Chapter 717 meets in a narrow road

    Re-enter the Luna prison, the gloomy breath once again came, and Mu Yu was disgusted.

    A dark dayless prison, holding tens of thousands of meat-winged horns that once wanted to invade the three heavens, each powerful and killing is not blinking. The ridiculous thing is that the current comprehension community simply does not know the existence of these monsters.

    If it weren't for the ghosts who wanted to release the meat-winged horns, Mu Yu didn't want to come here.

    On the other hand, the cages formed by the neat iron fences are still seen. Behind the iron fences are the ugly creatures that make people sick, hiding in the darkness and lingering, waiting for the day of the beginning. The prison is huge, and the roads are criss-crossed. Each side of the road is a cage. There are still some weak light in the prison, so that people can see the way forward.

    Through the light of the unknown, Qiao Xue saw the appearance of these meat-winged horns for the first time. Although Mu Yu had described the appearance of the meat-winged horns with her, she still frowned.

    These meat-winged horns are really ugly, and no one likes them.

    There are a few meat-winged horns that have been squeezed into the iron fence, saying that all kinds of vicious drugs threaten people.

    "How are you two humble people, why are you not a ghost servant?"A blue flesh-winged horned horny stare with fierce light, staring at Mu Yu and Qiao Xue.

    "This chick is fine and tender, and it should be good to eat."A green meat-winged horned horn screamed out of dirty long nails, licking his sharp, tiny teeth, and smiling particularly fiercely.

    "I haven’t eaten human flesh for a long time, I really miss it!"

    "Humble people, don't you see the great moon gods?"

    Each of them has a sly smile, and he looks up at Mu Yu and Qiao Xue.

    These ugly creatures don't know where to come from, they always claim to be great, and they call the people humble and arrogant.

    In the end, Xiaoshuai couldn’t help it. He shouted: "You guys are ugly, can you do anything but scream? I am very curious, what do you usually live in here? Eat each other's cockroaches? ”

    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue both laughed whispered, but Xiao Shuai’s words angered the meat-winged horns and the threat of all kinds of grievances, which was unbearable.

    "Globe, a dirty little monster can dare to insult our great luna!"

    "Must kill you!"

    Various threats have been heard by Mu Yu when he came in last time.

So he didn't care, just put it as a fart, but Xiaoshuai was arrogantly confronted.

    "Little handsome, whisper, don't worry. Maybe they are in the vicinity, don't let them find us. ”

    Mu Yu raised his hands in his hands, and he and Qiao Xue invisible, not letting these flesh-winged horns see, and using the wind and the heart to connect everyone together, so you want to communicate what you just need to think in your heart It will be fine.

    "Where are the ghost gates?"Qiao Xue asked.

    Mu Yu shook his head. He didn't know how the ghost doorman branded the moon god in the moon god stone. Maybe it was a special kind of ritual. He had to figure out if he could break their plan if they could. .

    After using the invisible array method, as long as they do not use the spiritual power freely, they will not emit a breath. The meat-winged horned horns lost the breath of Mu Yu and others, and they no longer lingered. The entire huge prison was once again in peace.

    It’s quiet, but it’s not quiet, because in the distance, there are still screams and grunts of various kinds of flesh-winged horns, just like what kind of party is held. This kind of sound makes Mu Yu feel a bit strange, he I remember that when I first came, these meat-winged horns were not so excited.

    They carefully walked through the passages of the prison and listened carefully to the place where the whole prison had the loudest noises, so as to find the movements of ghosts and other people. However, the sound of the meat-winged horns is not concentrated in one place, but is shouting in all directions, which is very weird.

    "What the hell did they do here?"Qiao Xue asked inexplicably.

    "I don't know, let's go to the next exit so that we can escape here as soon as possible, no matter what happens!"

    Although Mu Yu is a road idiot, he will remember the road as long as he walks through it, so he knows where the other exit is.

    Just when they wanted to go to the next corner, suddenly there was a very violent wave in front of it, accompanied by a sharp whistling sound, accompanied by some kind of screaming in the whistling sound. sound.

    "They are still here, let's hurry and see."Qiao Xue said.

    "and many more!"

    Mu Yu suddenly felt something wrong, although this violent fluctuation is the right time for the robbery period, but in the perception of Mu Yu, this wave is mixed with two different breaths, which means that there seems to be Two people who were repaired during the robbery period!

    Qiao Xue heard the analysis of Mu Yu and asked in surprise: "How come? Is it that the ghosts have also broken through to the robbery period? ”

    "No, this voice…This voice is not a ghost to kill them, but a ghost night and a ghost domain! ”Mu Yu carefully distinguished the sound of the sing in front, and was very shocked. He listened carefully for a while, and decided that the voices of the ghost domain and the ghost night are undoubted!

    "how come? Was Ghost Night Ming not being stopped by the predecessors of He Liankong? Besides, the town demon tower is forbidden to enter the soul of the demon island. How can the ghost domain come in? ”Qiao Xue also vaguely distinguished the voices of the two men.

    Mu Yuxin has already reached the bottom of the valley: "I am afraid that we just thought wrong. The ghosts will not come directly to this layer. He should have left the town demon tower directly with the bloody demon." If I guess it is correct, I am afraid that something has changed outside. ”

    Mu Yu tightened his fists, and He Liankong’s repairs can deal with ghosts and nights, so Ghost Nights can’t come in, and now the night is here, which means that Helian’s predecessors are very likely to have an accident!

    "What about the ghost domain?"

    "Have you forgotten what the ghost leopard said? The bloody demon soul was originally prepared for the ghost domain. I think that the dragon star 应该 should only return the body of the Siren King and the demon of the blood domain to the original owner. How can the ghost doorman manage his life and death? ”

    Mu Yu is not sympathetic to Long Xing's things. This person is greedy and afraid of death. In order to survive, he does not care for his own people. He also succumbs to the hands of ghosts and becomes a tool for ghosts. The end will be very miserable.

    What he is more worried about is the situation of the souls such as He Liankong, because the Kraken King said that the bloodstains can control all the souls, then Helian and other souls can't stop the bloodstains!

    "Then we are now –"

    "Go back and get out of here."

    Mu Yu made a decisive decision, although he was very curious to know how the two ghosts and the ghosts of the night were the ones that gave the moon gods a glimpse of the flesh-winged horns, but in this case, if the two were robbed The doorman found that it must be absolutely dead.

    Qiao Xue did not object to anything. They immediately returned along the same path and wanted to go out from the entrance. However, the sings of the ghost domain and the ghost night seemed to be getting closer and closer. They did not stay in the place to sing, but moved. !

    At this point, the humming sound has reached the corner. If they want to use the spiritual power to fly away, they will leak the breath, so even if there is a stealth array, it will be discovered! They were not sure to escape in the hands of the ghost gates of the two robberies.

    "Joe Xue does not say anything, don't get into the water, there will be waves."Mu Yu said in his heart.

    They carefully retreated to the dark corner, and the other intersection was just 20 meters away. However, before they approached, Ghost Night and Ghost Field had already appeared in their sight.

    Both of them floated in the air and came to the front of a cage. The singing in the mouth of the two still did not stop.

    The moon god stone in the hands of the ghost domain exudes a white brilliance, such as the same round of the moon, in stark contrast with the ghostly field and ghost night of the whole body.

    The moon god stone shines in the cage, dispelling the darkness in the cage, revealing dozens of meat-winged horns.

    After feeling the moonlight of the moon god stone, the meat-winged horns seem to see what makes them hungry and thirsty, revealing a very wild look, rushing to the cage.

    The ghost field and the ghost night are constantly holding out the black French seal, which is integrated into the moon god stone. The white light of the moon god stone is mixed with a trace of red brilliance, like blood-like scarlet, red brilliance is integrated into each The flesh-winged horns blame the body, so that each of the meat-winged horns is arrogantly arrogant.

    All the meat-winged horns are reaching out, trying to catch the red brilliance in the white light. Those flesh-winged horns that are stained by the red brilliance are like some things sublimated, and a soul-like thing emerges from them. Come out and quickly integrate into the moon stone.

    If you look closely at the moon stone, you will find that there are more virtual shadows in the moon stone. The shadows of the meat-winged horns occupy a corner in each of the moon god stones. They are exactly the same as the corresponding meat-winged horns in the prison.

    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue both retreat quietly, they dare not retreat too fast, for fear of causing attention to the ghost domain and ghost night. However, the speed of the ghost domain and the ghost night are very fast, and they have gradually approached the location of Mu Yu.

    "How to do?"Qiao Xue asked nervously in his heart.

    "Don't panic, we are now using the invisible array method. I have shrunk the invisible array method very small, hoping to get through them."

    Although Mu Yu has confidence in his own invisible formation, but the two people facing it at the moment are not fuel-efficient lights, especially the ghost domain, this person was trapped on the island for 5,000 years, but can understand the town demon tower The general situation inside is in no way strange to the formation.

    The brilliance of Luna Stone constantly dispels the darkness, and the darkness beside the wood feathers and Joe Snow disappears little by little, and will soon come to their feet.

    Mu Yu held his breath, and his forehead also oozes sweat. Once the pattern can't get through the ghost field, they will really plant here today!

    There are ten inches!

    Five inches!

    One inch!

    The glory of Lunaishi finally found the foot of Mu Yu, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com He tried to maintain the invisible array, so that the pattern of the invisible array was not revealed.

    "I hope not to be discovered."

    Mu Yu nerve has collapsed to the limit, and Qiao Xue did not dare to move any more. Even the two little guys, Xiao Shuai and Long Teng, clamped their tails and slowed their breathing to the limit.

    Little by little, the brilliance of Luna Stone has covered a quarter of the wood feathers. The meat-winged horns are still there, and they can’t wait to catch the red brilliance in the moon stone. The child is just singing, and does not communicate with the meat-winged horns.


    However, at this time, the ghost domain was like what was found, the humming sound suddenly stopped, and the brilliance of the moon stone no longer moved. His face showed a strange expression, and his eyes fell on the wood feather. position!

    Was it discovered?

    Mu Yu’s heart screamed awkwardly, and the heart had already mentioned the blind eyes!

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