Chapter 715 Tussauds (below)

    Just in the blink of an eye, the dragon star smashed two souls of the demon people who were also repaired during the robbery period. This event not only shocked all the demon souls, but also shocked the souls of the human race!

    We must know that although the souls on the demon island have no body, they all retain the cultivation of life. For the two powerful demon souls, the demon king and the golden gun spirit, He Liankong and others are quite familiar. More is very taboo! But who can think of Dragon Star as a demon person will actually make such a puzzling move.

    "Dragon Star! What are you doing! ”

    "You are a traitor to the demon!"

    After the demon king and the golden-gun turtle were killed, all the demon people did not dare to approach the dragon star, but they were cruelly squatting in the distance. Many impulsive demon people saw the golden gun turtle being dragon star. After the whole soul flies, it is also the pace of hard work and stop.

    "what happened? Was the demon person named Dragon Star rebellious? ”Meng Mengfei asked, and Rao lived in the form of soul for so many years, and did not encounter such a strange situation.

    The soul on the demon island is protected by the town demon tower. Why can the dragon star be able to start these souls?

    He Liankong did not understand what happened. The incident came too suddenly. Everyone was caught off guard and did not respond.

    They fought for more than 5,000 years on the demon island with the demon king and the golden gun spirit, knowing each other and knowing how powerful the other party is. Originally, Long Xingzhen killed his predecessors. It should be a celebration for the Terran, but the inner anxiety of He Liankong is getting stronger and stronger.

    He suddenly turned his head to the ghosts and ghosts and leopards who had just come out of the town demon tower, but found that the ghosts and ghosts and leopards were staring at all the souls, and their eyes were full of greed and longing.

    At this time, the ghost night with He Liankong also raised his head, and his eyes greeted the ghost night.

    "You can't escape."Ghost Night squirmed his lips and spit out the words.

    These words seem to have been given some kind of strange power, even like a thunder, blasting in the air of Helian, and He Liankong looked at the night and night in amazement, and he was not afraid of ghosts. Night Ming, but when Ghost Night Ming said these words, He Liankong felt panic!

    At this time, the sound of the resentment of the dragon star slowly overshadowed the crusade of all souls, and attracted the attention of each soul.

    "Become a sacrifice to the soul of the blood, an honor for all your souls!"Dragon Star burst into laughter.

    Blood domain magic soul?

    Some memory in the depths of Herlian’s mind was touched. He vaguely remembered that there was a very vicious ghost in the ghost gate, killing thousands of beasts, cultivating souls, and achieving bloody souls and blood. The domain konjac can control any bones and soul within seven days.

    This kind of ghost technique is too vicious. As early as when He Liankong was still alive, the comprehension community collectively exerted pressure on the ghost door, almost pushing the ghost door to the point of destroying the door. The ghost door was forced to destroy this practice method for the sake of the public anger. , no longer used. However, He Liankong never imagined that at this moment, Long Xingyu would become the host of the bloody soul!

    "Ghost domain, you dare to sacrifice such a vicious ghost again, are you not afraid of the realm of repairing together to destroy your sect?"Helen was angry and shouted.

    "How can other martial art in the real world know about this ridiculous demon island?"The ghost domain smiled sullenly.

    Ghost Night slowly walked over to Hir: "I said, I will definitely get it back when I got the account!"

    "Then I killed you first!"

    He Liankong reached out his hand and there was a strong soul force on his body, which was caught by the ghost night. The current situation is not optimistic, and it would be an excellent thing to be able to kill Ghost Night.

    However, the figure of Dragon Star is like a ghost, and it appears in the night of Ghost Night. He has a red light of bleeding, and then the soul of Helian’s tyrannical power suddenly disappears like ice and snow, and the whole soul of He Liankong is like An invisible force grabbed and could no longer move.


    He Liankong was furious, and the blood in the dragon star made him feel inexplicable awe, the urge to kneel down.

    "Herlen, I want to get the original account back!"

    Ghost Night stretched out his hand and grabbed a bloody gas from Long Xingyu. He Liankong could no longer control himself. The whole soul felt to tear open. The pain of painful and memorable was that he couldn’t help but scream. sound.

    Ghost Night Ming once again waved, and He Liankong involuntarily flew past the ghost night, and was stunned by the ghost night.

    "You have helped Mu Yu three times and five times, disturbing my plan, you want to get liberated, this is impossible! I will sing you into my ghost servant, and eternal life can never be super-born! ”Ghost night said with grievances.

    A black chain emerged from the hands of Ghost Night, and the chain was like two poisonous snakes. From his shoulder blade into the soul of Heliankong, He Liankong once again issued a painful embarrassment. Live and tremble.

    "I should kill you when you go ashore!"He even said with a bite.

    "It’s no use regretting, give me a sigh!"Ghost night shouted.

    He Liankong only felt that his soul was completely out of control, and his legs were bent and he had fallen to the ground.

    "Ghost night, what are you doing!"She Mengfei sighed, but she did not dare to take the lead. Herlian’s repair was higher than her, and she could not resist.

    The ghost night glances coldly at other souls that have already been shocked. Cold voice: "Give you a choice of these souls, which are directly swallowed up with the two demons, or you enter me ninely."煞 幡 幡!"

    A bloody red sneaky scorpion emerged from the ghost night body, and the sneaky sneaks out, the blood in the dragon scorpion's body seemed to be summoned and inhaled into the sneaky screams, and their screams screamed constantly. Wear it out in the sneaky.

    "Swallowed? That is relief, isn't it? ”Meng Mengfei suddenly started.

    Her voice has just fallen, and those who want to seek liberation suddenly wake up. For those who have died once, it is the real relief for those who have died.

    "Be sure to kill the ghosts before you get rid of it!"

    The soul of a middle-aged man behind Mu Mengfei screamed, and the souls of the human beings who wanted to seek liberation all screamed in sorrow and rushed to the night.

    However, the Dragon Star was just a cold scream, and the blood gas rushed out again, setting all the souls in the air.

    "Almost forgot, it is useless to threaten you guys." It seems that I have to do it myself. ”

    Ghost Night shook his head and shook his head. The nine ghosts screamed a thrilling momentum. This momentum continued to gain strength from the bloody demon of Dragon Star. The power of the bloody demon soul can smash the field of the town demon tower, and the ghost gate people use it to counter the protection left by the real machine.

    The nine sneaky scorpions sent out irresistible suction, and all the souls on the demon island were collected!

    "Ghost domain, is this all you are planning?"He asked for a bite.

    Ghost domain smiled faintly: "What do you think I have been sleeping on the demon island with you for five thousand years?"

    He Liankong seems to think of something, just want to continue to question, but the power of the nine sneaky scorpion on him, let him scream again.

    The pain comes from the soul, and even Helian can't hold back.

    There are tens of thousands of souls on the demon island, and the nine sneaks have been collecting all the souls for half an hour. These souls are extremely powerful for the ghosts, and the ghosts can't bear to kill them directly.

    As for the Dragon Star 陨 killing the demon king and the golden gun spirit, it is only because the blood of the dragon star is not stable enough, and two tyrannical souls are needed to supplement themselves.

    The demon island, which was originally spread all over the soul, was only empty within half an hour, leaving only the bones and souls of the earth scattered all over the place.

    In addition to the ghost night, the ghosts and the ghosts and the dragons and the dragons, only the ghosts and He Liankong and the four souls of Bo Hong and Mu Meng.

    Bo Hong is not the soul of the liberation party. At this time, his face is very pale. He did not expect that the ghost domain would do this kind of thing, but he did not dare to speak. He and Mu Mengfei were both locked in chains. The land is locked, but the pain is not as much as that of Helian.

    "Herking, you didn't expect to have today?"The ghost field smiled faintly.

    The soul of He Liankong was constantly pumping away. The two chains were not in his soul. It seemed to cause great pain to him. He trembled on the ground, but his face was still full of unyielding.

    "If you have the ability, kill me!"He even angered.

    "Kill you? If it is not a bloody konjac and a bloody demon, there is a limit. At the moment you set foot on the demon island, you will be freed. It's a pity, if it's not because you help Mu Yu, maybe I will really get you free. But now I want you to survive and not die! ”

    Ghost Night looked at He Liankong with satisfaction, and when he was proud, he was photographed underground by He Liankong. The humiliation of this palm is still in his arms, and now he can finally report the revenge.

    "Ghost respect, there is still a use to keep Helian, and the character of Mu Yu will definitely save him. At that time we will force him to hand over the soul."The ghost said with respect and respect, then secretly told the ghost night and the ghost domain with the secret technique.

    "Is that so?"Ghost domain nodded thoughtfully.

    "That kid has been winged and difficult to fly. Now that we have got the body of the Siren King, we have all the souls on the demon island, and the purpose of this trip is half done." Just wait for Mu Yu to leave the town demon tower, then kill him, get the soul to return to the heart, is the perfect trip to the sea. ”The ghost night smiled slyly.

    "But Mu Yu is still hiding in the town demon tower, and most of the town demon towers are arrays. Mu Yu is also a squad, proficient in all kinds of formations, and the exercises are restrained against our ghosts. It is tricky to deal with him. We have already lost three people in this trip, and he also got our one month stone. ”Ghosts said, Shen Sheng said.

    Originally, the ghost is destined to go directly to the place where the Yuezu is held on the 39th floor. UU reads www. branded the moon god on the moon stone, but later he considered the time of the bloody demon and the bloody konjac, so he chose to leave the town demon tower directly.

    Ghost night touched his chin, and his eyes showed a cold mang: "He can't hide in the town demon tower for a lifetime. Don't forget, without the restrictions of this old man, I can now enter the town demon tower."

    Before the tears were blown, because of the opposition of He Liankong, Ghost Night did not forcefully enter the town demon tower, but now the Dragon Star has controlled the He Liankong with the bloody spirit, and Ghost Night wants to enter the town demon. The tower has nothing to worry about.

    "Right, we almost forgot one thing. This thing has to trouble the little prince of the Qinglong Dynasty."Ghost domain suddenly said.

    Long Xingyu quickly and respectfully bowed his head: "Whatever the adult has to do, despite the instructions, is bound to die."

    "If you die, you can say enough."The ghost field reveals a sneer.

    The dragon star burst into the heart: "Adult, what do you mean?"

    "The meaning is that you should return things to the original owner."

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