Chapter 711 Bloodland Spirit (below)

    "Yes, whoever has lived to the end will have a chance to speak."

    The soul of the ghost is gradually integrated into the body of the dragon star. At this time, the soul of the dragon star becomes more and more dark. For example, the same group of black fog grows on the limbs and face, and the eyes become blood red.

    The soul of his body is getting stronger and stronger. If there is a strange traction force that comes out, let the souls of Mu Yu and others feel a threat. It seems that they are out of control and want to leave the body. The body is pouring.

    "How is this guy so wicked?"Xiaoshuai said a little nervous.

    The Siren King suddenly eagerly said: "Hurry to stop him, and when he becomes a bloody demon, you will not be able to stop it."

    "Can't we stop you?"Dragon vines come out.

    The Siren King once again apologized: "The bloody demon can attach to all the bones and get reborn. When he attaches to my skeleton, he will regenerate with my skeleton. At that time, he will gradually have my own. Partly repaired, I think you should be unable to stop me."

    Mu Yu and other people's face changes greatly, the Xia Wang Wang repairs everyone knows that this guy can play with the mysterious machine real life is a fuel-efficient lamp? Even if the Dragon Star has only partially repaired the Siren King, it is far from being blocked by Mu Yu and others!

    "Where, what are you doing?" Quickly seal the skeleton of the old turtle with the other side of the bank! ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

    "I am not an old turtle, I am Xuanwu."The Siren King corrected the road unpleasantly.

    "Take your turtle basaltic, and it is a burden to save you!"Xiaoshuai picked up the shoulders of Mu Yu from Qiao Xue’s arms and prepared to go back.

    Mu Yu’s hand has already appeared in his hand, but he knows his own cultivation. He is not a mysterious person. The saga of the wooden feathers is not able to trap the King’s King. Will be smashed by the Siren King.

    "What is the bloody demon and the bloody konjac?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

    The sorrowful life of the bloody konjac has become an almost undead existence, but now it has also revealed a mysterious bloody demon soul, a soul, a sly, ghosts of ghosts are really evil.

    "Blood konjac and bloody demon are all powerful and evil techniques in the ghost gate. The blood konjac is made from tens of thousands of powerful bones, whether it is human bones or monster bones. , will be controlled. The stronger the bones are repaired, the more powerful the bloody konjac will be. The way of the soul of the blood is the same as that of the bloody konjac.

It is at the cost of killing tens of thousands of souls to extract souls, and its role is to control all souls. ”

    In the interpretation of the Kraken King, once the bloody konjac is made, it is the nemesis of the bones of the world. It can control any bone. Once the bloody demon is made, it is the nemesis of the soul of the world. You can control any of the souls. soul.

    After the completion of the konjac and bloody demon in the blood, both must have a host. Ghosts also have bloody konjac and bloody demon souls. He regards himself as a host of bloody konjac, and must also find a host for the bloody demon.

    After becoming a body of the demon of the blood, you can also regenerate with the body of others as a ghost.

    “Ghostmen have prepared more things than I thought in order to control this demon island.”

    Mu Yu thinks of the many souls and bones on the demon island. The bloody konjac and the bloody demon soul are probably the ghosts who specialize in dealing with these souls and bones. The skeleton of the seawater is not the blood. The konjac opponent, does that mean that the souls of He Liankong and others will be in danger?

    But Mu Yu remembers one more thing, because when he first stepped into the demon island, the ghost gates can already use the bloody konjac and the bloody demon to deal with the soul on the demon island. Why have they not been able to do it?

    "Do you have any restrictions on things like this?"Mu Yu asked.

    "This kind of thing is so powerful, so it seems that it can only be used for seven days. After seven days, the bloody konjac and the bloody demon will disappear."Said the King of the Sea King.

    Seven days! No wonder they didn't use it at first, because the seven days were too short. Their real purpose was to control the King of the Siren. If you can't control the King of the Kings in seven days, then everything will be abandoned.

    Ghosts have returned to the past ten days, time is fair to the passers-by, how long in the past, the life of the passers-by will be reduced. If you use it at the beginning, then seven days is not enough, so the bloody konjac must stay in the last minute before using it.

    But for the current Mu Yu, even if the bloody konjac and the bloody demon can only use one day, they are not able to resist.

    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue have already stopped the Siren King. If the Siren King is right, then they must not let the Dragon Star attach to the Siren King.

    "Qiao Xue, you and Xiaoshuai are optimistic about the Siren King, and I and Long Teng will stop him."Mu Yu took out the shadow sword from the void, and the man had not reached the sword, and the sword became dark and smeared with the soul.

    "Oh, it's already late."

    Ghost Leopard reached out and lifted his ghost knife to bite his teeth. He gave birth to a piece of meat from his arm. The arm of the ghost-filled blood-stained arm is on display, and the piece of meat on the ghost leopard's arm has been integrated into the soul of the dragon star.

    The ghost mist on the soul of the dragon star swells again, and countless grievances are formed, bursting into haze, and clawing on the soul of the dragon star, as if the dragon star smashed a myriad of grievances to break free. come out.

    After the last law of the ghosts, the dragon star shouted, and had already avoided the sword of Mu Yu, turned into a sharp black shadow, and rushed toward the sea demon king.

    The shadow of this shadow is extremely fast. The pattern of the wood feather has just surrounded the past. The shadow has escaped the wood feather from the other direction and crossed the wood feather.

    Mu Yu immediately rushed back, he wanted to stop the shadow, but the speed of the shadow is more than the imagination of Mu Yu, and has already come to Qiao Xue.

    Qiao Xue has turned into a long-term water curtain to cover the Siren King and himself. In the help of the Siren King, the rapid retreat of the help of the King of the Sea, the small handsome and the winning fish also summoned a dazzling electric spark in the air, formed on the periphery of the water curtain. A lightning network.

    However, the shadow of the dragon star turned into a similar cone, but it rushed straight toward the thunder and lightning network, set off a strong spiritual power, hard to create a hole in the lightning network. , blasted on the water curtain that Qiao Xue developed.

    The water curtain stirred up a splash of water, but it was broken for a while and it was broken. This speed could not even stop the Siren King!

    "Little girl, and the kid left the town demon tower!"

    The Kraken King grabbed Qiao Xue at a critical juncture and pushed Qiao Xue out hard. At this time, the shadow of the Dragon Star also rushed into the skull of the Siren King.

    The Siren King, who has not been repaired, can't stop the invasion of Dragon Star. He knows that Joe Snow and Mu Yu are here to save him, so I don't want Joe Snow and Mu Yu to be injured.

    "No, the purpose of our coming here is to save you!"Qiao Xue is a demon, she does not want the Kraken King to fall into the hands of the ghost.

    But at the moment, there are two strange black gas in the eye sockets of the Skull King Skull. The black gas instantly covers his skeleton and drowns his entire skeleton in the dark mist. He struggled to resist and wanted to break free from the control of the dragon star.

    But he only had time to reach out from the ghost fog, and then he could no longer move. The bones of the hand bones stretched out by the King of the Seas are gradually filled with black gas. Gradually, the black gas turns into a meridian, and the blood flows. The muscles and skin appear outside the meridians, and the moment has completely changed. Become a human hand!

    "The body of the Kraken King is really easy to use!"

    The sound of the dragon star lingers from the dark mist of the ghost, and then the ghost fog gradually recovered into the body of the Siren King, and the appearance of the dragon star has gradually emerged.

    The dragon star with the ghost leopard flesh has been reborn with the help of the skeleton of the Siren King!

    The reborn dragon star is not the same as usual. There is a ghost fog in his body. The ghost fog gradually turns into a dark robes and is worn on him.

    He screamed in the sky, his voice echoed in this layer for a long time, and the overbearing dexterity flowed out of his body. This powerful atmosphere actually surpassed the fit period!

    "I can finally have this kind of repair! Haha! ”

    Long Xing looked at his body madly, clenched his fists, and waved gently. The fists were like a knife, splitting the void, and there was a dark smash!

    Mu Yu catches Qiao Xue and retreats to the side. Xiao Shuai and Sheng Yu also return to their side. At this time, the smell of Dragon Star is even stronger than the ghost. This kind of breath is only seen in Ghost Night. And this breath is still rising faintly.

    I did not expect that the Dragon Stars only had the repair of the Siren King and it has already reached the robbery period!

    Long Xingyi turned his gaze to the ghosts and ghosts and leopards. With his current cultivation, he was completely afraid of these two people. He even shot his hand and killed the ghosts and ghosts, so that he could no longer be squandered. Controlled…

    However, his thoughts have just formed, and the ghosts have already sneered: "Dragon Star, you must pay attention to your identity now, you are no longer a Yaozu."

    On the dragon star, a red line with a criss-crossing line suddenly appeared. The sharp red line wrapped around his body, and the dragon star’s face showed a very painful look. The bean's sweat was involuntarily rolled down. .

    "Adult, forgiveness, I have no other ideas."Dragon Star said in horror.

    The blood soul silk is attached to the soul of the dragon star, even if the dragon star has a strong body, but the soul can not get rid of the control of the ghost.

    Under the eyes of Long Xing's horrified eyes, there was a glimpse of a sinister sin. He was a small prince of the Yaozu, and he was respected in the Yaozu. Why have he been subjected to this kind of anger? But for the sake of living now, he only has patience.

    "No other ideas are best, then you are killing the two now. UU reading www. "Ghosts are cold."

    "How does the bloody soul make Dragon Star have a robbery period?"Qiao Xue was very angry.

    "He used the part of the Siren King to repair it, let's go!"Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

    Mu Yu just ruined an exit, but there are two exits on this floor. After Long Xingyi completed his rebirth, he did not hesitate to take Joe Snow to another exit, and then he will definitely put himself Give in compensation!

    However, the dragon star stepped out, the pressure of terror has swept down, and as soon as he raised his hand, a horrible black gas swept out and turned into a huge black hand, and banged on another exit!


    The exit was cracked by the dragon star, and the fragments burst into spurt.

    This time, both exits have disappeared!

    Mu Yu’s heart sank and the exit disappeared, which means that they have become the shackles of the shackles, and here is not the Dragon Star 陨 opponent who has occupied the Siren King!

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