Chapter 713 Active Cultivation

    "The other shore" to save the wood plume they, but this array of surgery is also the equivalent of their trapped in situ.

    The Dragon Star is still there angrily in various ways to get close to the other shore, but still just do not work hard.

    "I'll get it back," said the cashier. ”Mu Yu gritted his teeth and looked at the ghosts.

    The ghosts are greeted with Mu Yu, and the bloody red eyes do not hide the strong killing.

    "go! We left the town demon tower. ”Ghosts greet the cold channel.

    "But they–" Long Xing陨 said reluctantly.

    "We can't waste any more time, we must leave the town demon tower."

    Ghost life is a very decisive person. He knows his ability, even if their ghost skills are more powerful, it is not the opponent of the real machine. There is no way for Zhe to break the other side of the bank, so it would be useless to stay.

    "I want to kill him!"Long Xingyu pointed to the wood feathers and said with grievances.

    "What we have is an opportunity! Don't forget that we are all in the town demon tower, he will not stay in the town demon tower for the rest of his life, waiting for him to go out is his death. ”Ghosts cherished and sneered.

    Dragon Star 陨 did not try to get close to Mu Yu, but said slyly: "Boy, I will kill you!"

    Mu Yu looks at an idiot like a dragon star. This guy thinks that he can survive now. It is not clear that the ghost is only a pawn that can be discarded at any time.

    Ghosts succumbed to the exit that was only destroyed by Mu Yu. He did not wait for a long time, and the export re-aggregated. This time, the exit was to the 60th floor, and the ghosts had already known how to get to the first floor.

    "I suddenly forgot one thing. Do you think that we can't rescue the moon god if we snatch the moon god stone?" You are wrong, I have a moon stone here! ”

    Ghostly life, the body of blood-fog appears in front of the body and the same lunar stone that the wooden feathers have taken from the ghosts.

    A wooden feather, a ghost, but also a month of stone!

    "Do you think that our ghosts are so casual? Tell you, in order to save the moon god, we have prepared seven moon god stones, and take them away separately. Whoever goes to the prison will use the moon god stone to brand the moon god's virtual shadow, so even if you snatch a month of stone, there is no Use, Luna will eventually be born! ”Ghosts screamed and laughed.


    Mu Yu’s face is very serious.

In the thirty-ninth-floor prison, there are thousands of flesh-winged horns, and a moonstone is enough to worry Muyu, but who can think of them actually prepared a whole seven.

    If more than 10,000 meat-winged horns appear in the triple sky, the triple innocence will be in danger.

    "I am waiting for you outside the town demon tower. The Heliankong and Mu Mengfei seem to care about you. If you know what is called the bloody demon, you will know what their next end is. The bloody demon soul ignores the power of the field. All the souls on the island will become the source of the soul of the bloodstain. He Liankong handed the Horcrux to you, but he is already difficult to protect himself! Want to save him, take the soul to change it! ”

    Ghostly chilled and said that he had already entered the exit and disappeared. Long Xingyi and Ghost Leopard followed closely.


    Mu Yu clenched his fists, and some souls such as He Liankong and Mu Mengfei always wanted to find relief, and they did not want to live in a soulless manner.

    They let Mu Yu come in to control the town demon tower, to unlock the realm of the real machine of the mysterious machine, Mu Yu must not look at He Liankong, they are caught by ghosts!

    "We must go out as soon as possible."

    Although the ghosts have left, the mood of Mu Yu has become very heavy.

    Qiao Xue sighed: "But we are not the opponents of the ghosts, they blame me, I don't know if the dragon star will become like this, I should let you kill him earlier."

    Mu Yu was watching Joe Snow's face before he couldn't hold on to the dragon star. I didn't expect it to make Dragon Star become their stumbling block.

    Mu Yu shook his head: "It’s none of your business. Even if the dragon star is dead, the ghost will still find another person who is the host of the bloody demon. He originally intended to use the bloody demon in the ghost domain. Body. If the ghost domain merges with the blood of the soul, then we will probably be more troublesome. ”

    Originally, the bloody demon spirit was used to make the ghost domain reborn with the help of the body of the Siren King, but it was temporarily taken over by Dragon Star.

    "Now I can only wait, the bloody konjac and the bloody demon can only use seven days, as long as seven days have passed, he will disappear by himself."Qiao Xue sighed.

    They can't kill the ghosts, they can't deal with the current dragon star, they can only wait for the power of the two people to fail.

    "Now don't need to think too much, we must restore the injury as soon as possible, otherwise the souls on the demon island will die."

    Mu Yu’s face showed a bit of pain, and the injury on his body made him feel very uncomfortable.

    Fortunately, the cage they were in this time was quite spacious. There was a tiger cub in the cage that was more than ten meters long. Except for the Siren, other demon people seemed to have lost their lives. Obviously they did not have the sea. The demon king has the physique of eternal life.

    "You two are okay?"

    The sound of the dragon leaves suddenly came from a corner that was inconspicuous. Mu Yu and Qiao Xue remembered that this time there was another dragon leaf that was caught.

    But whether they are ghosts or so on, it seems that they have forgotten the dragon's role from this insignificant role.

    "Dragon leaves away, what happened to Dragon Star, you should already know, are you planning to help Dragon Star or help us save the demon king?"

    Qiao Xue stood up and saw that the dragon leaves were still bound by ghosts. He was thrown into a cage behind him. The cage just blocked him. The goal of the ghosts and the ghosts and leopards was wood. Yu and Qiao Xue, this ignores the dragon leaves. While Longye was worried about his own safety, the atmosphere did not dare to make a noise, and inadvertently escaped.

    The dragon leaf sat up strugglingly, and the chain formed by the ghost still tied him tightly. He hesitated for a while and smiled bitterly: "I didn't expect the star to do that kind of thing. Who did he start? You should not start with the Kraken King."

    "Less nonsense, you must either leave the town demon tower, go out and let those souls prepare, or just wait for us to be hurt, kill you!"Mu Yu said, holding his teeth and holding back his pain.

    "But I don't know how to get out!"Longye said helplessly.

    "I know that you are going out from another exit. According to the route I guide, one step can't be biased. I found that the moon god stone that was just squandered has not been branded with the moon god shadow, so he should go to the thirty-ninth floor, so that you will go out faster than you, you have to think about it. The way to convey the message to all souls, the Terran side, also understand? ”Mu Yu said.

    Longye was hesitating for a moment, and finally nodded.

    Qiao Xue left the cage on the other side of the bank according to the instructions of Mu Yu, helping the dragon leaves to untie the bondage.

    Mu Yu told the dragon to leave the detailed route, and the dragon leaves to another exit. After a while, another exit reappeared. Long Ye also left the ninety-ninth floor.

    "How long will it take for you to recover completely?"

    Qiao Xue returned to the cage under the direction of Mu Yu, and Mu Yu once again used the fire array, and his injury was aggravated.

    She knows that there is black and white spirituality in the wood feather body. The most powerful and convenient black and white spirit is that it can swallow the injured muscle and re-grow the intact tissue, but this process also takes time.

    Mu Yu is also uncertain, and the process of engulfing and growing is very painful. He barely estimated it: "It may take at least five days! The repair of the dragon star smashing the robbery period can't stop my body, and the spine has already split open. ”

    The five days were still too long. After he recovered his injuries, the ghosts and the dragons and the dragons had already conquered all the souls on the island.

    Qiao Xue looked at the appearance of Mu Yu's injury. Her heart was very anxious. She bit her teeth, and her face suddenly appeared a blush. She whispered: "Can we do that kind of thing to make your injury recover faster?" ”

    "what's up?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

    "It's just to cultivate that kind of thing together!"Qiao Xue bite his teeth.

    Mu Yu reacted. He opened his mouth and his brain was short-circuited: "Hey, are you saying shame?"

    "Who is going to be shy? I dreamed of a little ink to find me, I am so annoying! ”Xiaoshuai suddenly looked out from the eyes of Mu Yu’s arms and squinted.

    "Nobody wants to do that kind of thing, the little ink is not here, you hurry to sleep and heal, Longtan, you look after the handsome."

    Mu Yu gently put Xiaoshuai on the ground, and it lay down and fell asleep. Long Teng is not interested in the shameful thing. It uses the claws to pull the little handsome and drags Xiao Shuai to the side.

    Mu Yu turned his head and continued to say to Qiao Xue: "But…But don't you like to do that kind of thing? ”

    "Who said that I don't like it?"


    "No, I don't want to do that kind of thing with you!"

    "Oh, then you like to be sober…"

    "To shut up!"

    Qiao Xue was so blushing that she was bleeding, and she felt that she had lost her face and slammed the chest of Mu Yu.

    "Hey! Lightly tapped, this kind of thing is not my initiative. ”

    Mu Yu was injured in the spine. At this moment, he was smashed in front of him. It was even more painful and grinning. He felt that he had just healed a little bit and the spine broke open.

    Qiao Xue looked a little confused and hurriedly helped the wooden feathers: "I'm sorry, sorry, I didn't mean it."

    Mu Yu laughed: "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if you are squatted by you anyway, it may be good for the injury."

    Qiao Xue glanced at Mu Yu with dissatisfaction and said: "We both entered the state of cultivation together. You are now squatting in the lower body. Don't think about your brains. You can't do anything. As long as the atmosphere of the two of us blends, we should be able to recover the injury more quickly to some extent. I warn you, this time is to let you recover faster, go out and find a way to save the Siren King, nothing else! ”

    "Oh, it’s not a good time."Mu Yu said with a slight regret.

    "Don't be a poor mouth, UU reading and quickly enter the state of cultivation."

    Qiao Xue let the fish and the dragon vines stand by and watch the sleepy little handsome. She uses the water curtain to cover the wood feathers.

    The meridians in the wood feathers were destroyed in a mess, but he slowly entered the state of cultivation. Qiao Xue blushes and glances at the wood feathers and begins to practice.

    The smell of blue was flowing on the wood feathers, the blue breath was swaying in Qiao Xue, and the breath of cyan and blue began to echo at some point, followed by two breaths.Melt the wind.

    Spiritually worked hard in the wood feather body for a week and then automatically flowed out into the body of Qiao Xue. At the same time, Qiao Xue's spiritual power will also flow into the wood feather body. Her blue spiritual power is very soft, which can help the wood feather to repair the wound on the meridian, and at the same time flow to the bone on the spine of the wood feather.

    The cold breath wrapped the bones of Mu Yu, which made the pain of Mu Yu a lot less. He liked the atmosphere of Qiao Xue. The spiritual power of Qiao Xue was like a natural birth to recover his injuries. The top and bottom are comfortable.

    He likes the feeling of practicing with Joe Snow.

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