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Chapter 709 Melee

    Qiao Xue and Long Teng are relatively less difficult to deal with the Siren King, because the Siren King plays the pre-natal repair in addition to brute force, and his speed is not fast, Qiao Xue has the help of Shui Ling always in a critical moment. To avoid the attack of the Kraken King, Long Teng did not harden against the Siren King.

    "This will not work, the Kraken King is still too strong."

    Qiao Xue thoughts sharply, she wants to use her own blood to cover the King of the Siren, to see if she can remove the control of the bloody konjac against the Siren King. The King of the Kings is controlled by the ghosts in their hands and become the tool of the other side. This is quite a tricky thing.

    The spirit of the water wrapped her blood to surround the Siren King, but the power of the King of the Sea King reached a horrible level, and each of his fists brought a burst of punching, always able to turn the close water into a The water vapor, plus the body of the Shanghai demon king is incomparably dexterous, Qiao Xue's water spirit can not be close.

    After Long Teng only used his claws and the Siren King to resist a blow, the mighty force flew it and screamed in the air angrily. Obviously, the punch of the Siren King caused great damage to it. . At this time, in addition to the dragon to deal with the sea Demon King, no longer dare and sea Demon King head-on.

    "We have to think of a way to get the King of the Seas to be contaminated with blood!"

    Qiao Xue said to Long Teng, she stepped on her feet and the sea water rolled out. At this time, the King of the Sea King’s fist had banged up and shattered all the water, and Qiao Xue merged into the water spirit to avoid the Siren King. A hegemonic punch.

    "any solution? Let this guy hit me? ”

    The dragon's mouth spit out a breath, turned into a thousand swords, violently slammed down, and the Siren King just swept away, all the breath was shattered by his boxing wind, turned into nothing. The dragon screams, and the body is twisted into a circle, allowing the boxing wind to penetrate through the circle.

    "I don't want to be beaten by him!"Longtan shouted.

    It’s not a joke to be hit by the Siren King.

    Small handsome and two win fish control the power of thunder and lightning, and their three strength is actually not as good as the fitness period of the Ghost leopard, but their virtue is the thunder and lightning for the ghost of the people's restraint is very effective, their ghost gas dare not casually contaminated with thunder and lightning, even if the soul of the body also dare not hard to resist, so small handsome three only to stall the ghost Leopard.

    The wood feathers here have been difficult to solve with the ghosts. At this time, the ghosts call for the ghosts to be transferred, and the breath is transferred out. He himself is like a ghost without breath, but Mu Yu leans against the only one. Swallowing the swallow pattern, or locking the action of the ghosts.

    The ghost axe exudes scarlet blood, and the 18-way ghost chain is spurred out in the blood, covered with white soul power.

The teeth danced to the wood feathers.

    A chain of heavy bombardment on the ground, a landslide-like sound, if this is not the town demon tower, I am afraid that this chain will throw a hundred-meter crater on the ground!

    Each chain has a shackle in the head, and a red smoldering fire in the blink of an eye. When it is close, it will emit a stench of odor, turning into a erosive venom and hitting the wood feather.

    Although Mu Yu can resist all the poisons, he still can't care about the corrosive venom, because the poison of this kind of corrosion can't be directly filtered, and the poison is made by the dead man, the power can't be Xiao Yan.

    The shadow sword in his hand is raised, and the ghost chain that is coming in from the front is shaken off. At the same time, another shadow sword is morphed out from the air. The black tail is interlaced with black and white. It is like a needle thread, and it is smartly from the ghost. Pass through the holes in the chain and tie all 18 chains together!

    "My ghost chain is you can connect!"

    Ghosts greeted the cold, and the blood axe came out of his hand, hurriedly smashed, and cut the shadow sword of Mu Yu. However, Mu Yu’s hands have turned white stripes and blended into the shadow sword.

    The shadow sword became a illusion, and the blood axe was only one inch away from the shadow sword, but this short one inch distance was like a scorpio, unable to cross.

    Array surgery, a long way to go!

    The ghost cherished a cold drink, the illusion of the hand, the blood soul wandered out, and instantly blessed on the blood axe.

    The ghost power of the blood axe is getting stronger and stronger. With absolute strength, the hard-boiled and defeated the wooden feather blessing on the shadow sword. The blood axe is like a big mountain on the score sword!

    Although the shadow sword was unscathed, it was still shocked, and the spiritual power of the wood feather was cut off. All the ghost chains were re-distributed and rolled again from all directions to Mu Yu.

    However, Mu Yu did not escape this time. The shadow sword on his hand was alone in the evolution of the Tianjian nine, and the sword strokes changed rapidly. One sword turned into a nine-sword, and the virtual air swayed for a while, each The sword is mysterious.

    With nine sword shadows, Mu Yu greeted the eighteen ghost chains that were squandered. Eighteen chains smashed toward the wood feathers, but the nine swords beside the wooden feathers brought a sturdy sword and intertwined with the eighteen ghost chains.

    The sound of gold and iron impacts is endless, and the swords and ghosts are criss-crossed, and strong fluctuations sweep out. In the fierce impact of the ghost chain and the shadow sword, the wood feathers and the ghosts have been close to each other, and the breath of the two men is evenly matched, colliding together!


    Mu Yu and Ghosts have retired from each other, but they blinked together.

    For the close combat, Mu Yu is not afraid of ghosts and sorrows. He picks the sword to the shoulders of the ghosts. The ghosts will not dodge, and let the sword of the wooden feathers puncture themselves, and draw a blood mark with deep visible bones, but He didn't even wrinkle his brow, manipulating the blood-colored axe and swaying over the head of the wooden feather.

    The body of the ghost at this time does not belong to him at all, but the body of the dragon star. For him, the dragon's body is just a container, it will be discarded when it is used up, so it is not worried about his injury.

    Mu Yu bowed his head and escaped, and his feet smashed in the chest of the ghost, and the sword was cut off to the arm of the ghost! This time, the ghost has to dodge, although the body does not belong to him, but if he is cut off by Mu Yu, he will be very troublesome.

    The sword of the split sword is lost, the lines of the wooden feathers are surging, and the figure disappears in place, and then the head that has been squandered and squandered to the ghost. However, the speed of the ghosts is not slow, and quickly intercepts the shadow sword, while withdrawing.

    Mu Yu already knows the weakness of this guy. When he is on the offensive, most of them are only attacking, but he can allow the body to be scratched by any deadly sword, that is, he does not want to be cut off his limbs and head. Mu Yu’s goal is to cut off the guy’s limbs again as he did last time.

    "Kid, I didn't expect you to improve so much!"Ghostly chilling.

    At that time, after Muyu was upgraded, because he lost his soul, he did not have the ability to compete with the ghosts, but now the wood feathers of the Emperor are enough to threaten the ghosts.

    "The things you didn't expect are gone!"

    The nine swords around Mu Yu suddenly stopped in an instant, and each sword stroke quickly merged into the shadow sword in the hands of Mu Yu, and the swordsmanship of the sword in a flash was like a round in the night. In the hot sun, there is no end to life.

    A sword stabbed, and the surrounding aura swayed, and the wind and cloud changed color.

    Tianjian nine cited the highest level of meaning, ninety-nine one!

    That sword is extremely simple, seemingly full of loopholes, as if it can be resolved with a single block, but when the sword is stabbed, it seems to be ever-changing and unpredictable.

    Ghosts sighed and gaze, and he did not dare to face this attack of Mu Yu, although his breath was transferred to the ghosts, but just now, Mu Yu can find him every time. At that time the sword was already aimed at him, and he could not escape the scope of this sword.

    The ghosts and mists filled, the soul of the blood screamed in the air, and the eighteen ghost chains were re-aggregated into one, but the power became more powerful, and it was the sword that was not weaker than Mu Yu.

    The bloody long axe in the hands of the ghost has disappeared. He has personally captured this ghost chain and ushered in the sword of the wooden feather.

    In the eyes of Mu Yu, there are twinkling blue lines. At the moment when the ghosts are squandering their hands, the ghosts suddenly light up a cyan spot!

    Swallow homing!

    This array of wood feathers has not dared to pull out, because once pulled, can not kill the ghosts, then the breath of the fighting ghosts can not be locked, it will be very tricky.

    However, because the ghosts are using the ghost chain, the spiritual flow is the same as the source of the ghost, which means that if the wooden feather hits the cover of the ghost, then the ghost does not care about the dragon. The body, he will also be hurt!

    Ghosts can't see the shiny door of his body, but he is a very cautious person. When he sees the blue pattern in the eyes of Mu Yu, he has vaguely guessed that Mu Yu will be motivated. The set of spells set on him.

    Ghosts naturally know where the door of this trick is, so when he controls the chain of the ghost, he also firmly protects the weakness of his body, always pay attention to the position of the sword that Mu Yu stabbed.

    However, at this moment, the feathers pierced by Mu Yu suddenly lit up the golden lines. This golden pattern made him vaguely aware that something was wrong. Then he thought of something, suddenly his face was awesome. The sorrow chain has surrounded itself.

    This is the end of the world, the ghosts of life when the Tianyan reincarnation was eaten the loss of the end of the world, although the ghost does not know the name of this array, but he dare not care!

    When Mu Yu’s shadow sword has not been stabbed from the eyes of the ghosts, the ghosts have already prepared for the response, because Tianya will shorten the distance for a long distance, UU reading Jian Mingming just stabbed, but actually has come to the eyes of the opponent, ghosts to understand the power of this sword!

    When any comprehension person uses a spell, the body has a place where spiritual power is gathered. Ghost life is no exception, so he does not dare to care. He can’t stop his hand in the light and fire, and he has countless lights. Blood Soul, protect yourself.

    The sword is rising from the ground, and there is still a distance of more than ten feet from the ghosts. The ghost has been prepared in advance, and surely his front has already exploded and the sword is out. This sword has been shortened in an instant. Distance, stabbed to the door of the ghosts.

    Ghosts sneered, his ghost chain was attacked in advance, and met the shadow of the wood feather sword.



    However, the sorrowful life suddenly collapsed, and the shadow of the wooden feather slammed into a smash! At this point, he wants to dodge and is completely out of reach!

    While the clash of the ghost chain and the shadow sword is ringing, it is accompanied by another strange sound, and the body of the ghost is stagnation.

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