Chapter 714 Tudor 弑魄 (上)

    Mu Yu slowly woke up, he stretched a sloppy, and then suddenly surprised to find that his broken spine did not know when he had already healed.

    He remembered that he was practicing with Qiao Xue. He quickly looked around and found that Qiao Xue didn't know when he was already looking at him in danger. His eyes were mixed with a little meaning.

    Mu Yu was stared at by Joe Snow's gaze. He sneered two times: "We didn't do anything?"

    "What do you want to do between us?"Qiao Xue asked with a smile.

    "No, no, the best between us."Mu Yu said quickly. Although he liked that feeling, but after remembering the last time he did it, Joe Snow looked strange and he became uncomfortable.

    "clean?"Qiao Xuexiu provoked.

    Mu Yu touched his head slyly: "Well, we really can't say it clearly."

    "Don't think too much, we haven't happened anything."Qiao Xue has already held the little handsome in his arms, and the fish won the wings on her shoulders.

    "Oh, that's how it is."

    "Is it still a little regret to listen to your tone?"

    "We still have to hurry to stop the little devils."

    Mu Yu quickly moved the topic away. He found that every time he talked with Qiao Xue, Qiao Xue’s tone was always weird, and Mu Yu seemed to say nothing.

    "Right, how long have we been practicing?"Mu Yu asked.

    "Four hours."Longtan replied lazily.

    "Four hours?"

    Mu Yu stood up in surprise and moved his muscles. At this time, his injuries had healed. He was originally taken over by the dragon star of the robbery period. Mu Yu estimated that he would need at least four or five days to recover, but he did not expect And Qiao Xue practiced only spent four hours!

    "Look, there is nothing wrong with the two of us practicing together, isn't it?"Mu Yu grinned, but when he saw Joe's expression, he coughed twice. "Get out of here and play the little devil."


    Qiao Xue said the word faintly.

I have already left the top of the cage. It is necessary to have a suitable time when the cages of the squadrons are displayed close to each other, but there is no limit to leaving.

    "Still? Where am I staying. ”Mu Yu snorted twice, and Long Teng had jumped over his shoulder and left the top of the cage and flew toward the exit.


    In addition to the town demon tower, there are still countless souls, including the souls of the Terran and the Yaozu, each with a different purpose.

    It’s been a few days since I opened the town demon tower, but no one came out, and the situation inside is not known.

    Heliankong has been paying attention to the situation of the whole town demon tower. Once the area released by the town demon tower is lifted, then the demolition of the demon island will be lifted and they will be relieved.

    When people die, it is difficult for the soul to continue to retain consciousness, Helian them because there is a mystery of the field of real people can keep the consciousness, when the town of the demon Tower failure, Helian their consciousness will gradually dissipate, the next soul will drift to where, where the fate is, Helian do not know.

    "If you can, I really hope to take a look back at the real world and then calmly welcome death."Helen has always had this idea, and death is not terrible for him.

    However, he knows that today's comprehension community has long been a matter of people. Even if he goes back, no one knows him. The old Taoist friends have already disappeared, and no one can escape the rules of time.

    He pinned all his hopes on Mu Yu, but I don't know why. Today, he always feels a little uneasy, as if something is going to happen.

    He Liankong looked at the ghost field that was not far away. He thought to himself: "There should be nothing happening. If the realm of the real machine disappears, I should have a sense of protection of the Horcrux. At this time, this time is enough to protect Mu Yu from leaving this demon island and avoid him being harmed by ghosts."

    He Liankong understands what it means after the town demon tower has been removed. All the souls will be freed, but that means that Mu Yu will directly face the ghost gate headed by Ghost Night and others. He is a murderer, so he knows he has to make sure everything is safe before he is freed.

    But looking at the ghost door, Helian hollowed out another puzzle.

    At this moment, the door of the town demon tower suddenly trembled, a rustic wave was uploaded from the town demon tower, the entrance of the town demon tower swayed for a while, the color of light flashed, followed by two people Slowly walked out of the town demon tower.

    Helian looked at the door of the town demon tower with full expectation. He hoped to come out with Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, but he frowned, because the first person who came out was actually a ghost doorman.

    Ghost Leopard took the lead from the town demon tower, he glanced at the soul of the island, a strange smile appeared in the corner of his mouth. The ghost leopard is standing next to the ghost, and the body of the ghost is very strange. His head looks like it is corroded. The flesh and blood are blurred, and the body is composed of the misty fog.

    I don't know why, when He Liankong saw the ghost's life, there was an uneasy feeling in his heart. Although he knows that the ghost doorman's exercises are rather weird, the breath of the ghosts has exceeded his understanding of the ghosts. In his impression, no one in the ghosts will reveal this kind of atmosphere.

    If the smell of the body of the sorrowful life makes the ghosts feel uneasy, then when the ghosts succumb to the body and walk out again, all the souls feel a shudder! The person exudes a powerful soul, and all the souls feel a burst of pressure.

    The last thing that came out was the dragon star with the bloody demon and possessed on the Siren King!

    "How can it be?"

    He Liankong’s eyes widened, and the repair of the dragon’s robbery period surprised him. Before he entered the town demon tower, he had already confirmed that there was no robbery period for both the demon and the human race. People enter the town demon tower, but at this moment, a demon person from the town demon tower has a repair period of the robbery period?

    "Helian brother, what happened? Why are there people in the demon people who have a robbery period? ”Meng Meng Fei could not help but ask.

    "Not only that, this demon person seems to be…It seems to have a breath of ghosts! ”

    Heliankong is also uncertain. There are only seven people who enter the town demon tower. Although he does not know the name of the dragon star, he also has an impression on the dragon star. Before he goes in, he clearly remembers that the dragon star is only The cultivation of the distraction period is the only one.

    After entering the town demon tower, the dragon star of the demon family got the adventure, and the inheritance of the real machine of the mysterious machine became the biggest winner?

    However, it is too unreasonable to repair it from the distraction period to the robbery period!

    Not only the souls of the people such as He Liankong and Mu Mengfei are very surprised, but even the souls of the Yao people are surprised. After the dragon star came out, he did not follow the ghosts and ghosts, but walked facelessly toward the Yao people.

    The soul of the Yaozu has already greeted him. The head of the demon is the demon king. He saw the earth-shaking changes of the dragon star, and immediately asked: "Xing Hao, have you got all the inheritance of the mysterious real person?" Will it be upgraded so quickly? ”

    The dragon star slowly raised his head. His eyes were filled with gloomy red awns, which made the demon king slightly stunned. He was alive for thousands of years without fear. When he saw the dragon star’s eyes, The heart is inexplicably vacated with a strong fear, and even at some point his consciousness is somewhat floating.

    The dragon star's mouth is slightly raised, and it is cold: "The devil king predecessor, for the Kraken King, are you going to do anything with these demon souls?"

    The demon king returned to the gods, and his heart rolled into a stormy sea. He was a manatee who was repaired during the robbery period. Even after his death, because of the field relationship of the town demon tower, the cultivation was preserved, but the face was preserved. When he became a dragon star in the robbery period, he could not even maintain his consciousness!

    If the dragon star is a demon person, if you get the inheritance of the human being, you can be a good thing, but the demon king is not a fool. He has seen the mysterious machine, and the mysterious atmosphere of the mysterious machine is far and wide. It’s just right, it’s impossible to look like a dragon star.

    The demon king took up the look of surprise and turned to be very serious. He solemnly said: "Xing Hao, what is the ghost in you?"

    "The devil king predecessor, you have not answered my question yet! For the Master of the Kraken King, are you going to do anything? ”Dragon Star did not respond positively to the demon king, but asked a question that looked very weird.

    "This is nature! We are all the people of the Kraken King, and we will do anything for him for the Kraken King! ”The demon king said without thinking.

    "Even if it is dead?"The dragon star reveals a weird smile.

    "dead? We are not afraid of death because we have already died. ”The demon king frowned, and he vaguely felt that something was wrong.

    "It’s not enough to die once. Now I need you to dedicate yourself to the Siren King again and give your soul for me!"Long Xing said coldly.

    "Giving the soul? What do you mean! ”The demon king shouted seriously.

    However, the dragon star has suddenly shot, and he has a ghostly spirit in his body, covering the cow demon king in an instant.

    The demon king did not react slowly. The soul of the body was all over the body and wanted to resist the dragon star. However, what he did not expect was that his soul suddenly stagnated, and all the souls could not be dispersed. The ghost of Xingyi was swallowed up, and the whole body of the demon king actually had a feeling of powerlessness!

    "Dragon Star, what have you done to me!"The cow demon angered, his soul seemed to be out of his own control, and even his hands could not be done.

    However, the demon king did not get the answer from the dragon star, UU read He gradually turned into a white light, and was caught in the hands of the dragon star, "噗嗤" burst open, turned into a 缕缕Light smoke, drilled in from the seven dragons of the dragon star, disappeared.

    "The Bull Devil! Dragon Star, you killed the demon king? ”

    Another leader of the demon soul, the Golden Gun Spirit Turtle, rushed over to the Dragon Star. This golden gun spirited turtle was also a rehab of the robbery period. He and the demon king are more than 5,000 years old brothers, watching their friends die. In the hands of Yu Xingxing, he witnessed the split and directly shot the dragon star.

    Dragon Star 陨 just glanced at the golden gun tortoise, a cold smile, the ghost once again rushed out, the golden gun spirited turtle had not rushed to him before he could not help but parked in the air, like a puppet , spread out the limbs.

    The golden gun spirited turtle struggled angrily, but in front of the bloody demon, he did not have room to break free.

    "burst."The sound of the dragon star is like talking to himself, but echoing in the ears of all souls is like a devil's whisper.

    The soul of the golden gun tortoise was blown into thousands of light smoke, and it was drilled in from the seven dragons of the dragon star.

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