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    "Little devil is cunning, this can be found." ”Small handsome not by way of scold.

    Mu Yu also felt very bad. He can't beat the ghosts and the ghosts. Now there is no other way than running.

    Ghost Cherish life did not chase over, should be looking for the real exit to go to the 99th floor, Wood plume worried about the safety of Choshe, he must return to the 99th floor.

    He calculated the fastest route a little. Starting from this layer, it takes six hours to reach the ninety-ninth floor. This makes his heart sink, because the path of ghosts is only three times. The layer can reach the ninety-ninth layer, the time is about five and a half hours!

    This one half hour also did not know Choshe can escape from the ghost to cherish life hand.

    "What should we do now?"Longtan asked.

    "No way, we can only wait for this level of export changes, hurry to the ninety-ninth floor."

    There is no other better way for Mu Yu. Long Xing and Long Ye are not able to stop the ghosts and ghosts from the two. With Joe Xue’s character, she will not let the ghosts succeed. There will be confrontation, and you don’t have to think about it, it’s Joe Snow.

    It is useless to worry about Mu Yu now, he must wait for the export change. Then I remembered the moon god stone I had just got from the ghost butterfly, and took it out, ready to see if I could find a way to break it. However, Mu Yu tried all kinds of methods and could not destroy this thing. Whether it was Mu Ling or his shadow sword, he could not leave a scratch on the moon stone.

    "Little handsome, try with your little claws."Mu Yu threw the moon stone to Xiao Shuai.

    Xiaoshuai popped his thin claws like a flap, and his claws left a white shadow in the air, not into the moon stone.


    Luna stone is divided into two!

    Xiaoshuai’s claws are really invincible. At least, it’s not enough to get things done with claws.

    But the moon god stone, like the head of the ghost, is automatically glued together after being cut, and there is no way to be separated.

    "I know how to deal with this stuff. The meat-winged horns are most afraid of the sun. We take this to the sun and expose it to the sun. Maybe we can solve this ball."Xiaoshuai suggested.

    "Or look for the eternal forbidden land that the old man said, and leave this thing in the forever ban, so that's fine."

    Mu Yu remembered the advice given to him by the dead wood.

Killing the meat-winged horns and horns is necessary to use the eternal mystery of the forever banned land. Wood feathers simply don't know what it is.

    The meat-winged horns are trapped in the town demon tower, and only reborn by the moon god stone, which means that if the moon god stone is left in the forever ban, the meat-winged horns will not come out.


    The ninety-ninth floor.

    Qiao Xue was still unable to do anything. She had no idea how to get close to the pillars and the ball. Long Xingyi has been trying his various methods happily, but each method is thunder and rain is small and useless.

    "Qiao Xue, I thought of a way that Grandpa once taught me, I will show it to you."

    The dragon star's arm has already turned out the dragon scale, and the golden light above the circle is shining, and the road turns into a illusion, and then floats into a heart-shaped appearance, swaying toward the cylinder and the sphere.

    This is his best skill. When he was in the Qinglong Dynasty, he used this hand to capture the hearts of many banshees. He often showed up in front of Qiao Xue. Qiao Xueping often only politely praised two sentences, but today Joe Snow is not interested in it at all.

    Qiao Xue looked at the heart-shaped shackles, knowing that it was used by Dragon Star to please her, but at the moment the heart-shaped shackles became another look in the eyes of Qiao Xue.

    She found that the shadow of Mu Yu seemed to be in that shackle.

    Qiao Xue licked his head. After Mu Yu left, Qiao Xue was somewhat lost. He knew that Mu Yu was still in the tower, but she always felt that she was separated from Mu Yu by 100,000 miles. I hope that Mu Yu would like to Stayed with her all the time.

    When Mu Yu left, it seemed to be in a bad mood. Qiao Xue wanted to go with Mu Yu, but she had to find a way to rescue the Siren King, so she could only stay with Long Xing.

    Dragon Star has been doing childish things in front of her. Qiao Xue looked at the ridiculous look of the dragon star, but all the thoughts in the mind were wood feathers. Compared with the dragon star, Mu Yu is the one who deserves to rely on. .

    She understood that after that mistaken collision, everything seemed to have changed.

    "Qiao Xue, is this love good?"Long Xing asked with a smile. He didn't have the heart to save the King of the Seas, everything was just to attract Joe Snow's attention to himself.

    "Ok."Qiao Xue answered casually.

    Dragon Star squats to Qiao Xue: "Do not worry, we will be able to save the King of the Sea King, did the old deer say it?" The white man gave him something, he could rescue the King of the Sea King with that thing, we just need to wait for the deer to be old here. ”

    Long Xingzhen took Qiao Xue’s hand, but Qiao Xue suddenly pulled his hand back in a reflexive manner. Long Xingyi looked at Qiao Xue’s reaction in his eyes, and his heart was very annoyed. Because he had seen the hand of Mu Yu touching Qiao Xue, Qiao Xue did not have such a big reaction.

    "Deer old does not know when he can come here, I hope he will hurry up!"Qiao Xue’s eyes fell on the exit, and she had a look of hope in her eyes.

    But this look is mixed with a little charm, she is not looking forward to deer, but looking forward to someone.

    The person who just left.

    Longye left and said: "If we go looking for a deer, see where he is going wrong, why not appear now."

    Qiao Xue shook his head and said: "No, Mu Yu said that the export here may change at any time. Once we leave here, it is very likely that we will not return. We are still waiting here for better. Without the guidance of Mu Yu, we have no results. ”

    Dragon Star said disdainfully: "He kind of person likes to show off the limelight. What kind of chaos is regular? I think he is all nonsense. If he can crack this battle, he will crack it, and wait a few days, completely. Just find an excuse."

    Qiao Xue frowned, she did not like the bad words of the dragon star said Mu Yu.

    "Xing Hao, Mu Yu is a strategist. The owner of this town demon tower is also a strategist. If anyone is the most likely to rescue the Siren King, that person must be him!"Qiao Xue is very serious.

    Long Xingzhen’s heart was full of vinegar, and he snorted, and when he was about to damage the wooden feathers again, suddenly there seemed to be some changes in the exit, and a voice passed.

    He turned his head and saw a ghost doorman and a head floating in the air!

    "Ghostmen come here again and die!"

    The dragon star slammed up and looked at the ghost leopard. As for the ghost that only had one head, it was directly ignored by him. In his opinion, a head could not make waves.

    Although the ghost leopard is a combination of the repair period, but they are here a combination of the dragon leaf away from the dragon star and himself and Joe Snow's water, especially in the eyes of the dragon star they face this one and a half ghost The doorman is really a breeze.

    "The original Yao people have come here long ago, not simple."Ghostly watching the dragon star and other people, his eyes are chilly and sinister, making people shudder.

    "It's a ghost, a star, don't care, we are not his opponent."

    Qiao Xue is not as light as the dragon star, although the ghost's head looks like there is no extra fighting power, and the breath is not much, but it makes her feel something wrong.

    "I killed them!"Ghost Leopard said sullenly.

    "Don't kill, I need a complete body."Ghosts cherished and sneered.

    "Want to kill us? Let me kill you first! ”

    Long Xingyi had already smashed his stomach, and his hands had already turned out the dark dragon claws. He has never been seen for the Terran, especially the ghosts.

    "Star, don't be impulsive! These two ghosts are not simple! ”Qiao Xue Shen Shen.

    Long Xingxiao smiled: "Joe Xue, you don't have to be afraid, like a ghost door guy, as long as it is not a robbery period, the other I will not look at it! You are waiting here, I and Ye Lishu to solve this inconvenience. ”

    The dragon star and the dragon leaf rushed away from the ghost leopard, and his dragon claw hand crossed a black mark in the air and grabbed the head. The dragon leaves are rushing to the ghost leopard, the attack of the two is very fierce, the shot is not merciless, just want to win.

    "Ghost Leopard, you go to catch them alive. I am worried that the soul of blood will make their souls riddled with holes, and the soul of the Yao people is quite powerful. ”Ghosts said their lives.

    "Jumping the clown, give it to me!"

    There is a ghost in the ghost leopard, a twin is thrown out of the ghost, and countless dark chains creak like a snake.

    The dragon leaves are at the forefront, his arms are turned into dragon claws, and one paw is caught in the dark chain. In his opinion, his dragon claws are hard and hard, and it is not a problem to catch the chains of the ghost gates.

    The chain touched the dragon claw hand, the dragon leaf slammed from the face, and a cold cold gas invaded his body along the dragon claw hand. This coldness seemed to ignore the demon power on him, and the whole body suddenly felt intrusive. The hail.

    "Don, let's get out of here!"

    The dragon leaves a big drink, he understands that he is still too small, the ghost leopard, and his body has already shown a huge dragon shape. He is a dragon shape, and the dragon is still far behind.

    As soon as he left, he wanted to leave the scope of the ghosts, but the chains were like a shadow, and his huge body was tied tightly and coldly, and the demon power in his body could not be done. Flowing up!

    Just a face-to-face, the dragon leaf of the fit period was actually lost in the hands of the ghost leopard!

    Dragon Star was also amazed. He finally understood how ridiculous he was, but his speed was not as fast as the dragon leaves, so he fell behind. When the dragon leaves were caught, he just stopped and said nothing. Do not say that you turn around and run. UU reading

    Qiao Xue also rushed over at this time, and the water curtains of the sky poured down and turned into countless ice cones to kill the ghosts. But the ghosts instantly poured into the ice cones, and the polluted ice cones turned into a pool of black water and sprinkled.

    The dragon star sneaked away, just like a black water splashed with ghosts, it felt like a cold shower, the whole body's demon power was frozen, and a horrible ghost invaded him and let him Can't condense the demon power and hang directly on the ground.


    Ghost Leopard sneered at Long Xing, and looked at Qiao Xue, who was resisting ghosts. He asked, "Ghosts, these three people, who do you want to use?"

    The ghost of the eyes in the dragon leaves and the stars from the two bodies swept, the eyes show a trace of satisfaction: "These two bodies have the soul of the Dragon Vine, but this fitness period of the guy Dragon Spirit is not strong enough, the body is not a good boy." ”

    Then the gaze fell on Choshe: "As for the woman who controlled the water, as early as she and Mu Yu together, I took a fancy to her body." Her body will be perfectly controlled by our ghosts, but it is a woman. It is a headache. Who should I choose? ”

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