No. 722 Chapter The spirit of the tower

    You can't escape from the town Demon Tower!

    "Go, we go to the first floor, the first layer of the export to destroy!" ”

    Mu Yu was decisive, and the only exit of the town demon tower was on the first floor. The exit must be destroyed, and all the meat-winged horns were temporarily trapped in the town demon tower, and they were not allowed to leave.

    "What's the Dengbal going to do with it?" Dengbal once out of control, even you are very difficult to collect back! ”Xiao Shuai rarely asks very seriously.

    "There are so many shredded wings and horns, we can't deal with them at all. The only thing that can rely on them is death."Mu Yu looked solemnly.

    He and Qiao Xue could not bother to deal with the two ghosts of the robbery period and deal with so many shredded wings and horns, and only temporarily rely on death.

    Mu Ling quickly shuttled in the void zone, and the dead air has spread to other layers. With the things swallowed up, the dead air grows faster and faster, and Mu Yu does not know how to resist the dead air.

    "Are you going to let the whole town devouring the entire demon tower?"Xiaoshuai asked in surprise.

    “Do we have other options?”Mu Yu asked.

    "What about the devour of the meat-winged horns?"Xiaoshuai asked again.

    Mu Yu pondered for a long while: "The dead air is out of control, I can't forcefully take away these dead air now, take a step and take a step!"

    Mu Yu, they have already set off quickly and want to find a way out.

    Each layer has its own enchantment, and when the wood feathers and other meat-winged horns rush to the next layer, they are blocked by the next layer of enchantment.

    But the dead air quickly followed, as long as the dead air melted the enchantment out of a hole, the entire enchantment would collapse.

    Mu Yu came to a gully mountain with numerous meat-winged horns. They didn't enter from the exit, so which layer is the wood feathers at this time. The meat-winged horns rushed around the gully mountains and they were looking for an outlet for this layer.

    Mu Yu has already appeared behind a huge stone. He just fell from the sky. At this time, the sky is like a person who has smashed a hole, and there are shocking cracks. Countless patterns are collapsing and splashing. The gas also came in and frantically swallowed the magical array created by this layer.

    "Let's find out where the exit is!"

    Mu Yu flew to the highest point,

Looking over the air, countless flesh-winged horns rise and fall between the mountains, flying around. Soon one of the meat-winged horns has shouted: "I found the exit!"

    All the meat-winged horns flew to the sound and the wood feathers followed. After coming to the passage, the seventh floor is written next to the passage. After the exit of this layer enters the next floor, it is now on the thirty-three floor.

    Mu Yu Xun calculated in his mind that if he went out on the other channel of the thirty-third floor, he could not rush to the first floor.

    "We have to go back to the previous floor and take another channel."Mu Yu said to go back to the entrance.

    However, the vortex of the exit only flashed weakly, and the result collapsed directly, turning into a little bit of streaks and disappearing.

    "This is troublesome. The exit of each layer is a transmission array. The transmission matrix of the previous layer has collapsed. The transmission array here cannot be docked with that layer, and it has been destroyed by itself."

    Mu Yu's face is very heavy. He recalculated the law of export. It takes at least twenty-one hours to get back to the first floor.

    Twenty-one hours, he can't wait, because the meat-winged horns are not all going to this layer, and some of the meat-winged horns and ghosts and other people go to other towers, most likely than wood. Yu arrived earlier on the first floor!

    "Calm down, we need to rethink the countermeasures."

    Mu Yu glanced around, this layer is an ordinary tower, there is no extra decoration, another exit is also very obvious to see, at this time all the meat-winged horns have left this layer, only left Mu Yu and Qiao Xue.

    "We are not here to spend it. Now there is only one exit on this floor, isn't it?"Qiao Xue thinks that they have to follow these meat-winged horns and continue to move forward. They can't be taken here.

    But when Mu Yu and Qiao Xue stepped into the exit, suddenly there was a lot of flesh-winged horns running back in the panic, and each of the meat-winged horns was screaming in anger.

    "Run, death is coming!"

    "What is this thing that is dead!"

    The shredded horns screamed, dozens of flesh-winged horns and horns went back, and the last flesh-winged horns screamed in tears, and its hands seemed to accidentally contaminate the dead air, then from the fingers The arm, and then the whole body, is gradually swallowed up by death!

    The deceased flesh-winged horned horns fluttered in the air, and it moved lightly, quickly sticking to the wall, began to devour the walls, and swallowed the enchantment of the wall again. The formations began to shatter, and the wood feathers and other meat-winged horns once again entered the void zone.

    At this moment, a delicate white hand suddenly emerged from the vain zone, grasping the wooden spirit that shuttled in the vain zone, and then the golden striate flashed over, leaving the wood feathers away from the vain zone.


    Mu Yu was wary of showing out from Mu Ling. The movement of the hand was too fast. He did not even have to take it away.

    After Mu Yu saw the situation around him, he was taken aback. Now he has already arrived at the 81st floor, just at the foot of Tianyan’s back!

    At this time, the Tianyan wheel stood back at the intersection of Shangshan and stood a beautiful woman. This woman was graceful and graceful, as if it were a fairy. She didn't wear any clothes, but her body was covered with a mist of mist, which was looming and unpredictable.

    "who are you?"Mu Yu asked in surprise.

    The woman in front of her eyes is like a fairy who does not eat the fireworks of the world, so that Mu Yu couldn’t help but look at it more.

    Then Joe Snow stepped on the wooden feathers.

    Mu Yu sighed his feet painfully and shouted: "Why step on me!"

    "Is it nice?"Qiao Xue is a natural appearance.

    "Everyone has a heart for beauty!"Mu Yu touched his nose.

    "Oh, is it so?"

    Qiao Xue smiled and looked at Mu Yu, and Mu Yu quickly spread his hands and said that he was innocent.

    "Death is coming out of you, you need to find a way to save it."The beautiful woman looked at the wood feather and whispered openly.

    The woman's eyes are faintly golden, long and fluttering, full of senses, noble and elegant, and any man can't help but look at his eyes.

    "who are you?"Mu Yu asked.

    He is still thinking about this layer of "the world of the world", how can Joe Snow step on him without "the end of the world"! But he felt a bit, but now this layer of "small world" has disappeared.

    It’s more like being transferred away.

    "She is Taling."Xiaoshuai suddenly came out and said his head.

    "you know me?"Taling looked at Xiaoshuai.

    "You have the same breath and I am the same, although it is much weaker than me."Xiaoshuai whispered, it is also a sword spirit, and this point is still distinguished.

    "You are Taling? Great, I am looking for you! ”

    Mu Yu breathed a sigh of relief. As long as he found Taling, he could control the entire town demon tower and unlock the imprisonment of the demon island. Most importantly, Heliankong said that Taling could move freely on any floor, so that he could let Taling take him to the first floor.

    "The legacy of your legacy is about to destroy my body. You must find a way to take back the dead."Taling said.

    "It can be, but I need your help! You should know that the meat-winged horns can't leave the town demon tower? You have to quickly close the first layer and don't let them escape! ”Mu Yu said eagerly.

    Taling shook his head: "I will not obey your orders, because you have not received my recognition."

    "This is not an order, this is a suggestion! You have to be clear about the mysterious machine. The real people are keeping the meat-winged horns here. I don’t want them to escape. ”Mu Yu said eagerly.

    "The master told me not to interfere with the people entering the town demon tower, so even if the prisoner who is detained leaves, I will not take care of it. But the source of death is yours, you have to take it back. ”The voice of Taling looked very ethereal, like the spring water in the valley creaking.

    Mu Yu retorted: "The original intention of Xuanjizi is to allow someone to save the Siren King, but can't let the meat-winged horns leave, isn't he explaining it with you?"

    "I don't know if the owner has said this in the end."Taling said softly.

    "Can't remember? how? Will you still lose your memory as a towering spirit? ”Mu Yu asked.

    "Death has made my body suffer, and many things have suddenly been forgotten."Taling answered very directly.

    Mu Yu opened his mouth and some laughed.

    "I remind you now that your master once said that it is not allowed to let those flesh-winged horns leave the town demon tower! You have to close the entrance to the first floor! ”Mu Yu said.

    "I don't remember he said that he would not let anyone leave."Taling repeated, the memory in her mind has become increasingly blurred, only remembering a rough.

    "Hey? Why don't you know what? ”

    Mu Yu feels very tricky, he remembered Xiaoshuai, when Xiaoshuai was a sword spirit, did not know what happened, lost his memory, but also stupid, but the young handsome is at least much more spiritual than Tallin.

    "You have to take back all the dead things. This is my purpose for you."Taling continued.

    The wooden feather eyeball turned and counted: "I can take back all the dead air, but I can't do it alone. I need your help. You can't help me. I can't take it back. Dead."

    Taling was silent for a moment and nodded: "Good."

    "That's good, the first thing, block all the exits of the town demon tower!"Mu Yu said immediately.

    Taling didn't move, just looking at Mu Yu.

    "Quick! what are you waiting for? ”Mu Yu feels that this woman is like a vase, looks beautiful, but her mind is a bit lacking in strings, and it is quite difficult to communicate.

    "I am waiting for your other requests."

    "You have to do the first thing before you say it!"

    "But I have already done it."Taling said faintly.


    Mu Yu touched his forehead, a little helpless. The woman did not move even after the move, UU reading actually sealed the first layer, which is too efficient. Then he remembered that Taling could control the town demon tower, and the exit that wanted to block which layer was really just a matter of thought.

    "Well! The second thing, I need to control the entire town demon tower! ”Mu Yu said one word at a time.

    Taling shook his head and said: "You have not received my approval, I will not recognize you as the Lord."I am a super beautiful woman, I want to be beautiful every day, be a refined woman, let everyone around me feel my beauty! For details, search the WeChat public account. I am a super beauty or copy the micro-signal meinv to scan the QR code below to join quickly!

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