The No. 721 Chapter Dengbal Violent Walk

    The meat-winged horns were held in this dark prison for thousands of years, and no one was allowed to enter their prisons, and Mu Yu to understand what would be able to devour them.

    "What do you think I can do?" ”Mu Yu sat sarcastically at the ghost domain.

    Ghost domain snorted: "Ghost night, look at him."

    After that, the ghost domain has already flew toward the source of the sound.

    In the prison, the screams of the meat-winged horns are getting bigger and bigger. The sound of this horror appears in the meat-winged horns. It’s obviously not right. The meat-winged horns are not afraid of being afraid of human beings. It's hard to imagine what else can make them so panicked.

    Shortly after Ghost Domain left, his voice was also amazed: "Where is this thing coming from?"

    "do not know! Passed from the darkness. ”

    "There is no such thing in prison! What happened in the end? ”The voice of the ghost domain seems to be very jealous of the unknowns in the dark.

    "It is a purple grievance, and the body of the purple grievance has made a corpse of water!" Just Zi Zihua accidentally stepped on the corpse of purple grievance, and then it was swallowed! ”

    "Let us go out! We can't resist it! ”

    "what! The array method has been eroded! Great, we can go out! ”

    The wood feathers in the distance frowned, purple grievances?

    He remembered that the purple grievances were the scorpion horns that were summoned by the ghosts of the moon, and finally the wood feathers took a lot of effort to kill them. At that time, it was the phobia in the wood feathers. The death of force!

    Is it –

    However, Mu Yu did not have time to think more, because the ghost domain has been returned, the voice is very anxious: "It is dead! Leave it here! ”

    Mu Yu’s face changed slightly. Master and the old man told him very seriously that the dead air could not be out of control. If there is a little dead air in the outside world, the dead air will slowly swallow other things and put things around. They are all transformed into dead air.

    If you let it go swallowed and grow up, it will become out of control in the end!

    Especially the evil is not old, once said that the destruction of a heavy sky is due to the anger and death of the grass!

    Mu Yu remembers that after killing the purple grudge,

I took all the dead air back, there is no residue, so what is the matter now?

    At this time, the sound of the meat-winged horns is getting more and more noisy, and there are exclamations and screams, but more cheers.

    The dead air began to swallow around quickly after being stimulated by a meat-winged horn. This horrible thing was even swallowed up by the unbreakable array of Luna Prison, which means that the meat was trapped for many years. The winged horns have completely regained their freedom!

    A lot of shredded horned horns have ran along the passage to the ghost domain. Many flesh-winged horns that have not yet escaped are screaming wildly behind the iron fence. They are waiting for the dead to spread to their cages. , swallow your own cage!

    Every meat-winged horn is very excited, because it means they can finally escape! However, some unfortunate meat-winged horns had not had time to escape, and they were directly wrapped up in the dead air, and they had already disappeared before they could hear the sound.

    In the face of the companion's death, the meat-winged horns are not sad, they pay more attention to the liberation of them. Without a moment, three or four hundred flesh-winged horns have escaped from the cage.

    "Brothers, finally can leave here!"

    "Go out and kill the triple heaven! Hahaha! ”

    The reinstated flesh-winged horns have two or two exits, but the export has long been ruined by Ghost Domain and Ghost Night!

    "Ghost servant, open the exit!"


    The meat-winged horns blame the ghost domain and the ghost night. The two ghosts were stunned and their faces were ugly, although their plans for the trip were also for the meat-winged horns, but the direct release of the meat-winged horns was definitely not what they would like to see.

    With the virtues of the meat-winged horns, if the host is not found, it is very likely that they will directly start with their ghosts. However, the ghost domain and the ghost night are after all the repairs of the robbery period, so they are not very worried about these meat-winged horns.

    Even so, Ghost Domain is also very angry. In order to prevent Mu Yu from escaping, he forced Mu Yu to come to the exit and remove the ghosts set at the exit.

    The role of this ghost technique was originally deliberately used to destroy the exit, which means that when the exit reappears, it will be destroyed again by these blood fog.

    The time of leaving the party has already passed half an hour, which means that the exit has already formed and disappeared. It will be half an hour after opening the exit!

    Everyone is now trapped in the Luna prison!

    "Ghost domain, your great moon family fled the prison, why don't you look happy?"The corner of Mu Yu’s mouth showed a sneer.

    "Shut up, otherwise I will kill you first!"Ghost domain shouted angrily.

    He and Mu Yu have been crowded away from the exit by the flesh-winged horns that they want to go out, and they have entered a channel with less flesh-winged horns. But more and more meat-winged horns come from all directions, they cheer for freedom, but they don't know that freedom is still a dead end.

    These meat-winged horns and horns have no thoughts to stay with them, and they have been held for thousands of years for the meat-winged horns. It is more important to leave here than to kill people.

    But those meat-winged horns saw the exit disappeared, and they all yelled angrily. Those who were not aware of the situation later loudly urged that the entire passage was crowded from the ground to the air.

    "Predecessors, what should I do now? The Moon family left here directly, which is contrary to our plan. ”Ghost Night has already squeezed from another exit to the ghost domain, his face is quite gloomy.

    "Let me think about it, your plan is to use the moon god phantom to use the meat-winged horns as your killing tool? It seems that the plan cannot be realized. ”Mu Yu sneered.

    The meat-winged horns simply look down on any Terran, including the ghost gates. They kill people like numbs. When they even summoned their own ghosts and colds, how could the ghost gates willingly listen to the squabs?

    Luna illusion is flawed. Although it is possible to summon the shredded horns from here, there are certain techniques to control these shredded horns. However, you can determine the end of the ghost. Ghostmen did not master this technique.

    Mu Yu’s heart has already guessed that it’s seven or eighty-eight. The ghost domain is so eager for the soul of the soul, and the role of the soul is already self-evident!

    Another large number of meat-winged horns rushed over, they pushed each other without any order, desperately squeezing toward the exit, and the meat-winged horns that were blocked in front of the exit kept cursing.

    Every deadly cage will have a large part of the meat-winged horns being swallowed, and less than a third of them escape, but even so, the meat-winged horns are countless.

    The spread of dead air seems to be getting faster and faster, and the dead air becomes more powerful after swallowing the flesh-winged horns, and the speed of engulfing is getting faster and faster!

    Mu Yu also had to be cautious in his heart. It is reasonable to say that the current situation is what he is willing to see. The meat-winged horns must not leave the town demon tower, as long as it gives enough time for death, the dead air can completely kill the entire prison's meat-winged horns!

    Killed by the dead, the meat wing horns can not survive even if the vitality is tenacious. However, Mu Yu is worried about one thing, because the ability to devour the dead air is too strong, it is a good thing to kill the meat-winged horns, but in case the dead air can not be controlled, from the town demon tower to the demon island And then spread to the triple heaven, what should I do?

    "No, you must find a way to solve these dead things!"

    Mu Yu feels that things are a little tricky. When he just took back a little bit of death, he made a lot of effort. Now that the dead air has expanded to such a degree, how can he recover all the dead air?

    The most important thing is, can he get it back?

    At this time, half of the cages of the entire Moon God Prison were destroyed, and the dead air has gradually expanded to occupy half of the cage.

    All the meat-winged horns finally began to realize the crisis. Their excitement of getting out of the cage has passed, and now it is starting to panic again. Escape from the cage, but can't leave this layer, this is waiting for death!

    "Get out of here, that thing has spread!"

    "What are you waiting for? Faster! what……my hand……what……"

    "help me!"

    Finally, those surviving meat-winged horns were gradually swallowed up by the dead, and they survived the 5,000-year prison, but they did not expect to face the true death just after they came out!

    The entire passage has been confusing. From the ground to the air, it is full of flesh-winged horns. Their wings and horns have been collected and desperately pushed forward.

    Mu Yu was also squeezed into the horns of the meat-winged horns, and spread out with the ghost domain. He immediately made a branch and disappeared into the horns.

    "Asshole! Where to go! ”

    The ghost domain wants to catch up, but he is also pushed by the meat-winged horns.

    His repairs are higher than those of the meat-winged horns. If he wants to fly these meat-winged horns, he can do it, but if he hurts any of the meat-winged horns, it will definitely anger all the meat. Winged horns.

    He remembered the bloody silk that was clothed on Mu Yu, and suddenly touched the law, trying to use the soul of the blood to torture the soul of Mu Yu.

    But it is not effective at all!

    In the mouth of the wooden feather, he chewed the peach that was picked up from the Tianyan wheel. He already knew that the ghost domain would restrict himself with blood-soul silk. How could he not be prepared? The power of the peach instantly dispels the blood soul silk.

    Fortunately, Qiao Xue’s position is on the other side of the prison. It has not been contaminated by death. Mu Yu is dodging in the gap. He finally came to Qiao Xue’s side, lifted the imprisonment on Qiao Xue, and quickly put the current The situation explained.

    "What do we do now? If you don't want to deal with the dead air, this layer will soon be swallowed up by death! ”When Qiao Xue saw Mu Yu coming back, he was relieved in his heart, but after hearing about the situation outside, he began to worry again.

    "I have to go to the dead side and see if I can control the dead air."Mu Yu said.

    "This time I am going with you! I am not allowed to leave me alone to marry a hero! ”Qiao Xue said unquestionably.

    But at this moment, suddenly the ceiling began to tremble uncomfortably, and then many cracks appeared on the ceiling, and the dead air began to grow out of the crack.


    The stone walls of the ceiling were swallowed up, revealing a vain zone, which is the gap between the enchantment and the enchantment, which is also filled with lines.

    Mu Yu controlled the area of ​​Mu Ling’s emptiness and found a layer of more powerful enchantment outside the ceiling. This enchantment should be the dividing line between each layer and each layer of the town demon tower. And the enchantment of this layer is gradually being eroded!

    "Well, if the enchantment of this layer is broken by the dead, then the meat-winged horns will escape from here!"Mu Yu exclaimed.

    He wanted to stop it too late. The whole prison began to collapse and was swallowed. The enchantment of this layer completely collapsed. All the meat-winged horns and horns were seized. The excitement rushed toward nothingness. In the past, I entered the other layers of the town demon tower!

    This time is a real jailbreak!

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