Chapter 718 crisis! (on)

    "Predecessors, what happened?"Ghost Night also stopped singing, and he looked at the ghost field inexplicably.

    Ghost domain's gaze only stopped for a moment when Mu Yu stood, and then moved away and looked at the moon god stone. He said: "The moon god of this moon stone is full, and you need to change it again."



    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue both breathed a sigh of relief, and the back was soaked by cold sweat.

    When the ghost domain stopped, he thought he was discovered. He had already tightened Muling and was ready to run away. They can now rely on the combination of Muling and Shui Ling.

    Qiao Xue’s chest kept rising and falling, but it was a false alarm. Otherwise, they faced the ghost domain with the body of the Siren King and the ghost night of the robbery. They really didn’t know how to escape.

    "What moon god shadow is full? What should we do with the rest? ”

    "You two ghost servants, don't hurry to find another moon stone!"

    "We also want to leave this ghost place! Did you hear it? ”

    All the meat-winged horns that have not been branded on the moon gods are screaming out in anger. With the help of the moon gods, they can leave here by another way. Now the ghost domain actually says that the moon god of the moon god has already Full, how can this satisfy them.

    "Do not worry, we will find another way."

    Ghost domain is different from other ghosts. He does not show a respectful look for these meat-winged horns. On the contrary, there is a hard-to-detect abomination.

    For him, waiting for him to fully adapt to the body of the Siren King, then the future is comparable to the existence of the Siren King, the old top ten demon king is enough to defeat these flesh-winged horns, then, the ghost domain There is no need for the child to nod in front of these ugly creatures.

    The ghost domain retracted the moon god stone, and the white brilliance gradually faded from the body of Mu Yu, and the darkness returned to the entire Luna prison. However, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue did not relax, because it is still not a time to be grateful. If they are not careful, they may attract the attention of these two people.

    "Ghost Night, is Wood Yu still on the last floor?"The ghost domain fell from the sky to the passage of the Luna prison, and then suddenly asked.

    "Ghosts are saying this, he said that Mu Yu can use the array to get close to the cage, and those cages are laid by the mysterious machine.

Ordinary people can't get close, I'm afraid we can't force close, we need to find another way. ”Ghost Night said.

    "The mystery of the mysterious machine is really powerful, not enough. Now all the souls on the demon island are on me, enough to refine them into blood souls, forcibly eroding those lines. This kid is dead! ”

    Ghost domain reached out, a red blood in his hand, and the screams of the souls came from time to time.

    His method is much more powerful than a ghost. In the beginning, the ghosts only found four qualified souls in the comprehension world, but the ghost domain found that the soul on the demon island is more than the ordinary comprehension in the sedimentation of the long-term. The soul is strong enough to cope with those cages that "zee the other side".

    They walked step by step in the passage between the prisons. Just now, the brilliance of the moon god stone was exposed to Mu Yu and Qiao Xue. Now it is the ghost domain and the ghost night Ming, who are close to Mu Yu and Qiao Xue. The place.

    The passage is not very spacious, and only the next three people can walk side by side, while the ghost domain and the ghost night are walking side by side in the middle of the passage, so that the iron fences on the prisons on both sides are very close.

    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue are now afraid to move around at random. They put their backs on the right side of the fence and converge on their own atmosphere, trying to make themselves look thinner. She put her head tightly on Mu Yu's arm and looked at her.

    Ghost Night stands on the right side, about half a person away from the fence, and will always pass by Mu Yu.

    Fortunately, these meat-winged horns were locked in cages. There was a layer of streaks on the iron fence so that they could not reach out. Otherwise, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue were tightly attached to the iron fence, and they would definitely be those The flesh-winged horns that rushed to the edge of the cage were touched.

    As long as they can get through this road, then they will be safe.

    Ghost domain and Ghost Night Ming are getting closer and closer, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue hold their breath again. The invisible array method is very useful and can hold both people.

    Mu Yu has already thought about it. As long as they leave this layer, he and Qiao Xue immediately go to the 46th floor or go to the 81st floor. You must first ensure your safety.

    The forty-sixth floor is a field of "the spirit is not immortal". In this field, everyone will lose their cultivation. On the 81st floor, there is a world-famous setup set by Master Mu Yu, with the repair of the ghost domain. It is impossible to crack.

    There are five more steps!

    There are four more steps!

    Three steps!

    Two steps!

    Already close!

    Ghost Night's right shoulder was almost wiped by the wooden feather robes, and Qiao Xue was half-squatting, trying to shrink his body. When the ghost field and the ghost night went to the front of Mu Yu, they felt that time seemed to stay at that moment and it became very long.

    But fortunately, the invisible array of Mu Yu's performance is very effective. When the two are still, they show the perfect stealth effect, hiding the wood feather and Qiao Xue together.

    Ghost domain and Ghost Night Ming did not notice any anomalies. They walked past Mu Yu and Qiao Xue and continued to go to the exit.

    Between a few breaths, for Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, it is like a test of life and death. If you escape, it will be a bright light, and you can’t escape it!

    "I found that sometimes the chest is not good!"

    In order to ease the tense atmosphere, Mu Yu secretly laughed in his heart.

    "What do you say! At this time, I still have a mood to say something cool! ”

    The reason why Qiao Xue was half-squatting, just to protect her chest, in such a narrow space, she had to stick to the wooden feathers, and now the action is quite strange.

    "We have to go to the forty-sixth layer of the sacred field to hide, and we have the capital against the ghost domain and the ghost night."

    Mu Yu was originally planning to go to the 81st floor, but after some calculations, it will take longer to get to the 81st floor from here. On the contrary, it is more convenient to go to the 46th floor.

    He does not intend to leave the town demon tower now. Ghost domain has just said that he has the soul of the entire demon island, which means that the soul of the demon island has already been an accident. After Mu Yu went out, there is no way to go, because the demon island is still the town. The demon tower was trapped, and he could not leave the demon island.

    The most important thing is that the ghosts and the ghosts and leopards did not enter the town demon tower. I am afraid that they will wait for him to come out outside. Although Mu Yu is not afraid of these two people, he will lose if he leaves the town demon tower. The initiative.

    Now the purpose of Ghost Domain and Ghost Night is to find him on the 99th floor. They think that the soul is still on Mu Yu, and can't wait to get the soul.

    Because of the bloody soul, there is no way to protect the wood feathers from the "Zhe to the other side" array. The wood feathers can only be protected by "there is no spirit" or "the world".

    After the ghost field and the ghost night Ming went farther and farther, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue began to move carefully. In order not to make a sound, the two of them put their feet slowly.

    The two sides gradually moved away, but at this moment, several discordant voices suddenly rang!

    "You two ghost servants, just two humble human ants ants walked over and uttered insults to us. Have you killed them for us?"

    "Yes, you two ghost servants, hurry to smash them!"

    It is the meat-winged horns that have seen Mu Yu!

    Mu Yu’s heart is “squeaky” and it’s not good!

    The ghost domain and the ghost night stopped, the brow wrinkled, and walked to the iron fence, and asked coldly: "When?"

    "It’s less than a half an hour before!"

    "Half quarter of an hour!"

    The ghost domain and the ghost night object looked at each other. The half-quarter clock was extremely short. When they came in, they did not encounter Mu Yu and Qiao Xue. This means that Mu Yu and Qiao Xue are very likely to be still in this prison!

    "We haven't noticed any spiritual fluctuations. They have definitely not used spiritual flying just now, but it is impossible to walk in half a quarter without using spiritual power! Each layer of the town demon tower of Xuanjizi will be destroyed for half an hour. Ghost night, you immediately destroy the entrance we just entered. ”Ghost domain coldly shouted.

    If Mu Yu uses their spiritual power to fly, it will produce spiritual fluctuations, which is a perception of the transitional robbery. Instead of using spiritual flight, it is impossible to go out in a quarter of an hour.

    "it is good!"

    Ghost Night did not hesitate to pull out and quickly flew toward the exit that had just entered. The ghost domain is based on the pointing of the meat-winged horns, and quickly flies toward the other exit, directly destroying the exit that Mu Yu has just entered, and at the same time, a ghost print is formed on the hand, and the ghost of the blood will be exported. The place is shrouded and full of strong corrosiveness.

    Once the export is restored, it will be eroded again by the ghost!


    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue flashed aside at the corner, and at this time the ghost night figure just passed by them and disappeared in front. Not a moment, with another bang, another exit is also destroyed!

    "The problem is serious now, we are trapped."

    Mu Yu did not try to fly just now, because he knew that this distance was not flying at all, but it would reveal his position. The only thing they can rely on now is the invisible pattern!

    "Oh shit! This group of meat-winged horns is so ugly that it’s ugly, how can it be more eloquent? When Xuanjizi really held them here, did he ever think about cutting off their tongues? ”Xiaoshuai screamed in his heart.

    "That's right! gossip! ”Dragon vine is also very annoyed.

    Mu Yu and Qiao Xue did not feel the intention to echo this sentence, although he also agreed with Xiao Shuai's suggestion. Fortunately, Xuanjizi real people have also done a reliable thing, set the passage of the prison to criss-cross, instead of a road to go to black, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue can have the opportunity to cope with the ghost domain and the ghost night.

    The two people's footsteps are very short. They are very passive in this prison. They don't dare to use any spiritual power. Otherwise, any slight spiritual fluctuations generated may expose their position. The only advantage is the ghost domain. Ghost Night is not clear about their specific orientation.

    Ghost domain deliberately magnified his voice, UU reading gloomy evil voice chilling back in the entire prison.

    "Wood feather, there is a road in heaven, you don't go, there is no door to hell, you are looking for death!" Now that you are already in the middle of it, do you still want to make unnecessary struggles? I tell you, this time, you can't fly! ”

    Ghost domain flies step by step through the passage of the entire prison, and the bloody ghost wanders around him, not giving Mu Yu any chance to slip away from him!

    "Catch the humble humans and smash them into corpses!"

    "Everyone collectively find them out!"

    When the sound of the ghost field sounded, all the meat-winged horns rushed to the edge of the iron fence, watching the movement of each passage, helping the ghosts to find the whereabouts of Mu Yu and Qiao Xue.

    What makes the wooden plums worse is that every road has been monitored. These meat-winged horns are like the eyes of ghosts and ghosts. Once the wood feathers are wrong, any fluctuations in the patterns will be noticed!

    They are really in a desperate situation!

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