No. 705 Chapter The battle before the trap

    "The two of them are the demon people of the Qinglong dynasty, and you should not have taken away his body." ”

    The siren's voice was calm, because it was just a skeleton, so outsiders could not see exactly what he was looking at and couldn't judge his mood.

    The Siren King is clear about what happened outside. When Mu Yu started cracking the formation, he knew that he knew how the dragon star deliberately added chaos to the wood feathers, just because it was surrounded by stones. Wrapped, so the sound of the King of the Sea King can not be transmitted, can not say anything.

    The ghost cherished and sneered: "I now have a bloody konjac. You are a sly, you can't resist my orders!"

    "You control me is useless. There is a mysterious pattern of the mysterious machine. It is very difficult for you to crack his array."

    The Siren King did not deny anything. He knew very well about the real machine of Xuanjizi. After all, he was sealed by the real person of Xuanji, and still can't get out of trouble.

    "I really can't crack it on the other side of the bank, but I have four living sacrifices, which can completely cross the restrictions of the other side of the bank, use the soul to open a passage to help you get out of trouble, you should thank me."Ghosts plucked their eyes from the King of the Sea King to Mu Yu and Qiao Xue and others, and the eyes showed a radiant glow.

    "Sacrifice?"Mu Yu frowned.

    "I was originally planning to use the human soul I collected in advance, but I found that the souls of both of you are more powerful, then you are smashing your hands, or am I killing you?"Ghosts cherished and sneered.

    "With your blood soul can not kill us."

    After Mu Yu ate Tian Yan's turn back to a strange peach, he was not afraid of these blood souls. Although Tian Yan's time for protection was limited, Xiao Shuai picked up a lot of stocks and still had some stock.

    These blood souls are different from the ordinary souls, and their abilities are also very weird, but it is not so simple to kill the wood feathers and Qiao Xue with the blood soul.

    "I don't need to rely on the blood of the soul, I and the ghost leopard is enough. The people you want to save are in front of you, but I will kill you personally and let you die in despair! ”Ghosts laughed and laughed.

    The ghost leopard has already walked to the side of the ghost, and the pressure of the fit period is like a tumultuous thunder, facing the wood feather and Qiao Xue together with the ghosts.

    Mu Yu took Qiao Xue’s hand: “Qiao Xue, do you believe me?”

    Qiao Xue stunned,

Then nodded slightly.

    "Well, you can use the ability to cool down, this time I will protect your body."Mu Yu said.

    The combination of him and Qiao Xue can have unexpected effects, but at the beginning, Mu Yu did not know that Qiao Xue could still use such a powerful ability to control water temperature. Otherwise, he could have tried to use this kind of freezing. The ability to solve the evil spirits.

    Qiao Xue hesitated and said: "In the first nine days, the magic circle sealed the ability of Xuan Ming. I can use the dragon scales of Qinglong to use the ability to control temperature, but the dragon scales are less and less, and the time is long. limited."

    "how long?"

    "About half an hour."

    "It’s half an hour and a quarter of an hour."

    The black and white spirit in the wood feathers tumbling, such as the same warm current pouring into the body of Qiao Xue, protecting the meridians of Qiao Xue.

    Qiao Xue’s eyes turned into a blue color again, and the water flowed out of her hands, and the bits and pieces of water were filled in the air, but what surprised Qiao Xue was that every piece of waterdrops was mixed with one. Grainy blue seeds.

    "this is?"Qiao Xue asked in surprise.

    The specifics of Mu Yu are not very clear. These seeds are not controlled by him. Instead, after the combination of Shui Ling and Mu Ling, each water droplet of Shui Ling has been automatically wrapped in this insignificant green spot. The only thing that can be determined by Mu Yu is that these cyan seeds contain enormous vitality.

    "It’s the name of Mizuki, I have seen it before."

    Mu Yu remembered the fire in the eucalyptus lava cave outside the suffocating city. The water and wood rafts merged together, and the water droplets emitted by this is also the case. At that time, he can hardly bring those raging fires. Meng Meng became a ferment pot.

    The thick water droplets of the fingers floated out and quickly dispersed in the air. All the water droplets formed into crystal clear ice beads in an instant, like a wonderful piece of art, wrapped in cyan seeds.

    The surrounding temperature dropped again, and the cold spread all over.

    "Are you still here? Unfortunately, it is useless to me! ”

    Ghostly sullenly looked at Qiao Xue, Qiao Xue's temperature control ability also had a great influence on him, but at this time he controlled the body of Long Xing's body, and he could barely survive these chills by his powerful cultivation.

    The ghost device of the ghost domain was taken out by the ghosts. The ghost device of the ghost domain was black as ink, and it exudes a powerful soul. He protected him, and countless bloods turned into blood. The blood arrow stabbed the wood feather and Joe Xue.

    "Icy ice!"

    Qiao Xue sighed softly, and the absolute coldness swept out again. The ice beads greeted the blood arrows like a projectile. The blood arrow contains the destructive power of the Yinba, and it suddenly penetrates into the ice beads, and wants to contaminate the whole ice beads and turn them into their own.

    At this moment, all the seeds in the ice bead seem to have been subjected to some special summoning, and they sprouted in an instant. They were originally a sesame-sized seed, which instantly grew into a green plant. These plants are also very small, growing in the water of the finger-sized water, without breaking through the water drops, like a small version of the plant. plant.

    Violet, vine, morning glory, root grass, glazed flower…There are even weeping willows, pines, summer firs and so on.

    The various plants in the ice are swaying in the ice, and they are full of vitality. After the blood arrows were plunged into the ice beads, the leaves of these plants shook slightly, and all the blood arrows were sucked away, turned into their own nourishment, and became more vibrant.


    Ghosts are squandered, and he is familiar with his own blood arrows. This is made up of a poisonous blood soul. The blood soul can restrain a lot of things. They are tangible and invisible, and will not be blocked by spiritual power and magic weapons. The soul of the big killer.

    He knows that Mu Yu and Qiao Xue have been immune to the blood soul, so they intentionally attached the soul of the ghost domain to the blood soul, which is enough to hurt the human body, but did not expect that Mu Yu and Qiao Xue still successfully blocked the blood arrow. And the whole process goes with the flow, as if the blood arrow is the warmth of the past.

    "The scorpion of Mizuki, specializing in restraining monsters and ghosts!"

    Mu Yu is not surprised by the plants growing in the ice beads. Water can nourish wood and wood can protect water. The two complement each other and are the perfect combination.

    The ice beads wrapped in the wonderful plants have not been hindered by the blood arrows. They continue to succumb to the ghosts and the ghosts and leopards. The vitality contained in them is extremely powerful, and the ghosts are retreating.

    "what? Isn't this the power of Xuan Ming and Jing Mang? How can these two human races have their power? ”The Siren King looked at Mu Yu and Qiao Xue on the side, this time his voice seemed a little surprised and puzzled. Obviously, regarding the Xuan Ming and the sentence Mang, the Siren King is no stranger.

    The coldness of the bones made the ghosts and the ghosts feel the flow of the spirits, but they did not stop. They had a red ghost knife in their hands. The ghost knife was painted with a strange gimmick. The road is flashing in the blink of an eye.

    When the ghost knife came out, they issued a red awn, and they shrouded them in it, and they contend with the coldness of the cockroaches. Then a ghost hand suddenly protrudes from the red awns, and a ghostly and sinister ghost will instantly face. The ice beads are all scattered!

    After the ice beads were scattered, they turned into more small ice beads. Each of the ice beads still grows more tiny plants, which bloom wildly and disappear.

    "Little devil, give you a hundred flowers, Wan Mu Fengchun!"

    All the tiny plants in the waterdrops suddenly broke through the ice beads, and the branches and leaves grew rapidly from the ice beads. Thousands of branches were drawn, and the green leaves swayed in the air, swirling around the ghosts and ghosts.

    The red manskins made up of red ghost knives were all wrapped up tightly by all the branches. Each leaf veins were white with white branches and black branches. When approaching the red awns, the red awns had already eroded a large hole.

    Ghosts and ghosts can only quit again, but at this time Joe Snow's ice cones stopped their way from behind.

    "The ghost of Beiming Jiuyi will be alive!"

    The ghost leopard burst into a burst, and nine suffocating suffocates. The suffocating air was intertwined in the air, and it was rotated into a nine-star array. The black gas circlingly drilled out from the array, and a huge black ghost was looming.

    The wicked secret of the ghost domain, the ghost will be the skill!

    At the time of the Moyun Mountain Range, Ghost Xuanyue used the ghost to replace the trapped Xianji. Although he did not succeed in the end, the ghosts still left a deep impression on Mu Yu. At this moment, the real ghost domain is on the demon island, UU reading Ghost Leopard's ghost will definitely be more perfect!

    At the moment when the ghost will appear, all the branches that have been rolled to the ghosts and the ghosts of the ghosts suddenly change direction, and all of them will be slammed into the ghosts, and the ghosts will not have any damage.

    The ghost will have the ability to steal the day and change the day, and can replace some people to pass some rules.

    When Mu Yu controls those branches to attack, it locks in the spirit of ghosts and ghosts and leopards, but because the ghosts and ghosts are transferred to the ghosts, the branches have also made mistakes. Ghost will.

    When the comprehensists are fighting, because the speed is very fast, they simply can't hit the opponent by feeling. If you want to deal with the enemy, you must keep in mind the opponent's breath. When using the spell, you must also use the enemy. The breath is quoted, so that the magic weapon will not fail.

    However, the ghosts will be too evil to transfer the breath, so that the ghosts and ghosts and leopards are equal to transparent people. They have no breath and the speed is extremely fast. Mu Yu’s attack wants to take the breath as a long distance. There is no way to hit these two people.

    Mu Yu wants to fight ghosts and ghosts, and he must be faster than them, or fight in close combat!

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