Chapter 720 Negotiation

.* He Liankong was trapped on the demon island for more than 5,000 years after his death. For more than 5,000 years, he had long been tired of the soul life on the demon island. He always hoped to be freed and left this world. But because of the power of the town Demon Tower, he could not die.
      In the encounter with Wood plume, because learned that Mu Yu is a Dan Ding faction disciple, so Helian to the wood feather quite take care of, and very justifying. But this is exactly the case, which led to the hate of the ghosts, and now I want to die, but suffer from all sorts of torture.
      The scream of that sound slammed in the heart of Mu Yu, and Mu Yu felt incomparably blamed. The person who wants to die can't die. At this moment, it has become a tool to threaten Mu Yu. The wood feather brain has already been occupied by anger.
      One person is doing things alone, but the ghost domain has forced him to appear by tormenting He Liankong!
      Mu Yu took a deep breath and tried to hold back and not rushed out and desperately. He knew that as long as he appeared, he must wait for his death.
      However, Mu Yu couldn’t watch as He Liankong was so tortured. His heart was like a knife. He thought of the safety of Joe Snow. He thought of the trapped Master and thought of the dead wood in the soul. He tried to convince himself to endure. .
      However, the screams of He Liankong were more painful than that, so that Mu Yu couldn’t help but feel that He Liankong was tortured.
      "Wood, wood feather, don't, don't come out, you are still young, protect yourself, and live the most important!"Heliankong tried to squeeze out these words.
      protect yourself!
      It is to protect yourself!
      Mu Yu couldn’t help but whisper, Master, dead wood, Helian, everyone allowed him to protect himself, everyone was protecting him, but he couldn’t do anything, watching the people who helped him. Injured, paid for life, trapped, tortured, and the one that protects himself deeply hurts Mu Yu.
      He always wanted to be a person who can protect others, not a person who is protected by others!
      Qiao Xue took Muyu's hand: "I know what you are thinking, if you want to go out, I will accompany you out."
      "You don't need this…"Mu Yu said bitterly.
      Qiao Xue shook his head and smiled: "I am with you, I am willing."
      Mu Yu’s heart hurts again.
      He didn't know how to make a choice. He Liankong was tortured because he helped him. Once Mu Yu went out, Qiao Xue would be implicated in him, and every choice would have painful consequences. But let him calm down in the corner and listen to the painful sorrow of Heliankong, he can't do it.
      In the eyes of Mu Yu, the look of killing flashed, his heart frantically swayed, and the black and white spirits in the body flowed more and more quickly. He shot fiercely, and the formation directly tied Qiao Xue firmly.
      "Mu Yu, let me go!"Qiao Xue suddenly understood the determination of Mu Yu, she struggled to break the bondage of wood feathers.
      "This incident is caused by me alone. Their goal is only me. I don't want to hurt you."Mu Yu said firmly.
      He left Long Teng and Xiao Shuai with Qiao Xue: "You two, if I didn't come back, you will follow Joe Snow later, you know?"
      "No, I don't like to be a tortoise."Xiaoshuai said without hesitation.
      "We are not the kind of people who are greedy and fearful of death."Long Teng squatted on the tail.
      Mu Yu was silent for a long while, shaking his head and said: "Little handsome, I need you to find the real person against the thunder, get the soul to the heart, help the dead wood to repair the soul, the soul will make him wake up, you take his soul to go Dan Ding. You are a true dragon, you and Joe Xue returned to the Yaozu, let the Qinglong demon king teach you how to practice! ”
      "Even if the soul of the dead wood is awakened, without your life and death, he can't be resurrected like a normal person!"Xiaoshuai said seriously.
      "The soul of the soul is created by the old man for the Miao language. It can make the soul eternal. Like the realm of the mysterious machine, he can live with the cold elders."Mu Yu handed the jade of the sect to Xiao Shuai.
      "I don't want you to have an accident."Longtan said seriously.
      "But I can't watch He Liankong suffer cruel torture because of me. This is caused by me, and I naturally bear it."Mu Yu said.
      Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu on the side. She knew the character of Mu Yu. Once she recognized something, she would not change. She is no longer struggling, and her expression suddenly becomes very calm: "If you have an accident, I will not live."
      When she said this sentence, she did not hesitate, as if to explain a simple fact, the light words, but it seems so heavy.
      Mu Yu took a deep look at Qiao Xue, and finally showed a smile, said: "Do not worry, the ghost domain wants to kill also have to consider whether to dare to start!"
      He stopped staying, and kept Xiao Shuai and Long Teng in the side of Qiao Xue. He had already left Mu Ling, and countless seeds were floating again. The various spiritual fluctuations spread out from all directions and the direction of Qiao Xue. Transferred out.
      "Is it finally ready to show up?"
      Ghost domain did not move this time, but stood in the same place waiting for Mu Yu, and the painful screams of He Liankong were enough to point Mu Yu to a road.
      Mu Yu walked through the passage step by step, turned a few intersections, and stood in front of the ghost field.
      Helian trembled and raised his head, saw the figure of Mu Yu, and sighed with anger: "Wood feathers, noisy!" what are you doing? Hurry back…"
      "There is no room for you to talk here."Ghost domain coldly caught the throat of Heliankong and interrupted his words.
      "Let him go."Mu Yu took a deep breath and pressed his inner anger.
      "You have not qualified to negotiate with me!"The ghost domain sneered, and the ghost night beside it had already shot, and grabbed the wood feathers.
      "The soul is hunted."Mu Yu slowly spit out these four words.
      Ghost Night's figure stopped in midair, and the soul of the soul was the treasure of the ghost gate. They always wanted to find the soul of the soul. According to the news of the ghosts, the soul is on the body of Mu Yu.
      "Catch you, I will naturally get the soul to the heart!"The ghost domain is cold.
      "I thought that you would be smarter after living for thousands of years. Do you really think that I will put the soul of the soul around? Let him go, otherwise you will never want to find the whereabouts of the soul. ”Mu Yu looked at the ghost field without fear.
      The ghost gate of the ghost gate has been lost for so many years, and there is still no news. Mu Yu can be sure that the ghost domain will definitely care about this matter. This is also the bargaining chip of Mu Yu.
      Ghost domain squinted and looked at Mu Yu in a haze: "I killed you, smashed your soul, and seized your memory, so you can get the soul to the heart!"
      "Then why are you still not doing it?"Mu Yu said coldly.
      Ghost domain stares at Mu Yu, and his heart is confused by the momentum of Mu Yu. Mu Yu dares to say such words, it is impossible to be targeted. The ghost field is flickering, and it is too important for him to return to the soul. He can't take the risk of letting the soul return to the heart.
      Mu Yu is an apprentice of the sword shadow dust wind. For the ability of the sword shadow dust, the ghost domain never doubts. Ghost domain is now worried about the fact that there are some swords and shadows on the wood feathers, so it is so fearless.
      Mu Yu looked at the ghost domain: "I know that you are looking for the soul to return to the heart, but the soul of the soul is sealed by my old lady. This seal is centered on me. Only I can solve it. My old man can It’s not that you can be embarrassed by an old devil."
      "What is your old man's battle? joke! What is he? ”Ghost domain does not know who the old man of Mu Yu is.
      However, Ghost Night whispered a few words in the ear of the ghost domain, and told the ghosts and abilities of the dead wood, and the ghost domain took away the contempt.
      Ghost domain remembered the situation of telling him outside the ghosts, and the soul of the soul was taken away by the dead wood, and the whereabouts are still unknown.
      Can someone who is alone in the ghost gate and who steals the soul from the crowd in the eyes of the public will be so simple?
      "Where is the soul of the soul being sealed?"
      Ghost domain smashed his hand, and the two chains of soul locks on He Liankong had been drawn back. He Lian breathed and the painful look disappeared, but he was still covered with red blood-soul silk.
      "Remove the blood of the soul from him."Mu Yu said undoubtedly.
      "Kid, you give me the heart of the soul, I will not pursue it in the past!"Ghost domain did not do it.
      "Remove the blood of the soul from him."Mu Yu repeated.
      Ghost domain is very angry, his strength is much stronger than Mu Yu, but at this time it is taken by the other party, which makes him not fire!
      He took back the blood of the soul of He Liankong, and He Lianfei flew to the side of Mu Yu and said with a heartache: "You should not come out."
      "Predecessors, I don't want to hurt you, you are in a bad state now, recuperate in the advanced Horcrux!"Mu Yu took out the soul device of Helian.
      He Liankong bit his teeth and looked at the ghost domain. He understood that he would only become a burden of Mu Yu in front of the bloody demon. He had to do it first according to Mu Yu.
      "You, this child, I can't help you now, you should be careful."Heliankong has disappeared into the Horcruxes.
      "Now take me to find the soul to return to the heart!"
      Ghost domain is not worried that Mu Yu can escape, only the wood feather is in the dark, and now he can not let the wood feather disappear under the eyelids.
      "The seal of the soul of the soul is naturally in the dead wood valley, but there are hundreds of thousands of miles!"Mu Yu said indifferently.
      "Well! We will leave soon! Kid, if you dare to lie, I can guarantee that the tortured ones are not only the Heliankan family, but also your family in Qingshuicheng! ”Ghost night is cold on the side.
      Mu Yu turned silently and walked toward the exit of the prison.
      However, the ghost domain smiled happily: "Boy, in order to prevent you from playing in the middle, I must abolish your cultivation!"
      Ghost domain did not hesitate to shoot Mu Yu, but Mu Yu said faintly: "I lost my cultivation, can not solve the array, you will not want to get the soul of the soul for the rest of your life! Forgot to tell you, my old squad is specially designed to guard against these ghosts. Once they are threatened by ghosts, they will automatically close the array. His array is the same as the sword and dust. Do you think that by your means, you can compete with my master's sword and dust? ”
      "Then I also need to control you!"In the hands of the ghost domain, the blood of the bleeding soul is entangled, and the wood feathers are entangled in the past.
      However, at this time, UU read The horrified roar suddenly rang from a corner of the Luna prison.
      "what is this? Save me, ah! It is eating me! ”
      "I don't think I can save it!"
      "This kind of breath – how come?"
      The meat-winged horns seem to have been attacked by certain unidentified objects, panicked and screamed, and attracted the attention of the ghost domain and others.
      "what have you done?"The ghost domain looked coldly at Mu Yu, and the blood soul silk had fallen into the body of Mu Yu.
      Mu Yu frowned.
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