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Chapter 710 Bloodland Devil (Part 1)

    The ghosts looked at their bodies in disbelief. The door did not know when they had pierced a sword. The ghosts of the whole body suddenly flowed out of uneasiness and became wilted. The ghost chain in the air could no longer be maintained, and it immediately exploded with a bang, turning into a bloody fog and disappearing.

    Not only his cover door, his joints and necks have been pierced by a shadow sword, and he was stabbed in the body by eight swords!

    "How can it be!"

    Ghosts screamed and screamed, he had already done a good job, but he was still stabbed by the shadow of the wood feather!

    "Nobody tells you, never underestimate a squad!"

    Tianjian nine cited, has the highest sword potential, ninety-nine one. However, the power of Tianjian is not only that the nine swords are merged into one sword, but also that one sword can be divided into nine swords!

    The wood feathers that control the power of nature use the mirror array and the two worlds of the world, perfectly integrated into the Tianjian nine guides, so that the ghosts can not cope!

    Mu Yu’s hands were once again pulled, and the eight shadow swords stabbed in the ghosts and sorrows rushed out of the sturdy swordsmanship, and continually swam in the body of the dragon’s scorpion, and then blasted open, and the fierce swordsmanship had already The identity of you is destroyed and it is torn apart!

    Ghostly succumbs only one head has escaped. At this time, his breath has also been traumatized. There is no complete skin on his head. His blood is dripping, and the bloody konjac makes him very powerful, but to him. The corrosion is also getting worse.

    This time, Mu Yu did not intend to give the ghost a chance to survive. He won the battle and the sword broke out from the void. But at this time, the Siren King suddenly repelled Qiao Xue and Long Teng, and rushed over, and grasped the shadow sword of Mu Yu.

    The strength of the Kraken King is too big, the bones on the body are quite hard, and the shadow sword is caught by his bones. It is impossible to get closer to an inch. Instead, the King of the Sea King is forced to hold the wood feather of the sword. I gave birth to my life!

    Ghost Leopard still did not lose under the attack of Xiaoshuai and Shengyu. He also flashed back to the ghosts and sorrows. Xiaoshuai and Shengyu wanted to pursue, and the Siren King banged again. They only three. Can avoid it.

    "This demon king has done everything for me!"Mu Yu stabilized his figure in the air and was annoyed. Qiao Xue also rushed to his side, and the two sides confronted each other again.

    "Ghosts are dying, what do we do now?"The look of the ghost leopard has been somewhat eager. He did not expect that the ghost of the bloody konjac will be defeated in the hands of Mu Yu.


    Ghosts are angry and angry,

For this embarrassing task, he combined the bloody konjac, made himself unpopular, and paid a huge price, but never expected to break the hand in Mu Yu. His mind turned sharply and he had already retired.

    In this case, although the ghost can control the Kraken King, but he also understands the weakness of the control of the Siren King. Once the King of the Siren is contaminated with blood, he can get rid of his control. He has only one head left. The law dealt with Mu Yu.

    "First solved the Kraken King!"Mu Yu shouted.

    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue rushed over to them again, the sky was splashing, the green plants and vines swept through, the drops of water and the plants had a trace of blood, as long as they approached the Siren King, put blood It can be contaminated with the King of the Sea King.

    However, the King of the Siren’s fists, the wind and the wind, make all the trees and water flowers unable to get close. Even so, the King of the Seas can no longer attack them. Ghosts know that in this case, the King of the Seas can only be beaten passively, the situation is very bad for them!


    Ghosts are desperate to make a decision. He has no other means at present. Even if he has a bloody konjac, he is seriously injured. At this moment, the entire head of the sorrowful blood is disordered. He must find a place to recover first.

    Under the cover of the Siren King, the ghosts have already retired and went out with the ghosts and leopards toward the exit.

    "Want to go?"

    The shadow sword of Mu Yu has already spurred, and the Jianguang is violent, slamming down the exit, instantly destroying the exit and breaking their way!

    "not good!"

    Both the ghosts and the ghosts and leopards were slightly changed in their faces, turning around and glaring at Mu Yu.

    However, Mu Yu re-focused on the King of the Sea King, and his feet spread out of the blue and mysterious lines, turned into an ancient inscription, floating in the King of the Siren.

    These inscriptions are vast and simple, and contain a strange power. The inscription comes from the chaotic yin and yang in the wood feather body, and the chaotic yin and yang do not have any lethality. When the wood feathers recognized the chaotic yin and yang, the inscriptions were realized.

    He didn't know why he wanted to summon these inscriptions, but in the past, when he went back to the past with the old man, the dead wood had told Mu Yu, these inscriptions are the origin of the array, they belong to the chaos, you can Shuttle anywhere.

    Although Mu Yu did not understand what was called shuttle anywhere, he knew that the inscription could not be blocked.

    Under the control of Mu Yu, the inscription has passed through the style of the Siren King, and fell on the King of the Sea King. The movement of the wood feathers began, and the inscription began to evolve into a pattern. These patterns quickly formed in the air, to the King of the Sea King. For the center, the soul of the soul is filled with the body of the Siren.

    Mu Yu only felt a strong resistance from the skeleton of the Siren King, although the current Siren King did not repair, but the power is far from what he can control. He struggling to use the formation to bind the King of the Sea King, and hard to stop the King of the Siren.


    Mu Yu spit out a blood, forcibly controlling the Siren King to make him suffer a great deal. The King of the King of the Kings was only stagnant for a moment, and they wanted to continue waving.

    However, this moment is enough for Mu Yu and Qiao Xue to do a lot of things. The blood that Mu Ling wrapped in the wood feathers has been contaminated by the King of the Sea King, and the water spirit of Qiao Xue is also spread all over the body of the Siren. The king of the sea monster, the ghost of the king of the sea monster suddenly trembled and was stirred out!

    "You two are doing a good job."

    The Siren King broke away from the control of the bloody konjac, and has regained his freedom. He can finally speak again.

    "Be careful, don't let the blood leave me, or I will be controlled again. Also, the priority now is to find the blood of my offspring, otherwise I can't recover. ”The Siren King continued.

    Qiao Xue's face was a little pale, and all of the blood came from her. In order to protect the Siren King, the blood in her body was too much, and it was too much for her body.

    "Qiao Xue, don't lose blood, let me come."Mu Yu took over the water spirit of Qiao Xue.

    The water that wraps the blood flows in the whole body of the Kraken King. The ghosts are sullen and gloomy. Now he has even taken control of the Siren King, which makes him extremely angry.

    The bloody fog of the sky formed the illusory body of ghosts and sorrows. He reached out and took a trick to the imprisoned Dragon Star.

    "Don't kill me, don't kill me! Please, don't kill me! ”

    Long Xingyu looked at the four living souls that had just been smashed into pieces by ghosts. He had long been afraid of it. At this moment, he was caught in the hands of ghosts. He couldn’t help but mourn when he thought of his own end.

    "Do not kill you? You have no body, only the soul is left. How do you survive? ”Ghosts cherished and sneered.

    "I beg you, let me live, no matter what I do, I just want to survive! I want to survive! ”Dragon Star shouted in horror.

    Ghosts frowned and he remembered one thing.

    "Do you want to survive? As a demon, you should be familiar with the control of the demon body. I can let you go to the king of the sea monster and live instead of him. However, the purpose of your trip seems to be to save the Kraken King, so I see you still become part of my blood soul! ”Ghosts rushed out of the blood, and wrapped the dragon star.

    "Do not! I am not coming for the King of the Sea King, I don’t care what the King of the Sea King lives, I, I…"On the face of the dragon star, there was a hint of hot, "The Siren King died as early as 5,000 years ago. Now I can replace the Siren King!"

    "it is good! Then I will let you live! ”

    Ghostly succumbed to the blood mist of the hand slammed on the top of the dragon star, the dragon star screamed a scream, but his soul gradually turned black, and extremely strange.

    Ghost Leopard looked at the action of the ghosts, and his face changed. Some worries said: "Ghosts are desperate. Do you really want this demon to go to the King of the Seas?" Don't forget, the body of the Kraken King is to be reserved for the predecessors of the ghost domain! ”

    "Do you think that I am not doing this now, can we regain control of the body of the King of the Kings? And his soul strength just fits this condition, which is why I didn't pinch his soul at first! ”Ghosts greeted the cold and replied.

    Ghost Leopard's face was cloudy and uncertain. He glanced at Mu Yu and Qiao Xue. At this moment, they really did not have other retreats.

    The roar of the dragon star gradually weakened, and his soul has become black like the ghost field outside the town demon tower.

    At this time, the dragon's black soul screamed with a line of blood, which was all over his body, making him look like a stalk of red lines.

    "This form is really amazing."

    The painful look of the dragon star has disappeared, and it is replaced by an unsatisfied sense of satisfaction. It seems that the ghost has given him some powerful ghost technique, and he has already been able to exude soul power.

    It is impossible for a general soul to have this ability. After death, the consciousness of the soul will quickly dissipate, and the memory of the life will not be preserved, and the soul will be dissipated directly, and will be collected by the Triple Palace in a special secret method.

    But at this moment, the dragon star's soul has become the same as the soul on the demon island, and you can control your soul power as you like.

    "I turned you into a bloody demon, then you have to listen to my orders, otherwise these bloody silks will have your life!"Ghosts said coldly and coldly.

    The dragon star looks slightly sinking, UU reads www.uukanshu. Com felt the threat of the red line of the figure, he quickly squeezed a smile: "Adults rest assured that the stars will never defy the orders of adults."

    "Dragon Star! Have you forgotten your identity? ”Joe Snow is angry.

    Dragon Star gnawed his teeth and said: "I only know that I want to live!"

    "How can the Green Dragon Monster give birth to such a scum! Become a bloody demon, what is the difference between living and dying! ”The sound of the Siren King is also very angry.

    Mu Yu shook his head slightly, this guy is doing everything for his own benefit, as the demon people actually still rely on the ghost door, it is really sad.

    "Do you really think that the ghosts will be so kind to find a body for you? It’s stupid! You can't die a little bit. ”

    Mu Yu still doesn't know what the bloody demon is, and what is the relationship with the bloody konjac, but the action of the dragon star is really ridiculous.

    "Whoever lives to the end is qualified to speak!"Long Xing said.

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