No. 703 Chapter 0 in ice

    "Album! Hurry up and let me go! I am the prince of the Demon clan! ”Dragon Star yelled.

    "The prince of the Yaozu?" Then the dragon's blood on the body must be very high, not bad. ”

    The ghost's head fluttered to the front of the dragon star, and the dragon star was shocked. He could even see the scarlet blood vessels and the flowing blood on the face of the ghost, which made the dragon's body full of hair.

    "You, what do you want to do!"

    The dragon star has a hint of chill at the bottom of his heart. He grew up like a star in the Yaozu, but he never encountered a ghost and a life-threatening ghostman who only had half his head to live.

    "What do you still don't understand? The girl's physique is the most suitable for my bloody konjac, but you are a man, and his physique is not bad. I am a bit embarrassed now. Should I choose you, or choose the girl? ”

    The ghost plunged out his tongue and licked his already ruined lips, and his tongue was covered with his own blood.

    "you you……I warn you, if you dare to move me a hair, my grandfather, the Dragon Dragon King will never let you go! ”The dragon star sighed sternly.

    Long Xingyu is still counting on the Qinglong demon king to scare the ghosts. After all, the top ten demon kings are famous, and the people in the comprehension are jealous.

    However, if the ghost gates will be scared by the Qinglong demon king, they will be blamed. They will do everything in vain. Unscrupulous, they will go to the double heaven for the white demon king. Now come to the demon island or the king of the sea demon.

    The ghost gatekeeper who specifically hits the idea to the demon king will also avoid the Qinglong demon king?

    Ghosts screamed and laughed: "Your demon people want to find us ghosts. Even though we are, we also like the souls of your demon people. Compared with ordinary comprehensions, the souls of your demon people are better."

    Ghosts are close to the dragon star, suddenly closing their eyes and sniffing the dragon star, as if smelling the soul of the dragon star.

    "You, what do you want?"

    The dragon star was scared by the action of the ghost, and he realized that his identity was not worth mentioning in front of the ghost gate, nor did he have the same feelings as before, and he had already panicked to the extreme.

    "I was thinking about choosing your body, or choosing the girl's body is better. The woman's body can make me stronger, but I am not very happy with a woman's body. What do you think? ”Ghosts cherished and sneered.


    Dragon Star stunned and looked at the ghosts,

He also got to the side of Qiao Xue, who was being entangled in ghosts. He bit his teeth and shouted: "Choose her! I am the prince of the Yaozu, and will control the entire Qinglong Dynasty in the future. As long as you let me go, you will be the guest of my Qinglong Dynasty in the future! ”

    "Choose her?"Ghosts screamed and smiled. "Of course, it is ok to choose her body, but I have to set your soul!"

    "You can't kill me! I beg you, don't kill me–"Dragon Star was scared by the look of ghosts, and he shouted in horror.

    "Don't worry, I will solve her first, but it is not your turn."

    Ghostly stunned and glanced at the dragon star, turned his face to Qiao Xue, cold channel: "The last time you and my body together to separate my body, this time you fall in my hand, then take you The body to compensate for it!"

    Qiao Xue did not have any thoughts of fear. The look on her face was very calm: "If you want to kill, kill, how much nonsense!"

    Qiao Xue glanced at the dragon star faintly. She had listened to her in the ear just as she said, and she was disappointed with the dragon star.

    Usually, Long Xingyi did nothing to do with the identity of the Qinglong dynasty. Qiao Xue did not want to care about him, and even prevented Mu Yu from killing him. Only this time, the choice made by Long Xingyu made Qiao Xue understand that some things really It is unforgivable.

    "Dragon star, you are really sad."Qiao Xue whispered.

    Then Qiao Xue’s mind came out with the appearance of Mu Yu.

    At the time of the second day, there was no friendship between Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, but Mu Yu chose to send the jade directly to Qiao Xue, let Qiao Xue leave, and face everyone alone. Compared with the dragon star who sold his companion, Mu Yu has always occupied an unbreakable position in Qiao Xue’s heart.

    "You are a person who is not afraid of death, which makes me look forward to your body!"

    Ghostly sneer, has already flown to Qiao Xue, the blood of the sky quickly evolved into a huge blood shadow in the air, a closer look is the usual appearance of ghosts.

    The red light on the blood shadow flickers, clearly the stinky blood, and there are many blood souls that are struggling in the blood.

    This blood shadow gradually narrowed as he moved toward Joe Snow, and became as big as Joe Snow, wanting to blend with Joe Snow.

    Qiao Xue looked at the ghosts who were approaching, and the water spirit had dispersed and swayed all the ghosts. The water spirit itself is very special, and Muling is a level of things, but Muling is not afraid of these ghosts, and the water spirit is quite jealous of these ghosts.

    "I won't let you succeed."

    Qiao Xue bite his teeth, and there is a cyan dragon scale in her hand. The dragon scale instantly turns into a real element covering Joe Snow. On the skin of Qiao Xue, there are blue stripes on the skin. These stripes are mysterious and complicated, followed by cyan. Converted to a blue color.

    Her eyes were like two blue gems, giving off a cold chill. The long black hair turned into blue, soft and smooth like a blue waterfall, floating gently behind her.

    "Icy ice!"

    The blue water curtain flows in the air, light and sharp, the surrounding temperature drops rapidly, everything has already frozen, everything has withered, this is a frozen world, all the ghosts seem to change It has to slow down.

    Long Xingyu, who was trapped by ghosts in the distance, saw the appearance of Joe Snow after the change. He couldn’t help but chill, and he was shivering with cold, and ice crystals appeared on his eyebrows.

    The dragon star looked like something, shouted: "Joe Xue, Grandpa said that you can't use this dragon scale to borrow the power of Youmeng, otherwise you may be frozen to death!"

    "freeze to death? Do you really think that the identity of your dragon prince can make you survive? ”

    Qiao Xue’s voice has completely changed to a tone. Usually her voice is like a spring creaking, cheerful and crisp, but at this time it is like a thousand years of cold ice, cold and indifferent, echoing in other people’s ears, making people cold and cold. .

    Ghosts frowned, his blood shadow stopped, and the cold around him seemed to solidify the blood on his face, and the blood soul became unstable. These blood souls are tangible and intangible, imaginary, and few things can stop their attacks, but at this time they are affected by this cold.

    "Good powerful water control!"Ghosts sighed and exclaimed.

    His gaze reveals a very greedy look, the ability of the water to be enchanted by the Lord, and he once saw it in the ancient books of the martial art. When the water is in full force, the water can be frozen, including Blood and spiritual power in the human body!

    Ghosts know that the water is still in the body of Qiao Xue, if you can control the body of Qiao Xue, get the ability of Qiao Xue, then his combat power will be even higher!

    "You have to set your body!"The ghosts screamed and laughed, and the blood was so strong that the blood of all the blood souls melted like a general, and they again rushed toward Qiao Xue.

    Snow has already floated in the air. These snowflakes seem to have their own lives, and all the ghosts are shrouded in them, directly frozen into ice crystals.

    "My body belongs to me alone!"Qiao Xue shouted coldly.

    All the ghosts are frozen by the snow. From afar, the black mist of the same group is covered with crystals. It does not fall, but it can no longer move. At this time, the sound of joy rang from the body of Qiao Xue, two beautiful creatures flapping their wings and floating in the water.

    They sang songs in the air, and the weak body was so spiritual that people could not help but feel pity. The blue lightning suddenly rushed out of the water, flowing quickly between the pieces of snow, and all the gloomy ghosts were wiped away by lightning in a flash and disappeared.

    The ghost leopard retreats back and forth, and there is a white soul in his body, wrapping himself in the middle of it, resisting the cold winter. He was also amazed at his heart, because this coldness of the bones threatened even the repair of his fit period.

    The soul of the ghost is close to the blood soul. It seems to be awkward. It is also afraid to win the lightning emitted by the fish. His blood soul is dexterous and changeable. He is constantly evading in the air, passing through the interwoven lightning, avoiding all the lightning. , caught the Qiao Xue.

    The speed of the ghosts is fast, the body has turned into a blood shadow, and the ghost hand in the blood shadow has already touched the skin of Qiao Xue. However, the ghosts had just touched Qiao Xue with their hands, their faces changed greatly, and they rushed their hands back. The temperature on Qiao Xue was already low to a terrible level.

    Today's ghosts are only one head and soul left. When he touches Joe Snow, his soul trembles. The terrible cold can't even immunize his soul!

    Is it capable of being so powerful that it can be so powerful?

    "How can she bear this cold?"

    Ghostly cold eyes look at the skin of Joe Snow, at this moment, Qiao Xue's skin becomes extremely pale and transparent, like a crystal, then the ghosts smashed, because he saw a crack in the body of Joe Snow, like ice. The block is smashed.

    "I would rather turn into an ice sculpture and not be occupied by you."

    Qiao Xue’s voice is still so cold, but her consciousness has become a little fuzzy, and the water’s ability to freeze is too overbearing. She has never dared to use this ability. Usually it is just to control the water. I don't dare to lower the temperature of the water by freezing. Especially after the water is sealed, the body can't bear such a low temperature.

    "Awkward woman!"

    Ghostly retired, he did not dare to touch Joe Snow's body again. Joe Snow has become a source of cold at this moment. The temperature is so low that once he enters Qiao Xue's body, his soul will be frozen instantly. live.

    "I would rather die than die!"The blood soul of the ghosts re-contracted back, leaving only one head, his skull quickly retreated to the side of the ghost leopard, and the two together issued a gloomy spiritual force to resist this terrible cold.

    "Death, there is nothing to be afraid of."

    Qiao Xue's voice gradually weakened, she can recover her ability, but once recovered, UU reading with her current cultivation, her body will be taken away by ghosts.

    She does not allow other men to touch their bodies at will, and their bodies now belong to the savage youth.

    The darkness gradually invaded, she was not afraid of death, but at this juncture, only the figure of Mu Yu was left in Qiao Xue’s mind.

    Qiao Xue likes the young man who dares to chase his own beliefs, even though there is another girl in his heart.

    "Even if you finally choose to be awkward, I will keep you as jade."

    Qiao Xue’s eyes were full of steadfastness. She felt that she was sinking, as if she had fallen into an infinite abyss.

    However, a warm current suddenly spread around the body of Qiao Xue, it is a familiar feeling, as if the spring blossoms, the snow and ice melted, everything back to spring.

    "Stupid girl, I said I will protect you."

    The warm heart sounded like a gorgeous sun in the dark abyss, turned into a powerful hand, and suddenly pulled Qiao Xue.

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