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Chapter 712 Dragon Star 渡

    There are two exits on the ninety-ninth floor. One has just been destroyed by Mu Yu in order to stop the ghosts from escaping.

    However, where Mu Yu can think of ghosts and cherish the life, he still has a hand, using the soul of the dragon star as the medium, and the dragon star as the host of the blood domain magic soul, and with the help of the flesh and blood of the ghost leopard and the skeleton of the Siren King. It is also part of the strength of the Siren King.

    At this time, the other exit left is also destroyed by the dragon star. If the export wants to recover, it will take at least half an hour. Today, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue can be said to be difficult to fly!

    "Qiao Xue, come back to me, my goal is only wood feather, I don't want to hurt you!"Long Xingyu looked at Qiao Xue and revealed a disgusting smile.

    Qiao Xue was full of anger: "Dragon Star, do you know what it means to do this?" You occupy the body of the King of the Siren King, destroying the plan of Grandpa Qinglong, you will not let go of you even if you survive the Qinglong Grandpa! ”

    Think of the Qinglong demon king, Long Xingyi slightly frowns, then stretched out, and laughed: "Grand Dragon Grandpa is not just wanting a heir with a true dragon blood? When I kill Mu Yu and peel the dragon's blood to me, then I am a real dragon! Now that I have the body of the Siren King, as long as I give me time, I will be able to recover all the King of the Siren, and by then I will be the most qualified king of the Yaozu. ”

    The dragon's gaze glides through the dragon vine on the shoulder of Mu Yu, and there is a hint of fanaticism in his eyes. He now dreams of depriving the dragon's blood and becoming the heir to the Qinglong dynasty.

    "You have become a running dog of the ghost gate. Do you think that Grandpa Qinglong will hand over the entire Qinglong dynasty to you?" You are dreaming! ”Qiao Xue rebuked.

    Dragon Star sneered aloud: "I am not what it is now! Grandpa Qinglong does not give me the dynasty, then I will create a dynasty myself! Qiao Xue, I will give you a chance. You will come to me on your own initiative. As long as you obey me, you will be the queen of the dynasty I created. My dynasty is up to you! ”

    "Foolish dreams!"Joe Snow is angry.

    "Qiao Xue, I have given you the last chance, don't toast and not eat fine wine!"Dragon Star has put away a false smile.

    Mu Yu satirically said: "Dragon star, you have so many ribs, there are so many ideas, do you know that the power of the bloody demon can only last for seven days, after seven days, you are nothing, to When will the ghost people still keep you? Where are you confident? ”

    Long Xing’s eyes were stagnation. He did not hear the explanation of the wooden king’s explanation to Mu Yu. He quickly turned his head to the ghost and asked: “Adult, is he really true?”

    Ghosts laughed and said: "He is just fighting your self-confidence.

The bloody demon soul was originally used by the ghost domain predecessors of our ghost gates. Do we still harm the ghost domain? Besides, the blood konjac is the same as the bloody sorcerer. I am the host of the bloody konjac. I am not worried about this problem. What are you worried about? ”

    Dragon Star looked at only one head and the ghosts that were made up of ghost fog. I didn’t feel uncomfortable when I thought that the ghosts had become like this. Then he really didn’t have any scruples. He turned his head and said to Mu Yu: "It doesn't matter what you say, you will die today!"

    For the dragon star, this kind of eye is low, and the IQ is not worthy of ambition. Mu Yu does not want to explain too much. The ghost gate itself cultivates the soul, very strange, and the ghosts will become the host of the bloody konjac. After seven days, they will definitely look for a body that fits with them. What is the dragon star?

    The dragon star slammed into a sudden drink, and the ghost mist once again condensed into a huge ghost hand shrouded toward the wood feathers. This palm ruined the land and completely blocked the space around the wood feathers, and did not give Mu Yu the chance to resist.

    Muling and Shui Ling are entwined, Mu Yu pulls Xiaoshuai and Longteng disappeared into the water, and Qiao Xue followed with the winning fish. They have nowhere to run at this moment, and they can only evade the dragon star that is comparable to the robbery period in this way.

    The water wood was directly smashed and turned into a waterdrop in the sky. A slender plant was planted in the water, and it was scattered everywhere. And Mu Yu and Qiao Xue hid in these water beads, splashed with water drops, and kept going backwards.

    "Want to escape? no way! ”

    The dragon star swayed again, his ghost had surrounded all the water drops, and the encirclement gradually narrowed. The slender plants in the waterdrops grow out immediately, and they are full of vitality to meet the ghost of the dragon star.

    But the ghost is too strong, and the smell attached to the plant is blocked by the powerful dragon star, which can't affect the ghost.

    Mu Yu had no choice but to show it. The pattern in his hand flashed rapidly, and a water ripple was formed in the whole body. The whole world was already launched, covering all the plants, so that the ghosts could not get close.

    Dragon Star screamed wildly: "You can't make any impact on me!" I must kill you today! ”

    The huge pressure came from the ghosts and fog, and the "Feng Shi Tian Ya" that Mu Yu displayed was immediately crushed. The ghost hand swept across the branches and patted the front of the wood feathers.

    At this time, Mu Yu has no way to escape. Long Xingyi has some strengths of the Siren King and becomes too powerful! It is even more terrifying than the ghosts of the past, and it is impossible to stop him by simply relying on the water and the wood spirit.

    However, at this moment, Xiaoshuai suddenly jumped out and jumped out. As he leaped out, he had already extended his small hand and explored the sharp claws, and lightningly met the ghost hand of the dragon star.

    "Little dragon, what are you arrogant!"

    Xiaoshuai hardly resisted the strike of the dragon star, the ghost hand and Xiaoshuai's small claws banged together, the sharp claws instantly cut the ghost hand, the ghost hand was broken, and the strong breath became disordered. When it comes up, the dragon's palm will weaken.

    But even so, the aftermath of the dragon's palm is still acting on Xiaoshuai, and the Xiaoshuai is flying out.

    "Mom, little dragon, you give me waiting!"Xiaoshuai screamed.

    A branch of the tree has already wrapped the little handsome and was pulled to the side of Mu Yu. Because of the unbreakable small claws of Xiaoshuai, the blockade of the dragon star was separated by a gap, and the wood feather had been turned into a blue light. With the flexibility of the water wood, the hole was drilled out from the gap, and the foot of the sky was starred. At the beginning, he rushed to the cage where Zhe was on the other side.

    "No, don't let him escape to the cage!"The ghost cherished his face and changed his face, and immediately shouted.

    The cages have been set up with the "Kei and the other side" array. Once Mu Yu and Qiao Xue landed on the other side of the bank, it would be difficult for them to kill them!

    "hateful! Where are you going to escape! Let's take it with you! ”

    Long Xing's ghost hand was broken by Xiao Shuai. He did not expect it. After a moment of sorrow, he immediately reacted and re-aggregated the ghost hand and grabbed it toward Mu Yu.

    The skeleton cage has been dodging the ghost hand of the dragon star, and the wood feather has already reached one of the exposed cages. The "fire from the fire" array is shot from the hand of Mu Yu. Mu Yu has stepped on the cage.

    But the danger has not been lifted, because the speed of the dragon star is not slower than the wood feather!

    The dragon star lingers in the shadows. When Mu Yu uses the "fire from the sound" array to get close to the cage, he also followed, but when the wooden feathers are in the foot, the wood feathers have once again leaped and swayed, "showing away from the fire" The array went to another cage.

    Long Xingyi followed up and continued to catch up. If it wasn't for his unfamiliarity with the "Ze to the other side" cage, I am afraid that it will only catch Mu Yu in a flash!

    "This will not work!"

    Every time Mu Yu falls, his feet appear to appear in his feet. He wants to use the pattern to make the flow of "Ze to the other side" faster, and remove the flaws of "Zhe to the other side" and open the dragon star. But the helpless dragon star 陨 chasing too tight, almost shoulder to shoulder with the wood feather, is equal to the use of the "off fire" array of wood to the dragon star to open the road, wood feathers even dare not stop at will!

    "You can only fight together!"

    Mu Yu bites his teeth, his fingertips draw a blue pattern again, and the "Face of the World" array flashes from behind, shrouded in the dragon star.

    "Humph! This array doesn't work for me! ”

    Long Xing smiled and smiled at the back of Mu Yu.

    Mu Yu’s “Zhee and the other side” pattern attached to the back of the back resisted for a moment, and was directly smashed by the dragon star. The dragon’s palm slammed behind the wood feather and cracked his spine!

    However, the approach of Zee to the other side of the bank is limited by distance. Once the deviation is one inch, it will lead to no proximity. However, Mu Yufang forced the use of the 天 天 阵 抵 抵 抵 抵 抵 抵 抵 抵 抵 抵 抵 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨

    It is this that has given time to Mu Yu!

    When the dragon star wants to catch up, the cage carrying the wooden feathers has already left him.

    He is even more powerful, and he can't use the brute force to get close to the cage that has been used to "zee the other side"!

    "Mu Yu, are you okay?"

    Qiao Xue helped the wooden feathers, and the brilliance of the blue water appeared in the hand to help the wood feathers heal.

    Mu Yu’s back is burning and his body is no longer able to stand. Long Xing’s shot is comparable to the robbery period, and Rao’s body is hard and hard to bear.

    "I don't think I can move."

    The wooden feathers lay down and the spine was torn, which would cause the lower body to linger. At this moment, the black and white spirit in his body is helping him to heal quickly with the water spirit of Qiao Xue. Rao is recovering at an alarming rate, but this time it was hurt by the spiritual power of the robbery period. It is not so easy to recover.

    "Little handsome, how are you? are you OK? ”

    Mu Yu struggled to take Xiaoshuai out of his arms. Xiaoshuai just defended himself and rushed out and the dragon star of the robbery period resisted a blow. The blow of the robbery period is not a joke, wood Yu is very worried about Xiaoshuai’s accident.

    Xiaoshuai looked a little languid and said with weakness: "I am very uncomfortable, I have to sleep."

    "Well, hurry to sleep."Mu Yu touched Xiao Shuai’s head with some distress. UU reading

    Although Xiaoshuai is usually thick and thick, when he was still an egg, he resisted the attack of Tianlei. But at that time, Tianlei was just the power of the fit period, and it was far from the lethality of the robbery period. The dragon's palm is still causing damage to Xiaoshuai.

    Long Xingyu roared in another cage. He tried to get close to the cage where Mu Yu was located, but the array here was set by the real machine. The repair of the dragon star was not enough. To force close, every time he wants to get close, the cage of Mu Yu will always leave, keeping a proper distance from the Dragon Star.


    The dragon star screamed and screamed, and the squadron was too strong. He couldn’t do anything about it. He could only vent the countless ghostly giants and shoot at Muyu, but without exception, they were escaping from the cage.

    Ghosts squinted their eyes, and when Mu Yu escaped to the cage of the Siren King, he eroded the cage by the soul of blood. However, the soul that can corrode the cage is very strict. He has been looking for a long time in the realm of the comprehension to find only four souls of the comprehensible comprehension. At this moment, he can no longer use the soul of the blood.

    "Do you want to hide here for a lifetime?"The ghost cherished the cold looking at Mu Yu.

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