Chapter 723 controls the town demon tower!

    Taling refused to agree with Mu Yu’s request.

    "If I don't control the whole town demon tower, how do I know which layer the dead air has spread to?"In response to the lack of a brain, Kan Yu decided to adopt a rigorous approach.

    "I can tell you!"Taling said faintly.

    Although this sly Taling brain is straight, she still abides by her own principles. Without her recognition, she can't control the whole town demon tower. This is what Xuanjizi really left for her.

    Taling is doing his duty, but this makes Mu Yu crazy. Now that this life and death is still dead, can't you make a good change?

    "Do you think it is so easy to take back the dead air? The spread of dead air is erratic. I only have to control the town demon tower to know the extent of the dead air at this time, and also to analyze where to start more convenient! You shouldn’t understand this because you are so smart? ”

    Mu Yu said that he had a good eye, and finally deliberately raised the other side, so that Taling could not find a place to refute.

    Taling once again fell silent, the town demon tower was constantly eroded by death, and she was also affected. If it does not stop the spread of death, I am afraid that the entire town demon tower will be destroyed, and she will not be able to. Fortunately.

    Qiao Xue took a look at Mu Yu, and the water spirit was still wrapped around Mu Ling. She said in her heart: "How do I see you suspect that you are a little tricky girl? Are you usually so eloquent to ask girls to win the trust of girls? ?"

    "No, don't think too much, I will accidentally trick you into being alone."Mu Yu shouted.

    "I didn't think about it."Qiao Xue said simply.

    "It is clear."Wood feathers whispered secretly.

    Tallin thought for a long time and finally said: "Well, I will recognize you as the Lord."

    Mu Yu laughed and conquered Taling, then the next thing is much easier. At least the imprisonment of the demon island can be solved, and they have more hopes to escape the ghosts of the ghost domain.

    "It’s right to think like this. After all, I don’t have to be your master. We just have to take what we need.”

    Mu Yu spread his hands, but I couldn’t help but think: You are as stupid as you are, and you are not as smart as Xiaoshuai!

    Taling slowly walked to the front of the wooden feathers, sticking out the slim hand and pointing at the center of the forehead of Mu Yu.

A cool breath did not enter his mind, and suddenly there were many incomplete memories in his mind.

    Too many of these memories tell Mu Yu how to control the town demon tower, as well as the secret of the town demon tower hidden in the depths.

    Then Taling opened his arms and held the wooden feathers in his arms.

    This is what Wu Yu did not expect, oh! How is this still held? Nothing is prepared for people.

    Suddenly hugged by a beautiful woman, this feeling is too weird. When Mu Yu just wanted to reach out and hug Taling, Taling has turned into an illusory light and shadow disappearing into his body.

    Then Mu Yu’s hand was a little silly in midair.

    "what! Today is a good day! ”Mu Yu quickly put his hand out to stretch out, to resolve the shackles of the talent.

    "is it?"Qiao Xue was staring at Mu Yu again, and showed a meaningful smile, and looked at Mu Yu as uncomfortable.

    "forget it."Mu Yu touched the nose, and some were quite embarrassed.

    After Taling disappeared into the wood feather body, Mu Yu felt as if he was the whole town demon tower. He had already seen all the conditions of the town demon tower at this moment, and he knew the formation of each layer well. He can even see the flute-winged horns of the town demon towers fleeing everywhere, in order to avoid the dead air, they sway in the town demon tower like a headless fly.

    The thirty-ninth-floor Luna Prison has been filled with dead air, and the dead air has spread to other layers. A total of seven towers have been swallowed up by death. But the dead air at this time has faintly stopped the trend of proliferation and seems to be blocked by something.

    Mu Yu soon woke up, and the dead air was blocked by a powerful "foot-in-the-middle" array! "It was originally built on the 81st floor to protect the Tianyan reincarnation, and Fang Cailing was trying to save himself, and transferred this layer of "the world of scales" to separate all the dead air.

    "It’s no wonder that Qiao Xue was able to step on my foot just now, and I said that it’s not working."Mu Yu shouted.

    "I can hear what you are thinking."Joe Snow’s voice rang in Mu Yu’s mind.

    Mu Yu rolled his eyes and refocused his attention on the dead body.

    This "small world" array is set by the sword shadow dust, the power is really strong, and all the dead air is blocked at one time. However, Mu Yu knows the power of death, and he will be swallowed up in the end, because even the Master said that the dead air can't be resisted, and it will swallow up everything in the world.

    When Muyu was separated from the grass and angry and dead, the use of evil spirits was also the use of this array to isolate the spread of anger and death. However, at that time, there were anger and anger in the array, so the battle of the world could last for a long time, but at the moment, there is only a simple dead air, and it is impossible to trap the dead for too long.

    The seven towers of the town demon tower were swallowed up by the dead air, and the dead air temporarily stabilized. Mu Yu re-examined the situation of the town demon tower, and finally the two people of the ghost domain and the ghost night Ming.

    These two ghost gates are also scattered in different towers at the moment because of chaos. Ghost domain has long known the transmission law of each layer of exit, but because there are several layers of outlets at this moment, the transmission array is destroyed by death, so Many of the exits have collapsed, and the ghost domain can't leave the town demon tower directly.

    However, Ghost Domain is still experienced, he is almost reaching the first level.

    "You want to leave the town demon tower, that can't be done, I haven't completely cleaned up the meat-winged horns!"

    Mu Yu looked at the ghost domain and Ghost Night Ming on each floor, trying to find an exit that had not expired. He would not let the two people go so easily, they must be dragged.

    After Mu Yu took control of the town demon tower, although he could not change the law of the transmission array, he could walk freely on each floor like Taling!

    He turned his head and thought about how to clean up these meat-winged horns and two little devils.

    "I have to help the little devils to plan the route. Joe Snow is here waiting for me. I will come."

    Mu Yu turned and disappeared on the 81st floor, and came to the layer where the ghost domain would come in. This layer is the snowy mountain where Muyu came in. At that time, it was in this layer of wood feathers that stripped the dead body of the body and cleaned up the purple grievances. But at that time, the purple grievances should be brought back to the moon. God prison.

    The wooden feathers fell in front of the cabin, destroying the exit, blocking the direction of the ghost domain, and the whole person disappeared.

    Sure enough, less than half a quarter of an hour, the ghost domain quickly rushed from the other end of the snow mountain, want to leave this layer immediately.

    He is now looking for a junction to the first floor. Several routes that he just thought have been invalidated. Now he is the new way to find out. He is already impatient. But when he came to another exit, his face suddenly sank.

    The cabin at the foot of the snow mountain has been crushed into a pile of ruins!

    "Is the export destroyed? Who did it? ”

    Ghost domain is very annoyed. He stood in the same place and pondered for a moment, then flew back and returned along the same path. Because he didn't know when the dead air would catch up, he didn't dare to stay on the first floor for too long.

    It is getting closer and closer to the first floor several times in a row, but the front is like someone deliberately blaming him, always destroying the exit just right. The ghost domain is becoming more and more suspicious, and he has already noticed something wrong.

    If only one or two exits are destroyed, it is still okay, but every time he re-adjusts the route, it will always be hindered. If it is a coincidence, it is not credible!

    "Is it the kid?"

    Ghost domain soon thought of Mu Yu, but he was quite puzzling, because the ghost domain is now not aware of the traces of Mu Yu, and according to the understanding of the ghost domain, Mu Yu is not capable of doing damage to him at any time. Because wood feathers must also comply with the law of export.

    If he knows that Mu Yu has control of Taling, it will not be so puzzling.

    "So, the next step is to go to the forty-sixth floor!"

    Mu Yu always pays attention to the movement of the ghost domain. His ultimate goal is to transfer the ghost domain and the ghost night to the forty-sixth floor, where there is a field of "nothing is immortal." In the field of "nothing is not immortal", there is no way to resist the robbery period. Mu Yu wants to defeat the ghost domain only by virtue of "there is no spirit."

    Although Mu Yu took control of the town demon tower, but in addition to controlling the entire town demon tower, did not obtain other special abilities, Ghost Domain and Ghost Night are all comprehension of the robbery period, Mu Yu is impossible to repair by himself. Defeat the two men.

    It is impossible for Mu Yu to lead the two ghosts to the dead side. First, Mu Yu himself is not sure to completely control the dead air. Secondly, the King of the Seas is controlled by the ghost domain and cannot be swallowed up by death.

    As for the remaining meat-winged horns, Mu Yu is going to concentrate them on one floor, first shut them up, and wait for him to control the dead air, then use the dead air to clean them up.

    He has been leading the way to the two little devils and the meat-winged horns, and soon led the meat-winged horns to a tower full of the sea, where the layer of "chaos first opened", leaning against Imagination can create places for illusions.

    This time, using the power of the town demon tower, I want to imagine what can be done easily at this level without much effort. Mu Yu has already imagined a false exit for the meat-winged horns. Through this exit, he will leave the town demon tower and appear on the demon island.

    The meat-winged horns are not as deep as the Ghost Town, and do not understand the structure of the entire town. They were all extremely excited to crowd out at the exit, but no one went out, because the outside world was shining at the moment, and the sun was very harmful to the meat-winged horns.

    "Find the exit!"

    "Great! We only need to wait until the night falls to escape this ghost place forever! ”A meat-winged horn screamed loudly.

    "I can finally leave! This time I want to eat everyone in Triple Sky! ”

    All the meat-winged horns screamed and jumped up, staring at the town demon tower, waiting for the sun to set, the moon rising, welcoming their killing carnival.

    "Let's wait! My sun will never fall. ”

    Mu Yu smiled slightly, and it was originally a fake exit that was imagined. Let these ugly monsters do their daydreams well and wait for them to clean up.

    He used the control ability of the town demon tower to re-destruct the "chaos early opening", except for the wood feathers, any idea of ​​the meat-winged horns could not work.

    At this time, he came to the dead. Before dealing with the little devil and the meat-winged horns, he must first get these dead things, otherwise the longer the time, the more unfavorable.

    "Mu Yu, UU reading Are you sure you can put these dead things into your body?"Longteng looked at the black paint in front of him, and he also felt some concern.

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