No. 704 Chapter Dense Bones

    The water spirit touched the wood spirit, and the warm feeling came along. The coldness of Qiao Xue gradually dissipated, and the dry skin began to be gradually repaired by a vigorous vitality.

    She opened her eyes and saw the familiar face of Mu Yu.

    "Don't use the ability to hurt others to hurt yourself next time, do you know?"Mu Yu touched Qiao Xue’s head and held Qiao Xue tightly in his arms.

    The warm chest melted the coldness of Joe Snow and pulled Joe Snow's heart back.

    Qiao Xue felt the anxiety and tension inside Mu Yu, and felt happy inside. He had never left, she liked the feeling of being held in her arms.

    "Do you like me to hug? After that, I will hold you every day. ”Mu Yu laughed.

    Qiao Xue's face was red, and she realized that after the combination of Shui Ling and Mu Ling, they could communicate with each other. What they were thinking about, Mu Yu was clear.

    "Don't be serious, first deal with ghosts."Qiao Xue broke free from the arms of Mu Yu and stood up.

    The body of her cold and stiff body has already recovered her intuition. The spiritual power of Mu Yu still carries a strong vitality. It flows in his body and repairs the wounds in her body. Her body's meridians are like a long drought. Rejuvenate.

    "The little devil is annoying."

    Mu Yu regained his gaze on the ghost, with disgust in his eyes. If it wasn't for him to come in time, I am afraid that Josh will really fall into an irreparable danger.

    "Kid, is it so eager to come and die?"

    Ghosts stared at Mu Yu, and was repeatedly beaten by Mu Yu, not to mention his body was separated. His resentment against Mu Yu was not a day or two. At this moment, I saw Mu Yu, and the new hatred and old hate all came up, and I decided to make a break!

    Mu Yu looked at the ghost leopard and the ghosts, and both of them were in the fit period, especially the ghosts. Even if he had only one head left, it seemed that the repair was not affected at all.

    At the beginning.The bloody konjac is also a bloody head. The ghosts and sorrows merge with the bloody konjac. Only one head can live.

    "It’s really hard to fight."

    Mu Yu quickly thought about the countermeasures. Long Xing and Long Ye were still stiff at the moment. Just now Qiao Xue’s ability to recover for a while, it is estimated that these two people will be frozen into ice sculptures.

It is impossible to expect them to help each other now. He can only rely on himself and Qiao Xue.

    However, the ghosts turned their lives and suddenly turned into a blood shadow, and quickly flew toward the dragon star.

    Dragon Star stunned his eyes in horror and shouted: "Joe Xue, save me!"

    Qiao Xue frowned, recalling the choice that Long Xingzhen had made in the face of ghosts, and she felt discomfort in her heart. She turned her face away.

    "This kind of person has long since died."

    Mu Yu has already known what happened just now through Qiao Xue’s thoughts. When Long Xingyi was threatened by ghosts, he chose to keep Joe’s body in order to let himself survive, but now he still shamelessly wants Joe. Snow saves life, it really is a shame to the extreme.

    Dragon Star shouted: "I am a Yaozu…"

    "The Emperor of the Yaozu is useless."Ghostly said, he said.

    The sound of the dragon star slammed, and the blood shadow of the ghost has been integrated into his body.

    The dragon star trembled fiercely, and then the body showed a strange change. His whole body's blood seemed to be bubbling up, the skin began to crack, the blood vessels were exposed, and even the bones could be seen.

    A white shadow is detained from the body of the dragon star, and it is the soul of the dragon star! The soul of the dragon star has not lost consciousness at this moment. His face is still with a panicked look, and he struggles to control away from the ghosts, but the ghost does not give him a chance.

    "Although it is not the true dragon and the descendants of the soul, but it is pure enough, not bad."

    The ghosts and sorrows occupy the body of the dragon star, and the flesh and blood on the face of the dragon star has slowly deformed and turned into a ghost-like life. He stood up and slowly moved his muscles and bones, and a burst of bones in his body.

    "We should have saved him just now."Qiao Xue suddenly said.

    Mu Yu nodded: "Really, the dragon star 陨 this guy turned into a ghostly life-returning body. However, we can't save him. I can only say that you should let me kill Longxing. ”

    After the ghost squandered the body of the dragon star, he did not directly swallow the soul of the dragon star, but trapped him in the air. He looked at Mu Yu and Qiao Xue disdainfully, saying: "You two know these. What does the cylinder and the ball mean?"

    Mu Yu felt that there was some incomprehensibility. After the ghosts had taken over the body of the Dragon Star, the first thing was not to do them. Instead, they asked them a strange question.

    "You came here to find the King of the Seas, but you don't have bloody konjac, you can't feel the existence of the Siren King, but I can let you see and see. Let you experience the feeling of powerlessness that hope is in front of you but can't touch it, so that you can kill you again, then you will be dripping! ”

    Ghosts are screaming and laughing, and there are more people to kill. He likes to look at the desperate look of others. Mu Yu has always been against him, he does not want to kill Mu Yu directly.

    He walked toward a column, and the column was blocked by the array, and he was separated by a distance. However, the ghost does not care, but stops at the limit of the limit of the cylinder.

    He held out his hand, and a bloody radiant spurt out, turning into a starlight, and then countless blood souls rushed out of the light and rushed toward the column. Just now the cylinder can avoid any attack, and can avoid the proximity of any object, but nothing happens to these blood souls.

    The soul of the blood falls directly on the column, and every soul of the blood is clawing and clawing, biting the cylinder. The stone above the column was smashed in pieces, and the cylinder in front of it was bitten and bitten, revealing the inside.

    The column is actually a forest bone!

    This white bone is a form of a demon, it looks like a person, but it has a slender tail.

    This white bone is filled with lines, and the pattern is like a cage, trapping this white bone.

    “Is there a white bone trapped in hundreds of cylindrical spheres?”Qiao Xue's face changed slightly.

    No one knows how Xuanjizi really sealed the Siren King at the beginning.

    "Yes, it is indeed a cemetery of the Siren King. The King of the Kraken you want to find is among these bones."

    Ghosts laughed and laughed, his smile was very evil, and countless blood souls flew out of his body again, rushing toward all the stone pillars and stone balls.

    These blood souls are like a locust crossing the border. After eating a pillar and a stone ball, they continue to pounce on the next one. It seems that they are hungry and mad, and they are extremely crazy. It’s just a moment, and more than a thousand skeletons are presented in front of them.

    These skeletons are large and small, most of them are humanoid demon people, and their bodies are more or less remnant of the characteristics of the monsters, and those large cylinders and spheres are the bodies of the demon people, such as more than 20 meters. Long sand killer whale, sea snake demon hovering more than 50 meters high, sea Yan beast more than 30 meters high…

    The skeleton of all kinds is similar to the skeleton of the demon people on the Kraken Island. The only difference is that the skeleton color of these imprisoned looks very hard, and the skeleton of the outside Yaozu is not a grade, but the skeleton of Heliankong is a level!

    "Which skeleton do you think is the Kraken King?"Ghostly smiled.

    "The Kraken King has also become a skeleton?"

    Mu Yu does not understand, is the Siren King not the body of eternal life? Even if it is sealed, it should not die. How can it be a skeleton?

    "Lonely, there are only souls and bones on this island. What do you think is the cause?"

    Ghosts sneered a sneer, he was like a singer, and a mouthful of syllables was issued in his mouth. This syllable was so unbearable and extremely unpleasant, without any rules.

    But every time he sang a syllable, all the souls of the blood became very excited, passing through the seal and attached to each skeleton.

    The original white skeleton is painted with a layer of red blood lacquer, which emits a fascinating red light. Each skeleton has a radiant brilliance, and a scent of scent penetrates the pattern and smacks.

    "The bloody konjac, the king of the bones, only I am the only one!"

    The ghosts screamed and shouted, and all the skeletons wrapped in blood souls began to move in a smashing way, just like they lived. Their bones did not dissipate under the maintenance of the blood soul, but slowly moved, and then all The skeleton suddenly screamed up in the sky!

    The fierce voice came from the skeleton, with a whistling sound, just like talking leaks, but the tone was terrible.

    The deafening sound made Mu Yu and Qiao Xue involuntarily use their spiritual power to seal their hearing, and this is so, those voices are clearly echoed in their minds, long-lasting.

    Ghostly gaze flashed once the red mans, his mouth showed a sneer: "Do you know which one is the Siren King?"

    Mu Yu’s gaze was swept across all the skeletons, and soon he noticed that a skeleton was different.

    The reason why he is different is because this skeleton is a tall and mighty form of human beings. There is no such characteristic as a demon person. The momentum that he radiates is incomprehensible. Even if he becomes a skeleton, he can still feel him. The majesty of the world.

    "So many years, UU reading Finally someone came here?"

    What Wu Yu did not expect was that this skeleton had a mouthful of words, and the sound of the wood feathers was heard. It was the sea demon king who saw the real people fighting with the mysterious machine.

    The hollow eye socket of the Kraken King turned to Mu Yu and others, and then looked at the dragon leaf that was still trapped, and the dragon star who was trapped in the air by the ghost. He said indifferently: "Is the bloody konjac, the trick of the ghost gate?"

    Ghosts laughed and laughed: "The King of the Sea Kings has seen a lot of knowledge, but it is the ability to see through."

    The Siren King was silent for a moment and said: "How many high-level monsters did you kill in order to refine the bloody konjac? How many people have been killed, how many monsters and human skeletons have been collected? ”

    "No more, just nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine!"Ghosts screamed and laughed.

    His smile makes people chill.

    Mu Yu remembered that in the valley of the 100,000 mountains in the Mouyun Mountain Range, the valley where the ghost gates took the dragon vines gathered a myriad of white bones. These bones were used to refine the bloody konjac!

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