Chapter 716, Route 1

    Return to the original owner?

    Long Xing's face suddenly changed. He looked up and said eagerly: "I don't understand the meaning of adults!"

    "Return to the original owner, that is, you should return the body of the Siren King and the blood of the demon spirit to me."Ghost domain is very patient to explain.

    "But the adults have not said that, as long as I help you to conquer all the souls on the demon island, you will let me live, isn't it?"

    Long Xingzhen resentful in his heart, but when he thought of the soul of his soul, he could only pretend to be a very humble appearance. He vowed to wait for his chance to escape, and he would kill all the ghosts.

    However, Mu Yu has already reminded him that the words of the ghost gate are not credible!

    "I said that I let you live, but I didn't say how to let you live."Ghostly smiled and said.

    Dragon Star has already understood that he is being used at all. He screamed: "Do you want to go back?"

    "You are wrong, the bloody demon can only control you for seven days, but it can be different in me. Do you think that I am willing to stay in the demon island of this bird for five thousand years for what? ”The look of the ghost domain is unpredictable.

    "You, are you deliberately trapped in the demon island?"The dragon star was shocked.

    "Only in this way, I can survive, and delve into how to improve the weakness of the bloody demon soul. In order to enable me to live forever, I thought of a better idea, that is, with the help of the Siren King. Reborn!"

    When Ghost Domain said it, it showed a very frenetic look: "It’s a pity that the ghosts are so dissatisfied that I am very dissatisfied with the use of the Siren King and the bloody konjac."

    "Adults forgiveness."The ghost cherished his life in humility.

    "No problem, you at least let me know one thing. The plan to steal the body of the King of the Sea King is perfect." It is also time for me to be resurrected. ”The ghost domain looked at the body of the dragon star with satisfaction, as if looking at a perfect piece of art.

    Dragon Star angered: "The person who lives must be me!"

    The blood gas violently emerged from the dragon star scorpion body, wrapped around him, and the whole person had already pulled away and rushed toward the periphery of the demon island, wanting to leave the demon island.

    At the speed of his catastrophe, it is only a blink of an eye across the entire demon island, and because of the possession of the bloody demon,

It is enough to break through the realm of the real machine of the mysterious machine and leave the demon island.

    But he hadn't rushed far, and suddenly he made a heartbreaking scream, and the whole body had fallen from the air and fell heavily on the ground.

    The dragon star was covered with a thin red line. It was these red lines that made him unhappy, and now he has collapsed into a ball.

    Blood Soul Silk, from the bondage of the soul, the ghosts have already done everything well, he can not really give the Dragon Star a so important thing!

    "I beg you, let me live, let me live!"The dragon star screamed fiercely, and his face showed a very painful look. The pain in his soul made him feel uncomfortable.

    "I was the first time I saw someone who was so greedy and afraid of death."

    The ghost domain shook his head and floated to the side of the dragon star. He reached out and held the dragon's celestial cover, and hardly took the soul of the dragon star out of the body of the king of the sea monster, and he himself had already come from the sea. The demon king’s celestial cover was drilled in and merged with the Kraken King.

    Then the appearance of the King of the Seas gradually changed, slowly forming the appearance of the ghost domain. The blackness of his body rolled up and covered himself, and the black light was flourishing. A more horrible breath of the dragon star, the whole monster island seemed to tremble.

    "The body of immortality is perfect!"

    Ghost domain slowly stood up from the ground. He clenched his fist with ecstasy and felt the power of the shock from his fist. He could not help but scream.

    The ghost leopard will send thousands of feet to the ghost field, and the ghost domain touches the sea a thousand feet. The sea is a thousand feet and feels the body of the king demon. It turns into a white light and protects the ghost domain. among them.

    Ghostly, he has already skyrocketed. The enchantments that had trapped all the souls have not stopped him. The ghost domain has left the demon island and came to the sky above the demon island.

    As the sea water rises from the ground, the waves turn into a dozens of meters of water dragon rolls, which circling and blasting in the air. The sky above the demon island has changed dramatically, and the clouds are densely covered. The sky seems to be falling down. The thunder and lightning are mixed. The surrounding sea is like being stirred by people, floating and floating.

    "As long as I give it to me for a while, I will be able to get all the repairs of the Siren King. By then I will not die…Hahaha! ”

    The ghost domain laughed wildly, and the laughter was like a rolling thunder, so that the whole sea area was once again disturbed by the earthquake. The waves had already risen a hundred meters high, frantically surging, flapping the demon island and falling on the demon island. The bang sounded like a flood, deafening!

    "Predecessors, what we need now is to go to the soul."Ghost Night Ming said on the island. He does not have the ability of the ghost domain to leave the island directly.

    The ghost field looks coldly at the town demon tower on the demon island: "Ghost Night, you and I entered the town demon tower together. This time, the two of us personally went to the thirty-ninth floor and burned the moon god in the moon. On the stone, but then grab the kid! Ghosts are waiting for you to stay outside, remember! Don't let the wood feathers escape! As for this greedy and fearful demon man -"

    The ghost domain reached out and grabbed it. The dragon star mourned again, and the whole piece of the soul blew directly, and it was turned into a thousand smokes and smoked by the ghost domain.

    "No need to keep it."The voice of the ghost domain echoed over the demon island for a long time.

    Dragon Star’s actions on his own people eventually returned to himself and became the nourishment of the bloodstains!


    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue are now on the 28th floor. This floor is an ordinary tower. They are going to the thirty-ninth floor, where the meat-winged horns are held.

    Mu Yu thought that after leaving the ninety-ninth floor, he should go to the prison of the meat-winged horns and burn the moon gods. He calculated the time slightly, as long as the ghosts stayed on the thirty-ninth floor. At the time, then Mu Yu would have the confidence to catch up with him and prevent them from leaving the town demon tower.

    "I always feel that something is wrong."Wood feather said sitting in the corner.

    They need to go through the 52nd floor after two hours on the 28th floor, and they will be able to reach the prison where the meat-winged horns are held.

    "What do you mean by what is wrong?"Qiao Xue asked.

    "Are you feeling a slight tremor just now?"Mu Yu asked.

    Just half a quarter of an hour ago, the town demon tower sent out a slight unpredictable fluctuation, which was fleeting, but it was still captured by Mu Yu.

    The town demon tower is the magic weapon of the mysterious son. It is very powerful. Even after the wood feathers come in, even if they fight, no matter how fierce they will not affect the town demon tower, the fluctuations that Mu Yu just noticed are more like the demon tower. The shaking of some kind of attack.

    Qiao Xue shook his head: "Quiver? No! ”

    Mu Yu’s heart is full of troubles. He is now worried about the safety of his souls such as He Liankong. He is not worried that He Liankong and other souls will die, but he is worried that they will be controlled by the bloody spirits and will fall into a land of eternal annihilation.

    The liberation is what He Liankong and other souls have always wanted. The most feared of Mu Yu is that they are not freed from the sorrow and once again fall into the boundless sea of ​​suffering.

    "The bloodsucker is the ghost of the ghosts dedicated to the soul, or we will leave the town demon tower first, go outside to see the situation! By the way, look at the ways that Herren’s predecessors can stop the bloody demon. ”Mu Yu opens the way.

    "Don't you just say that you have to go through the thirty-ninth floor on your way to the first floor? We went to the thirty-ninth floor and it was just a drop in the way. ”Qiao Xue said.

    "I am mainly worried about one thing. If we go to the thirty-ninth floor, we will encounter them and we will not be able to stop them. We will accidentally put ourselves in."Mu Yu explained that he almost fell on the hands of Long Xingyu during the robbery period. If he encounters it again, I am afraid that there is no such good luck and there is a "zee to the other side" to protect himself.

    The ghosts are four hours ahead of him. Because of the changes in exports, the route they rushed to the thirty-ninth floor is different from the wood feathers.

    Before Mu Yu calculated four hours, it was more convenient to go to the first floor than to go to the 39th floor. After four hours, it was more convenient to go to the 60th floor than to go to the first floor.

    "What is your plan?"Qiao Xue asked. Now everything is determined by Mu Yu, because Mu Yu has a variety of ways forward, he can plan the most suitable route.

    Mu Yu pondered for a moment, or said: "Forget it, if the ghost has left the town demon tower, I am afraid we can figure out what can't stop, or continue to the thirty-ninth floor."

    He calculated the time to go straight to the first floor of the thirty-ninth floor, and it took three more hours. At that time, the ghosts should have left the town demon tower.

    However, this time, Mu Yu was still wrong. This person was very cautious. He changed the route temporarily. He did not go to the thirty-ninth floor. Instead, he directly went out of the town demon tower and took the bloody spirits out.

    At this moment, the demon island has already changed, all the souls have been surrendered, and the ghost nights and ghosts who have been repaired to the sky have also entered the town demon tower, going to the thirty-ninth floor.

    The thirty-nineth floor is the Luna prison, UU reading Their route is the same, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue know nothing about it!

    Two hours passed quickly, and the passage at this time began to change slowly.

    "Let's go! The next layer is the 52nd floor, and the other exit of the 52nd floor is connected to the Luna prison. We try to be careful. ”Mu Yu stood up and walked toward the passage.

    Qiao Xue followed the wood feather and stepped into the 52nd floor.

    Luna Prison has two passages, one connected to the 52nd floor and the other connected to the seventh floor.

    At the seventh level of this time, it has already flashed in to force the two ghosts to be repaired into the sky, and it is the ghost night and the ghost domain!

    "The next layer is the prison where Luna is held?"Ghost night asked.

    "Yes, these moon creatures are quite helpful to our plan."Ghost domain sneered and walked toward the passage.

    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue also walked toward the passage of Luna Prison!

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