No. 707 chapter The Sea Demon King out of the predicament

    "I am the King of the Sea, out of the sea I will gradually dry, I need the sea." ”The Siren King said quickly.

    Qiao Xue's water spirit immediately turned out to be a sea of ​​water, and flowed to the Siren King along the hole above the pattern.

    But the Siren King shook his head: "In addition to the sea, I need my blood."

    "Your blood? Do you tease me to play? You have become a skeleton, where to find your blood! ”

    Mu Yu simply wants to swear, this King of the Sea King has been trapped here for more than 5,000 years, became a skeleton, knowing that to restore his body needs to use blood, he does not want to keep a little blood, now tell Mu Yu they want Blood, how can I find it!

    "This array of mysterious machines has isolated all the water, including my blood, so I can't save my blood. Have you seen my descendants? The blood of my offspring can also be. ”The Siren King hesitated for a moment.

    His voice just fell, the formations exude a strange power, the water that fascinated by Joe Snow slowly evaporated, turned into nothingness, no matter how Qiao Xue did not use water.

    The other demon kings are sealed and they are all good. Only the King of the Seas will become a skeleton. The reason is on these patterns.

    "Your offspring? After so many years, the demon people in the sea have disappeared. How likely do you think that the blood of your descendants will be preserved? The most important thing is that I don't even know what monster you are. Where do you know what your offspring look like! ”Mu Yu said with no anger.

    The spiritual power in his body is constantly surging, and the chaotic yin and yang continue to help him maintain the array of real people, but the ghosts that have been squandered and exerted are very powerful, which makes him somewhat powerless.

    "The demon people in the sea have disappeared?"The sound of the Siren King sounded disappointing and heavy. He sighed softly and said: "My body is Xuanwu."

    "Xuanwu? Is it Wang Ba? ”Xiaoshuai asked his head.

    The Siren King said with disappointment: "It is not Wang Ba, it is Xuanwu, the king of the sea, not the same as the turtle."

    "I always thought that Xuanwu is Wang Ba!"Xiaoshuai shouted.

    "I don't care if you are a tortoise or a king, I can't get the blood of your offspring!"Mu Yu said.

    "Wu Yu, before we came here, he said that he would hand over the same thing to the deer, and said that he could help the King of the Siren to get out of trouble. This should be the blood of the King of the Siren.

"Joe Xue remembered this incident. Although they could not get the blood of the Kraken King, this does not mean that the White Demon King can't get it."

    "The point is that the deer boss doesn't know what went wrong, and now he has lost his way!"Mu Yu did not understand the deer boss who was so steady, he told the deer boss the specific route, but the deer boss has not found it yet, it is strange.

    "Are you looking for the deer with the broken corner and the useless turtle?" It is a pity that the two of them have been slaughtered by me! ”The ghost leopard smiled and smiled, and a jade ruler flashing with a stream of light appeared in his hand.

    "what? Deer is dead? ”Qiao Xue exclaimed.

    Mu Yu is also a glimpse. He recognizes the jade ruler. It is the magic weapon of the Siren King. It is a thousand feet. It was the battle of the real machine with the mysterious machine. This is a thousand feet to the wood. .

    At that time, Lu’s boss said that he had found a thousand feet in the sea. Now that the sea is in the hands of the ghost leopard, and the deer boss has not come here, it must have been unexpected.

    Mu Yu is very uncomfortable. Actually, he does not have any deep friendship with the deer boss and the old turtle. However, because they have been defending the dragon, they suddenly lost their lives in the hands of the ghosts. anger.

    "It’s a thousand feet, I need it."Said the King of the Sea King.

    "You need too much, and we have to have that energy to get it back!"

    Mu Yu is still worried about the death of the deer boss. For Mu Yu, the King of the Sea King does not matter, but the deer boss should not die like this.

    "No, listen to me, I really need it. As long as we regain the thousand feet of the sea, we have a glimmer of hope. I can teach you how to use the sea. ”Said the King of the Sea King.

    Mu Yu’s heart is very annoyed. The King’s King’s demands are too many. He doesn’t know how to deal with the ghosts and ghosts and leopards. How can he get back to the sea?

    "hope? You have no hope! ”The ghosts sneered and sneered, and the blood souls floated out again, and they rushed toward Muyu.

    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue did not dodge, blood soul penetrated their body can not cause harm to them, but the real goal of these blood souls is not Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, but the Siren King.

    After the blood soul attached to the Siren King, the bones of the King of the Siren screamed, and then suddenly reached out and directly passed through the holes that were corroded by the blood, which hindered the repair of the wood feather.

    "what are you doing!"Mu Yu yelled.

    The Siren King has apologized: "My skeleton is controlled, this is not what I want to do."

    The house leaks and the night rain, this King of the Seas not only requires more, but also involuntarily, adding chaos to Mu Yu, making it more difficult for Mu Yu to maintain the image of the other side.

    A huge tearing force was uploaded from the arm of the Siren King. After all, the Siren King is a man who has been cultivated for heaven. His strength is quite large. If it is normal, the Kraken King can't fight against these lines that are specific to him, but the pattern at this time is in jeopardy, and the interference of the Shanghai demon king is approaching the edge of the collapse.

    "not good! The two of you havetened to leave here, and I feel that my strength is enough to shred this battle! ”The Siren King shouted in a hurry.

    After being trapped for 5,000 years, getting out of trouble has always been the hope of the King of the Seas, but he has not waited for this opportunity to get out of trouble, but he is not happy, because getting out of trouble means that he once again lost his freedom after coming out of the cage.

    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue have not reacted yet. The squadrons at the foot of their feet have been violently split. At this time, the Siren King has jumped out and punched Mu Yu.

    "Oh shit! Just hit me when I came out? Really save the white-eyed wolf! ”

    Mu Yu screamed, and he dared to harden the punch of the Siren King. This guy now has only one skeleton left without the previous repairs, and it is far from being able to harden.

    He quickly pulled Qiao Xue into the wood spirit, and the Siren King banged on the wood spirit. However, the wood spirit did not fly out, because the King of the Sea King retorted and copied the wood spirit firmly. Hands.

    "Sorry, I don't want to hurt you."The sound of the Siren King sounds polite, although he is doing something involuntarily, but he politely apologizes.

    But his apology is completely useless, because his palms are not working hard, obviously want to crush Muling.

    With his strength, the magic weapon of the ordinary may not be spared, but fortunately, the enormous pressure of the wooden barrier can be withstood, so the King of the Seas can not crush it.

    However, Muling is fused with the water spirit, so when the Kraken King is working hard, Muling and Shui Ling have turned into a pool of blue-blue water that permeates from the seams of the Kraken King and quickly opens. The distance from the Siren King.

    At this time, the ghosts and ghosts and leopards have already been killed. They are marching all the way, and all the cages are far away from them. Only the skeleton of the King of the Seas is not far from them, because the Siren King has already left the Ze. The cage on the other side.

    "What do we do now?"Qiao Xue asked eagerly.

    The two of them reappeared, and the use of Shui Ling and Mu Ling although the way to avoid the attack is very light, but it is easy to be trapped by the opponent's spiritual power, so they do not dare to use it often.

    Fortunately, the Kraken King seems to be unable to use the demon power at the moment, otherwise, at the moment he is held by the King of the Sea King, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue are very difficult to escape.

    "We should not come to this drowning."

    Mu Yu whispered, every time I was entangled with the demon king, there would be no good things, and I would always encounter all kinds of messy troubles!

    Mu Yu regained an opportunity and flew into another cage on the other side of the bank. Because the cage of the Siren King, the "Jewel to the other side", was destroyed, which means that the flaws of the two squad cages connected with the King of the Siren King will be revealed. Just above one of the cages.

    However, fortunately, the ghosts will only rely on the bloodshed to forcibly erode the cages of the other side of the bank. They don’t know how to get close to these cages, so they can’t touch the wood feathers. His four souls have been used up, and it is not an easy task to grab the wood feathers.

    "You will only dodge?"Ghosts greet the cold channel.

    Mu Yu is too lazy to respond to the sorrow of the ghosts, he must now quickly think about a countermeasure, find ways to help the Siren King to restore the flesh, otherwise the Kraken King fell into the hands of the ghost, it is a big killer.

    "Mu Yu, we must save the Siren King."Qiao Xue said firmly.

    "I know, but we have had difficulty dealing with the ghost gates of the two fit periods. Now it is more difficult to add another Siren King. If Hellian's Horcrux can still be used, at least I can refer to my repair period, UU reading so I can barely hope to play against them. ”Mu Yu said helplessly.

    After the ghosts of the sorcerer's life and the bloody konjac, they were affected by the bloody konjac, and there was a crack, and there was no way to provide any soul power to Mu Yu.

    "The Horcrux? Do you have a Horcrux in hand? Is it the soul device of the soul? ”Asked the Siren King.

    "Yes, but our Horcrux will be controlled by the devil's bloody konjac!"Mu Yu spread his hands.

    "Use blood! Apply the blood to…"The Kraken King said quickly.

    The ghosts are cold-eyed: "The demon king, you have too much nonsense!"

    Ghostly slammed his hand and took the hand of the King of the Sea King's bones. The bloody red ghost was swiftly introduced into the skeleton of the Siren King. The Siren King could not speak.

    "blood? Can blood do this? ”

    Mu Yu was amazed. He didn't know that the blood could restrain the bloody konjac. Even the young man didn't tell him this.

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