No. 708 Chapter Heavy metacarpal Soul Device

    "Small handsome, blood can restrain the blood domain Demon skull control?" ”Mu Yu asked.

    "I don't know, I only know that the soul of the blood will stick to the bones, so the bones are also the nemesis of the blood soul, but I don't know if the blood konjac will be controlled by blood."Xiaoshuai shook his head.

    "Wait, I remember, you said that the bloody konjac is the king of the bones, all the bones can be controlled by it, but the bones in our body are safe, because we have blood in our body. protection!"Mu Yu analyzed.

    "Then we should have put our blood on the skeleton of the King of the Siren, so that he will not be controlled."Qiao Xue said with some remorse.

    Although the King of the Seas wants to restore the body, it must use the blood of his descendants, but if you use other people's blood temporarily, you can avoid being controlled by the bloody konjac even if you can't recover your body.

    "That doesn't work, have you forgotten?" Zee and the other side will absorb all the water, our blood can not enter the cage of the array, and after the King of the Kings, we have no chance to get blood. ”

    Mu Yu took out the soul device of He Liankong. The thigh bone of He Liankong can be said to help the wood feathers to be very busy. He also took the wood feathers for many times. If it were not for this leg bone, the wood feathers would have long since died. In the ghost domain and ghost night Ming hand.

    He quickly broke his finger, a few drops of blood floating out, and fell on the Horren's Horcrux. On the top of the Horren Air Horde, there was a shocking crack in the bloody konjac just now. Now, Mu Yu still feels awkward.

    When the blood of Mu Yu fell on the Horcrux, the Horcrux suddenly flashed, and the blood of Mu Yu flowed into the crack along the Horcrux, and a breath of vitality penetrated into the bone from the blood. The bones suddenly healed slowly.

    "what? Can the Horcrux also absorb blood? How can it heal? ”Mu Yu asked in surprise.

    Mu Yu had only intended to put his blood on the Horren's Horcrux, to avoid being controlled, but when he just dropped the blood on the Horcrux, the Horcrux sucked away the blood. Did not stay, how to protect the Horcrux?

    "Mu Yu, your blood has a strong vitality, you can repair the damage of the Horcruxes, your blood has been contaminated in the Horcruxes."Xiaoshuai said with amazement.

    Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders, and his blood actually had this effect, which is not bad.

    "Little devil, my blood is dedicated to you, these devils are weird."

    Mu Yu holds the soul device of He Liankong, and there is a familiar atmosphere in the Horcrux.

Spread all over Mu Yu, regaining his breath to the fit period.

    Ghosts greeted the cold, and the blood fog on the body rose again, but this time he could no longer use the bloody konjac to control the soul of the wood feather. Obviously he knows the weakness of the bloody konjac, the blood protection of the wood feather The bone horoscope is prevented from being controlled.

    "With the Horcrux, you can't turn the waves!"Ghosts are desperate to say.

    "It may not be!"

    Mu Yu has jumped out from the top of the cage and fell in front of the ghosts. Qiao Xue is next to Mu Yu. There is also a Horcrux in her hand. The Horcrux is in the hands of Mu Yu’s hand before he comes in. Come, the power of the Horcrux is far less than the wood feather.

    Regain control of the soul force, and the woody feathers against the ghosts have a sigh of relief. Although the ghosts have become more strange and powerful after the integration of the bloody konjac, but this moment is not invincible.

    The ghosts and the ghosts and leopards have already been killed by Mu Yu and Qiao Xue. The wooden feathers are lit up in the whole body, and the blue lines are integrated into the void. The shadow swords come out and meet the ghosts.

    However, at this time, the skeleton of the Kraken King also joined the battlefield. Although the demon king did not have a strong cultivation, but his speed and strength still existed. After a punch, the air seemed to be exploding, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue and two people did not dare to pick up.

    Long Teng and Xiao Shuai also shouted and rushed out. At the same time, the two winning fish circling in the Zhou Dynasty, the water splashed, the thunder and lightning, and the squatting on the King of the Sea King. Unfortunately, the Thunderbolt does not work for the King of the Seas, but the ghosts and ghosts are a little bit jealous of their lightning and retreat.

    The war is on the verge of death, and Xiao Shuai and Sheng Yu 3 together deal with the ghost leopard. Long Teng assists Qiao Xue against the Siren King who has strong brute force, while Mu Yu is one person to deal with the highest ghost.

    "Only two of them can only use lightning."

    At this time, Mu Yu’s cultivation has been distracted and he has regained control of the Horcrux. His imposing manner is not weaker than the ghosts, and the hard life and the ghosts are fighting against each other and then retreating. No one is taking advantage of it.

    "Shock and Remnant Snakes!"

    The cyan pattern of the cyan is morphed out in the hands of the wood feathers, and gradually turns into a blue lightning. The electric light is constantly slamming in the hands of the wood feathers, and countless blue sparks are swallowed in the middle, and then the electric spark is used as a streamer. Drilled from the wooden feathers.

    These blue streamers are interlaced in the air, and soon become a swift and fast-spirited snake that rolls in a different direction to the ghosts.

    "The little handsome is Xuan Cang Lei Lei!"

    Xiaoshuai is not to be outdone. Through Mu Yu, its attack can also reach the power of the fit period. The Thunderbolt Sword directly summoned the thunder of the bucket and smashed the ghost leopard.

    The spirit of the ghost leopard is not a ghost of strength, but he is a genuine fit and repairer after all, the speed is very fast, always able to avoid the invasion of Xiaoshuai dangerously and dangerously. But he is not only facing Xiao Shuai, but also two water gods who can control the thunder!

    The two winning fish are also powerful sixth-order monsters. Although they are not as strong as ghosts, they can exert a powerful power of lightning as long as there is water.

    Even if these lightnings do not hurt the ghosts and leopards, they can still restrain the ghosts and leopards. Therefore, the ghosts that were originally not low are actually dragged by the young handsome and the fish.

    "The ghost of Beiming Jiuyi will be alive!"

    The blood red ghost knife in the hands of the ghosts is once again red and bright, the dazzling red mans rises to the sky, and a ghost rushes out from the ghosts and lives in the air.

    The ghost will come out, and the breath of the sorrowful life will immediately be transferred to the ghosts. The Razers that had been attacked by the ghosts once again changed their position and bombarded them on the ghosts. The ghost will be attacked by the blue sharp Razer, but there is no sign of collapse, but all the snakes are absorbed.

    At this time, the ghosts have already called the bleeding color long axe to the wood feather, the shadow sword and the blood color long axe once again confronted, the strong fluctuations swept out, let the surrounding aura burst, the floating array of cages around They are all pushed away by powerful spiritual fluctuations.

    Mu Yu and Ghosts are very uncomfortable when they fight against each other, because he can't accurately judge the attack of ghosts and sorrows. The sound source and the spiritual fluctuations of every action in the air are on the ghosts. To make an effective response, the law can only rely on the eyes to judge.

    The comprehension of the comprehension is based on the breath of the opponent. It is difficult to keep up with the speed of the opponent by the eyes, especially the speed of the ghosts after the bloody konjac is combined, or the wood feathers are slightly better than a moment. The blood-colored axe has left a blood mark on the chest of the wooden feather.

    The black and white spirits quickly rushed out and healed the blood marks. Mu Yu stabbed a sword, repulsed the ghosts and reluctantly, and he also stopped in the air, and the blue lines again lit up from his hands.

    "Guo Yan homing!"

    Thousands of dense black swallows emerged from the wood feathers, flapping their wings and rushing to the ghosts with lightning speed.

    The "Knowledge homing" wood feather has not been used for a long time, it can display the cover door of the enemy hit by the Swallow.

    With the help of the Horcrux, Mu Yu has been able to catch up with the speed of the ghosts, but the ghosts are not because of the spirit of the shot. The attack of Mu Yu is hard to hit the ghosts, so Mu Yu had to use this array. Surgery.

    As long as the body of the sorrowful life is contaminated with the Swallows, even if the ghosts will be able to hide the breath of the ghosts, it will be useless. Because the Swallow's pattern on the body of the ghost is a wood feather, the wood feather can determine the position of the ghost's life according to the brand left by the Swallow's life.


    Ghosts greeted the cold and screamed, but they were not flustered in the face of the face-to-face attack. In his opinion, these illusionary tactics are completely vulnerable! The soul of the blood madly flies out of the ghosts, and the reflexive packs to those who want to tear them.

    However, there is no attack power in the Swallow's homing. It is illusory in itself. In addition, Mu Yu's understanding of this formation has already reached a level of supernaturalization, so Mu Yu will not give the ghost a chance to let it go. He is ruined!

    The blood soul itself is also an illusory thing made by the soul. Two kinds of illusory techniques are intertwined in the air. Those blood souls directly pass through the Yan Yan, and they cannot stop the pace of the Yan Yan.

    Ghostly, he realized that he could not destroy these Swallows. Although he could not feel the lethality of Swallow, no one would think of being exposed to unknown objects for no reason, so he kept changing his position and avoiding Yanyan. Invaded, and did not stop to kill Mu Yu.

    When the ghosts are dying, the breath is on the ghosts, so these can't be automatically pursued according to the breath. They can only be controlled by Muyu himself, and Mu Yu has to deal with the ghosts that are killed at any time, so it is difficult to control. In the air, Yan Yan catches up with the pace of ghosts and sorrows.

    But Mu Yu is not in a hurry, because when his hand is shaking, all the swallows are like a layer of water, which becomes a little looming.

    The trajectory of those Swallows seems to be changing faintly, and soon the ten Swallows are combined to sneak away from the left.

    Ghosts sneered with disdain, and Yan Yan couldn't lock his breath, and he couldn't catch up with him.

    He just wanted to fly to the right, but suddenly he suddenly felt that something was wrong, because at that time, those swallows that were clearly copied from the left appeared suddenly in front of his right side, and the body suddenly stopped in a hurry. Going forward, leaping upwards.

    However, he was miscalculated again, because a Swallow had already been integrated into him from him.

    The wood feathers that control the power of nature can already superimpose the mirror array directly on the homing of the swallows to form a matrix!

    The mirror array can make the position of the shot become elusive, and the speed of the Yan Yan is very fast. The combination of these two arrays makes the attack of Jiao Yan difficult to block. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

    Ghosts succumb to the body and immediately appear ghosts, want to destroy the Swallow. However, when Yan Yan entered the ghost and succumbed to the body, it seemed to sink into the sea and lost its breath, as if nothing had happened.

    The homing of all the swallows in the air has gradually faded, and their explicit time is limited. However, for Mu Yu, it is enough for a Swallow to hit the ghost!

    "Pretend to be a ghost! Is your array used for funny? ”

    Ghosts did not notice the strangeness, and did not feel any danger. Therefore, he felt a little relieved. He felt that Mu Yu was only bluffing. After the general technique touched the body, it was impossible to have no feeling.

    However, Mu Yu smiled slightly: "My array of skills is such a person you can judge!"

    For Mu Yu, this one is not used to detect the ghost's life, but to determine the position of the ghost.

    This time, even if you have a ghost, you will not be able to hide your breath in front of Mu Yu!

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