fake towers. Ghosts will find flaws soon!"Mu Yu said.

    His voice just fell, and suddenly the blood of the sky appeared again, covering the wood feathers!

    "Sure enough, you! Wood feather! ”The sound of ghosts and cold voices gradually rang.

    "Where, I found that something is wrong so soon?"

    Mu Yu was shocked and quickly escaped to the back. The blood soul could not work for him, but the strength of the ghosts was still in the fit, especially the ghost leopard.

    Ghosts are desperate to say: "The next layer is the twenty-ninth floor, and that layer I have been to, is a huge altar, not an ordinary tower! The more I think about it, the more I feel wrong, come back and see you really! ”

    "It turned out to be like this!"

    Mu Yu frowned, and counted a few counts. The ghosts were too cautious. Although they were cheated by Mu Yu, Mu Yu did not go to the twenty-ninth floor. He imagined that the twenty-ninth layer appeared. The flaws.

    "What about ghost butterflies?"The ghost leopard yelled.

    "Do you mean the female ghost? I think about it, it has become a ghost! ”

    Mu Yu stepped on the surface of the sea, and suddenly there was a huge wave in the sea, covering the eyes of ghosts and other people. The two huge dragons spurted out from the sea and hovered over the sky.

    But the ghosts murdered the blood of the cold, and shattered all the illusions, and Mu Yu had already rushed along the entrance that only came in.

    He must leave here, just imagined a lot of things, his energy consumption is huge, Xiaoshuai is already yawning, and Longteng is also listless. With the current state and ghosts, they fight without any chance of winning!


    Mu Yu stepped on the island and UU reading disappeared on the island. Ghosts and ghosts stopped at the entrance, and the ghosts wanted to catch up, but the ghosts stopped him.

    "Are we not going to kill him?"The ghost leopard asked angrily.

    "No, we have to hurry to the ninety-ninth floor and win the King of the Seas!"Ghosts greet the cold channel.

    "The ghost butterfly may have been caught, and the moon stone is also in his hands. We must recapture the moon stone!"Ghost Leopard said quickly.

    "What are you panic? He can't destroy the moon stone! If it can't be destroyed, then it will be taken as a safe for us for a while, and the demon island will not go out, and sooner or later it will fall in our hands! ”

    Ghosts succumb to a bloody soul, and the entire island's exit is collapsed, so that Mu Yu does not come in.

    After a quarter of an hour, the exit of the island will change, and the exit recovery time will take half an hour, which means that Mu Yu can not enter this layer.

    Ghost Leopard is a little unwilling, but still has nothing to say, turned and continued to find the real exit of this layer.

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