Chapter 719 crisis! (under)

    The ghost domain walks step by step through the passage of the Luna prison. Numerous blood souls are thrown out of his body, screaming in the air, spreading through the entire passage, and spreading around the whole body of the ghost domain.

    These blood souls search every corner of the Luna prison passage, and the place where they searched will leave a blood fog, and the blood fog does not have any lethality, but these blood fog will feel the movement of the air, thus discovering The trace of the wood feather.

    Mu Yu has been sneaking away from the passage away from the ghost domain. He is thinking rapidly about how to escape from this place. Now that the export has been destroyed, Ghost Domain intends to thoroughly search for this channel and not give them any chance to escape.

    When he and Joe Snow turned a road, they found that the road ahead was covered with blood.

    The way forward is blocked!

    "The scope of our activities has become less and less, and it will be caught sooner or later."Qiao Xue said with concern.

    "Go, right!"

    The three sides of this road have been covered with blood fog, and the wood feathers can only move carefully to the remaining intersection. However, in this way, there will be fewer and fewer places where the Moon God Prison is not covered by blood fog, and the situation is becoming more and more anxious.

    "No hurry, I think."

    In the face of an emergency, Mu Yu always gives a calm heart. He looks at the unruly fluffy-winged horns around him. These flesh-winged horns are all eyes of ghosts. They will be winged by any action. The horns saw and shouted out.

    Since these meat-winged horns are so active for catching them, why not count them?

    An idea is gradually formed in the mind.

    "Qiao Xue, I have a solution."Mu Yu quickly told Qiao Xue what he thought of.

    "Is this method really ok?"Qiao Xue asked.

    "If you can't fight, you can't sit still."

    There are countless seeds in the hands of Mu Yu. These seeds are about the size of sesame seeds. Qiao Xue carefully wrapped the seeds with water beads.

    The whole process is very slight. Although it does not need to use much spiritual power to make seeds from Muling, once it is produced, it will be obvious, so Mu Yu and Qiao Xue's movements are very light.

    Water droplets wrap sesame-sized seeds,

Mu Yu gathers all the seeds on the soles of the feet. Every step, the seeds will be silently attached to the ground.

    These seeds are very inconspicuous and cannot be seen clearly in the dark.

    The range of Muyu's current movement has gradually narrowed, and when it comes to the last road, the roads in all directions have been covered by blood.

    At this moment, Mu Yu’s mind was moved, and a seed left on the ground suddenly sprouted, and a lush linden tree grew. The linden tree constantly changed and then began to move.

    The linden tree stirred the blood fog and also alerted the meat-winged horns.

    "it's here!"

    A meat-winged horn blame suddenly shouted, and the ghost domain also noticed the change in that direction, and immediately passed through the curved passage.

    "There are also here!"

    However, the ghost domain has not arrived yet, and in the opposite direction, the sound of the meat-winged horns is again heard.

    "They have two people, they should have escaped separately, ghost night! You go! ”

    Ghost domain did not stop, continue to run in the first direction, Ghost Night will immediately go to the direction of the second voice.

    "And here!"

    "Come here!"

    "This, there are two here!"

    "I have three!"

    What the ghost domain did not expect was that almost at the same time, all the sounds of the flesh-winged horns suddenly came from all directions.

    At this moment, he has already seen a figure in the blood and fog running. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the figure. When he saw the person who caught it, his face sank.

    In the hands of a wooden plume with linden trees, it is not a real person!

    At this time, all the meat-winged horns have been picked up, because in the bloody fog, the woody feathers formed by the linden tree are almost the same as the real wood feathers, and there is no way to distinguish the authenticity, because all the meat-winged horns think they look It’s true, so they screamed and they’re all over the place.

    "Good boy!"

    Ghosts killed one hand and destroyed the fake wood feathers that he caught, but he even rushed over several wood feathers, and even a few of them were Qiao Xue. The people formed by these woods are all running, and the ghost domain sees one and destroys one.

    But the more destroyed, the more wood feathers and Qiao Xue appeared, they could not be destroyed!

    The most annoying thing about the ghost domain is that he originally wanted to judge the position based on the fluctuation of spiritual power. At this time, all the moving trees have a hint of spiritual power. The entire Luna prison has been full of spiritual fluctuations!

    "Ghost night, keep on the exit, no matter who appears at the exit, see one kill one!"

    The ghost field was flying forward with a sigh of relief. The place where he flew was shaking his blood and destroying all the plants.

    At this time, Mu Yu had been dragging and pulling Qiao Xue into the wood spirit, and Muling turned into a slender tree root and quickly climbed on the ground.

    "Give you a water-filled Jinshan!"Mu Yu snorted.

    The raging flood suddenly came from all directions, and quickly washed away in the passage of the prison, and soon the passage of the entire Luna Prison was covered with water.

    The water did not flow into the iron fence, but it had flooded all the passages.

    The ghost domain was angry, and the floods were rolled up toward him. They had already evaporated before they reached him, but every time he evaporated some of the floods, there were always countless floods that continued to sweep.

    "Give me back!"

    The ghost field roared, and the bloody fog on his body rushed over the flood that came from the surging. After the flood met the blood fog, it was suddenly swallowed up and turned into nothing, and the power of blood fog still prevailed.

    Soon, all the blood fog replaced the flood to cover all the passages, and the running figures in the passage were all dispelled.

    Ghost domain undulating in the chest, it seems that he spent a lot of energy after using this ghost.

    "The atmosphere of the ghost domain is a bit confusing, very strange."Xiaoshuai said with amazement.

    Mu Yu pondered for a moment and said: "I think it should be because the ghost domain has not fully adapted to the body of the Siren King. Forcing the use of this ghost technique is also very burdensome for him."

    "Then the Siren King in his body is dead?"Longteng asked directly.

    "Mu Yu, what do you think?"Qiao Xue eagerly asked, the problem of Long Teng made Qiao Xue very worried.

    "I feel that the King of the Seas is not so easy to die. The five thousand years of imprisonment have not killed him. It is impossible to be killed in this way. The reason why the Kraken King will be controlled is because the bloody konjac is too wicked, and the King of the Seas will be stripped of flesh and blood. He should have been suppressed by the blood of the soul. ”Mu Yu guessed.

    “Is there any way to wake up the Siren King?”Long Teng continued to ask.

    "Remember that the Siren King himself said that his blood and sea water, sea water Qiao Xue can do it, we must now go to the deer boss, the deer boss may have the blood of the Siren King."Mu Yu said.

    It is a pity that this method is equivalent to not saying that no matter which layer the deer boss is at, it is life and death. Now they themselves are difficult to protect themselves, and there is no way to leave this layer.

    All the seeds and all the floods that Mu Yu had just laid in the passage have been completely destroyed by the ghost domain, but Mu Yu and Qiao Xue have successfully merged into the water and the wood spirit when they are in a mess. This is what they want to achieve. the goal of.

    At this time, Shui Ling and Mu Ling were attached to the ceiling of Yueshen Prison, and the invisible patterns were covered. The blood fog seemed to be incomparably powerful, but it could not destroy the combination of Shui Ling and Mu Ling. Blood fog flows between the water and wood, but they are only used as part of the Luna prison.

    "Ghost domain predecessors, how do we find him now?"Ghost Night slowly walked to the side of the ghost domain, and asked quietly.

    They were turned by the dummies made by Mu Yu, and the meat-winged horns still provided them with false information.

    The ghost domain is also very annoyed. It is obvious that the two people, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, are trapped on this floor, but they can't find their hiding place. This is the most annoying.

    However, the ghost domain suddenly sneered, and a sneaky sneaky appeared in front of him, and then a white figure appeared at the foot of the ghost domain.

    It’s Helian!

    The gate of the town demon tower has a ban to prevent the souls on the demon island from entering the town demon tower, but because these souls are controlled by the blood domain demon and become a part of the blood domain, they are not in the soul of the mysterious machine. So they were also brought in.

    At this time, He Liankong looked very wilting, half-squinting, and was greatly tortured. The shoulder blade was locked by two dark lock chains, which was very miserable.

    "Wu Yu, I heard that you are a person who is passionate and righteous, then I have to look at it, will you watch the Helian Air who is helping you suffer?"

    The voice of the ghost domain just fell, and He Liankong suddenly gave a painful groan. His whole soul trembled unrelentingly. The torture from the soul made him feel uncomfortable.

    Mu Yu suddenly tightened his fist, and the sound of He Liankong made him feel uncomfortable. Although he had no friendship with He Liankong, He Liankong had been protecting him since he came to the demon island. UU read www.uukanshu. Com The person who protects him at the moment is tortured by the ghost domain, and the wood feather can hardly hold back.

    "Mu Yu, live well, protect yourself, don't care about me, I was the one who wanted to be free…"Heliankong voice said emptyly.

    However, the words of He Liankong have not been finished yet, and the painful screams are once again emanating. The pain in the soul is unbearable, and the screams of He Liankong make Miao Yu heartless.

    "Herlen, you want to get rid of it is such an easy thing, without my permission, you can't die at all, you can't die, you have to suffer forever in the soul forever."Ghost domain said in a haze, He Liankong has been curled up on the ground, the soul is covered with blood-red thin lines, and the same threat to the dragon star.

    "You don't want to come out, then we have been listening to the screams of Heliankong. I have always had a hand to torture the soul, but I don’t know if you can make a tortoise turtle with peace of mind? ”Ghost domain laughed.

    His laughter and Helen’s painful mourning were mixed together and echoed throughout the Luna prison.

    "Unforgivable!"Mu Yu is full of anger!

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